Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Mob Wives Ep 605 "The Sitdown"

Tonight's episode of Mob Wives picked up where it ended last week, where all of the OGs were having a sitdown that Ang organized in a warehouse so that they could hash out their issues between Drita and Carla. Drita is the last one to arrive. Carla starts the conversation off by explaining that they were all friends at one point. Drita brings up someone who is not present at the sitdown aka LOVE. Carla points out that it has nothing to do with Love but that its more about their friendships amongst everyone at the table. Carla wants to know why Drita told Ang about her problems with her ex boyfriend. Drita tells her that she was only telling her because she was concerned about her. The all argue for a minute until they all agree that they've all fought with each other. Renee wants them to both admit that they were hurt and move on. Drita doesn't think that Renee should be the one who resolves anything between her and Carla. Drita asks Renee what she thinks a friendship is. Drita admits that she was wrong for blaming Renee for being the cause of all the problems. In the end they all apologize to each other for hurting one another. When they leave the sitdown we see a few flashbacks from the past seasons (those were some good moments by the way from season 1 and 2 that they showed).
Renee takes AJ and Andrea out to an ice bar where she tries to persuade them with gifts so that they will stay at her house. These were some really cool gifts actually. They each got a rolex. AJ agrees that he will stay at her house for three nights. 
All of the OGs have lunch with Brittany. Ang tells Brittany that Marissa called her flip-flopper. Carla wants to know why Brittany was against Drita in the Hamptons but was cool with her at Ang's party. Renee tries to tell Brittany that Marissa thinks that because she's friends with Karen then her loyalty should lie there not with Drita. Brittany flips out about Marissa but Renee doesn't think its that serious and they should just talk it out. 
When Drita has drinks with Karen, Carla and Marissa everything seems fine. When Marissa brings up the lush word, Drita wants to know why she has a problem with Brittany and why she called her a fip-flopper. Drita thinks Marissa doesn't care what Brittany is doing, but that she does care enough to talk about her. Drita then tells Marissa that Brittany had told her that she back peddles on what she said. 
When the girls finally get together so that Brittany and Marissa can talk over their issues. As they're waiting for Marissa to get there Brittany is already ready to fight with her and she hasn't even showed up yet. Karen feels like shes in a awkward position because she's close with both of them. Karen feels that Brittany and Marissa should be at a table by themselves without all of the OGs there so that they can talk it just the two of them. Finally when Marissa shows up (she doesn't look like she's dressed to fight someone) Brittany automatically asks her what her problem is. Marissa says that she doesn't have a problem. Brittany runs to Renee for help and asks her why Marissa called her a cheerleader and flip-flopper, but Renee says that Marissa never called her a cheerleader. Nothing gets resolved. In fact Brittany offers to fight Marissa instead and things go left right away and the show cuts off. We'll have to see how the fight goes on next week's episode of Mob Wives.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Mob Wives Ep 604 "Flip-Floppers and Party Hoppers"

Tonight's episode of Mob Wives was titled "Flip-Floppers and Party Hoppers". It began with Drita meeting up with Ang for dinner where she told her that she is planning to include her in her book. Drita says that "if you gonna write a book about growing up in Staten Island then you gotta have Big Ang in it". She does have a point. Ang then tells Drita that she's having a birthday party and she's inviting her and all the girls (even though she says they aren't happy with her when she had dinner with them the other night) Ang told Drita that when she told Carla that she (Drita) told her about Carla's boyfriend abusing her (Carla got upset). Drita says that she only told Ang about Carla's boyfriend because she was worried about her. 
Over at Ang's house Neil comes home from working from his second job (he works with her brother) to eat. She tells him that she's stressed out because he hasn't been bringing home money from his two jobs to pay their bills. Ang feels that she needs to be by herself until Neil can bring her money to pay their bills. 
When Brittany goes to see Karen at her house, Karen fills her in on how she's trying to get her dad out of prison early. Karen also tells her that Victoria Gotti spoke negatively to the local paper about Sammy "The Bull" and she's over it already. 
Over at Ang's birthday party all of the girls come face to face with one another. Marissa and Drita hash out their issues between each other. Drita tells Marissa that she thought that she was another guy's (who she doesn't like so much) girlfriend not OZ's girlfriend which is why she snubbed her the first time they met. They apologize and they're fine. Then Karen over hears a guy call her dad a rat behind her back. Turns out the guy is a friend of Ang's and so everyone tries to break up the fight between him and Karen. In the end the guy gets asked to leave the party. 
Ang meets with Marissa and Carla the day after her birthday party to find out what happened the night before because she drank so much that she doesn't remember what went on there. They asked her why Neil wasn't at the party and Ang tells them that she's over him not stepping up to pay the bills. Marissa says that she's glad she made up with Drita, but she doesn't understand why Brittany likes her when she was team Karen when they were in the Hamptons. Ang says that she's gonna be the one who gets everyone together to hash their issues out because she's tired of hearing about it.
Ang organizes a sit down at what looks like a scary basement between all of the OGs. Did you guys see how this scene was set up? Ang said that this place is a warehouse that belongs to one of her friends but let me tell you, this place looked like it was down a dark alley in a basement. Drita is the last one to arrive and the show gets cut off and will be continued next week. Be sure to watch how this sit down goes on an all new episode next Wednesday at 8:00 PM only on vh1.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Mob Wives Ep 603 "Hamptons Hangover"

Tonight's episode of Mob Wives began with everyone going a party in the Hampton's that was thrown by Carla's friends. The next morning (at 8 am) the girls get woken up by a yoga instructor who was hired to do yoga with everyone. This was probably the most funniest scenes ever. Not everyone participated in the yoga exercise but Ang certainly tried. 
Over at breakfast Ang tells Carla that this was the first time that she's gotten to relax since she had her surgery from having cancer. Ang also tells the girls that she wants to get her constitutional rights restored so that she can be able to run her bar again. Karen gives her some advice on how to go about it. Renee then suggests Carla that when they get back to Staten Island, she should try to talk to Drita to find out why she thinks she's fake and phony. Ang agrees with her.
When Renee has lunch with AJ at the resturaunt where his girlfriend Andrea works she wants to ask Andrea about when she wants to get a ring from AJ. Renee thinks that AJ should get engaged and then eventually down the line get married. Andrea agrees with Renee which surprises AJ. AJ says that Andrea told her a while back that she wasn't ready to get engaged. Andrea said she's not opposed to getting a ring. 
Then Renee asks why they don't ever stay at her house. Andrea says that they think that Renee's house is haunted. Renee suggests to have her friend who's a medium to check the house out to see if there's any spirits there. AJ and Andrea agree that if the medium checks out the house then they'll consider stay at her house. 
Karen meets up with Drita to find out whats being said about her. Drita says that everyone including Karen is a phony. Drita says that she doesn't set people up. Things get heated between them. They both come to an agreement that they can be civil with each but that they're definitely not friends. 
Brittany meets Drita for the first time at Ang's house while Marissa has Karen over. Drita grew up with Marissa's boyfriend Jamie (OZ)'s sister, but when she first met Marissa she didn't like the way she was acting. Karen says she has loyalty to both Brittany and Marissa because of who Brittany's dad is. Marissa says that when she first met Drita, she kinda looked the other way. 
When Brittany tells Drita what happened in the Hampton's between her and Renee and her and Marissa, Drita starts to realize that maybe Renee is the one with the problem. 
When Ang meets up with Brittany, Renee, Carla and Karen for dinner she tells them that she met up with a lawyer and he told her the chances of her restoring her constitutional rights are slim to none. Renee tells Carla that Brittany came over and told her that Drita thinks she (Renee) is the one who causes all of these fights is the reason why her and Carla are at odds right now. 
Ang says that she remembers when Carla, Karen and Renee had their issues a few seasons back and she says that Drita always defended Carla to Karen and Renee. Carla says that Drita never defended her, but that she always defended Drita. Ang then says that Drita told her (and apparently Renee and Karen) that Carla's boyfriend abused her. Renee doesn't feel good about talking about this so she excuses herself. Be sure to check back here for the latest on the Mob Wives and tune in next Wednesday for an all new episode at 8 PM only on vh1.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Mob Wives Ep 602 "Cabin in the Woods"

This episode of Mob Wives was titled "Cabin in the Woods" and it was all about vacationing in the Hamptons. Drita meets Renee for lunch to get filled in on how the Mermaid parade went. Renee tells Drita that Love showed up and apologized to Carla. Renee tells Drita that Love told Carla that Drita told Love to show up at the party to hit Carla. Drita gets upset and says that's not true. Drita calls them all fake and storms out.
Over in PA. Brittany fills her mom in on what happened at the Mermaid parade and how Renee attacked her for who her dad is. Brittany thinks that its hypocritical for Renee to judge her when her, Karen and AJ are all in the same boat. They all cooperated. 
Renee meets up with Marissa Jade. She lives in Staten Island. Her mom is Chinese and her dad is Italian. Marissa's boyfriend OZ did 5 years in prison for narcotics. Renee fills Marissa in on Brittany and her family. Renee invites her to go to the Hamptons with all the girls and lets her know Brittany is gonna be there.
Ang goes to a health food store with Drita because her doctor wants her to eat healthier after having cancer. Drita tells her how she met up with Renee and how pissed she was to hear about what happened at the mermaid parade with Love. Ang tells Drita that she doesn't believe a word Love says. Drita tells Ang that the three amigos (Karen, Renee and Carla) are all fake and phony. 
Karen meets up with her boyfriend Storm to find out where they're at in their relationship, but Storm doesn't have time for it. Instead he gets up and leaves. 
Drita is writing her book about her life and shows what she has written so far to her daughter Gizzelle. Drita explains there's happy parts then there's sad parts, but that it ends happy. 
Back in the Hamptons Carla fills in Renee about what Ang told her the night before while she was asleep about what Drita said about her.
Later in the day the girls go to a winery. Brittany and Marissa get into it about calling each other lushes and the show ends. Be sure to check back here for the latest on all things Mob Wives and dont forget to tune in next Wednesday for an all new episode at 8 P.M only on vh1.

Mob Wives Season 6 Premiere Ep 601 "Mobbed Up Mermaids"

Tonight's final season of Mob Wives simply titled "The Last Stand", premiered and it was really good. It was so good that VH1 gave us two brand new episodes back to back. In the first episode it was all about Mermaids. It actually started with a fight between Karen and Drita and then it rewinded back to three months earlier to where Karen is having a BBQ. Karen invites Renee over. Renee tells Karen that she's glad the philly girls are no longer around. Renee then invites Karen and her daughter Karina to be at the Mermaid parade on a Mob Candy float with her. 
Ang meets with her doctor to get an update on how she's doing since having surgery in the spring to remove cancer in her throat. The doctor tells her that she can't smoke anymore and her facial expression in this scene is priceless. 
Renee invites Drita, Karen and Ang to the park where its the first time that they've all gotten together since Ang has been recovering from having cancer. Drita tells the girls that she's writing a book about her life. Renee invites Drita and Ang to the mermaid parade. Ang says that she has a doctors appointment that day and that she can't make it. Karen asks if she can bring her friend Brittany Fogarty. Renee says yes but once Karen starts telling them who her family is, Renee is skeptical. Renee wants to meet Brittany beforehand. 
We get to meet Brittany Fogarty and her mom Andrea Giovino. Brittany's dad was "Big John" Fogarty who cooperated and was friends with Karen's dad Sammy "The Bull", Brittany's mom Andrea also cooperated. Her family moved to Pa. when she was a few months old, but now she wants to move back to Staten Island and her mom's not so happy about it. Brittany tells her mom that she's proud of her name and she's not worried about what people think of her based off of her dad.
Karen gets offended by what Renee's comments about Brittany. Karen asks Renee if she has an issue with Brittany because of her dad being a rat and she says yes. 
Drita meets Ang and Neil at the Drunken Monkey to help her pack it up since she was forced to shut it down by the state. Neil explains to Drita that someone ratted Ang out and told the liquor board that she was running a liquor store while she was a felon. Ang isn't allowed to have a liquor license or run any business because she's considered a felon. 
Renee goes over to Karen's house to hangout and Karen lets her know that how she felt offended by Renee's comments about Brittany. Karen says that 20 years ago she was Brittany. Karen tells Renee to think before she speaks. Renee says that she doesn't want people to think she only hangs out with people who cooperated. Karen says that she doesn't care about labels. Renee realizes that she messed up and didn't mean to offend Karen. Renee agrees that she will give Brittany a chance for Karen.
All the girls meet up at Renee's house to get ready for the mermaid parade. Everyone's excited to go and looks great. 
Out of nowhere Love shows up and pulls Karen aside. Then they pull Carla aside so that she can talk to Love. Carla is surprised to see Love there. The last time these were in the same place was in season 3 season finale at Drita's party where Love went after Carla. Love shockingly apologizes to Carla for that incident and says that she should have talked to her directly that night instead of listening to Drita. Love also says that Drita came to her before the party and told her that she wasn't friends with Carla and that she should fight her at the party. Carla is surprised but she's now realizing that this could explain why Drita walked away when her and Love met at the party that night. They both agree that they should talk about it more at a later time. 
Drita calls Lee and tells him she's writing a book about her life and he's not happy about it. Drita says she's gonna write it anyway whether he wants her to or  not. Lee gets mad and hangs up on her. 
Back at the mermaid parade on the Mob Candy float Brittany thanks Renee for inviting her to Coney Island and she lets her know that she'll be seeing more of her once she gets moved in on Staten Island. Brittany tells the girls that her mom's not too happy about it though. When Carla asks Brittany why her mom wouldn't be happy about it she go into more detail about who her parents are in the lifestyle. Brittany says that when the feds gave her mom the option of giving her dad up or going to jail with him and putting her (meaning Brittany and her brothers) in foster care she chose to give him up and keep her kids. Renee says that she isn't too pleased with Brittany's mom's decision to give  her dad up because when you're in the lifestyle you just don't do that. Brittany then asks Renee if she would rather put AJ in foster care or give his dad up and Renee says she would go with AJ's dad and do the time with him. Renee feels that you just don't give up someone to the feds. Brittany then disrespects Renee by telling her that "if you're my mom or my aunt then I will charge at you".

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Mob Wives Season 5 Reunion Part 2 Ep 514

Tonight's episode of Mob Wives Season 5 Reunion Part 2 began with the girls talking about Drita having a dirty mouth when it comes to the way she expresses herself with her words. Drita says her mom is mortified that she talks like that. Next they talk about Renee. Renee says she hated being on the outs with everyone. Renee says she's mad that she hurt people. Drita says she likes Renee but that she didn't like the things she did to people. Renee says ever since finding out that Junior got sentenced to 11 yrs. it doesn't keep her up wondering if he's gonna come home and hurt her. Since her baptism the girls say that they've all seen a change in her. Way to go Renee we're all very proud of how far you've come.
Then Natalie D. comes out on stage and that's when things get crazy. I had to post this pic above of the split screen of these two because it was too funny not to. Nat D. really laid in to Guercio calling her all kinds of names. When the girls were asked what they think of Nat D. Ang says she doesn't know anything about her except that she hates Guercio. Lets see there was John Travolta look alike, Surprisingly we find out that Guercio isn't from South Philly, but that she's from Jersey. When Nat D. gets up to approach Guercio, security jumps in and breaks it up. 
They cut to commercial, but when they come back from commercial Guercio walks off stage and refuses to come back. Drita decides to go after Guercio to get her to come back on stage. Guercio says that she spoke her peace and so there' s nothing to talk about. Karen says if Guercio didn't have anything to hide then she would be on the couch. Finally Drita gets Guercio to come back out. 
Guercio says she heard Ronnie had just came home from jail and then Nat D. threw him in jail. Nat D. says that she had a fight with Ronnie and then the cops were called (not by her). Nat D. says she was suppose to show up at court but she didn't and that's why it was withdrawn. Guercio says Nat D. is a rat for leaking the tapes about her being abused by her ex boyfriend. Drita jumps in and says that anyone who's on tapes or messing with tapes is a rat. Guercio says that Nat D. came on the show to talk about her past about being abused by her ex boyfriend which isn't right. Suddenly as the two Natalies go at it by calling each other names the host Vivica Fox gets upset and walks off. Vivica comes back on set and explains about why she left. 
Carla comes out and they talk about why Drita snubbed her at Renee's mob candy party. Carla says that after her, Ramona and Karen were off the show last season, she never heard from Drita. In fact, she said that she never got invited to Drita's store opening. Drita claims Carla was talking bad about her to the blogs. Carla says that she's never talked to blogs about her before. Carla says she didn't come to Renee's party to attack Drita. It was a genuine invite. They both agree that they miss their friendship.
Finally they talk about what happened at Renee's baptism party. Guercio says she brought her crew with her to have someone who had her and London's back. Nat D. says she felt like she was going to be attacked by Guercio at the party. Drita says shes always felt like there was a reason Nat D. came on the show and why Guercio didn't want to confront her. Guercio and Nat D. go at it calling each other names. Renee and Ang try to get them to stop. Nat D. flies over again towards Guercio as security and the cast get in the middle to break it up. Guercio runs backstage again, but only this time she gets her stuff and leaves in a car with London. In the end all the girls realize its best not to talk about Guercio because she just causes problems. Overall it was a great season. Rumor has it Mob Wives season 6 is coming soon and will air later this year in December. This time its theme is going to be called Mob Wives Blood Lines.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Mob Wives Season 5 Reunion Part 1 Ep 513

The time has finally come. After a crazy epic season 5 of Mob Wives, we finally get to see what went down at the reunion hosted by Vivica Fox. This time the reunion was split into two parts. Tonight was part 1 and boy was it crazy. 
The reunion began with them talking about Karen Gravano coming back on the show this season. Karen says it was peaceful being gone from Staten Island for a year, but New York is where she belongs. Renee said that she felt safe having Karen back. Natalie Guercio says that her loyalty lies with Alicia. Guercio then says that Karen coming back on the show is why Alicia DiMichele isn't on the show anymore. Karen put all the cards on the table and said that both Guercio and Alicia came on the show to ride her coat tail by using her family's name. Karen says that Alicia's father in-law was killed (ordered by John Gotti) by her dad Sammy "The Bull" and that's why Alicia felt like she could come on the show to attack her family's name. When Natalie goes to call Karen a rat in Alicia's defense, Renee jumps in and tells her that she doesn't need to call Karen a rat to defend Alicia. Renee says that Natalie's loyalty can lie with Alicia without calling Karen a rat. As they go at it Vivica tries to move onto another topic.
Vivica Fox asked Natalie Guercio about talking sh!t about her doing drugs on twitter on her last season. Guercio says that she never talked about Renee doing drugs on twitter. Renee says that it affected her when her son AJ saw it on twitter. Guercio then accuses Renee of talking bad about her behind her back when they were friends. Renee said that never happened. 
The guys come out and Storm is asked about his situation with the girl that Karen found in his house earlier this season. Storm says the girl was his boy's friend and that he didn't think about it at the time because it was 8 in the morning. Karen says that as of today they're in a good place. He says he's looking forward to meeting Karen's dad when he comes home from jail. 
When they get to talking about London & Natalie's relationship they say they still have their problems and need more therapy. Then Vivica asks them about London's stabbing that happened back in December. When Vivica asks them why they posted on social media the man's (who allegedly stabbed him) pic to get him caught, things go left. All the girls including Drita call Guercio a rat for going to social media to get the police to catch the guy. Storm tells London to own up to being a rat, but they don't.
Instead, Storm & London go at it trying to define what a rat is. I gotta say if anyone didn't like Storm this season, I think we all like him now after seeing how he handled himself at the reunion. Drita said she wasn't surprised that London called the cops. Drita does think it looks bad when Guercio holds hands with London who called the cops because all season she's been saying she doesn't like rats. London says that the guy is still in jail and will be for awhile because he made a bad choice by coming up to him and stabbing him. Vivica tells London to "keep wearing pink and stay happy". Funniest line of the night. For some reason Pharrell's song "Happy" just pops in my head every time I hear Vivica say that. Then they get to the discussion about what happened when Guercio tried to call the cops on Storm. Karen says that her, Storm and London have the same story about what happened, but Guercio has a different story. Guercio says that they were approached by Storm and nothing happened, but there were witnesses who saw what happened. Storm said that's a rat move. Karen says that she's dealing with a girl meaning Guercio who acts like she knows everything about the lifestyle. Guercio says that her family is a boss b!tch. Last time we checked her brother was a detective to which Karen calls her out on. Finally Guercio admits to her brother being a detective, which is another reason why Storm called her 1800 crime stoppers. 
When they get to talking about Victoria Gotti being on the show for a few episodes, both Renee & Ang agreed that they thought it was good to have someone like her who is born in the lifestyle and an outside opinion to help mediate their situation. Renee says that she respects how she handled the situation. Karen says that she doesn't have a problem with the Gottis and doesn't care what they think about her or her family, but she wouldn't mind sitting down with Victoria Gotti and talking it out with her. Perhaps this can happen in season 6 if there is one.  
Then Karen & Guercio go head to head and talk about their social media fight that they had on the Hudson river at brunch. Karen says that if Guercio was an adult and said this is what I did then they wouldn't have had a problem. Guercio says that Karen is jealous of her. Karen says that Guercio is a pretty person, but the things she says is vicious. The two go at it again. Guercio says she isn't KG's home girl. That's when Karen calls Guercio out for being racist.
Renee says Guercio's mouth is so mean that there's nothing they can do, but to come at her. Guercio says that all season they've been attacking her. Renee says that then if Guercio feels that way then she should quit. Karen steps up to Guercio as she's calling her out for being racist and Vivica gets in the middle. The show gets cut off to next week for part 2 and the conclusion of the reunion.
The drama didn't end there though. After part 1 of the reunion aired Natalie Guercio took to twitter to say that the host Vivica Fox didn't let her speak. She goes on to attack vh1 and tell them that the stuff that she said was cut out and "that's not fair".
Guercio then decided to tweet Vivica Fox and tell her that she wasn't happy with how she treated her and London at the reunion and that she was one sided. She also told Vivica that she owes them an apology for how she treated them. 
Next, she decided to say something even more crazy to Vivica. Only this time Guercio was accusing Renee of dating 50 Cent while Vivica was also dating him.
Vivica fired back at Guercio above and told her not to play the victim when she's the one who's the messy a$$ b!tch.
As a fan of Renee's (and knowing that she loves our blog) I know that her and 50 Cent are only good friends. That's it. Just friends and nothing more. So I wasn't surprised to see her tweet about 50 and Guercio's claims above. If you remember in season 1 where Renee had a styling gig to help her friend Tiffany, Renee explains how her first styling gig was for 50 Cent back when he was just up and coming. 
I'm telling you, I really don't think it's a good idea for Guercio to have twitter because she just keeps getting herself into more trouble. According to Karen's tweet above, Guercio had gave out KG's number on twitter tonight. KG doesn't seemed to be phased by it though. Be sure to catch part 2 of the reunion next Wednesday at 8 PM on vh1 where Nat D. and Guercio go head to head.