Thursday, March 5, 2015

Mob Wives Natalie Guercio Says Renee's Party Was "FAKE" & She Was Set Up by Renee, Jenn Graziano & Karen Gravano

Last night's season 5 finale of Mob Wives has been the most talked about episode on our blog and on twitter since it aired. Hats off to Jenn Graziano for giving us the best season ever.
During the episode Natalie Guercio was telling her fans on twitter that Renee's party was allegedly "fake". Guercio even says that Drita knew that she was bringing her friends to the party. 
This girl didn't stop there with her ridiculous tweets. In fact, Guercio even went so far to say that one of the girls in her backup crew knew Karen Gravano's boyfriend Storm very well. I have to say that I highly doubt that this is true because as we have seen all season Storm has been dating Karen for about two years and they have a great relationship. 
As if this girl wasn't done throwing people under the bus, she decided to throw Drita under the bus too. Not only did Drita know that Guercio was bringing her friends to the party but Guercio says that Drita was thinking of bringing her friends too. From what we saw on the show, we didn't see any of Drita's friends at the party. 
As we saw on the show when Guercio's friends were asked to leave, she said that she felt like she was being set up. We later found out on her twitter that she felt that she was being set up by Renee, her sister and producer of the show Jenn Graziano and Karen Gravano. I don't think she was set up at all. Both Jenn and Renee are amazing people and they wouldn't set up anyone. Everyone knew that it was a private party. Therefore, Guercio should have known not to invite her friends to the party. 
With that said, I came along some interesting tweets where people were claiming to be affiliated with the production crew. Take a look at what one fan told Guercio above last night. According to this person's tweet, they say that her son works for a production team and that Natalie's backup crew needed to sign releases to be at the party (or perhaps on the show). It has not been confirmed or denied whether or not if what this person is telling Guercio is true or not.
However, tonight I had a rather interesting person tweet us claiming that he too also works for the production team. I found this person very interesting because when he first tweeted us he told us that there was a table that was set up for Guercio's friends. He goes on to say that the production team cleared them to come to the party ahead of time. 
Right away I could tell that this guy was either lying about knowing this information or he was a fan of Natalie Guercio's. When I went to ask him if he knows the production crew personally or worked with them he said that he did. He even said that apparently Guercio didn't want to go to the party but that she had to because it was in her contract to go to the finale. Like I said, something just wasn't adding up to this guy's story.
This person goes on to say that Guercio was set up on purpose "to make it look good for the finale". I highly doubt this guy is telling the truth nor was she set up. I also felt like if this guy DOES work for the production company whether it be Just Jenn or vh1, then he shouldn't be spilling all of this news to us on twitter. I want to make it clear that this guy originally replied (seen above) to someone who I was talking to in a tweet first. He put his two sense in on his own. We didn't contact him first. As we got to talking I wanted to see if what I was suspecting of him was true. That he was lying. Turns out he was lying because the minute I told him that he shouldn't be revealing this kind of info about what happened behind the scenes, he quickly changed his tune and said that he doesn't work for the production crew. All I know is that Jenn Graziano nor anyone else on the show would set Guercio or anyone else up. Guercio did that to herself. Next week's reunion part 1 should be interesting. Be sure to watch it next Wednesday at 8 PM only on vh1.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Mob Wives Season 5 Finale Ep 512 "The Final Face-off"

It has been one of the most epic seasons in Mob Wives history. So many twists and turns. Surprise guest spots by OG's and legendary families. From the return of Karen Gravano where the entire group was fractured, to the legendary guest spot of Victoria Gotti. Gotti & Gravano will go hand in hand. Thanks to the Donnette herself Victoria Gotti along with the mafia heavens above she could relate and help mediate sit downs between two friends (Ang & Renee) who know everything about the lifestyle. Especially when it comes to family being off limits. There were people being called rats while others were being accused of calling the cops on people's boyfriend. There were also social media fights. Both of those fights were between Natalie Guercio and Karen Gravano. Then there was the surprise appearance of Carla Facciolo to which everyone except Drita was happy to see. If you missed one episode this season you were loss on the next episode the following week. We also had Fraudlies (Didonato) and Ratalies (Guercio) who both hailed from South Philly. The only thing that they had in common with each other was that they both hated each other.
Which brings us to tonight's season finale titled "The Final Face-off". Renee goes over to Ang's. They had an ugly vicious fight earlier this season, but when you're family like these two are they were able to move pass it. Renee lets Ang know that she wants to have a party to celebrate her being baptized. She's ready for God to give her another chance at life and starting over fresh. Renee wants everyone to come to come to her party. Renee even wants Ang to invite Natalie Guercio to the party. Ang doesn't think that's a good idea to have both Natalies in the same room knowing that they hate each other, but Renee's doesn't want to get in the middle of those two. She hopes the two Natalies won't start anything at her party.
One of London's friend's asks Natalie Guercio to pose for a prison catalog that will be sent to men in prison all across the country.
Drita is boxing trying to take her agression of Nat Guercio out on the boxing bag. After hearing the recording that Nat D. showed her of Guercio, Drita can't believe how Guercio played her all season. All season Drita defended Guercio against all the girls and all along she lied to her. She's in a violent Drita mode.
AJ goes jewelry shopping with his mom Renee. He wants to get his girlfriend Andrea a gift to let her know that he wants to keep her happy in hopes to see what happens in the future. Renee suggests that AJ get Andrea a promise ring. Even though AJ isn't ready to get married, Renee is happy that her son is ready to be committed to just one person like Andrea. Renee sees how well they fit together like a hand in a glove and she's so happy for him.
Over in Philly at the gun range, Nat Didonato is shooting guns with her friend Sarah. Nat D. fills her friend in that she broke up with Ronnie and then they got back together to try to work things out. Nat D. tells her that she got invited to Renee's party and that everyone including Guercio is going to be there. Nat D. says that at the party Guercio has two options, get on your knees or get your a$$ beat. 
Karen goes to see Ang at the Drunken Monkey. Ang fills Karen in on her son AJ about how he finally completed his drug program. He's sober and doing great. Ang tells Karen that Renee's baptism was nice, but she doesn't know why Drita didn't come. Ang tells Karen that Renee wants her to invite Guercio to her baptism party. Karen thinks Ang should really be worried about Nat D, popping off on Guercio instead of being worried that she will start something. Karen thinks this spiritual cleansing party will turn into a funeral.
At Renee's party, Drita tells Renee, Karen and Ang that she met with Nat D. and that she showed her the recording of Natalie Guercio. Renee & Karen aren't surprised at all. Ang still doesn't believe the tape is true. Ang says that its Nat D's problem so she should handle it on  her own. The other girls agree. Everyone's guard is up once they see Natalie Guercio walk into the party. Right away Nat D. pulls her phone out to get ready to play the recording of Guercio, but she puts it away when she notices Renee is getting nervous. Renee knows once the recording is played sh!t will pop off. 
Over at Natalie Guercio's table where she's sitting with Drita and Ang, Drita is stone cold quiet. At the next table over behind them, Drita notices people talking to Guercio. Drita doesn't recognizes any of the people, but they seem to know Guercio really well. Drita gets up and asks Renee if she invited those people. Renee says she doesn't know who those people are and that they were not invited. Immediately they all realize that these people are Natalie Guercio's backup. Renee asks security to make Guercio's backup leave.  
When Guercio's backup leaves, her and London leave too. Nat D. goes after Guercio as she drives away. Guercio can't believe that her and her backup got kicked out because they're her family. Drita said it best, when you come with a group you're a pu$$y and when you leave you're a pu$$y. Pu$$y all over the place. The OG girls finally realize that Guercio is not a part of their circle. With the philly new blood (Guercio) out of their circle we can only hope that there's a season 6 in the works with Nat D and all of the OG girls including Carla. Be sure to watch the reunion part 1 next Wednesday at 8 PM only vh1.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Natalie Guercio Releases Statement About the Recording of Her Shown on Mob Wives

On last week's episode of Mob Wives you may remember when Natalie Didonato showed Drita a recording that her friend had of Natalie Guercio admitting that she called his PO and lied about being abused. After that episode aired a few of our readers remembered that we had posted the recording on our blog a week before this episode aired right here. Although we the viewers didn't get to hear what the recording said, we knew that it was the same one that Nat D. sent us because she had posted it again on her twitter right after the episode aired.
Since that episode aired Natalie Guercio has been trying to convinced us that the recording is fake and edited too much. On Friday at 3:41 AM, she even took to twitter to try to tell her fans (as seen above) that she was going to get her ex (the guy who is on the tape) to come forward and make a statement to clear his name to prove that it wasn't him on the tape. Guercio even told her fans on twitter that her son got verbally abused by her ex.
When Nat D. heard that Guercio was going to get him to come forward to clear his name, she took to twitter  (at 5:16 PM Friday)herself to say that Guercio's ex won't be making any public announcement on her behalf. 
About an hour later (6:43 PM on Friday) a fan tweeted Nat D. letting her know that supposedly they heard that Guercio was going to be releasing a video from her ex "any minute" saying that the video was chopped and edited. Nat D. replied to the fan above simply saying that she just talked to her friend (the guy who is on the tape who is Guercio's ex) and that they can't wait for Guercio to release the video of his side. Here is the thing about all of this, Guercio is known for dating around. The question I have is, which one of her ex's is Guercio going to choose to have come forward to clear his name? It's almost like a casting call of ex's that she can choose from to say "hey can you be on this tape to say you're not on the tape to clear my name".
Earlier this morning (at 2:33 AM) Guercio posted above on twitter a statement about the recording. It's a very long statement that looks more like an essay. So long that we couldn't capture the whole thing in one snapshot from her twitter above. Not to worry though, we have the full speech towards the end of this post. I'm guessing she didn't get to ask one of her ex's to come forward to make a video so she wrote an essay herself?
Even her fans tried to tell her that the statement was so long that she must have a lot of free time on her hands to be able to write something this long. 
Seen above, is the full statement that Guercio allegedly wrote herself and posted on twitter. All eight paragraphs. I told you it looked more like an essay than a simple statement. Some people are questioning if Guercio had help writing this statement just by the way it's worded. In the first paragraph she says that the recording is so broad that someone obviously "tampered with it" and that it can be "misconstrued". Guercio goes on to say that it wasn't until the episode aired that she heard the recording, even though it was on our blog and YouTube for a week before it was shown on TV. In the second paragraph Guercio tries to say that "this wasn't the first time he put his hands on her". In fact, Guercio says that her ex had just been released from doing 57 months in jail and had just moved into her home from the halfway house. She says that she put up with the abuse for 9 months until she decided to call the police because she was "in fear of her life". Here's where this statement gets interesting. When the police came Guercio says that they only wrote a report, but didn't arrest him or detain him because (even though she says he choked her and popped blood vessels in her eyes) she told the cops nothing happened. Therefore, Guercio says that she never pressed any charges. In the third paragraph, Guercio explains that was on supervised release and had to report to his PO because he had been "in contact with the law". Two days after the police came where she told them nothing happened, she says "the PO" came back to her home while her ex was at work. On this day, Guercio explains that "the PO" saw bruises on her face (the ones we posted on here when we posted the recording). Notice how she says "the PO" not his PO. "The PO" kept encouraging Guercio to press charges but she refused. Guercio says that "the PO" told her that even if she didn't press charges against her ex for the bruises, they were still going to get him for traveling to Atlantic City, NJ without permission. When asked if she knew that he went to Atlantic City, Guercio says that she told the PO that she did know about it. Guercio begged with the PO not to tell her ex that they came by her house because she was afraid of what he would do to her when he found out. In the fourth paragraph, Guercio says "long story short" as if this story isn't already long enough to read. Remember I said there's eight paragraphs in this statement, we're only on the fourth. So bare with me as we sort through the next four paragraphs. According to Guercio, after "the PO" came over while her ex was at work and saw the bruises, she says that they got into another altercation where she ended up throwing him out and he went to his mom's. By that time, Guercio says that "the PO gave it some time" and called her ex into his office "to violate him". Guercio says "the PO" gave him 90 days on house arrest. We don't know what this alleged PO violated him for but we're guessing it was for the trip in Atlantic City. Guercio says that because of this 90 days on house arrest, her ex thought she ratted him out about the trip to Atlantic City. Guercio says this is why her ex recorded her on that tape. Guercio claims that in the "REAL recording" her ex is asking her if she ratted him out to his PO about going to Atlantic City. Guercio tells her ex on the alleged real recording, that she didn't tell his PO. As we know from listening to the recording ourselves, she admits that she called his PO and that she lied. However, Guercio says that she left out the part where the PO originally asked her about knowing he was in Atlantic City because she was afraid. She ends this statement by saying that her ex was never locked up or put on house arrest because of her, but because of his poor decisions. Didn't she just say though that they had a fight and she kicked him out and then that's when this alleged PO put him on 90 days house arrest? Which one is it? She ends this statement encouraging everyone to listen to the "remix" recording again. Since when do recordings have sound effects with remixes on them? Well there you have it. Her eight paragraph statement that looks more like an  essay. Don't forget to watch the season finale of Mob Wives Wednesday at 8 PM only on vh1.  

Friday, February 27, 2015

Carla Facciolo Opens Up About Who Her Dream Cast of Mob Wives Season 6 Would Be

Ever since Mob Wives' OG Carla Facciolo made her return to the show in the latter part of this season in two episodes the cast (well everyone but Drita) and the fans really missed her. Recently Carla sat down with VH1 where she talked about why she left after season 3. When asked if she would ever consider returning to the show full time, Carla said that she probably would return. Carla explains that she got so used to being on the show and being with everyone and that she never wanted to leave in the first place. Carla goes on to say that if she came back on the show she would want to do things that she didn't get to do before with all the girls. She says that she would want everyone to film together and that she would want to be right in there with them. When asked who her dream cast of Mob Wives Season 6 would be, Carla says that it would have to be the 4 original girls from season 1 because they're the ones who started it all. She says everyone (such as fans) tell her that they all want to see her, Drita, Karen and Renee. She then says that fans also say they would want to Ang to be on too because everyone loves her. Carla even says that she would bring Ramona back too if possible because she fits in with them and they all grew up together. Carla says that with all of them as part of season 6 would make for a crazy season, but crazy fun not vicious. I gotta say I have to agree with Carla on this one. That would be an epic season 6 right there. Although how much more epic can another season of Mob Wives get after this season 5? We sure hope Jenn Graziano takes Carla up on this dream cast line up of hers. Be sure to tune in for the season finale of Mob Wives next Wednesday at 8 PM only on vh1.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mob Wives Ep 511 "Baptisms and Betrayals"

Tonight's episode of Mob Wives was titled "Baptisms and Betrayals". Drita, Ang and Nat Guercio meet up at the Stone House restaurant. Drita asks Ang how Nat D. party was. Ang tells Drita that Carla was there. Drita looks surprised to hear that. Ang says that she wasn't happy to be there because Nat D wouldn't stop talking about Guercio. Guercio thinks Didonato is obsessed with her because she won't stop talking about her. Ang also says that Nat D. had a problem that Drita didn't come to her party. Drita says that exactly what happened to Ang at the party is why she didn't want to go. Ang tells Drita that Nat D wants to talk to her because she thinks Drita has a problem with her. Drita says she's ready to sit and talk to Nat D. 
When Karen & Renee go to visit Nat D. in Philly Nat D. tells her that she still doesn't understand why Drita didn't come to her party. Nat D. tells Karen & Renee that she wants to sit with Drita and let her know who the real Guercio is. Renee says that they need to handle it themselves. She's staying out of it. Renee asks Nat D how things are with her family and her boyfriend. Nat D. says that she's been on and off with Ronnie for 4 yrs and right now she's not with him. Suddenly Ronnie comes and interrupts the girls' lunch and starts a fight. Nat D. tells him that he needs to leave because he's not allowed at her family's home.
Karen goes to visit Renee. Renee is a lot calmer and she understands that the things in her past need to stay in the past. Renee says that seeing Nat D's boyfriend treat her the way he did when they were at her house brought back bad memories from how Junior treated her. Renee tells Karen that she wants to get baptized and cleanse herself from the all the negativity and get close to god. Karen thinks its a great thing. Renee wants Karen to be her god sister. Renee's going to invite Karen, Ang, her friend Jiton and Drita.
Karen meets with her cousin Rena to talk to her about what's going on with her dad's case about him possibly getting out of prison early because of the new non violent drug law that was just passed. Rena wants Karen to be cautious with this because she feels like once the name Gravano is out there it will be a battle. Karen says she's going to do whatever she has to get her Dad to be able to come home from prison. 
Over at Ang's new house Drita tells her that she called Nat D. to set up a time to meet with her to talk things out about Guercio. Both Ang and Drita's loyalty lies with Guercio. 
Karen & her boyfriend Storm are hanging out at her house where he tells her that he brought in the mail for her. Karen finds a letter from her Dad. Inside the letter Sammy tells Karen that he's proud that he has her in his life and that she's his special Christmas gift. Karen says that she wants him to come home because he's missed Karina's entire childhood. Karen's done with prison calls and visits.
At Renee's baptism she's ready to cleanse herself. Renee's realizes that she's hurt people and that people have hurt her, but she's ready to let the hurt go away. She's ready to start over. 
Nat D. & Drita finally meet up for their sit down to settle their issues between each other. Drita says that she didn't go to Nat D's party because she just didn't want to hear about Guercio anymore. Drita says that before Nat D. came around everyone hated Guercio. Drita then tells Nat D. that she asked Guercio about the PO incident. Drita said she believed Guercio's story about it. Drita asks Nat D. who would make something like being abused up? Nat D says a sick person like Guercio would. Nat D. then shows Drita a recording (the one that we posted on our blog last week here). Didonato feels like Drita is going to be the next victim who Guercio attacks. Although we the viewers didn't get to hear the recording that Drita was listening to we know its the same one that's on our blog. The scene gets split into two. As Drita is listening to the recording, we see Renee getting baptized. Its like a scene from "The God Father". Back to Drita listening to the recording. Drita is shocked at what she's hearing on the recording. Drita says that Guercio has been lying to her and Ang the whole time. Nat D. thinks they need to sit Guercio down and show her the recording. Drita thinks maybe "the old Drita" should come back and knock Guercio out. Nat D. thinks they should have an ambulance on standby. Don't miss the season finale next Wednesday at 8 PM only on vh1.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Mob Wives Natalie Guercio's Movie "Black Point" Gets Canned Along with Her Role In It

It seems like just yesterday, Mob Wives Natalie Guercio was taking pictures of herself rehearsing her lines for her upcoming lead role in a film called "Black Point".
Sunday we told you that all of a sudden it was put hold on due to some "unforeseen circumstances" that was posted on the movie's facebook page. About an hour after the film posted that on their facebook, Guercio took to twitter to reassure her fans (whom she bought might I add) that she still had the lead role in the film and that her and the writer, director, and executive producer Chloe Finch were still moving forward with "exciting news to be released". As of today we found out that the "Black Point" movie facebook page has suddenly been deleted.
After some more digging around on facebook we found out that Chloe Finch posted a facebook message seen above that simply states "if you are on the Black Point film page it will no longer be active." Chloe goes on to say that "due to involving someone on the film that caused several problems, the film will have to be renamed and I am starting all over again with casting from the lead to all other cast members needed and all social media is down involving this person. No casting will be done until it is announced and it will be done through actors access not contacting me via my personal facebook". Isn't that interesting? Wonder who this person was who was on the set causing problems for them? I guess that's what happens when you pretend to be black and deny to your manager(who is black himself) that you aren't racist when we all know you are. We should also point out that as of yesterday, Guercio's twitter got hacked. One thing's for sure, Hollywood won't be calling for Guercio anytime soon after this mess.
Update, as of 4:28 PM on Feb. 25th, Chloe updated her facebook page (publicly) saying that she is still the writer, director, and executive producer for "Black Point". Does this girl not know anything about her privacy settings on facebook? Guess she's not going to change the title of the movie after all. We'll keep you updated with the latest on this and other stories that are Mob Wives related. Be sure to watch an all new episode of Mob Wives Wednesdays at 8 PM only on vh1.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Mob Wives Natalie Guercio's Movie "Black Point" Put on Hold

Lately we've been hearing talk about how Natalie Guercio has been preparing for her "Hollywood" debut in an upcoming movie slated to film later this year. She's been bragging all over twitter for the last week or two that she's been studying her lines for her role as the main character in the movie. According to the film's facebook page, this movie is a thriller/horror film where NYPD Detectives are investigating a murder by a serial killer. A girl named Alexandra Rowen (played by Guercio) helps them solve many murder cases. When she's confronted by a new crime it changes her life so much that she has to flee to New England fearing that she might be the next victim of this killer. There are a few things that I find interesting about this whole thing. Let me break it down for you. As many of you probably already know by now (if you've heard her tapes on youtube) Guercio is very racist. So the question that I have about all of this is why would you cast someone like Guercio who is by now known to be racist in a film with the title "Black Point"? Let alone give her the lead role in this. To me it makes no sense. Another thing that I find interesting is that as many people may or may not know, Guercio's brother is a detective in Philly, which is probably why she got away with calling her ex boyfriend's (Didonato's friend) PO. Basically this means Guercio and the character in the film are very much a like. Last night as I was looking around on social media, I noticed that the film's facebook page posted an interesting PSA announcement seen above saying that everything on their page had been removed and it will be active again soon.
Shortly after "Black Point" posted this PSA announcement on their facebook, Guercio reassured her followers (the ones she bought by the way) on twitter that she was still the lead role in the film and that her and the director were moving ahead with exciting news that would be released soon. Even if this film does move forward I still don't think they should have casted her knowing that she's racist.
We should also mention that Guercio's manager is black as well and he fully supports her doing this film. He got wind about the video of her using the N-word on youtube and somehow he believed her when she told him that she's not racist. Mr. Jae Nasdaq claims that Guercio (who last time I checked from the show she's sicilian) "has more African blood in her body than 80% of Africans enslaved". Isn't that cute folks? The girl who goes on TV and says "I'm sicilian..." is now saying she's black. I thought she hates blacks? Now she is black? This raises more questions about this whole thing. Stay tuned for all the latest on the Mob Wives right here on our blog. Don't forget to tune in Wednesday for an all new episode of Mob Wives at 8 PM only on vh1.