Monday, July 13, 2015

Mob Wives Season 6 Possible Cast Which Former Mob Wife is Making a Guest Spot ONLY WE Have all the Details

Take a look at your Mob Wives season 6 cast (minus Drita and Natalie Guercio) above. After a long weekend of doing much research and google searches, I can officially announce that the women seen in the above pic (some OGs and some new mob wives) are all going to be a part of the season 6 cast (along with Drita and Natalie Guercio). It looks like Natalie Didonato will not be returning for another season. The other day we told you that that there was going to be a new girl named Marissa Jade who was joining the cast. At the time that I broke the news about Marissa on our site I really didn't know much about her. However, a few hours later after it was posted some of my readers filled me in on who she is. It turns out that Marissa's boyfriend; who just got out of prison last year, (who's name I still don't know yet) grew up with Drita's husband Lee in the streets. Together Lee and this guy were a part of a farm mob team called the New Springville Boys. I still don't know much about this group of boys, just that they worked with the Colombos and Bonanos crime families here and there. I've read a few places online lately that Drita was going to be the target in season 6. However, I don't know if that's true or not its just what I read. If it is true then it would make sense as to why Marissa was brought on the show because of her boyfriend's history with Lee. It is still unclear if Marissa is cool with Drita or not. I've heard some say that they're on good terms and I've heard others say that they're not on good terms.
In other mob wives news, I came across this chart above from wiki leaks that shows who will be a part of season 6. I am not sure how reliable wiki leaks is but if they are then it looks like there will also be another new girl joining the show too. Her name is Brittany Fogarty and after doing some google searches I found out that both of her parents were arrested for being affiliated with the lifestyle. Her Mom was Andrea Giovino and her dad was John Fogarty. Brittany's dad wasn't a made man because he wasn't Italian (in order to be made you have to be 100% Italian), but he did however work in the mob as an associate. I also found out that Brittany's mom collected money that was owed to Brittany's dad John from the mob while he was away doing time. Eventually, Brittany's mom got arrested for being caught on tape giving instructions to someone in the mob. Out of all of this information that I found online the one that stood out the most (and might be why they're bringing her on the show this season) is that Brittany's dad was in the witness protection program. When John decided to check himself out of the witness protection program, he decided to go to AZ. to visit Karen Gravano's dad Sammy. Sammy offered him a job, but he turned it down. So there you have it, the official cast for Mob Wives season 6.
I should also mention that although its not in the chart above (because it was so big) that it looks like Love Majewski is going to be making a guest spot this season as well. Mob Wives season 6 airs in December.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Is There a New Cast Member For Mob Wives Season 6?

Mob Wives began filming season 6 last month and it looks like things are definitely heating up already. As we previously told you, former OG Carla Facciolo is returning as a regular cast member this upcoming season. Now after a month of filming we're told not all of the cast has began filming yet. It is still unknown whether or not the two Natalies will be returning to for another a season, but we do know that Natalie Guercio was asked back. In other mob wives news, it looks like there might be a new cast member joining the crew for season 6. Although it is still very early in filming to know if this potential cast member is on board, they have been seen filming out and about lately. So who is she? Well after doing some research through social media, it looks like her name is Marissa Jade and she is a model. As you can see from the photo above Marissa's been hanging out with OG Renee Graziano.
It also looks like the whole cast is getting together to film this weekend. As you know with every time they begin to film a new season, the cast begins filming one month then a few weeks later they try to get the whole cast together to film something that ends up being part of the season premiere episode.
So could they be filming the season premiere this weekend? It looks that way by reading some of the cast's tweets and instagram photos above. One thing is for sure, we can't wait until the new season airs. Mob Wives season 6 returns in December.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Statement To Our Readers In Response to Mob Wives Blogspot

People have been asking me to make a public statement about the recent events regarding another blog site called Mob Wives Blogspot who wrote a very hurtful blog post bashing me and my work questioning how I write my blog along with other things such as being racist and making fun of my size. Please see the statement below as this will be the last time that I will speak on this.
July 2013

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Mob Wives Season 5 Reunion Part 2 Ep 514

Tonight's episode of Mob Wives Season 5 Reunion Part 2 began with the girls talking about Drita having a dirty mouth when it comes to the way she expresses herself with her words. Drita says her mom is mortified that she talks like that. Next they talk about Renee. Renee says she hated being on the outs with everyone. Renee says she's mad that she hurt people. Drita says she likes Renee but that she didn't like the things she did to people. Renee says ever since finding out that Junior got sentenced to 11 yrs. it doesn't keep her up wondering if he's gonna come home and hurt her. Since her baptism the girls say that they've all seen a change in her. Way to go Renee we're all very proud of how far you've come.
Then Natalie D. comes out on stage and that's when things get crazy. I had to post this pic above of the split screen of these two because it was too funny not to. Nat D. really laid in to Guercio calling her all kinds of names. When the girls were asked what they think of Nat D. Ang says she doesn't know anything about her except that she hates Guercio. Lets see there was John Travolta look alike, Surprisingly we find out that Guercio isn't from South Philly, but that she's from Jersey. When Nat D. gets up to approach Guercio, security jumps in and breaks it up. 
They cut to commercial, but when they come back from commercial Guercio walks off stage and refuses to come back. Drita decides to go after Guercio to get her to come back on stage. Guercio says that she spoke her peace and so there' s nothing to talk about. Karen says if Guercio didn't have anything to hide then she would be on the couch. Finally Drita gets Guercio to come back out. 
Guercio says she heard Ronnie had just came home from jail and then Nat D. threw him in jail. Nat D. says that she had a fight with Ronnie and then the cops were called (not by her). Nat D. says she was suppose to show up at court but she didn't and that's why it was withdrawn. Guercio says Nat D. is a rat for leaking the tapes about her being abused by her ex boyfriend. Drita jumps in and says that anyone who's on tapes or messing with tapes is a rat. Guercio says that Nat D. came on the show to talk about her past about being abused by her ex boyfriend which isn't right. Suddenly as the two Natalies go at it by calling each other names the host Vivica Fox gets upset and walks off. Vivica comes back on set and explains about why she left. 
Carla comes out and they talk about why Drita snubbed her at Renee's mob candy party. Carla says that after her, Ramona and Karen were off the show last season, she never heard from Drita. In fact, she said that she never got invited to Drita's store opening. Drita claims Carla was talking bad about her to the blogs. Carla says that she's never talked to blogs about her before. Carla says she didn't come to Renee's party to attack Drita. It was a genuine invite. They both agree that they miss their friendship.
Finally they talk about what happened at Renee's baptism party. Guercio says she brought her crew with her to have someone who had her and London's back. Nat D. says she felt like she was going to be attacked by Guercio at the party. Drita says shes always felt like there was a reason Nat D. came on the show and why Guercio didn't want to confront her. Guercio and Nat D. go at it calling each other names. Renee and Ang try to get them to stop. Nat D. flies over again towards Guercio as security and the cast get in the middle to break it up. Guercio runs backstage again, but only this time she gets her stuff and leaves in a car with London. In the end all the girls realize its best not to talk about Guercio because she just causes problems. Overall it was a great season. Rumor has it Mob Wives season 6 is coming soon and will air later this year in December. This time its theme is going to be called Mob Wives Blood Lines.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Mob Wives Season 5 Reunion Part 1 Ep 513

The time has finally come. After a crazy epic season 5 of Mob Wives, we finally get to see what went down at the reunion hosted by Vivica Fox. This time the reunion was split into two parts. Tonight was part 1 and boy was it crazy. 
The reunion began with them talking about Karen Gravano coming back on the show this season. Karen says it was peaceful being gone from Staten Island for a year, but New York is where she belongs. Renee said that she felt safe having Karen back. Natalie Guercio says that her loyalty lies with Alicia. Guercio then says that Karen coming back on the show is why Alicia DiMichele isn't on the show anymore. Karen put all the cards on the table and said that both Guercio and Alicia came on the show to ride her coat tail by using her family's name. Karen says that Alicia's father in-law was killed (ordered by John Gotti) by her dad Sammy "The Bull" and that's why Alicia felt like she could come on the show to attack her family's name. When Natalie goes to call Karen a rat in Alicia's defense, Renee jumps in and tells her that she doesn't need to call Karen a rat to defend Alicia. Renee says that Natalie's loyalty can lie with Alicia without calling Karen a rat. As they go at it Vivica tries to move onto another topic.
Vivica Fox asked Natalie Guercio about talking sh!t about her doing drugs on twitter on her last season. Guercio says that she never talked about Renee doing drugs on twitter. Renee says that it affected her when her son AJ saw it on twitter. Guercio then accuses Renee of talking bad about her behind her back when they were friends. Renee said that never happened. 
The guys come out and Storm is asked about his situation with the girl that Karen found in his house earlier this season. Storm says the girl was his boy's friend and that he didn't think about it at the time because it was 8 in the morning. Karen says that as of today they're in a good place. He says he's looking forward to meeting Karen's dad when he comes home from jail. 
When they get to talking about London & Natalie's relationship they say they still have their problems and need more therapy. Then Vivica asks them about London's stabbing that happened back in December. When Vivica asks them why they posted on social media the man's (who allegedly stabbed him) pic to get him caught, things go left. All the girls including Drita call Guercio a rat for going to social media to get the police to catch the guy. Storm tells London to own up to being a rat, but they don't.
Instead, Storm & London go at it trying to define what a rat is. I gotta say if anyone didn't like Storm this season, I think we all like him now after seeing how he handled himself at the reunion. Drita said she wasn't surprised that London called the cops. Drita does think it looks bad when Guercio holds hands with London who called the cops because all season she's been saying she doesn't like rats. London says that the guy is still in jail and will be for awhile because he made a bad choice by coming up to him and stabbing him. Vivica tells London to "keep wearing pink and stay happy". Funniest line of the night. For some reason Pharrell's song "Happy" just pops in my head every time I hear Vivica say that. Then they get to the discussion about what happened when Guercio tried to call the cops on Storm. Karen says that her, Storm and London have the same story about what happened, but Guercio has a different story. Guercio says that they were approached by Storm and nothing happened, but there were witnesses who saw what happened. Storm said that's a rat move. Karen says that she's dealing with a girl meaning Guercio who acts like she knows everything about the lifestyle. Guercio says that her family is a boss b!tch. Last time we checked her brother was a detective to which Karen calls her out on. Finally Guercio admits to her brother being a detective, which is another reason why Storm called her 1800 crime stoppers. 
When they get to talking about Victoria Gotti being on the show for a few episodes, both Renee & Ang agreed that they thought it was good to have someone like her who is born in the lifestyle and an outside opinion to help mediate their situation. Renee says that she respects how she handled the situation. Karen says that she doesn't have a problem with the Gottis and doesn't care what they think about her or her family, but she wouldn't mind sitting down with Victoria Gotti and talking it out with her. Perhaps this can happen in season 6 if there is one.  
Then Karen & Guercio go head to head and talk about their social media fight that they had on the Hudson river at brunch. Karen says that if Guercio was an adult and said this is what I did then they wouldn't have had a problem. Guercio says that Karen is jealous of her. Karen says that Guercio is a pretty person, but the things she says is vicious. The two go at it again. Guercio says she isn't KG's home girl. That's when Karen calls Guercio out for being racist.
Renee says Guercio's mouth is so mean that there's nothing they can do, but to come at her. Guercio says that all season they've been attacking her. Renee says that then if Guercio feels that way then she should quit. Karen steps up to Guercio as she's calling her out for being racist and Vivica gets in the middle. The show gets cut off to next week for part 2 and the conclusion of the reunion.
The drama didn't end there though. After part 1 of the reunion aired Natalie Guercio took to twitter to say that the host Vivica Fox didn't let her speak. She goes on to attack vh1 and tell them that the stuff that she said was cut out and "that's not fair".
Guercio then decided to tweet Vivica Fox and tell her that she wasn't happy with how she treated her and London at the reunion and that she was one sided. She also told Vivica that she owes them an apology for how she treated them. 
Next, she decided to say something even more crazy to Vivica. Only this time Guercio was accusing Renee of dating 50 Cent while Vivica was also dating him.
Vivica fired back at Guercio above and told her not to play the victim when she's the one who's the messy a$$ b!tch.
As a fan of Renee's (and knowing that she loves our blog) I know that her and 50 Cent are only good friends. That's it. Just friends and nothing more. So I wasn't surprised to see her tweet about 50 and Guercio's claims above. If you remember in season 1 where Renee had a styling gig to help her friend Tiffany, Renee explains how her first styling gig was for 50 Cent back when he was just up and coming. 
I'm telling you, I really don't think it's a good idea for Guercio to have twitter because she just keeps getting herself into more trouble. According to Karen's tweet above, Guercio had gave out KG's number on twitter tonight. KG doesn't seemed to be phased by it though. Be sure to catch part 2 of the reunion next Wednesday at 8 PM on vh1 where Nat D. and Guercio go head to head.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Mob Wives Season 5 Finale Ep 512 "The Final Face-off"

It has been one of the most epic seasons in Mob Wives history. So many twists and turns. Surprise guest spots by OG's and legendary families. From the return of Karen Gravano where the entire group was fractured, to the legendary guest spot of Victoria Gotti. Gotti & Gravano will go hand in hand. Thanks to the Donnette herself Victoria Gotti along with the mafia heavens above she could relate and help mediate sit downs between two friends (Ang & Renee) who know everything about the lifestyle. Especially when it comes to family being off limits. There were people being called rats while others were being accused of calling the cops on people's boyfriend. There were also social media fights. Both of those fights were between Natalie Guercio and Karen Gravano. Then there was the surprise appearance of Carla Facciolo to which everyone except Drita was happy to see. If you missed one episode this season you were loss on the next episode the following week. We also had Fraudlies (Didonato) and Ratalies (Guercio) who both hailed from South Philly. The only thing that they had in common with each other was that they both hated each other.
Which brings us to tonight's season finale titled "The Final Face-off". Renee goes over to Ang's. They had an ugly vicious fight earlier this season, but when you're family like these two are they were able to move pass it. Renee lets Ang know that she wants to have a party to celebrate her being baptized. She's ready for God to give her another chance at life and starting over fresh. Renee wants everyone to come to come to her party. Renee even wants Ang to invite Natalie Guercio to the party. Ang doesn't think that's a good idea to have both Natalies in the same room knowing that they hate each other, but Renee's doesn't want to get in the middle of those two. She hopes the two Natalies won't start anything at her party.
One of London's friend's asks Natalie Guercio to pose for a prison catalog that will be sent to men in prison all across the country.
Drita is boxing trying to take her agression of Nat Guercio out on the boxing bag. After hearing the recording that Nat D. showed her of Guercio, Drita can't believe how Guercio played her all season. All season Drita defended Guercio against all the girls and all along she lied to her. She's in a violent Drita mode.
AJ goes jewelry shopping with his mom Renee. He wants to get his girlfriend Andrea a gift to let her know that he wants to keep her happy in hopes to see what happens in the future. Renee suggests that AJ get Andrea a promise ring. Even though AJ isn't ready to get married, Renee is happy that her son is ready to be committed to just one person like Andrea. Renee sees how well they fit together like a hand in a glove and she's so happy for him.
Over in Philly at the gun range, Nat Didonato is shooting guns with her friend Sarah. Nat D. fills her friend in that she broke up with Ronnie and then they got back together to try to work things out. Nat D. tells her that she got invited to Renee's party and that everyone including Guercio is going to be there. Nat D. says that at the party Guercio has two options, get on your knees or get your a$$ beat. 
Karen goes to see Ang at the Drunken Monkey. Ang fills Karen in on her son AJ about how he finally completed his drug program. He's sober and doing great. Ang tells Karen that Renee's baptism was nice, but she doesn't know why Drita didn't come. Ang tells Karen that Renee wants her to invite Guercio to her baptism party. Karen thinks Ang should really be worried about Nat D, popping off on Guercio instead of being worried that she will start something. Karen thinks this spiritual cleansing party will turn into a funeral.
At Renee's party, Drita tells Renee, Karen and Ang that she met with Nat D. and that she showed her the recording of Natalie Guercio. Renee & Karen aren't surprised at all. Ang still doesn't believe the tape is true. Ang says that its Nat D's problem so she should handle it on  her own. The other girls agree. Everyone's guard is up once they see Natalie Guercio walk into the party. Right away Nat D. pulls her phone out to get ready to play the recording of Guercio, but she puts it away when she notices Renee is getting nervous. Renee knows once the recording is played sh!t will pop off. 
Over at Natalie Guercio's table where she's sitting with Drita and Ang, Drita is stone cold quiet. At the next table over behind them, Drita notices people talking to Guercio. Drita doesn't recognizes any of the people, but they seem to know Guercio really well. Drita gets up and asks Renee if she invited those people. Renee says she doesn't know who those people are and that they were not invited. Immediately they all realize that these people are Natalie Guercio's backup. Renee asks security to make Guercio's backup leave.  
When Guercio's backup leaves, her and London leave too. Nat D. goes after Guercio as she drives away. Guercio can't believe that her and her backup got kicked out because they're her family. Drita said it best, when you come with a group you're a pu$$y and when you leave you're a pu$$y. Pu$$y all over the place. The OG girls finally realize that Guercio is not a part of their circle. With the philly new blood (Guercio) out of their circle we can only hope that there's a season 6 in the works with Nat D and all of the OG girls including Carla. Be sure to watch the reunion part 1 next Wednesday at 8 PM only vh1.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mob Wives Ep 511 "Baptisms and Betrayals"

Tonight's episode of Mob Wives was titled "Baptisms and Betrayals". Drita, Ang and Nat Guercio meet up at the Stone House restaurant. Drita asks Ang how Nat D. party was. Ang tells Drita that Carla was there. Drita looks surprised to hear that. Ang says that she wasn't happy to be there because Nat D wouldn't stop talking about Guercio. Guercio thinks Didonato is obsessed with her because she won't stop talking about her. Ang also says that Nat D. had a problem that Drita didn't come to her party. Drita says that exactly what happened to Ang at the party is why she didn't want to go. Ang tells Drita that Nat D wants to talk to her because she thinks Drita has a problem with her. Drita says she's ready to sit and talk to Nat D. 
When Karen & Renee go to visit Nat D. in Philly Nat D. tells her that she still doesn't understand why Drita didn't come to her party. Nat D. tells Karen & Renee that she wants to sit with Drita and let her know who the real Guercio is. Renee says that they need to handle it themselves. She's staying out of it. Renee asks Nat D how things are with her family and her boyfriend. Nat D. says that she's been on and off with Ronnie for 4 yrs and right now she's not with him. Suddenly Ronnie comes and interrupts the girls' lunch and starts a fight. Nat D. tells him that he needs to leave because he's not allowed at her family's home.
Karen goes to visit Renee. Renee is a lot calmer and she understands that the things in her past need to stay in the past. Renee says that seeing Nat D's boyfriend treat her the way he did when they were at her house brought back bad memories from how Junior treated her. Renee tells Karen that she wants to get baptized and cleanse herself from the all the negativity and get close to god. Karen thinks its a great thing. Renee wants Karen to be her god sister. Renee's going to invite Karen, Ang, her friend Jiton and Drita.
Karen meets with her cousin Rena to talk to her about what's going on with her dad's case about him possibly getting out of prison early because of the new non violent drug law that was just passed. Rena wants Karen to be cautious with this because she feels like once the name Gravano is out there it will be a battle. Karen says she's going to do whatever she has to get her Dad to be able to come home from prison. 
Over at Ang's new house Drita tells her that she called Nat D. to set up a time to meet with her to talk things out about Guercio. Both Ang and Drita's loyalty lies with Guercio. 
Karen & her boyfriend Storm are hanging out at her house where he tells her that he brought in the mail for her. Karen finds a letter from her Dad. Inside the letter Sammy tells Karen that he's proud that he has her in his life and that she's his special Christmas gift. Karen says that she wants him to come home because he's missed Karina's entire childhood. Karen's done with prison calls and visits.
At Renee's baptism she's ready to cleanse herself. Renee's realizes that she's hurt people and that people have hurt her, but she's ready to let the hurt go away. She's ready to start over. 
Nat D. & Drita finally meet up for their sit down to settle their issues between each other. Drita says that she didn't go to Nat D's party because she just didn't want to hear about Guercio anymore. Drita says that before Nat D. came around everyone hated Guercio. Drita then tells Nat D. that she asked Guercio about the PO incident. Drita said she believed Guercio's story about it. Drita asks Nat D. who would make something like being abused up? Nat D says a sick person like Guercio would. Nat D. then shows Drita a recording. Didonato feels like Drita is going to be the next victim who Guercio attacks. The scene gets split into two. As Drita is listening to the recording, we see Renee getting baptized. Its like a scene from "The God Father". Back to Drita listening to the recording. Drita is shocked at what she's hearing on the recording. Drita says that Guercio has been lying to her and Ang the whole time. Nat D. thinks they need to sit Guercio down and show her the recording. Drita thinks maybe "the old Drita" should come back and knock Guercio out. Nat D. thinks they should have an ambulance on standby. Don't miss the season finale next Wednesday at 8 PM only on vh1.