Monday, March 30, 2015

Who Else is Making a Return to Mob Wives Season 6 Bloodlines

It has been a week of speculation when it comes to who is and who is not returning to Mob Wives for season 6 Bloodlines. As we previously told you Natalie Guercio would not be returning to the show because of her recent outburst making racist remarks on recordings. We also told you that there was a twitter account that was made last week that claimed that the new cast for season 6 bloodlines would be Renee Graziano, Karen Gravano, Drita Davanzo, Carla Facciolo, Big Ang, and former New Blood Alicia DiMichele. Since that announcement that twitter account hasn't spoke any further about this. Others speculated that Natalie Didonato would be on season 6. Although Nat D did not confirm this she did however retweet fan when they said this.
We do know that last Monday OG's Renee, Karen, & Carla were seen out in their pics above at a charity event benefiting wounded warriors. So with one Natalie (Guercio) off the show and with one OG (Carla Facciolo) making a few appearances in some episodes this past season, this lead us wondering, who out of the remaining Mob Wives who have come and gone during the past 5 seasons would return back to the show? 
As we told you, former new blood Alicia DiMichele told vh1 in a recent interview that she can't see herself coming back to the show making sense for her. We noticed that Alicia told a fan above on twitter on Friday that she recently had dinner with Ang. Could this be a simple dinner between friends with no cameras or could this mean that she had a change of heart since her recent interview with vh1 and decided to return for season 6? 
We also came across a picture on Karen Gravano's instagram today where she hung out with for Mob Wife from season 3 Love Majewski seen above. Could this mean that Love is making a return too? We know that Love was previously fired at the end of season 3 by vh1 after she and Carla Facciolo had a fight on the season 3 finale.
One mob wife who is definitely making it clear that she is not returning for season 6 is Ramona Rizzo. As much as fans want to see her come back to the show, she let them know above that she wouldn't be. It sure is interesting to think about these fellow mob wives returning. One thing that I liked about this past season is that Jenn Graziano looked at the upcoming season from the fans perspective and listened to who they wanted to see come back. The fans missed Karen in season 4 so they brought her back. Same with Carla. If Carla and Karen could do it so can the others. Stay tuned for the latest on all things Mob Wives and season 6 bloodlines coming soon right here at our blog.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Mob Wives Natalie Guercio Parties in Miami a Week After Allegedly Overdosing on Meth

Its been about a week since we first told you about Mob Wives Natalie Guercio allegedly overdosing on meth while she was in LA. Since the news broke, she hasn't confirmed or denied that it happened. In fact, she's even been silent on social media all week. The only thing that she has spoke about is confirming that she was fired from the show. This lead us to believe that her being silent on social media about overdosing on meth might be because she checked into rehab to get help. However, yesterday she finally got back on social media where she posted on her instagram above of her and London partying in Miami. Sources tell us she also took her son with her to Miami for a family vacation. Whether she overdosed or not it looks like she's back to her old ways. We wish her the best in hopes that she gets clean. Look for mob wives season 6 bloodlines coming soon.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Mob Wives Alicia DiMichele "Can't See Coming Back to The Show Making Sense For Her"

We've been hearing a lot of talk this week about Mob Wives season 6 Bloodlines and who would or would not be a part of the cast. Recently former New Blood Alicia DiMichele sat down with vh1 to talk about her name being brought up this season on the show while she was absent, and whether or not she would consider coming back for season 6. Alicia tells vh1 that although she hasn't kept up with the whole season everyone knows that she resigned from the show at the end of season 4 to focus more on her family and business because they mean more to her than a TV show. Therefore, she can't see why her name was brought up at the reunion part 1. Alicia also points out that even though she doesn't blame Karen Gravano for her father in-law's death, she can't see how Karen speaks about it as if it wasn't a tragedy for her and her kids. Alicia explains that she and Karen are both two different people who have different viewpoints on their family history. Alicia sees Karen as negativity and she doesn't want to let that into her life and return to the show. She goes on to say that she can't see coming back to the show would make sense for her. It would have been interesting to see these two on season 6 bloodlines. Stay tuned for Mob Wives season 6 bloodlines coming soon.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood's Moniece Slaughter is The New Face of Mob Wives Renee Graziao's Mob Candy Jewelry Line

You know her from Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood, but now Moniece Slaughter might have a new gig. Those of you who watched season 1 of Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood might remember Moniece's story who has a child with former B2K member Lil Fizz. Now it looks like Moniece is the new face of Mob Wives Renee Graziano's Mob Candy Jewelry line.
Renee's Mob Candy line has been going strong for over a year now from everything to clothes, mugs, jewelry to now makeup. With Moniece as the new face of her line it just got even better. Recently Renee took to her instagram a few days ago to post pics of Moniece in Mob Candy jewelry. We gotta say she looks amazing. Congrats to these two on their new business adventure. Look for  Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood returning for a new season soon. Also look for Renee in mob wives season 6 bloodlines coming soon.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Was the Mob Wives Season 6 Bloodlines Cast Just Revealed?

As we previously told you here on mob wives sit down blog, Mob Wives is indeed returning for season 6. This time around its theme is going to be about bloodlines. Since the announcement this lead many of us wondering who would or would not be part of the cast. Tonight on twitter we noticed that there was a new twitter account (seen above) that were claiming that the cast for season 6 bloodlines had been confirmed. According to their tweet above, Mob Wives Season 6 Bloodlines consist of all of the OG girls from season 1 (Renee, Karen, Drita, Carla) plus Big Ang. What we thought was surprising in this tweet was that they also claimed that former New Blood Alicia DiMichele was going to be returning to also be a part of the cast. It doesn't surprise us that Natalie Guercio wouldn't be returning. Some of you may remember that we told you that Natalie Guercio had been fired from the show two weeks ago. We can tell you that Guercio herself hasn't publicly confirmed this yet. Although it does surprise me that Natalie Didonato wouldn't be returning. Since the theme is about bloodlines, perhaps we would learn more about how she's related to Frankie Flowers. A lot of fans (and even some of the cast like Carla Facciolo who was in a few episodes this season) have been wanting the show to get back to the original 4 girls from the way it was in season 1 & 2. 
We can tell you that 3 of the OGs (Renee, Karen and Carla) were out and about in NYC last night at a charity event for wounded warriors. They each took to their instagrams and posted pics together from the event. When you think about bloodlines being the theme, the 4 OGs including Big Ang all have history together. There are two major story lines that we could see play out for season 6 if this turns out to be true. The first story line could be about Alicia DiMichele (who resigned at the end of season 4 before she got sentenced) who has somewhat of a family history (hence why the theme for the season is called bloodlines) with OG Karen Gravano because her father in-law was killed by Karen's dad Sammy "The Bull". Karen is tired of Alicia playing the victim in the situation. The second story line that we could see play out is that as we saw from the reunion part 2 that Carla and Drita still have some issues that they need to figure out as well. Although it may not yet be confirmed that this is the cast for season 6, we can tell you that this would be very interesting to watch.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Did Mob Wives Natalie Guercio OD On Meth While in LA? PLUS Did She Just Confirm That She Was Fired?

We are getting reports that Mob Wives Natalie Guercio OD on meth while she was in LA recently. Here's what we know.
At 4:01 am this morning Mob Wives Renee Graziano tweeted above (but has since been deleted) that her prayers are with Guercio in LA as she had just learned the news that she had OD on meth. Renee goes onto say that she's willing to help Guercio get better.
Fans were wondering whether or not this was true or not or if Renee was just trying to start a rumor. However, RG let it be known above that it was not a rumor and that regardless of their issues she does care about Guercio's well being.
Although the timeline is still unknown of when these events took place, RG replied to one of her fans that it happened "a few days ago" and that she feels horrible about it.
As many of you remember, last weekend Guercio was tweeting her fans telling her that she was going to be heading to LA soon to begin filming her movie "Black Point" which we now know from talking to Chloe Finch that she was not going to be filming anything with them. On March 16th Guercio tweeted a pic of the Hollywood sign saying "Dreams coming blessed".
The next day on March 17th, Guercio posted on her instagram page (seen above) of her and London in LA that said "Hollywood Life w Family".

Two days after that, it looked like she and London had returned home from their stay in LA because on Thursday March 19th Guercio called in to Afterbuzztv from her home on the east coast to talk about the reunion part two.
On March 20th after her interview with Afterbuzztv, Guercio tweeted above about how life is about making choices. She goes on to say that "we're all not perfect but we have the opportunity to make a choice & start over anytime".
Fast forward to 12 1/2 hrs later on March 21st, Guercio tweeted "I've made the conscious decision of starting a new life filled w positive energy. No can define who I am but me". 
She also posted the same message on her instagram yesterday seen above. Fans wondered if she was referring to what we had previously reported on our blog last week which was that she was fired from the show.
17 hrs after that tweet on March 21st at 5:00 PM, Guercio tweets "ur going to go through tough times, thats life. But I say Nothing happens to u it happens 4 u. See the positive in negative events". As we said in the beginning, we don't know if its true whether or not Guercio did OD. I will point out though that Guercio herself hasn't confirmed or denied this rumor which leads us to believe that maybe it did happen or maybe it did not. One thing is for certain, Guercio does have one mob wife (Renee Grazaino) looking out for her best interest and just wants her to get better. We would also like to send our thoughts to Guercio in hopes for a speedy recovery if this turns out to be true. For all the latest on the mob wives be sure to check back here with us at mob wives sit down. There's always something going on when the mob wives are on their break from filming. Look for Mob Wives season 6 Bloodlines coming soon. 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Statement To Our Readers In Response to Mob Wives Blogspot

People have been asking me to make a public statement about the recent events regarding another blog site called Mob Wives Blogspot who wrote a very hurtful blog post bashing me and my work questioning how I write my blog along with other things such as being racist and making fun of my size. Please see the statement below as this will be the last time that I will speak on this.
July 2013