Thursday, December 19, 2013

Mob Wives Ep 403 "You Smell Delicious"

Tonight's Mob Wive's began with Big Ang going over to Drita's where she and Lee are doing renovations on their house. Drita tells Big Ang that since Lee's doing so good since he's been home from jail, it was time for them to renovate their house. Drita also tells Ang that Lee has opened up his own sports memorabilia store. She says she's still getting use to him going to work like a normal guy would. Drita tells Ang that Aleeya's being bullied in school. Drita also tells Ang that she needs a night out. Ang says that Alicia wants to go out too for a girls night. 
Alicia has a family Sunday dinner with her kids and her brother (both named Anthony). While she's still learning that her husband Eddie was living a double life, Alicia is also dealing with her oldest son Anthony getting ready to go away to college. Alicia says that her kids don't know about what she heard on the wire taps with Eddie and that they don't know need to know about it. Alicia leans on her brother for support and tells him how Eddie's double life has hurt her. Alicia says that she's sending Eddie an email to tell him what she found out on the wire taps. 
Renee goes to dinner with her friend Nikole. Nikole used to hangout with Renee, Eddie and Carla. Renee tells Nikole that Alicia thinks that Renee knew about Eddie's relationship with Carla. Renee says that its not her place to tell Alicia anything about Eddie because she's not a rat and nothing was going on anyways between him and Carla. 
When Renee goes out on a date with Micheal she admits she's a little rusty and she's a little nervous to tell him about her family's lifestyle. She says that he's the first guy that she's dated that hasn't been in jail. You could tell that Renee really likes this guy and he seems to really like her too. When Renee tells Micheal about her dad and the lifestyle that she grew up he seems to take it pretty well. Renee tells him about Junior and what he did to her and her family by cooperating with the feds. Even though Michael looked surprised when she tells him what he did to her family, he takes it pretty well and says that he doesn't care about her past and that he's there for her. 
Alicia has Renee, Drita and Big Ang over for dinner. When Alicia tells Drita and Ang that she heard Eddie mention Renee's name on the wire taps and that they were hanging out with their friend (who is also Eddie's ex girlfriend) Carla, Drita agrees with Alicia and Renee sees her give her the look. Drita says that she doesn't think Eddie should have been hanging out with his ex girlfriend while he was married. Alicia asks Renee if she's ever slept with Eddie and she says no. Alicia says that her issues aren't with Renee and that they're with her husband. Alicia says that she feels that Eddie sold her a bunch of lies. Renee says that they weren't sold lies, but instead they were sold a dream that turned into lies.  
When Alicia gets a letter back from Eddie he admits that he hasn't always been the man that she thought he was. Eddie also admits that he's been a failure as a husband. As much as the Eddie owning up to his betrayal means to Alicia, she still feels guarded because she can't help but wonder if she's making a mistake by staying with him through all of this while he's in jail. 
When all the girls get together for a girls night out Natalie messes up one too many times. First, Natalie messes up by drinking too much (again) and starts getting loud while calling Drita a whore (in a good way....I think). I love Drita's reaction to when Natalie calls her a whore in this scene. As if Natalie isn't already acting crazy drunk enough at the club; when Renee's date Micheal shows up Natalie says that he "smells delicious". Drita says that to Renee when Natalie said "you smelled delicious" what Renee heard was "you smell good, do you wanna f**k later?" (best line by Drita this season yet) which is really bad. Drita says "you don't like how he smells". Drita says that if someone said that to Lee, they would've gotten b**ch slapped. 
After Renee hears this, she decides to leave with Micheal because she really likes him and she doesn't want him to see her go off on Natalie. Natalie goes after Renee and says that she didn't mean anything bad by what she said to Micheal. Micheal handled the situation pretty well and tried to defuse the situation. Renee realizes that the way Natalie disrespected her by saying that Micheal smelled delicious means that she's not her mini me and that she's nothing like her at all. 
When Natalie goes out to eat with a friend she explains what happened between her and Renee at the club the night before. Natalie still doesn't understand what she did wrong. Natalie says that in her eyes she thought she was paying Renee's date a compliment by saying he was "delicious". Drita meets with Renee and Alicia for lunch and she warns Renee that Natalie's bad news for her mob candy. Drita thinks that the way Natalie talks and jokes about things, she doesn't get it. Drita tells Renee "I'm gonna break her face and say that I was joking about it and then you're gonna find a new model". Renee thinks that maybe they should correct Natalie for the "delicious" comment. Renee says that she needs to show Natalie that she's crossed the line with her therefore she can't step back over it pretending like she didn't say anything wrong. Natalie thinks that because of everything Renee went through in her past, she's the one who gets blamed for making one little comment about Renee's date. Natalie says that right now, Renee's dead to her. Next week the girls go to Las Vegas and you don't want to miss what happens there. Be sure to catch an all new episode of Mob Wives "Vegas Part 1" next Thursday at 10 pm only on vh1. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mob Wives Ep 402 "Caught on Tape"

Tonight's episode of Mob Wives "Caught on Tape" began with Renee making a trip to Philly to visit Alicia at her boutique where she dropped off some of her shoes from her Mob Candy line. After the two show off each other's tattoos (Alicia got her husbands name on tatted on her wrist and Renee got "Faith Hope Freedom" on her arm), Alicia goes into more detail about why the feds are targeting her for Eddie's arrest. Alicia explains that Eddie had his own trucking company and she felt that if she was doing all of his book work then it would be done correctly (or so she thought). Although Alicia loves her husband, she's not happy that he put her in this situation. 
When Drita and Big Ang go to the spa together they start talking about Renee's Mob Candy launch and how wacko Natalie was. Both Drita and Big Ang's agree that their main concern (as is all of our's) is Renee's recovery. They think that Natalie's partying ways could put Renee's recovery at risk. Drita thinks that Renee should just focus on Mob Candy and not her friendship with Natalie. Drita says that it's not easy running your own business, especially if you have a stalker stalking you and your employees. Renee texts Drita inviting her and Ang to go to lunch with her and Natalie. Ang says she doesn't want to go and be around Natalie again. 
When Natalie goes out to dinner with her boyfriend London she tells him how she overheard Drita and Ang talking about her at the Mob Candy launch. Natalie says that she wishes that they would give her a chance and get to know her because she doesn't like being talked about.  
When Drita meets Alicia on the boardwalk they start talking about how they were both blinded by their husbands leading a double life. Drita says that she still thinks about Lee cheating on her in the past and it makes her question things that he does or says. 
When Drita goes to her store her employees tell her that the stalker came in and went behind the desk looking for stuff. Drita calls Lee to tell him about it. He lets her know that if he's there again to have her employees call him and he will be there in two minutes to take care of him.
When Natalie meets with Renee and Drita she lets Renee know that she's not happy that Big Ang and Drita were talking about her behind her back at the Mob Candy launch. Renee can tell that Natalie's already heated before Drita shows up so she decides to be the mediator and sit between them. When Natalie confronts Drita she says that she did say that she was drunk. Drita says its better to be drunk than to be a "dickhead". The lady boss has a point there. When Natalie tells Drita that she doesn't want her or anyone to talk about her when she's 3 ft away from her, Drita says that Renee must not have told Natalie that she has a tendency to leap like a leopard and f**k her a$$ up. Maybe Natalie hasn't watched the rooftop brawl (season 1) or the fight at Renee's party (season 2) because if she did I don't think she would be talking like that to Drita. Drita says that she doesn't want to hurt the face of Renee's Mob Candy. Natalie and Drita both agree that if they don't like someone, they don't have a problem saying it to their face. 
Back in Philly Alicia's husband's lawyer suggests that she listen to some of the wiretapped phone conversations that the feds secretly recorded between him and her throughout his five year investigation to see if she can find anything that can clear her name from the investigation. The more phone calls that Alicia listens to on the wire taps, the more she realizes that he was keeping personal things from her such as, who he was hanging out with, women he was talking to and going to strip clubs with her brother. 
When Big Ang has Renee and Drita over, she and Drita try to explain to Renee why they don't like Natalie. Ang and Drita tell Renee that they think Natalie's trouble. Renee tries to tell them that Natalie is just like her, and if they could put up with her bullsh*t and everything she went through the last three years then they should be able to give Natalie a chance and put up with her too. Renee says that she will talk to Natalie about it and let her know about their concerns about her. 
When Renee goes to Philly to visit Natalie at her house (did anyone else notice the lady on her stoop in the background), she lets her know what Drita and Big Ang think of her. When Renee Graziano makes personal trip to see you no matter where you live, you know it's big deal. Natalie says she's gonna keep doing what she's always been doing which is to not give a f**k about what they think. Renee points out that Natalie's representing her Mob Candy company and as long as she's the boss there will be no bull sh*t. Renee says that Natalie's under "Renee's wing" therefore she needs to make sure that she flies right and never does what she's done. 
When Drita has a guy install security cameras in her store the stalker shows up. Between Natalie sitting down with Drita and the stalker at her store, sometimes I think these people have not watched a single episode of Mob Wives before. If they did, they wouldn't be trying to go up against Drita like this. She's not the girl that you want to mess with. I'd rather have her on my side than against me. The stalker was smart enough to walk away from her when Drita went to confront him outside her store. 
When Alicia goes to Renee's house, she lets her know that she overheard on the wire taps Eddie and their friend Carla Marino mention having dinner with her. Alicia says that Eddie dated Carla before he married her and when she asked him to end their friendship she thought he did. If there is anything that we learned from tonight's episode its to never listen to the wire taps (wise words of wisdom by Renee to live by) because you're gonna find sh*t that you weren't looking for and its gonna make you more mad than you already were in to begin with. Renee admits that she did have dinner with Eddie and Carla Marino and that it's not unusual for them to hangout together. Alicia asks Renee how many times Eddie's hung out with Carla. Renee says that Alicia has the tape so whatever he says on the tape is what it is. Renee's starting to feel like Alicia thinks she's keeping something about her husband from her and that she did something wrong when she did nothing wrong. Renee says that none of this is her business and that Alicia needs to be confronting her husband not her husband's friends. Don't forget to catch an all new episode of Mob Wives "You Smell Delicious" next Thursday at 10 pm on vh1. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Mob Wives Season 4 Premiere Ep 401 "New Blood"

Mob Wives season 4 premiered tonight and it was definitely an episode not to be missed. The show opened with a headline that came across the screen saying "Mob Wives Has Given You 3 Epic Seasons" followed by "This Season Has New Blood". Only Jenn Graziano could give us this kind of intro going into season 4 of Mob Wives. I love it! The season begins with Renee talking about how she's been busy expanding her Mob Candy shoe line by adding clothes to it. She is also working on her Mob Candy fashion show that's coming up. The BO$$ B**ch is back!!! Her baby boy AJ's job fell through in Florida so she's glad that he's home with her. Renee, calls Big Ang where they talk about going to 1920's costume party in Philadelphia that is thrown by Renee's friend Alicia DiMichele. Drita is also going too. Renee explains that she's known Alicia's husband Eddie Garofalo since she was a kid. He is allegedly associated with the Colombo crime family in New York and is currently in jail awaiting to be sentenced from everything to murder conspiracy to racketeering. Big Ang says she's known Eddie and his family for years and that they have bad blood with Karen's family. Therefore it's probably a good idea that Karen's in Arizona. Alicia was also arrested with her husband for embezzlement and plead guilty. Renee explains that her dad and Eddie were actually in the same jail together. According to the papers she's known as the wise gal. Renee thinks that the only reason that the feds are trying to take Alicia down with Eddie is so that he can become a rat which isn't going to happen.
Big Ang has Drita and Renee over to her house where she tells them that she and her husband Neil want to have a baby together. Drita and and Renee are just as shocked as we are about this. Their facial expressions to hearing this was priceless. Ang thinks that she should get a surrogate to carry the baby. Renee and Drita don't know how they feel about that. 
Renee has a model call for her Mob Candy launch party and she invites Alicia to help her.When Renee can't find the right girl to be the face of Mob Candy, Alicia suggests her friend Natalie who is also from Philly who she thinks is a mini version of Renee.
Drita tells her husband Lee who is officially home from jail living with her and their kids, that their oldest daughter Aleeyah is being bullied by some girls in school. Lee's suggestion is to break bones and ask questions later. 
Big Ang has Drita and Alicia over to her house. Alicia explains that her husband Eddie lived two different lives and that she only knew the one life that he was a family man. Alicia explains to them just what exactly that bad blood is between her husband's family and Karen's family. It turns out that Karen's dad Sammy the Bull killed Alicia's father in-law. It was known as "Gotti's Last Hit" that he ordered Sammy to do before he cooperated with the feds. Alicia says that she doesn't like that Karen wrote a book (Mob Daughter) about her dad killing 19 men (including Alicia's father in-law), without thinking about how the family members felt about it. Drita says that it's a good thing Karen's not in town because she doesn't think it would be a good idea if she and Alicia ever crossed paths with each other. 
Natalie kills it at Renee's Mob Candy photo shoot. In this scene we learn that Natalie runs her own funeral home in Philly. Renee calls Natalie a "mini Renee". Renee says that working with her Mob Candy has made her stay focused and want her to stay on the right track with her recovery. 
When Alicia shows up at Renee's Mob Candy photo shoot, she lets Renee know that she told Drita and Ang that she's not okay with the fact that Karen brags about her father without caring that its affecting the family members who he killed (including her family). Renee explains to Alicia that the men who do the crime don't ever have to look at the victims or their family members because they're doing time in jail for what they did to them. Renee goes on to say that the reality is that the women and family members always come into contact with each other outside the jail and it's a tough thing to do deal with. Alicia says that she didn't realize that being around the New York girls was gonna make her have to deal with things that her husband did. Renee feels that she's put in a very awkward position when it comes to this situation. Renee explains to Alicia that Karen has always been her friend and that she even helped her get through her drug addiction last year. Renee says that she's not gonna stop being friends with Karen. Renee also says that Alicia trying to come into their group knowing that she has issues with Karen isn't going to work well.
Big Ang and Drita go to meet Natalie for lunch. In the beginning, it started to go good. That is, until Natalie has one too many drinks and started not making sense. As if that wasn't bad enough, Natalie eats off of Ang's plate. I love Drita's remark to when Natalie eats off of Ang's plate "we don't know each other like that". Drita says that if this is how Natalie's gonna be with drinking all the time, then this may not be the best idea for her to be the face of Renee's Mob Candy line. 
At Renee's Mob Candy launch Renee and AJ look on as they watch Natalie make her debut on the runway as the face of Mob Candy. Even though Natalie tripped when she walked off the runway, Renee was still very happy with the how her Mob Candy launch turned out. I'm so proud of Renee she really has come a long way these past 3 seasons (going into season 4). 
Ang tells Alicia that she and Drita had lunch with Natalie and that they were so confused by her. Ang explains that Renee is still in recovery and she needs to be around people who are stable unlike Natalie who is still on probation with her from their lunch meeting. I'm not sure how I would feel if I was on probation with any of the New York girls, but if I had to choose I think I would probably want to be on probation with Big Ang because she doesn't care what you do really (unless you eat off her plate). Natalie over hears the girls having this whole conversation. Looks like the New York veterans aren't feeling these rookies from Philly. This is sure to be a very interesting season not to be missed. Be sure to watch next week's episode of Mob Wives titled "Caught On Tape" Thursday at 10 pm on vh1. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Renee Graziano Exclusive Interview About Mob Wives Season 4 "NEW BLOOD Is More Like BAD BLOOD"

There's been so much buzz about the new season of Mob Wives scheduled to air Dec 5th on VH1. A few weeks ago VH1 released a short video teaser of season 4 titled New Blood Who's In? Who's Out? that left fans wanting to see than just wine glasses clicking together and splashing everywhere. A few days later, a photo below of the season 4 cast was released on VH1's site that left fans with so many questions. What's NEW BLOOD mean? Where's Carla, Karen and Ramona? Who are the two new girls?
Renee Graziano reached out to me on twitter and wanted to me to do an interview with her about season 4 of Mob Wives for the mob wives sit down blog. I always love talking to Renee. She is always so much fun to talk to. She's one of those people who tells it like it is no matter what. She speaks the TRUTH 100% whether you want to hear it or not and I love that about her. When fans last saw Renee in season 3 of Mob Wives, her house had been robbed, she had received a disturbing letter from her ex husband Junior from an unknown address. Not knowing where the letter came from or if Junior was out of jail (and fearful for her life), Renee made the decision to move into a new house with her son AJ to start a new beginning for the both of them. As if making one move wasn't already a good thing for her to do Renee made another BIG move, but it turned out to be another good decision that she made for herself. She decided to go to rehab and get clean and sober from taking prescription pain pills. Once she completed her rehab in Florida, Renee came back to the island a brand new woman ready to develop her own shoe line called Mob Candy. By the end of the season her baby boy AJ (who was with her all along the way to support her through her journey) made the decision that all moms out there hate to see happen for their kids which was to leave the nest and move not just out of her house but out of the state and down to Florida. The interview that Renee gave me (seen below) was in true RENEE fashion, REAL and straight to the point.

Can you tell us anything about what's to come on season 4 of Mob Wives?

What I can tell you about season 4 is it def won't be boring...Lots of Bullshit n Dirt flying just hope one of the new girls don't end up with it on their face

For some of us die hard Mob Wives fans a lot of us want to know what "NEW BLOOD" means for this season?

New Blood...Its more like Bad Blood if you ask my opinion lol.

Many people want to know why Carla, Karen and Ramona are not coming back? There's been so much buzz online about them lately. Can you tell us anything about why they're not coming back for another season? How do you feel about them not returning?

All I will say about the girls that aren't returning is its a shame but there's no love loss I'm sure BUT I DO MISS KAREN LOTS at least she was ALWAYS LOYAL TO ME...

What can we expect to see from you and/or AJ this season?

As for me and AJ- we are back at being the awesome mother and son team!! He's my buddy and I love him as a mother loves her child but also as a best friend. 

Anything else you want to tell us about season 4 of Mob Wives?

Season 4 hasn't been easy for me and although there are times I would like to walk away from it all because of all the drama and bullshit I do it because I'm not a quitter and there are things people can learn from my experiences.

Thanks again Renee for doing this interview. You're the first person that I've done an interview with for this blog. This is so cool!!!


Be sure to check back with the mob wives sit down blog for all the latest news about the mob wives. Mob Wives season 4 airs Dec 5th on VH1 at 10 pm.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tons of Surprise Guests Turn Out For Renee Graziano's Celebrity Sit Down Dinner

Last night tons of fans and surprised guests showed up at Renee Graziano's celebrity sit down bday dinner at Midtown 1015. I was personally invited by Renee to attend the event as her guest. Two days before this bday sit down I got a message from Renee on Twitter asking to talk to me on the phone. At first when Renee called me I had no idea what she could have wanted from me. So when I heard her voice mail say that she had a surprise for me and to call her back right away, all I thought was what could the surprise be? I never would've expected that her surprise was going to be inviting me to be her guest at her party. I was so excited to go this event. 
Renee looked amazing when she came out to walk the red carpet. The party was so much fun. I hung out with Renee's son AJ who had no idea that I was even going to be there. Renee had told me before the party that she wanted him to be surprised when saw me. AJ was definitely surprised to see me. He couldn't believe that I came all the way from home to see him and his mom. 
AJ's girlfriend Brittany was also in attendance. While Renee was doing press and meeting fans, I hung back in the VIP room with AJ and Brittany. These two were really fun to hangout with. AJ's the nicest down to earth kid that you would ever meet. I think he was more excited to see me than I was to see him.
Big Ang was also in there to celebrate with Renee and her fans. Big Ang was nice to talk to too. I was so happy that I got to meet her.

Some of Renee's surprised guests included Love & Hip Hop Yandy Smith, DJ DASH, Gossip Game's Vivian Billings, Washington Redskins Steven Bowen and his wife Tiffany, R&B star Mario Winans along with many more. Overall the entire night was really fun. They're fun to hang out with. The Grazianos welcomed me into the family with open arms. Thank you to Renee and Jenn Graziano for inviting me to this fun night. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mob Wives Season 3 Reunion Ep 314

Its the moment we've all been waiting for. After two long weeks from seeing the Mob Wives season 3 finale we were all very excited to watch the reunion. I gotta say, although vh1 changed the time slot (for the second time this season) from 8 pm to 10 pm to 9 pm I honestly think this was the best decision that vh1 made because while the reunion aired it was the number 2 and 3 most trending topic on twitter during the entire hour. Some fans were upset that it wasn't two parts like last season, but others like myself, didn't care because the show was the most talked about on social media tonight. I gotta give it to Dr. Drew (who I'm a fan of personally) for trying to keep the peace amongst the women during the show. Among the topics that were discussed at the reunion were, racism, fathers, uncles, and grandfather (who killed who and who ratted on who), and the million dollar question of them all where's Love? The first topic at hand was the Love situation. Dr. Drew said that "it was decided that Love part ways" from the show and that's why she was not there at the reunion taping. Ramona says that Love was a psychopath which everyone knew about from watching all season. Drita says that Love was semi mental, but she can't judge her for that because as she jokes Drita herself is in recovery from flipping out on people. When Dr. Drew asks Drita if she thought what Love did to Carla during the fight was right she said no.
Carla and Ramona get into it over their uncles and husbands. Ramona also called Carla a cop caller. Ramona said that Carla calls black people "you people". Ramona also said that Carla always calls everyone on the show "these girls". Carla said that's because they all had a problem with her. Renee says that she's good with Carla calling her "one of those girls". Karen said that there was a situation between Carla's uncle and her dad "Sammy the Bull". Carla feels that they all set her up with Love at the party. Drita said that Love told her that she didn't want to go after Carla because she was going to go after her. Big Ang said that the fight made her upset because Carla had blood everywhere on her. Big Ang also jokes that all she wanted was the cake and they never got to that part because the fight broke out. I gotta say out of all the parties that these ladies have, the only ones where they get to eat the cake is when its their kids birthday party. Big Ang says that Love was wrong and Drita said that Love shouldn't have came to the party if she was going to attack Carla. Renee said that Love wasn't wrong with getting in Carla's face but that she can understand the finger thing. Leave it to Big Ang to remind us what was really important at the party...the cake.
When Dr. Drew brought it the issue between Carla and Renee about the butter knife, Carla says that she wasn't going to stab Renee. Big Ang jokes that she more concerned about her china cabinet and her silver ware during that fight at her brunch. Carla said that the story about her sleeping with married came from when she was in her 20s and she dated a guy who she didn't know was 100% married. Renee says that she's glad that Carla's owning up to that story now. 
When Dr. Drew talks to Renee about how she shared her story with us about going to rehab and getting clean he asks her if Junior was responsible for her becoming addicted to pills. Renee says that she's not gonna let Junior be the one who was responsible for her being addicted to pills. Renee said that it was a lot of her having a lot of guilt about things that she's done in her past Carla apologizes to both Renee and AJ for calling her a junkie. They both accept Carla's apology. Drita tells Renee (what we have all known all along) that even though Renee might think that she's not a good mom, she reminds Renee that she is because of how good of a son she has raised AJ into being. Drita's right, AJ is an amazing kid and Renee should be very proud at the young man that he's become. 
When Karen's ex Dave came on the stage he said that he didn't feel that he needed to tell Karen who he was dating. Renee tries to get him to realize that he made a mistake when saying that. In the end, he compromises with Renee and says that at the time, he didn't feel like he needed to tell Karen who he was dating, but looking back he sees that he should've told her because she's his daughter's mom. Dave said that he's never met Karen's guy Storm and he's okay with that because he knows that she wouldn't bring anyone who she didn't feel comfortable around their daughter. The only guy that wasn't present at the reunion was Carla's ex Joe. Everyone shared their opinions about him at the reunion though. Renee said that she didn't like what he did with her on the show. Some of the things that they did not bring up at the reunion (or that they didn't show us) was hurricane Sandy and how they all recovered from it. 
When the show was over everyone took to twitter expressing how they wanted to see a season 4 in the works. It didn't take the show's producer, Jenn Graziano long to announce on twitter that season 4 is coming soon. All the fans really want to see all of the girls come back. We will all be tuning in to see what happens when Renee, Big Ang, Ramona, Drita, Karen, and Carla return for season 4.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mob Wives Season 3 Finale Ep 313 "Love Hurts"

It has been one crazy season three of Mob Wives. The season began with a bang when Renee and Carla got into a fight at Big Ang's brunch when Carla called her a "junkie. Renee moved into a new home (around the corner from Carla) when she received a threatening letter from her ex husband Junior. A threatening letter from her ex husband Junior didn't keep Renee down for long because to her a new home meant new chapter and fresh start for her and her son AJ. Renee went to rehab for her addiction to pills and ended up coming out on top by completing it and coming home and feeling stronger and better than ever. Along the way Renee rebuilt her relationship with her baby boy AJ (who in the end made the decision to leave the nest to move to Florida). Renee even began to start her new Mob Candy shoe line business with her friend Jiton. This season had so many twists and turns from hurricane Sandy's devastation that had everyone putting their differences aside and coming together as a community to help each other to; Big Ang continued to be the peacemaker this season and always had lots of delicious food to go around between her dinner parties that lead to fights between Carla and the others. Drita opened her make up store across the street from Big Ang's Drunken Monkey. Drita's husband Lee surprisingly comes home early from prison after she and her daughters go to visit him in prison. Who could forget the Lady Boss rims that Drita got on her car. Two of the women met their baby daddy's girlfriends. Carla met Joe's girlfriend Raquel. Karen met her baby's daddy Dave's girlfriend and even invited them to a party that she was having. Karen also reopened her dad Sammy "The Bull's" case. Ramona revealed to us that she's been secretly engaged to her boyfriend Joe who's waiting to get out on bail for a week so that they can get married. We were also introduced to a new girl named Love who had been engaged six times, shot at her ex fiance, stabbed her boyfriend in front of his mother, and poisoned her other boyfriend. We also learned that Love had issues with Carla all season because she dated a guy that Love broke up with and then stole the angel wings logo from her make up store. Tonight's season finale of Mob Wives titled "Love Hurts" was no different. The show began with Karen and Ramona going costume shopping for Drita's 80's theme birthday party. Karen says that Love called her the night before and told her that she should put a leash on her at Drita's birthday party. Karen says that she's gonna talk to Love before the party and tell her that "violence is not the answer". Ramona tells Karen that they don't want to have another birthday party that goes left. Karen jokes that they're gonna get a reputation and be called the party ruinors.
Carla and Joe go out for Pizza where they talk about their divorce proceedings. Carla also fills Joe in on the Love situation about how she claims that Joe's Dad stole Love's angel wings logo from her make-up line. When Carla tells Joe about Drita's birthday party and that Love is going to be there he tells her to go there to have fun and not to get into the girl's catty fights.
Drita calls Lee who's being released from the halfway house after 8 yrs of being in jail, when she's driving and they try to figure out if she's going to give him another chance at their marriage when he gets out of the halfway house. Drita tells Lee that they either get along really well or they don't. Drita says that their main issue is that she always wants him home with their family and he always tempted by the street life. Drita wants to know where his head is at with them getting back together. Drita points out that he makes these promises to her that he'll change and never go back to jail but then he ends up going back to  jail so its hard to believe him that he's a changed man. Lee says that he's ready to change and be a part of their kids lives. In the end Drita agrees to give him another chance.
Ramona goes wedding dress shopping with her gusband (a girl's best guy friend who's gay+husband=gusband) Sammy who is going to walk her down the isle  Ramona tries on two really nice dresses. Personally I liked the first dress (the Barbie B**ch dress) that she tried on, but I did like the back of the second dress.
As Karen and Ramona are getting their hair done for Drita's birthday party, Karen says that she got a text from Love saying that she hit her hand against a wall and broke it because she was getting agitated about seeing Carla at the party. When Karen calls Love to find out whats going on with her hand, Love tells her that she's going to "smash Carla's head to the f**king ground and screw her down like a nail". Ramona says that even though she doesn't like Carla, she doesn't want her to get hurt by Love because she knows what Love can do when she's angry. Karen says that if it gets to a point where Love wants to fight Carla she will be there to make sure that doesn't happen. Ramona says that if someone's gonna fight at the party then they should stay home. Ramona jokes that every birthday that they go to they never end up getting to the cake because there's always a fight that breaks out.
Carla and Big Ang are the first to arrive at Drita's birthday party. Next, Karen and Ramona show up. I love Ramona's 80's hair style look. Drita shows up next, then Renee and her friend Nichole. Everyone can tell that Renee is feeling uncomfortable with being in the same room as Carla, but she reassures them that although she doesn't want to be in the same room with someone who she doesn't care for she's going to stay calm.
Finally, Love shows up and despite breaking her hand everyone thinks she's in a good mood. In case you were confused at who has had beef with each other this season, Drita sums it up perfectly for us. Renee and Carla have beef +Love and Carla have beef = a big cow in the middle of Drita's birthday party. Thank god Drita is keeping track because as the show goes on I kind of got confused with who everyone was fighting with. As it was reported earlier this week on the blog, Love was "Not Allowed" at the Reunion and as we had all suspected, it had something to do with the incident that occurred in tonight's season finale. We also heard that Love got fired from the show after this incident. Fans had been waiting to see this episode to see what lead to Love being fired from the show. Back to the scene at Drita's birthday party. When Big Ang and Drita step outside for a smoke, Ramona tells Love that she's surprised to see her behaving. Love tells Ramona that she's not behaving at the party, she's waiting for Ang to step outside for a minute.
If you have been as big of a Mob Wives fan as I have since season 1, then I think there are a few things that you should take into consideration if you ever decide to party with these girls. If they invite you to their birthday party, be prepared to see a massive melee fight (maybe see some blood too). Don't expect to eat cake at the party because as Ramona pointed out, someone always tries to start something before they get to the cake part. When Karen brings Carla and Love together to talk she makes it a point to stay there with them to make sure nothing goes left. Yea, that didn't go too well. It sure didn't take too long for things to go left either. Love tells Carla that Karen is only there so that she doesn't crack her teeth down her throat.
When Love goes to show Carla something on her phone things go so far left that Love throws the first punch and it's a f**king zoo and security jumps in to break it up. Renee says that it looks like a cluster f**k. Drita says that she shouldn't be shocked that her party ended up this way but that she is. Carla says that everyone's holding her back and she starts to feel like she was set up. Renee says she feels bad for Carla because she's alone by a pack of wolves.
Compared to the fight last season at Renee's birthday party that lasted a total of 32 minutes of the episode, this one only lasted a good 10-15 minutes. A lot of fans want to see the extended unedited version of this fight so that they can see what made Love throw the first punch before letting Carla speak. Perhaps they will show it at the reunion show (they showed the extended fight back in season 1 when Drita and Karen at the rooftop brawl). Ramona tries to help Carla because she sees her bleeding. When Drita and Big Ang come back inside they want to know what happened. Drita is pissed when she finds out that Love started the fight because this was exactly what she had been trying to prevent from happening all season. Drita feels that she should have been there to defend Carla so that she wouldn't get hurt like she did. Drita and Karen both feel that the way that Love went at Carla and threw the first punch before Carla had her chance to speak made it look like Carla was being set up by them. After the fight Ramona sums it up best, how do you top this party, stab a b**ch? Funniest one liner by Ramona of the night. Drita thinks that Love might have waited for her to leave the room to talk to Carla so that she wouldn't get hurt, but Drita says that wasn't the smart thing to do. Big Ang thinks that Love waited until she went outside to smoke to talk to Carla because she's a bully. 
When Karen realizes that security escorted Love out before she could talk to her to find out why she threw the first punch to Carla, she tries to go after her and catches up with her in her car. Karen says that even though she doesn't like Carla, she doesn't think that it was right that Love hit her. 
As if this season didn't have enough twists and turns things get a little more weirder. Just when we thought the friendship between Renee and Carla was over, Renee comes in to help take care of Carla's bloody hand and they try to settle their differences. I gotta give it to Renee on this one. With all the issues that she and Carla had with each other this season, seeing Renee come to Carla's aid shows that no matter what happened in the past she's still going to be there for you if she sees you hurt. This was another great season for Jenn Graziano. Fans can't wait to see what happens at the reunion episode that airs in two weeks on Sunday April 21st on vh1 and they're already asking for a season 4, but that is still to be decided.