Monday, August 4, 2014

Renee Graziano Guest Stars on Love & Hip Hop ATL

Renee Graziano sure is making her rounds guest starring on vh1 shows lately. First she was on the season finale of Hollywood Exes & tonight she guest starred on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. I for one am huge fans of both shows. For those of you (like myself) who have been watching Love & Hip Hop Atlanta this season, you know that there have been so many twists & turns. So when I found out that our very own favorite mob wife was gonna make a guest appearance, I couldn't wait to watch. It turns out that Renee hosted a fashion show called KLASS 6 for Erica Dixon who is Scrappy Merlo's daughter's mom. Scrappy and Momma Dee were there in attendance along with Erica & Scrappy's little girl. So to sum it up, it was a FRAMILY (I love that word it should be on a T-shirt) affair. We're told that Renee is good friends with Erica, Scrappy & Momma Dee plus Mimi Faust & Stevie J. Although Renee was only on both shows for a short few seconds, I personally thought it was good to see her on our screens again until her show Mob Wives season 5 comes back later this year in December. Whether it be on the west coast or down south one thing remains the same which is that they all love Renee as much as we the fans do. Congrats Renee for being on both Hollywood Exes & Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, can't wait to see you back on our screen with season 5 of Mob Wives in December.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Renee Graziano is Penthouse Magazine's Bad Ass

Renee Graziano is so many things to us fans nowadays. She started out as a mob wife, mom, daughter, sister. By season 4 of Mob Wives she became the founder & boss of her Mob Candy line, two time author of "How To Use a Meat Cleaver" & "Playing with Fire"
Now you can add one of Penthouse Magazine's Bad Ass's to the list. That's right the Penthouse Magazine. Renee got herself a 6 page spread in the July/August  Bad Ass issue along with an interview about why she's a bad ass & with a little excerpt from her novel "Playing with Fire". Some of you may be thinking, "isn't she going a little too far by taking pics for a risky magazine"? Not to worry though, Renee was fully clothed throughout the entire spread looking like the bad ass that she is which is why we all love her. There's nothing that can stop this mob wife now. She's unstoppable. Be sure to pick up your copy of Penthouse magazine today to see the full 6 page spread of Renee. Stay tuned to see Renee on the upcoming season 5 of Mob Wives coming soon.  

Friday, June 6, 2014

Mob Wives Cast Begin Filming Season 5

Fans of Mob Wives can breathe a sigh of relief because Renee Graziano and the other ladies are back and have started filming season 5. When we last saw the Mob Wives at the end of season 4 (that ended with a to be continued) fans were left wondering what ever happened with Alicia DiMicheal's sentencing trial. We can now confirm that Alicia's trial was postponed again and that since then, Alicia DiMichael has resigned from the show to "better her image" for the judge in her trial. So with Alicia off the show, does that mean veteran Karen Gravano will return to the show? As of right now it is not known if Karen is returning for season 5. It is also not known whether or not there will be any new cast members coming on for season 5. One things for certain, Renee Graziano is indeed back for another season, which I think is great because if you ask me the show just wouldn't be the same without her. Rumor has it season 5 will air in December & it's sure to be another season not to be missed. Be sure to check back with the mob wives sit down blog for the latest on the mob wives. 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Renee Graziano No Longer Friends With Drita, Confirms Possible Spin-Off & Shooting VADO's "My Bae"

Renee Graziano was on Global Grind TV promoting her erotic novel "Playing with Fire". When asked about what happened at the Mob Wives season 4 reunion between her and Drita, Renee said that she was confused on why Drita brought up issues from seasons 1 & 2 at the reunion when that happened 4 seasons ago and that she was very disappointed in her. Renee explains how she's not a fighter and that she's colorful with her words and everyone knows that about her. Renee says that she and Drita have a working relationship on camera and that's it. Renee confirmed the rumors that have been going around online lately that she might be getting her own spin off show. She explained that there are two in the works. One with her sister Lana and her kids, her and AJ, and the second spin off with just her and AJ. Renee says that she's not sure if she's coming back for season 5 of Mob Wives yet. I personally think it would be great if Renee got one of these spin off shows. Her and AJ have such a cute relationship on Mob Wives and I think it would be great if these two had their own spin off together. 
Renee then talked about how she got to play the God Mother in VADO's "My Bae" video that featured DJ Kaled and how the opportunity to take part in the music video came about. Be sure to watch the full interview above and watch music video below.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Renee Graziano Releases Novel "Playing With Fire"

Renee Graziano has been on fire lately with everything she's been doing. After completing season 3 of Mob Wives, successfully launching her Mob Candy, and releasing her first family cook book with sisters Jenn and Lana How To Use a Meat Cleaver in February, Renee is about release her second book; (but her first novel), today called "Playing With Fire". We're told that Playing With Fire is a erotic mob-thriller that is about money, sex, and the mob. We're also told that the book's main character, Reign Grazi is loosely based on Renee herself where she works in the fashion industry. Throughout the book we learn that like Renee herself, Reign grew up being around men who weren't always good for her. When Reign meets Nick Fatelli, he turns out to be an assassin who was hired to take her out. After they two have a steamy romance, Nick begins to want to protect Reign instead of go after her and kill her. This is sure to be a book that you're not gonna want to put down once you start reading it. Be sure to get your copy of "Playing With Fire" in stores everywhere today. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Renee & Jenn Graziano Talks Mob Wives Season 4 PLUS Why Renee May NOT Return for Season 5

Recently Renee Graziano and her sister Jenn (who is also the creator of Mob Wives) sat down with After buzz tv and talked about everything that happened on Mob Wives this season from the DELICIOUS comment that Natalie made to Renee, to the fight between Renee and Alicia, to Natalie trying accuse Renee of relapsing before their Vegas trip. Jenn explains what really went down in Vegas off camera. The Graziano sisters also talked about whats to come for season 5.  Renee also explained why she may or may not be returning for season 5. I personally think that Renee should return for season 5 to show how far she's come and to show people that no matter what she goes through, she's unstoppable. Towards the end of the interview, Renee fills us in on her second book that is her first novel called "Playing with Fire" which is comes out April 8th. Be sure to watch the full interview below.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Graziano Girlz Family Cook Book "How To Use A Meat Cleaver" In Stores Feb 4th

Renee Graziano has been doing big things this year. With her Mob Candy line doing really well, she and her sisters Jenn and Lana are about to come out with their cookbook "How To Use a Meat Cleaver" which hits stores Feb. 4th. The Graziano Girlz cook book is full of italian family recipes that were passed down from their grand-mother. The Graziano Girlz also share some some of their cooking secrets such as, which sister got stabbed over a meatball. Be sure to order your copy of "How To Use a Meat Cleaver" so that you can learn how to get to chopping like the Graziano girlz and don't forget to watch Renee on Mob Wives every Thursday at 10 p.m on vh1.