Friday, July 29, 2016

Celebrity Big Brother UK Ep 1802 Day 1

On tonight's episode of Celebrity Big Brother the house guests started talking about oral sex. Renee starts to tell Biggins that she admired her idol gangster moll Virginia Hill because she admitted to the public that she did where she got for giving the best bjs Biggins says that he agrees with her because thats how women have become so successful. Then he tells her that men are better at it to which Frankie agrees with. Next the house guests learn that they have to convince Biggins to nominate them so that he thinks that he's sending them home. What Biggins doesn't know is that there's a catch. The person who he thinks he's nominating to send home is actually the one who is safe from elimination. The house guests decide that they need to convince Biggins that they want to go home. Saira came up with a good excuse of her own. She pulls Biggins aside and tells him that she really misses her kids and that she doesn't want to be away from them this long in the big brother house. Next, Jame Whale has a fight over religion with Renee and Saira. I can see that he needs to be eliminated first. Then the house guests get called in the living room to listen to Biggins confessionals while he talks to Big Brother and tells them who he wants to nominate.
As the house guests are on the couch listening to big brother give Biggins orders on who he wants to nominate they also find out that, he has to kiss someone in the house and tell them that he wants to be just as famous as they are. Once he's done this task that lets the house guest know that they are safe from being eliminated. So basically what the house guests have to do is try to get a kiss from Biggins without letting him know that they know what's going on. 
In the end Biggins ends up kissing Saira and she is safe. Heavy D tells her that she played it smart by telling Biggins that she misses her kids and wants to go home. Biggins confesses that he really didn't want to nominate Saira but he felt bad that she misses her kids. Biggins really wants Bear and Lewis to go home. At the end its 4:30 am and everyone has gone to bed except for Renee. Renee can't fall asleep and ends up talking to Bear. Be sure to check back on here for more updates about how Renee's doing on the show. 

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Celebrity Big Brother UK Ep 1801 Live Launch

Tonight was the premiere of Celebrity Big Brother that airs in the UK. It should be noted that because I don't live in the UK it is difficult to find a way to watch Renee as she competes on the show, but fortunately for me I was able to watch tonight's episode online. So lets get started with tonight's premiere episode. I am familiar with America's version of Big Brother that we have here in the states so I knew that celebrity would be somewhat similar. Tonight's episode was about introducing the house guest to us the viewers as they get ready to enter the house. There are 15 house guests. It was previously reported that Dog the Bounty Hunter's wife Beth Chapman was scheduled to be on the show but she backed out because her visa was denied this week.
The first celebrity to enter the house was actor and showbiz legend Christopher Biggins. 
Loose Woman and former Apprentice star Saira Kahn was the second celebrity to enter the house. She's definitely one to watch. She admits that if someone steps outta line with her then she has to handle them. My advice to her would be to stay on Renee's good side otherwise I can see these two getting into it.
The third person to enter the house was Frankie Grande who is Ariana Grande's brother and youtube sensation. I feel like he's gonna be everyone's favorite in the house. Frankie has an advantage over the other house guests though because he was on Big Brother in the states (and won) one season so he knows how to play to game.
East Enders star Ricky Norwood is ready to go in the house and have fun. He's not going to take it so seriously. He had negative press that got him kicked off a soap on BBC. He wants the nice guy to finish the game first. 
Renee was the 5th house guest that went into the big brother house tonight. Mob Wives is very popular in the UK so there were a lot cheers from the crowd when she was introduced on stage.
Geordie Shore's (which is the UK version of Jersey Shore) Marnie Simpson is another houseguest who everyone's gonna be watching. When Marnie came in, Renee introduced her to Aubrey and explained to her what show she's from. Turns out Marnie is a huge fan of Aubrey and Pauly D.
Controversal UK broadcaster James Whale definitely made it clear when he entered the house that he would be on person that none of us viewers would like. In fact, when he walked out after he was introduced the crowd booed him because he said in his video bio on the screen that men and women will never be equal. When asked why he said that he said because he feels like women are brighter than men. After that some of the crowd started cheering for him. I definitely don't see him lasting long in the house. 
Singer and reality star Aubrey Oday also entered the house. I can tell Renee and her will def form a alliance with each other because Renee considers her family because she's good friends with Aubrey's boyfriend DJ Pauly D. If you noticed when Renee walked in the house she mentioned that Pauly had already asked her to keep an eye on Aubrey in the house while she's there.
Ex on the Beach star Stephen Bear was fired up to enter the house. He declared himself single. He probably the F bomb about 10 times before going into the house.
 X-Factor's Katie Waissel was another big name both in the UK and in here in the US because she currently lives in Atlanta as a radio co host.
Towie's own Lewis Bloor who is said to be a ladies man entered the house next.
Known as the Love rat in the UK Grant Bovey is going in the house as the bad guy but want's to come out as the winner.
Playboy playmate and controversial X-Factor contestant Chloe Khan is said to be at the center of the drama in the house.
UK's own Heavy D (not to be confused with rapper Heavy D from the states) was all fired up and ready to go into the house. He's from Storage Hunters. I think he might've said BOOM about 5 times before and after he got inside the house.
Page 3 girl Samantha Fox was the final celebrity to enter the house. She was a singer in the 80's. Renee's a fan of her music and she's a fan of Renee.
After the houseguests were all introduced and in the house they played a game. The object of the game was to dance to disco music as fans at home voted who they think should win secret boss or as we in the states call HOH (head of household). The person who is the secret boss is safe from going home and isn't allowed to tell the other house guests that they're the boss. This is a game for Renee. The game is about being a boss and she's a boss in her own right. However there's one twist. the houseguests are in on the joke. When Biggins won the game the music kept playing. Then the music stopped for all the house guests except for Biggins and they were told that he was the boss and that their job is to not tell him that they know that he's the boss. They also have to convince him that they want to go home. What Biggins doesn't know is that the person who he thinks he's voting to go home is actually the person who is safe. This is definitely gonna be good. Be sure to check back here for how Renee's doing on the show.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Its OFFICIAL Mob Wives Renee Graziano ENTERS Celebrity Big Brother House

What do you get when you mix a mob wife with Dog the Bounty Hunter's wife under the same roof? Something VERY interesting called Celebrity Big Brother in the UK. That's right, Mob Wives Renee Graziano will be entering the big brother house in London this week and we couldn't be more excited for her. It was previously reported back in the back in May that our favorite mob wife had signed on to compete on the UK's edition of Big Brother. Also part of the cast is Dog the Bounty Hunter's wife Beth Chapman, Aubrey Oday as well as many others. We know Renee's gonna do great and us fans in the United States are pulling for her to win. We're just sad that we don't get to watch it a long with everyone else in the UK.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Did Mob Wives Renee Graziano Just Wrap Up Filming for Couples or Family Therapy?

19 Kids & Counting plus a Mob Wife? Hold on let us explain. We previously reported to you that Renee was in LA for a few weeks filming a new secret project.We can now confirm that Renee has completed her secret project and is back home in New York with her baby boy AJ.
A photo posted by Renee Graziano (@reneegraziano) on
In fact, (as you can see above from her instagram) when Renee got home from LA she couldn't wait to reunite with him.
It looks like Renee had a few friends out in LA whom she ended up (possibly) filming with. So who are these friends? Well it looks like they would be Amy Dugger and her husband Dillon. According to Dillon's instagram above, he and Amy were also spotted in LA these last few weeks filming a mysterious project of their own. What is interesting about the instagram picture above is that Renee left a comment on it. While it is not yet known if these rumors of Renee being on Couples Therapy is true or not, it sure would be neat to see her on it if she's dating someone or even if she's not dating someone. However, Renee could have filmed Family Therapy instead since its done by the same person (Dr. Jenn) who does Couple Therapy. If you recall there was one season where Teen Mom OG Farrah was on Couples Therapy by herself. You also might remember that last season of Couple's Therapy featured the late Big Ang with her husband Neil. I think it would be cool if Renee was on Couples Therapy or Family Therapy. Anything Ang could be on Renee can too which is great. Look for this secret project to air in 2017. Good luck Renee!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Mob Wives Drita Davanzo Releases BIG ANGel tribute song SEE Music Video Below

Its hard to believe that its been a month since late Mob Wives star Big Ang made her final appearance on our TV on the last episode of Mob Wives. Its even more harder to believe that its been a little over two months since we the fans heard the devastating news that Big Ang passed away from her year long fight against cancer. There's no doubt Big Ang left a lasting impression in all of our hearts. In fact just about a month after Ang passed away, her sister Janine got someone to paint a mural of Ang that is on the side of Janine's children's clothing store in Staten Island. Shortly after the mural was unveiled to the public, Drita Davanzo along with her friends Ron Montana, JOJO Pellegrino Anthony Acid (producer) created a song called BIG ANGel about Ang and the legacy she leaves behind.

As if the song wasn't a hit enough with Drita's rap verse on it, the video that she and her friends did for it is even more amazing. Be sure to check out the music video above. Ang would be very proud of Drita for this song.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Mob Wives Season 6 Reunion Ep 611 The Final Sit Down

After six crazy seasons the Mob Wives sat down for one final reunion and boy was it good. In the beginning the OGs were placed in a hotel to watch never before seen footage from over the past six seasons. The cast had never seen some of the clips that they were showing them and neither had the viewers. They were very raw and un-edited scenes too. Later on the producers sent Renee and Karen to meet up in the warehouse where they shot a sit down scene earlier this season again. Renee and Karen reminisce about how they first began filming the show in 2011. Then they showed us the sizzle reel that the OGs did from back then. Karen says that at the time they didn't know that the show was going to be called Mob Wives so they started flipping out when they found out. Karen's dad called her and Renee's family didn't want her to do the show once they found out that the word Mob was gonna be in the show title. This was probably the reason why Renee acted like she wasn't happy to see Karen when she came back to town in season 1. Karen thinks Renee was afraid of what her dad was going to think of her hanging out with her because Karen's considered a rat's daughter.
Next, Big Ang shows up and its the last time we get to see her before she passes away a few weeks after this was filmed. They showed Ang's first scenes that she ever shot for the show from season 2 and they were pretty good. Ang says that a bunch of people in the lifestyle weren't too happy with her when she signed up for the show, but she told them she was doing it anyways. Carla comes to the sit down next to talk to Ang. Meanwhile Drita is still at the hotel watching the scenes. She wants to go to the sit down but the producers won't let her. Now we're told that Ang filmed for about two hours at the reunion, but they really only showed her for about ten minutes. The producers tell Ang that she can go home because she didn't look like she felt well. Ang leaves. Drita gets there and is ready to fight Karen. Security jumps in as usual and they're separated. The producers make Karen wait in the back to calm down so that Drita and talk it out with Renee and Carla. Carla tells Drita that they all saw what she said about them on the tapes that they watched in the hotel. Karen walks out and tries to talk to Drita. They both agree that they will never be friends. Brittany and Marissa show up. They try to resolve their issues. Then they leave and we're left with just the OGs. In conclusion the OGs agree to put their differences aside for Ang.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Mob Wives Season 6 Series Finale Ep 610 "What's Done is Done"

The final episode of Mob Wives aired tonight and it was really good. There were some happy moments and then there were some sad moments. In the first scene Renee performed her ballroom dance for Karen, Carla, Nicole, AJ and Andrea. Renee has really come a long way since season 1. 
Drita calls Marissa and says that she wants to have a sit down with her, Brittany and Karen to get everything out on the table. In this scene Drita goes off on Marissa. 
In this scene they kind of broke down the fourth wall and showed a lot of the camera crew in Drita's house when she hangs up on Marissa. Marissa says that she's confused about the whole situation too. When they get off the phone, Marissa tells the producers that phone call wasn't even a conversation. 
Over at the sit down between Drita, Brittany, Karen and Marissa things get heated fast. Karen and Marissa don't even get a chance to walk in the room and sit down before Drita goes off on them. Things go left really quickly. They pretty much get into one of the biggest fights ever. It almost reminded me of Karen and Drita's fight on the rooftop in season 1. Remember that one? That was pretty epic. I guess things don't change between these two. 

As the girls talk about what they've been through these last six years, they each tell us what their crime is. Karen's crime was giving respect to the wrong people. Renee's crime was falling in love with the lifestyle that was made for men. Carla's crime was being loyal to a fault. Drita's crime was falling and staying in love with a professional bank burglar.
Towards the end of the show Ang revealed that her cancer came back and (as we all know now) it spread from her lungs to her head. I gotta hand it to Jenn Graziano because anyone who could make one of the greatest series of all time that's not scripted is one of the best producers ever. Props to her for creating this final scene with Ang. Thank you Jenn Graziano for bringing Ang to our TVs for the last 5 seasons. In the end all of the girls issues came in full circle from season 1. Just like Ang is heard saying (in her final scene), "what's done is done".