Wednesday, June 24, 2015

We Told You FIRST Mob Wives Renee Graziano CONFIRMS Carla Facciolo is Back For Season 6

Last week we told you that Mob Wives began filming season 6 and that it looked like all of the OGs from season 1 (Big Ang included who made her debut in season 2) were going to be a part of the upcoming season. We can now confirm by the recent photo above that was taken by Renee Graziano and posted on her twitter that OG Carla Facciolo will be a part of the season 6 cast. Although things have been quiet about season 6 (as far as who's going to a part of the cast), we can also tell you that it looks like the cast will have all of the OGs plus Big Ang. No word on whether or not the two Natalie's will be a part of the cast or not or if there will be any new faces. Mob Wives season 6 airs in December only on vh1.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Mob Wives Begin Filming Season 6 Are ALL 4 OGs BACK?

A few weeks ago Mob Wives began filming season 6. We still don't know much about what this upcoming season will be about, but we can tell you that it does look like all 4 of the original girls from season 1 (Renee Graziano, Karen Gravano, Drita Davanzo & Carla Facciolo) along with Big Ang (who made her debut on season 2) are officially back for good. We have the photos for you starting with the photo above that was taken by Renee that she posted on her IG today of her and Carla.
We're told that the ladies started day 1 of filming season 6 a few weeks ago on June 3rd where the photo of Renee and Karen was taken above. As you can see they're sitting outside on a deck having a conversation with a friend. No word on whether or not the friend is a potential new cast member. We have not heard any word on whether or not the two Natalies from Philly are returning.
Finally just last weekend we came across this photo of Ang, Neil and Drita seen above where they looked like they were moving boxes from what looks like the Drunken Monkey. So there you have it the official cast (as of right now) for Mob Wives season 6 which is scheduled to air in December.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Statement To Our Readers In Response to Mob Wives Blogspot

People have been asking me to make a public statement about the recent events regarding another blog site called Mob Wives Blogspot who wrote a very hurtful blog post bashing me and my work questioning how I write my blog along with other things such as being racist and making fun of my size. Please see the statement below as this will be the last time that I will speak on this.
July 2013

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Mob Wives Season 5 Reunion Part 2 Ep 514

Tonight's episode of Mob Wives Season 5 Reunion Part 2 began with the girls talking about Drita having a dirty mouth when it comes to the way she expresses herself with her words. Drita says her mom is mortified that she talks like that. Next they talk about Renee. Renee says she hated being on the outs with everyone. Renee says she's mad that she hurt people. Drita says she likes Renee but that she didn't like the things she did to people. Renee says ever since finding out that Junior got sentenced to 11 yrs. it doesn't keep her up wondering if he's gonna come home and hurt her. Since her baptism the girls say that they've all seen a change in her. Way to go Renee we're all very proud of how far you've come.
Then Natalie D. comes out on stage and that's when things get crazy. I had to post this pic above of the split screen of these two because it was too funny not to. Nat D. really laid in to Guercio calling her all kinds of names. When the girls were asked what they think of Nat D. Ang says she doesn't know anything about her except that she hates Guercio. Lets see there was John Travolta look alike, Surprisingly we find out that Guercio isn't from South Philly, but that she's from Jersey. When Nat D. gets up to approach Guercio, security jumps in and breaks it up. 
They cut to commercial, but when they come back from commercial Guercio walks off stage and refuses to come back. Drita decides to go after Guercio to get her to come back on stage. Guercio says that she spoke her peace and so there' s nothing to talk about. Karen says if Guercio didn't have anything to hide then she would be on the couch. Finally Drita gets Guercio to come back out. 
Guercio says she heard Ronnie had just came home from jail and then Nat D. threw him in jail. Nat D. says that she had a fight with Ronnie and then the cops were called (not by her). Nat D. says she was suppose to show up at court but she didn't and that's why it was withdrawn. Guercio says Nat D. is a rat for leaking the tapes about her being abused by her ex boyfriend. Drita jumps in and says that anyone who's on tapes or messing with tapes is a rat. Guercio says that Nat D. came on the show to talk about her past about being abused by her ex boyfriend which isn't right. Suddenly as the two Natalies go at it by calling each other names the host Vivica Fox gets upset and walks off. Vivica comes back on set and explains about why she left. 
Carla comes out and they talk about why Drita snubbed her at Renee's mob candy party. Carla says that after her, Ramona and Karen were off the show last season, she never heard from Drita. In fact, she said that she never got invited to Drita's store opening. Drita claims Carla was talking bad about her to the blogs. Carla says that she's never talked to blogs about her before. Carla says she didn't come to Renee's party to attack Drita. It was a genuine invite. They both agree that they miss their friendship.
Finally they talk about what happened at Renee's baptism party. Guercio says she brought her crew with her to have someone who had her and London's back. Nat D. says she felt like she was going to be attacked by Guercio at the party. Drita says shes always felt like there was a reason Nat D. came on the show and why Guercio didn't want to confront her. Guercio and Nat D. go at it calling each other names. Renee and Ang try to get them to stop. Nat D. flies over again towards Guercio as security and the cast get in the middle to break it up. Guercio runs backstage again, but only this time she gets her stuff and leaves in a car with London. In the end all the girls realize its best not to talk about Guercio because she just causes problems. Overall it was a great season. Rumor has it Mob Wives season 6 is coming soon and will air later this year in December. This time its theme is going to be called Mob Wives Blood Lines.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Chloe Finch Speaks EXCLUSIVELY To US About What REALLY Happened with "Black Point" Movie & Mob Wives Natalie Guercio

Yesterday, we posted about how Mob Wives Natalie Guercio's movie "Black Point" was being renamed "Alter the Girl" with a whole new cast. Only this time around, Guercio is not going to be a part of it, despite what she's been telling her fans on twitter this week. After we posted this on our blog, I got a surprising message from the director and executive producer Chloe Finch on our twitter seen above. I was very surprised that she had been reading our blog. I was even more surprised that she actually likes our blog. In fact, she decided that she wanted to tell her side of the story to us about what really happened between her and Natalie Guercio with the movie. I must say that this interview (seen below) was very interesting. I want to make it very clear that Chloe reached out me first. I also want to be clear that (as I promised to Chloe) I didn't change any of her answers. This is all in words and from her point of view.

Thank you for reading my blog Chloe, I'm glad you like it. I'm also happy and surprised that you reached out to me to tell your side of the story of what exactly happened between you and Natalie Guercio.

I really enjoyed reading your blog. I fully understood you wanting to get to the truth about Natalie regarding my film Black Point which has since been renamed Alter the Girl. I think it is important to tell the truth as it has been brought to light to me that Natalie is still telling people via social media that she is still cast in my film. Perhaps she is referring to another film, but one would think that the title of the film said would be released by now to avoid misunderstandings.

When did you meet Natalie Guercio? You had said that you have never met her in person but that you spoke on the phone with her two times? How did you guys meet?  Had you ever watch her on Mob Wives before?

Natalie and I have never met. Two weeks prior I was working on a film with a friend of mine who is a producer. The premise of that film was about a reality tv star trying to break through to acting. It was a spoof off of reality tv that would cater to a broad audience i.e. those who watch reality tv and those who do not. Natalie Guercio was one of the prospects we were considering and had contacted. Within the duration of time it took for a reply from her or her manager Jason Swanson the film concept had already been dropped. At that point, I had a micro budget locked in that I was waiting on for months to do the film Black Point. The initial email that was sent out to her didn't go into detail of how it was a spoof off a reality tv star as we had to be tactful and not risk offending. If there was a reply, then we would've explained the premise more so. However, we did not receive a reply until weeks later and I thought the best way to handle it would be to talk to her manager, as he was the only one who I was in contact with and gracefully bow out, explaining to him why Natalie was not going to work for the new project. This would have happened the first day he was texting me but he was avoiding anything to do with the film. I was being sent photos of him and his newborn baby plus a multitude of other photos of him in other countries. Of course this would set off alarms every time I tried to talk to him about the film he would have a reason not to. By the third day we were in contact I was asking him about Natalie so I could finally tell him why his client was not going to work out. I received a text saying he wanted to send me something but that it could not change our business relationship. The next thing I received was a very explicit photo of him. I was shocked and disgusted and when he asked me what I thought of it I told him I wasn't going to comment because this was strictly a business relationship. I was trying to directly talk to Natalie but she couldn't seem to find time to talk to me. By the time I actually had a proper phone conversation with Natalie I was already in a full fledged sexual harassment situation with her manager Keep in mind, at the time I was in heavy pre-production and because his harassment was on a daily and nightly basis I had decided to collect enough evidence which I had more than enough of for a sexual harassment suit. Unfortunately those two things became my priority. Nothing was moving ahead with Natalie and I also made a terrible mistake of allowing her manager to do the social media for Black Point before he started harassing me. At that point I realized that my film had to be put on hold and my main priority was going to have to be damage control. I looked all over social media and realized that the situation regarding my film and Natalie's involvement was very serious. I was also getting so much contact from her fans who I couldn't tell the truth to that I had to go along with her being part of the cast in the film until I could make a public statement. This is my public statement: After talking to Natalie a couple of times in which by the way there was no talk about the film on at all on her part, I finally decided that I was going to tell her everything that had transpired with her manager. I also thought this would be a good way to cut ties. I was asked by her and her boyfriend London to send screen shots of all the texts I received from her manager. She received them and couldn't believe he did this to her. Not once did Natalie offer up her sympathy or apology for a man she claimed to be her best friend for what he actually did to me. For a woman such as Natalie who is so anti-domestic violence I really thought she would offer up her condolences to a woman who was being sexually harassed let alone by her beloved manager. I did see the first season that Natalie was on and thats why she was initially one of the reality stars contacted. It was obvious that she was using the show as a platform for exposure.

You were also telling me that her manager Jason Swanson had offered to make the facebook page for "Black Point" under your budget is that correct?

Natalie's manager Jason Swanson was in charge of the facebook page and doing all of the social media on it. As soon as I saw his post about Natalie being more black than African Americans because she is Sicilian, I told him to take it down immediately but of course he didn't. Also at this time after I did Natalie a huge favor by exposing her manager for what he is really doing which reflects on her I had already sent 4 letters of termination to her manager.He was non-compliant and it escalated the harassment. Natalie couldn't also be considered as part of the cast because there was not so much as a deal memo but I was fine with that because it wasn't going to work out anyway. Keep in mind that I was still not able to tell her why she was initially contacted because she was so involved with feeling sorry for herself regarding what her manager did that she had the audacity to tell me I was being selfish and one-sided. I found that preposterous considering my movie was being put on hold. I was being sexually harassed by her manager and received vicious attacks because people thought that I had cast her. That night I sent her a 5th letter of termination and I haven't heard from her since. I recently joined twitter again and it was brought to my attention that she was claiming that was coming to LA. and that she was still on the movie and was going to tell people when it was out. If this was another movie you would think she would be talking about this new movie or even mentioning a title to avoid misunderstandings.

I know you had said that you read my blog and love it, is there anything that you would like to clear up about anything that we wrote about the movie as far as what Natalie's character would have been? I noticed that her character Alexandra Rowen was a lot like Natalie being that she is known for being a cop caller? Was that why you chose her to play this type of character in the movie? 

Yes I do love your blog. To clarify, Natalie was never officially cast as Alexandra Rowen. She was going to be cast as a reality star trying to make it in Hollywood which in fact she was a prospect for because she is trying to make it in "Hollywood", Actually the character of Alexandra isn't a cop caller. She is clairvoyant helping the NYPD solve a serial murder case and in turn becomes the serial killer's victim.In our conversations it was very clear that Natalie just wants to see herself on the big screen. I even mentioned to her that she should take acting lessons and get an acting coach as she has never acted before and she said she didn't need to. I feel that speaks volumes and is also extremely offensive to hard working actresses and actors who spend their time trying to perfect their craft. The lead for this film is going to be an actual actress who can take on such a demanding role.

Anything else you would like to tell us. 

Yes and thank you for giving me the opportunity on your blog. I would like to clarify the comments that were made about me online. The site IMDB shows all the production one has been involved in. You can also make a resume of anything from films you have done, to scripts. On my resume I wrote a script called Tears of the Sun which has nothing to do with Bruce Willis movie under the same title. That was a script production company said they could
fund the budget for and it never happened. This is very common as film industry is at a very financially low point. I
also put a script called Dark Skies on my resume and that has nothing to do with Keri Russell Sci-fi/Horror film. That was just a script form under non-legitimate film company and it never went ahead. In fact all the titles under production companies on that resume were all in script form under poor production companies that never went ahead. The only one that did go ahead was Skeletons in the Closet which was used on a festival circuit to raise money for feature films it was a short film.There was also a dispute about who the real Chloe Finch was. The pictures of me were outdated and at the time I was blonde and was much heavier. Since then I broke my nose in a softball incident and although I don't think it changed my appearance that much I can see how people got skeptical of what I looked like. There was also a Black Point Twitter page that was set up before everything happened with her manager. Nothing had been done with the page up until Natalie contacted me because someone said something bad about her using the movie title. I wrote a couple of tweets on it to keep Natalie from contacting me further about people saying bad things about her. Honestly the only other person who had the password to that twitter account was her manager so all of the other tweets that went up were most likely from him. In closing this was a really stressful situation over just one person. I can't believe all this could ensure from just one person. I suffered, my movie suffered and I'm just an independent filmaker working on a micro-budget film trying to make my film. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to clarify what really is the truth. I look forward to continually read your blog.

Good luck with the rest of the movie "Alter the Girl" I hope it works out for you.

Thank you so much and I will keep you posted on the film which is slated to start filming in August since sadly it needed to be pushed back. Always protect yourself and your passion. Best to all.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

"Black Point" Movie Gets NEW Title & Starts New Casting Call WITHOUT Mob Wives Natalie Guercio

Last month Mob Wives Natalie Guercio on twitter talking about to make her Hollywood acting debut when she told everyone on twitter that she got the lead role in an upcoming thriller/horror movie called "Black Point". Guercio was supposed to play a character named Alexandra Rowen who helped NYPD Detectives solve many murder cases. 
We found out that suddenly this movie got put on hold for "unforeseen circumstances" according to the movie's Facebook page. 
We also found out that the film's writer, director and executive producer Chloe Finch also posted on her Facebook page that "due to involving someone on the film that caused several problems, the film will have to be renamed and I am starting all over again with casting from the lead to all other cast members needed and all social media is down involving this person. No casting will be done until it is announced and it will be done through actors access not contacting me via my personal facebook".
However, fast forward to today, when one of my readers and followers on our twitter sent me this snap shot seen above where it looked like Chloe has begun to start recasting for this movie. When I dug deeper into this twitter thread I noticed that Chloe had gave this film a new title. According to Chloe Finch's bio section on her twitter in the first pic above, she has decided to rename the film "Alter the Girl". I'm sure from a producer's perspective of Chloe's this was probably a smart decision to rename this film. If you look at the twitter thread that my follower sent to me from Chloe's twitter, she says that everything "from the lead down to detective number 3 is going to be one big casting call". Underneath that tweet, a fan tweeted Chloe to let her know that "for the movie's sake" they hope that Chloe doesn't recast Guercio for the film. Chloe responded to this person simply by saying "that would never happen". We are certainly glad to hear that.
If anyone is interested in this movie since Guercio will no longer be in it, it looks like from the pic above that "Alter the Girl" will still be a thriller/horror film about someone using detectives to catch a serial killer who is after them. They have already posted pictures of jail sets being used. We want to wish Chloe good luck with recasting the rest of this film.
Although according to Guercio's twitter the other day, it doesn't look like she got the memo that she wasn't apart of the movie anymore. Take a look at what she told her fans above. All I can say is I hope the set has security like they did at the season finale party so that they escort her off. For the latest on all things about the Mob Wives be sure to check back here on our blog. Don't forget to watch the conclusion and part 2 of the Mob Wives reunion on Wednesday at 8 PM only on vh1.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Mob Wives Season 5 Reunion Part 1 Ep 513

The time has finally come. After a crazy epic season 5 of Mob Wives, we finally get to see what went down at the reunion hosted by Vivica Fox. This time the reunion was split into two parts. Tonight was part 1 and boy was it crazy. 
The reunion began with them talking about Karen Gravano coming back on the show this season. Karen says it was peaceful being gone from Staten Island for a year, but New York is where she belongs. Renee said that she felt safe having Karen back. Natalie Guercio says that her loyalty lies with Alicia. Guercio then says that Karen coming back on the show is why Alicia DiMichele isn't on the show anymore. Karen put all the cards on the table and said that both Guercio and Alicia came on the show to ride her coat tail by using her family's name. Karen says that Alicia's father in-law was killed (ordered by John Gotti) by her dad Sammy "The Bull" and that's why Alicia felt like she could come on the show to attack her family's name. When Natalie goes to call Karen a rat in Alicia's defense, Renee jumps in and tells her that she doesn't need to call Karen a rat to defend Alicia. Renee says that Natalie's loyalty can lie with Alicia without calling Karen a rat. As they go at it Vivica tries to move onto another topic.
Vivica Fox asked Natalie Guercio about talking sh!t about her doing drugs on twitter on her last season. Guercio says that she never talked about Renee doing drugs on twitter. Renee says that it affected her when her son AJ saw it on twitter. Guercio then accuses Renee of talking bad about her behind her back when they were friends. Renee said that never happened. 
The guys come out and Storm is asked about his situation with the girl that Karen found in his house earlier this season. Storm says the girl was his boy's friend and that he didn't think about it at the time because it was 8 in the morning. Karen says that as of today they're in a good place. He says he's looking forward to meeting Karen's dad when he comes home from jail. 
When they get to talking about London & Natalie's relationship they say they still have their problems and need more therapy. Then Vivica asks them about London's stabbing that happened back in December. When Vivica asks them why they posted on social media the man's (who allegedly stabbed him) pic to get him caught, things go left. All the girls including Drita call Guercio a rat for going to social media to get the police to catch the guy. Storm tells London to own up to being a rat, but they don't.
Instead, Storm & London go at it trying to define what a rat is. I gotta say if anyone didn't like Storm this season, I think we all like him now after seeing how he handled himself at the reunion. Drita said she wasn't surprised that London called the cops. Drita does think it looks bad when Guercio holds hands with London who called the cops because all season she's been saying she doesn't like rats. London says that the guy is still in jail and will be for awhile because he made a bad choice by coming up to him and stabbing him. Vivica tells London to "keep wearing pink and stay happy". Funniest line of the night. For some reason Pharrell's song "Happy" just pops in my head every time I hear Vivica say that. Then they get to the discussion about what happened when Guercio tried to call the cops on Storm. Karen says that her, Storm and London have the same story about what happened, but Guercio has a different story. Guercio says that they were approached by Storm and nothing happened, but there were witnesses who saw what happened. Storm said that's a rat move. Karen says that she's dealing with a girl meaning Guercio who acts like she knows everything about the lifestyle. Guercio says that her family is a boss b!tch. Last time we checked her brother was a detective to which Karen calls her out on. Finally Guercio admits to her brother being a detective, which is another reason why Storm called her 1800 crime stoppers. 
When they get to talking about Victoria Gotti being on the show for a few episodes, both Renee & Ang agreed that they thought it was good to have someone like her who is born in the lifestyle and an outside opinion to help mediate their situation. Renee says that she respects how she handled the situation. Karen says that she doesn't have a problem with the Gottis and doesn't care what they think about her or her family, but she wouldn't mind sitting down with Victoria Gotti and talking it out with her. Perhaps this can happen in season 6 if there is one.  
Then Karen & Guercio go head to head and talk about their social media fight that they had on the Hudson river at brunch. Karen says that if Guercio was an adult and said this is what I did then they wouldn't have had a problem. Guercio says that Karen is jealous of her. Karen says that Guercio is a pretty person, but the things she says is vicious. The two go at it again. Guercio says she isn't KG's home girl. That's when Karen calls Guercio out for being racist.
Renee says Guercio's mouth is so mean that there's nothing they can do, but to come at her. Guercio says that all season they've been attacking her. Renee says that then if Guercio feels that way then she should quit. Karen steps up to Guercio as she's calling her out for being racist and Vivica gets in the middle. The show gets cut off to next week for part 2 and the conclusion of the reunion.
The drama didn't end there though. After part 1 of the reunion aired Natalie Guercio took to twitter to say that the host Vivica Fox didn't let her speak. She goes on to attack vh1 and tell them that the stuff that she said was cut out and "that's not fair".
Guercio then decided to tweet Vivica Fox and tell her that she wasn't happy with how she treated her and London at the reunion and that she was one sided. She also told Vivica that she owes them an apology for how she treated them. 
Next, she decided to say something even more crazy to Vivica. Only this time Guercio was accusing Renee of dating 50 Cent while Vivica was also dating him.
Vivica fired back at Guercio above and told her not to play the victim when she's the one who's the messy a$$ b!tch.
As a fan of Renee's (and knowing that she loves our blog) I know that her and 50 Cent are only good friends. That's it. Just friends and nothing more. So I wasn't surprised to see her tweet about 50 and Guercio's claims above. If you remember in season 1 where Renee had a styling gig to help her friend Tiffany, Renee explains how her first styling gig was for 50 Cent back when he was just up and coming. 
I'm telling you, I really don't think it's a good idea for Guercio to have twitter because she just keeps getting herself into more trouble. According to Karen's tweet above, Guercio had gave out KG's number on twitter tonight. KG doesn't seemed to be phased by it though. Be sure to catch part 2 of the reunion next Wednesday at 8 PM on vh1 where Nat D. and Guercio go head to head.