Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mob Wives Ep 304 "Of Vice and Men"

Tonight's episode of Mob Wives began with Big Ang, Drita and Carla meeting at the nail salon where Ang tells Carla that Renee has moved around the corner from where Carla lives. Big Ang also tells Carla and Drita that Renee is going to rehab for a month. Drita says that she didn't realize that Renee needed to go to rehab therapy but, she supports her no matter what. Carla on the other hand thinks that maybe rehab will teach Renee how to shut the f**ck up and stop barking at her with things. During this scene you could tell that comment annoyed Ang which is probably why Ang had no problem telling  it like it is and (basically) putting Carla in her place. Ang told Carla that she seems to be the one doing all the barking lately with Renee. Carla points out that as long as rehab can teach Renee how to not to talk about her when she comes home, then she can be cool with her.
Joe meets with a lawyer to talk about divorcing Carla. He explains to his lawyer that his relationship with Carla goes up and down. He thinks that Carla's going to throw the divorce papers away and not sign them.
Ramona, Karen, and AJ's girlfriend Sydney (cutest couple ever by the way) take AJ and Renee to the airport so that he can drop his Mom off at rehab in Florida. Before they even take them to the airport Renee is already flipping out because Karen and Ramona are late picking them up and she's afraid that she and AJ will miss their flight. AJ tries his best to calm his mom's nerves. I gotta say that these two have such a great relationship with each other. They might get on each other's nerves from time to time but it happens. When Karen and Ramona finally arrive to pick them up Ramona said that Renee needs to take a chill pill then jokes well maybe not a pill (my favorite line in this scene it was so funny). Karen says that she's so proud of Renee for admitting that she has a problem and is wanting to get help.
Love goes to Karen's where she tells Love about her ex Dave having a girlfriend and how she found out about it from her daughter Karina. Love then starts telling us the story about how she met, fell in love and then shot at (the bullets never hit him they just went around him) her ex fiance Ray Merolle. Love tells us that he is currently in an AZ. prison and that he now has two kids from two different women who he donated his sperm to and never told her about. Karen is shocked when Love tells her this and she can't see how someone can decide to father two women's kids without telling their ex fiance about it. Love had hoped that they would get back together and have kids of their own one day once he gets out of prison.
On the way to rehab in Florida, AJ has a conversation with his mom about how he wants her to handle being in rehab for 28 days. She tells him that this is one of the hardest things she's done. She says that she knows how much she's hurt him by taking pills. Renee also tells him that when she sees him hurting from what his Dad Junior did last year, it hurts her too. AJ tells his mom that she has to find that one thing that makes her happy. AJ admits to his mom that everything that happened with his dad cooperating last year did affect him but, that didn't make him want to take pills like his mom did to get through it. He said that he just got through it on his own without that. AJ also tells his mom that if she can see that he's fine and got through it then she can too. AJ tells his mom that he wants her to "hit a home run" in rehab and come out good. Watching this scene you could tell that it was hard for AJ to drop off his Mom at rehab. Renee really did a good job raising such a great son. Nothing seems to get this guy down, it's amazing.
When the show aired AJ tweeted to his fans how much he loves his Mom for going to rehab and getting better for him. Renee replied to him saying she'd die before breaking his heart again.
When Renee checks into rehab she says goodbye to AJ and begins to meet with various doctors and therapists where she goes through the intake process of everything that she takes and goes through her medical history. Renee also meets with a therapist to talk about her past trauma and her addiction issues.
Drita makes the long trip with her daughters to bumble f**k PA to see Lee in jail. I always thought PA. was a nice place to visit, but when I saw how long it took Drita and her girls to travel from a plane to Buffalo, NY to another five hours to PA to the prison I can definitely understand why it could be called bumble f**k PA. Drita says that she has mixed feelings about seeing Lee. This is the first time that she has seen Lee in two years so she is half excited to see him, but half not excited to see him because she remembers all the hurt and anger he caused her when he cheated on her. Her daughters were excited to see him which makes her happy. 
Karen meets with Ramona to talk about the text message that her daughter sent her about not wanting to live with Karen in NY and how she doesn't want her to get involved with her dad Dave dating his girlfriend. Karina feels like she finally has a good relationship with her dad and she doesn't want Karen to ruin it by asking her dad about his new girlfriend because Karina likes her dad's girlfriend. Karen is so confused and doesn't know how to handle the situation with the text message. Karen doesn't want to put Karina in the middle of her issue with Dave having a girlfriend.
Drita calls Big Ang to tell her how her visit with Lee went with her girls. She said that they got to spend five hours with Lee and that her daughters loved spending time with him. Drita says that she spent most of the time crying and not speaking to Lee because all of her feelings came back for him. She says that now she's all f**ked up because of it and she doesn't know what to do about Lee. 
Karen calls to confront Dave about his new girlfriend. When Dave tells Karen that he's been working out she asks what has he been working out on, f**king other girls (ouch!). Then Dave admits that he has a girlfriend, but that he doesn't have to explain himself to her. Dave then tells her that she needs to stop being insecure and that its no big deal. Karen tells Dave how mad she is that she had to find out from their daughter and then she hangs up on him. 
During group in rehab Renee shares with the group about her issue with Carla and how she feels about her. Then the group puts her in the hot seat and lets her know that she's got to let it go with Carla because it makes her angry. She agrees with what the group tells her and she feels like she shouldn't be focusing on Carla and how angry she makes her but instead focus on herself and things that make her happy. Even though this was filmed months ago, I think that Renee's come along way in her recovery. I think that tonight's episode really hit home for a lot of people who are in Renee and AJ's situation. They're teaching others how to handle their issues and if they can't do it on their own then don't be afraid to ask for help. The next episode which airs Feb. 10th is titled "The Gathering Storm" where the girls prepare for an unwelcome visit form hurricane Sandy. You don't want to miss this episode. Watch it at 10 pm on VH1.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mob Wives Ep 303 "Threats and Thongs"

Tonight's episode was titled "Threats and Thongs", but in my opinion I think Vh1 should have titled this episode car washing, threats, thongs, fires, and a whole lot of busting caps because that's exactly what happened in tonight's all new episode of Mob Wives. Let me explain.When last week's episode ended we were left wondering what was in the letter that Junior wrote to Renee and tonight's episode began with Renee meeting Ramona at the salon to read her the letter. After Renee reads the letter from Junior to Ramona she says that she fears for her life because in the letter, Junior warns her that if she tries to turn AJ against him and keep him away from him shes gonna be in trouble with him. Ramona is wondering if Junior is still behind bars because she says that usually the feds read the letters before they get sent in the mail to their families to make sure that the letters aren't threatening anyone. Ramona tells Renee that she needs to tell someone about the letter, but Renee says that she doesn't want to tell the police because that would make her look like a rat and she doesn't want to be that.
Love meets with her mom and Karen at her house where they talk about all the crazy things that Love and Karen used to do when they were kids growing up. I can't believe they tried to light Ramona's dad's car on fire once. Karen says she's thankful that her daughter Karina didn't grow up in Staten Island because she's nothing like the way she grew up. Love says that her mother use to call her Satan's spawn for how bad she was growing up at 14 yrs old with Karen and Ramona. Love starts to talk about wanting to find the right guy to have a baby with. This scene was so funny because Love was saying that she wouldn't know how to tell a guy that she shot her ex fiance, shot at her other ex fiance, stabbed another ex boyfriend in front of his mother, poisoned her other ex fiance. If I was Love I would break it down with one incident at a time per date. Date 1: I stabbed my and if they don't care then move on to date 2: I stabbed my other boy friend in front of his mother...etc. (I'm kidding I love Love but she's right, its gonna be hard to tell them all the things she's been through in her previous relationship and then tell them she wants to have a baby with them). 
Carla goes to meet Big Ang while at the car wash. This is just one of two scenes that was taken place at a car wash during this episode. When Big Ang asks Carla why she didn't show up at her botox party, she tells Ang that since Drita wasn't going, she felt like the other girls were more Renee's friends than hers. Ang brings up the fact that everyone thought that the real reason why Carla didn't show up at the party was because they thought she has a problem with Love, but Carla says she's never met her before and that she doesn't know her. Then Carla starts to talk more about Renee and her issues with drug use. Carla says that Renee's problem with drugs makes her have problems with her friends. Ang says that even though she knows Renee has a problem with drugs she says that Carla doesn't understand how much Renee's been through. Ang thinks that everyone should be there supporting Renee instead of causing more issues by talking bad about her and her drug use, which I agree with.
Renee decides to go to a support group where she talks about how Junior tried to over medicate her after she had her surgery so that she wouldn't have any idea of him cooperating with the feds and putting her dad back to jail. Renee says that she became addicted to XANAX and that she didn't take it to get high but so that she couldn't feel and so that she could sleep and not think about everything that Junior was doing to her. Renee says that she's afraid that if she doesn't get help now that AJ might go through the same stuff.
Drita meets up with Love where they talk about Carla having a problem Love. Drita says that Carla doesn't say anything bad to her about Love. Love tells Drita that she's heard that Carla trash talks her. Drita says that Staten Island is a f**king a schoolyard of sh*t talkers. Love tells Drita that the only reason that Carla might have a problem with her is because Carla's ex boyfriend dated both of them at the same time. Drita said she had no idea about that. Love says that she doesn't have a problem meeting with Carla but if she tries to make it seem like the guys fault then Loves gonna put her in the ICU (no ambulances just straight to the ICU she goes). Love says as long as Carla doesn't start lippy with her then there won't be a problem, but she says she's not Karen and Ramona its a whole other level of crazy when it comes to Love. Drita jokes that Love is like she was at 18 she doesn't give a f**k.
Karen and her daughter Karina spend the day at the beach where Karina tries to teach her mom how to play volleyball. When Karen tells Karina that she hasn't heard from her dad Dave in awhile Karina says that she might know why that is. However, before Karina tells her why she hasn't heard from her dad, she warns her mom not to bust a cap (kids say the darnedest things). Karina tells her mom that her dad has a girlfriend. Karina must know her mom so well because Karen tries not to bust a capulary after she told her about her dad, but she's definitely not having it. Karina tells Karen that her dad's girlfriend is nice and that she once dropped her off somewhere. When Karen asks if Dave's girlfriend lives at her house with him and Karina, Karina says that she's not sure but that she found a thong in her bedroom on her dresser. Karen tells Karina that she should tell her if she thinks anything is going on in her house because its Karen's house and if she needs to bust a cap on someone she will.
Ramona goes to Renee's to help her destroy (did I say destroy oops I mean burn) some pictures of Junior. Renee just wants everything to go up in f**king flames. When Ramona helps Renee cut up some pictures of Junior Renee tells her don't cut AJ in them. Renee shows Ramona the watch that Junior had the wire in when he was taping conversations with her Dad last year. Ramona looked surprised that she had that watch still, and so was I. Then Renee and Ramona take all of the cut up pictures of Junior and throw them in a trash can and set it on fire.
As Renee starts to pack up her house and move to her new home Karen comes by to help. Renee says that she's ready to move on to a new chapter in her life without Junior. New house, new chapter Junior free. 
As Drita gets ready to go visit Lee in a few days with their daughters Aleeyah and Gizzelle in a few days she first has to tell Aleeyah about the dress code for visitors at a prison. Drita says that prisons change their dress code for visitors like they change underwear, everyday. Aleeyah tells Drita that she's excited to see her dad and asks her if she still loves him. Drita says yes, but that she's not ready to get back together with him even though Aleeyah really wants them to.
When Karen and Ramona go to the car wash (this is the second scene at the car wash in this episode). We finally get to hear Ramona's one liners and boy did she have some in this episode. When Karen tells Ramona about Karina telling her that her dad Dave has a girlfriend Ramona doesn't hold back with how she feels. When Ramona says that Karen's house isn't a hotel motel 6 I started laughing so hard, but wait her one liners doesn't just stop there. Ramona says that instead of Karen's house being a hotel motel 6, she says that its more like Ritz Carlton of Arizona. Ramona got right down to how much Karen should be charging Dave to be having girls bumping and grinding in the Ritz Carlton of Arizona.
Ritz Carlton of Arizona Bill
  1. $250 a night
  2. $175 a discount if the girl is staying over more than 5 nights a week
  3. Cash only no credit card
I'm not sure I've seen a hotel like this around before but I don't think I'd want to if all they'll be doing is bumping and grinding and leaving thongs in teenagers bedrooms. I love Ramona with her one liners and this was probably one of her best yet with prices and all. Ramona tells Karen she needs to go to Arizona and see him and find out what's really going on.
When Renee tells AJ that she's going to rehab, at first he's not so happy about it. They go back and forth debating between whether or not Renee becoming addicted to pills was a choice or a disease but eventually AJ realizes that she's gotta do what's best for her and he says that he supports her. Renee says that she's doing this for not just for herself but for AJ too so that he can be proud of his mom. AJ says that he has full confidence in his mom. He knows that Renee's going to come out of it as a winner.

I think AJ stole the show tonight. You can tell how much this kid really loves his mom. These two have the best mother and son relationship I've ever seen. Renee did a good job raising him. When the show ended. AJ tweeted how much he loves his mom and how great she's doing. Renee responded by telling him that she loves him. Be sure to watch next week's episode titled "Of Vice and Men".

Monday, January 14, 2013

Mob Wives Ep 302 "Bad Boys"

Last night's episode of Mob Wives picked up right where it left off from last week. When Renee gets home from Big Ang's D-Day (Dumb B**ch Day) brunch fight with Carla, Karen and Ramona stop by so that she can fill them in on what happened (I love Karen's new hair style by the way). As Renee tells Karen and Ramona about the fight with Carla, she says that Carla turned everything around that she's called her and said that Renee was the w**re, slept with married men, junkie etc. Renee then points out that Carla has an addiction to and that's sleeping with married men. Renee says she would respect Carla if she said shes embarrassed by to being with married men. When Renee tells Karen and Ramona that Carla started picking up the butter knife, they're shocked. "What did she want to do, get some butter and whip it all over you?" jokes Ramona. "I would be whipped and she would be spread" jokes Renee. I love these three when they're together. Karen says back in the day she would have jumped Carla, beat the sh*t scared the sh*t out of her, put her in the trunk of the car, threatened her mother, threatened the father. Ramona jokes that she feels bad because now Ang is missing a butter knife from the fight, you gotta love Ramona. Then Ramona and Renee have a silly pillow fight over it.
Big Ang and Drita take their dogs Lucky, Louie and Ang's new puppy Chanel to the dog store where they talk about the brunch. Big Ang says Carla was a maniac and Drita says that she went f**king bonkers. Drita says that Renee was Carla that day and Carla was Renee that day. They both agree that it ended as well as they could hope and that Renee handled herself well. Big Ang tells Drita that she wants to have botox party with all of the girls. Drita says "first there's a butter knife fight now what are we gonna have needle fights?" Then Drita impersonates what all the girls would look like talking after the botox and being in a fight which is hilarious. When Ang tells Drita that all of the girls are invited to the botox party including Love, she says that Love is like Renee minus the crying.
Carla, Big Ang and Drita go to Brighton beach where they talk about Joe (Carla's ex husband) and him still being with his girlfriend Raquel. Big Ang asks Drita whats been going on with Lee and she tells her he's suppose to be coming home in six months. Big Ang thinks she should give Lee another chance since he admitted to cheating on her. She thinks it will be good for their daughters if Drita gave them another chance. Speaking of Lee, he calls Drita during their lunch and wants her to come visit him with their daughters.
AJ comes home from Renee's dad's sentencing hearing and tells his mom how it went. Renee explains that the reason why she didn't go to her dad's sentencing hearing was because she had heard that Junior was going to try and be there and she said it scared her. AJ tells Renee that the trial went pretty good and that his grandfather got sentenced to 26 months; but since he's been in jail for 6 months, that's going to count as time that he's served already so he only has 19 months left to serve. AJ also told Renee that his grandfather wrote a letter to Renee and AJ saying that he's sorry for what he did and that its not their fault. AJ said his grandfather also wrote a letter to Renee's sisters and a third letter to his grand kids apologizing for what he did and that he doesn't blame Renee or the family for what he did. Renee tells AJ that now that her dad's been sentenced she feels that its time to make move and start over and AJ agrees with her.
Drita takes her daughters to play soccer. Who knew this chick played soccer before? We learned something new about her which I thought was pretty cool. When her girls ask her why she never went pro in playing soccer she tells them that she made some bad choices by hanging out with the wrong crowd once she started dating their dad Lee. Drita explains to them that once he gets out of jail he'll have to stay in a halfway house for a while. Drita then tells her girls that Lee wants them to come visit him. Aleeya says she is all for going to see him but Gizzelle isn't so sure about it. I kinda feel bad for Gizzelle because she's never met her dad before so to her she probably thinks he's a stranger. It was cute that Aleah was trying to help Drita convince Gizzelle to go with them to visit Lee. When Drita convinces Gizzelle to go see her dad Lee, they pinky swear kiss on it.
Finally the men of Mob Wives get to have their own interviews.This is what we have been waiting for. Joe and his girlfriend Raquel go play basketball where they talk about Carla. Raquel asks if Joe's talked to Carla about them moving in together and he said he's waiting for a good time to do it because he doesn't know how she's gonna react to it. Joe says that when Carla's good shes extremely good but when shes bad shes extremely bad. Joe says that Carla is the type of person who swings first then ask questions about the issue after. Raquel says that she doesn't think Carla is jealous of her, but that she sees how happy Joe is when he's with her than when he was with Carla. Raquel says that she can understand why Carla might be annoyed by her and Joe moving in together because when they're with his kids it feels like they're a family. Joe explains that the difference between Raquel and Carla is that Raquel likes to have conversations and Carla just likes to argue. This girl Raquel seems pretty nice. I think it would be good if they moved in together. I think after a year of dating it's time to move in or share a sock drawer at least. As long as he still makes time for his kids then I'm all for it. 
Karen helps Renee look for a house to move into. Renee says that Karen knows exactly what shes going through because her mom went through it when her dad cooperated. Renee says that she wants to know what door, what window she should have that shot gun waiting for them at. Karen says Renee's scared of everything now that her house has been broken into (windows, basements, backyards, back doors, detached garages, attics etc.). Renee says she wants a house with all walls and not many windows. Renee explains to Karen that she now counts how many windows are in a house and that she never used to be that way. Renee says she wants to feel secure where she lives. Renee tells Karen that the only way someone's getting in her house is through her front door or if they climb in and by the time they climb in she's gonna shoot them.
I gotta say during this scene when Renee said she wanted to know what door, window that she should have that shotgun waiting for Junior (or someone else) waiting for them at, the first thing I thought of was this song by Miranda Lambert infamously called "Gun Powder and Lead". Her songs are always about some guy always pissing her off and her having to kick some a$$. 
Drita visits Big Ang at the Drunken Monkey. Big Ang tells Drita that she's missing her son AJ who's in a drug program and that the judge ordered all visits from his friends and family to be put on hold for at least 45 days. Ang says that shes going to write a letter to the judge to see if AJ can see her. Drita says that she's been trying to look for a place to open her cosmetic store but cant find a place small enough. Then Ang tells her about an empty space that's across the street from the Drunken Monkey Drita said its like Drunken Monkey real estate, I love her sense of humor. Drita checks it out and likes it and wants to take it.
When Carla drops off her kids at Joe's for the weekend he tells her that he's gonna ask Raquel to move in with him. Carla says she doesn't want her kids to feel uncomfortable being at Joe's house because Raquel's moving in. Carla then tells Joe that the house isn't Raquel's house that its her kids house. Carla thinks Raquel is only with Joe because of his money, which is kind of hard to believe because Raquel really does seem like a genuine nice person. Then she goes in on him with the 20 questions. Where did he meet her? At work? Joe tries to tell Carla that he was single for the first six months that he was out of jail but she wasn't happy on hearing anything he had to say. I think Carla should give this girl a chance as long as the kids like her.
At Big Ang's botox party everyone shows up except for Drita and Carla. In my opinion this scene was tough for me to watch because I hate needles so you can imagine that I was cringing every time they show the girls getting poked. Drita calls Ang and tells her that she has a bad tooth ache and can't come. Drita also tells Ang that when she called and told Carla she wasn't gonna be able to make it because of her tooth, Carla said she wasn't going without her.Then Renee realizes that the real reason Carla didn't want to come to the party was because she has a problem with Love. I gotta say Drita might be onto something about Love being like Renee (which is OK with me because I like both of them anyways) because right after Renee tells her that Carla decided not to come because she has a problem with her, Love says who the f**k is Carla, she doesn't warrant anything under her breasts. Love says that if Carla's gonna walk into a place where she's at, its gonna be like walking into a steel cage with tigers. I gotta say that's a little scary to imagine. The thing that got me laughing about Love was her impersonation of Carla. Karen points out that Carla's boyfriend is one of Love's ex boyfriends and that could be why she doesn't like Love. Karen's advice to Carla when it comes to Love is to run.
When Renee gets her mail she finds a sketchy threatening letter from Junior in it. Immediately Renee panics and starts calling Ramona, Karen, and Big Ang, but when no one answers their phone she picks up her keys and flees from her house. All she keeps thinking is shes dead. Renee says that people wonder why she self medicates herself and its because she's very afraid that he's gonna kill her. She says she'd rather be sleeping if Junior's gonna kill her. Renee was smart to be thinking about moving out of that house. I'd probably be scared for my life too if someone was sending me threatening letters.When she finally gets a hold of Ramona in her car she says she needs to see her right away...TO BE CONTINUED NEXT WEEK. I gotta give kudos to Jenn Graziano (Renee's sister and the creator of the show). She sure knows how to leave us in suspense and wanting to know more about what's in that letter. Guess we will have to wait to find out what happens next week. Be sure to watch next week's episode titled "Threats and Thongs" to find out what is in the letter that Junior wrote to Renee.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mob Wives Season 3 Premiere Ep 301 "Mob Knives"

It seems like its been way too long since we've seen the Mob Wives that we all know and love. Renee, Karen, Big Ang, Drita, Ramona, and Carla. When season 2 ended the battle between Drita and Karen was finally called to a truce. If you ask me, I'm glad that they made peace because I like all of the girls equally. I have liked all of the girls both seasons. (I think vh1 was onto me when they started filming season 3..I'm kidding). I'll admit I do have some favorites out of the bunch (they know who they are) but for the most part I like all of them equally.

We had heard that season 3 was going to be one of the best seasons yet but I don't think any of us knew just how good of a season it was going to be until episode one titled "Mob Knives" aired. Being as big of a fan of the show as I am; I gotta admit when I first read what the first episode was called, a part of me was a little nervous. The other part of me was thinking "of course there's gonna be an episode with the words mob knives in it. I mean after all, this show is called Mob Wives". I gotta hand it to them though, these are some tough girls who have been through a lot of stuff with their fathers, husbands, ex husbands, and boyfriends going away to jail and having to raise their kids on their own.

Season 3 wasted no time at all getting us caught up on what had been going on with all of the girls over the summer and  it sure didn't take long for accusations and conflict to arise either. When Drita and Carla go for a walk on the boardwalk with  their dogs Lucky and Elvis, Carla begins to tell her about Big Ang's son AJ having to stay in a drug program for 18-24 months. When Drita asks Carla if she's talked to Renee, right away Drita says Carla goes into "tw*t mode" and accuses Renee of being a "junk box". At this point Drita says that she's on good terms with Renee and that shes not going to get in the middle of her and Carla's issues. Carla then starts accusing Renee of popping pills and explains that the reason Renee's a junkie is because she has a problem with drugs. Drita says she doesn't like this conversation and goes on to say that it surprised her that Carla was accusing Renee of being on drugs.
Renee has a locksmith come by and change the locks to her house because  someone broke in while she was away in Atlantic City. She feels like it was a personal attack because of how bad they destroyed her house. She goes on to explain that they destroyed her bible and took her pictures, threw them across the room and even took the security tape out from her attic. She tells AJ that she feels unsafe living there and that she wants a gun. She explains to AJ that there was a black car parked outside of her house with three guys in it and that they watch them come and go. Renee thinks that they are coming after her because of what Junior did when he cooperated with the government. Renee and AJ get into a little mom and son disagreement about respecting each other's fathers. I love these two, there's never a dull moment between them when you watch them. They're either chasing each other around the house after having that awkward sex talk conversation (season 2). Or they're arguing with each other about AJ's school. Either way, they keep me laughing. When we first see AJ this episode we noticed that he's got a nice little facial hair happening which makes him look all grown up. AJ feels that although he realizes what his dad did was wrong, he feels that Renee should move on from it. AJ goes on to tell his mom Renee that he wants her to respect him and stop talking about his dad Junior. Even though Renee knows how much AJ loves his dad Junior, she can't forgive Junior for betraying her family. Renee tells AJ that she wants him to respect her dad (AJ's grandfather) because he's 72 yrs old and in jail for what Junior did. AJ tells Renee that he does respect his grandfather. 
Over at Big Ang's house as she is recovering from having surgery on 6 toes her friend Love Majewski stops by to check on her and to catch up on what has been going on with all of the girls since she's been away. Big Ang tells us that she has known Love for 20 yrs and that she went to school with Karen and Ramona. Love's ex fiance was Ray Merolle who was a part of a car theft ring called the Untouchables (based on the movie Gone in 60 seconds). Love tells us that she's shot her ex boyfriend, poisoned another ex boyfriend and even stabbed her last ex boyfriend in front of his mother. I think I might like this chick, she sounds tough and like she can throw down if she needed to. When Love asks what all of the girls have been up to Ang tells her that Renee and Carla have problems with each other. Love tells Ang that shes been on the other end of that with Renee because Renee thought that Love was sleeping with Junior. Ang invites Love to the Drunken Monkey the next night to catch up with everyone and she agrees to go. 
Renee and Drita meet up to catch up on what's been going on with each other. Renee proceeds to tell Drita about the break in at her house and how she feels like it was a personal attack. Renee goes on to tell Drita how they ripped pictures of her father and threw them across the room and destroyed her bible. When Renee asks Drita how things are going with Lee, she tells her that he's supposed to be coming home within six months. Renee thinks Drita and Lee will get back together once he comes home. When the topic turns to Carla things get real really fast. Renee tells Drita how she really feels about Carla. One of the reasons why I like Renee is because she tells it like it is and how she feels about someone no matter what.This girl's not bsing around and I love it. They don't call Renee the HBIC (head b**ch in charge) for nothing. Renee feels like Carla is sneaky, conniving, whore, husband f**king douche bag, and it doesn't just end there. When Drita asks Renee what Carla did to her to make her mad at her, Renee explains how she caught Carla trying to make a move on one of her friend's man while they were out at a club together with Renee's cousin. Renee says that although she's known that Carla has a history of being with married men, she's never said anything about it but this time she says Carla messed with the wrong person. Renee tells Drita that she has no respect for Carla because she sleeps with married men. When Drita asks Renee if she wants to talk to Carla about it, Renee says that she has nothing to say to her but "f**k u you filthy c*nt". Renee then tells Drita that her next issue with Carla is that she's going around town telling people that the only reason Renee chopped her body up was so that she could look like her. "No b**ch I chopped my body up so that I could look like me with a skinnier body because if I wanted to look like you I'd put a f**king horse face on my head" (this had me laughing so hard because Renee has the best one liners ever). Drita chuckles and then begins to tell Renee that she heard that Carla called her a junkie. Renee gets angry and says that Carla better be real careful with her. "You want to go to war with me? Do you know what war with me is?" You could tell by the look on Drita's face during this scene that she felt uncomfortable being in the middle between her two friend's having issues with each other. Being that I like all of them, I probably would have felt the same way. 
We only got to see Ramona for one scene but being that I'm a NASCAR fan myself I kinda liked this scene where she's racing cars with her daughters on the track. I've always loved Ramona's one liners and so I wasn't surprised when she came up with the triple D line (Daddy Done Diddly) when she was referring to her kid's dad. Ramona explains that the reason why she refers to her ex husband as the triple D is because he fled from the law, left her penniless and left her to take care of all of the responsibilities with providing for her kids. When she tells her girls that they might have to live in a apartment her girls don't seem to mind having to share rooms as long as they're all together. She says that her boyfriend Joe is still in prison from getting arrested last year and she doesn't know when he will be home.
When Drita meets up Carla to fill her on what her and Renee talked about she tells Carla that Renee thinks Carla sleeps with married men. Carla denies it and says she's only ever had boyfriends all of her life and was never with someone else's husband. When Drita tells Carla that Renee heard that Carla had been going around town saying that Renee only got surgery so that she could look like her, Carla says she never said that. Carla then calls Renee a lying little b**ch and that everything Renee says is a lie and that the reason for that is because she's a junkie and a f**king pill poppin b**ch. Personally I have to agree with Big Ang on this one and say that although I like Carla, I just don't like that she called Renee junkie. I don't think it's right for anyone to call their friend of 20 something yrs a junkie. I think she used a poor choice of words when she said that about Renee but that's just my opinion. Renee has every right to be upset Carla that she said that about her. I know if I were in Renee's situation, I would definitely feel the same way she does about that word junkie.
Drita stops by Big Ang's to fill her in whats going on between Carla and Renee. Big Ang asks if Carla talked about Renee ever and Drita says she can't even lie and said yes she ripped Renee. Big Ang reminds Drita that over the summer she remembers Renee telling her about an incident that happened between Renee's son AJ and Carla over twitter. Big Ang feels that no matter what the argument is about, you should never bring their kids in it. Drita and Ang decide to set up a brunch (that later turns into a D day brawl) so that Carla and Renee can sit down and hash out their issues. I love Big Ang for trying to keep the peace among all of the girls. I think everyone should have a Big Ang in their life who can try to make everyone get along and not worry about the small stuff. 
Over at the Drunken Monkey Renee tells Karen and Big Ang that Carla's going around town calling her a junkie. Karen points out that Carla is an antagonizer. When Love shows up you could tell Renee was irritated. Renee sends Ang and Karen out for a walk so that she and Love could talk and sort out their issues Renee had about Love being with Junior. Renee explains that she originally had heard that Love had been with Junior from ten different people from ten different neighborhoods. While Karen and Ang are outside while Renee and Love talk she says that will tell it like it is. Love says that she was never with him and that she would never sleep with a married man. Love tells Renee that she had only met him twice when he was making a deal with one of her ex boyfriends. Love goes on to explain to Renee that one time when her ex boyfriend and Junior were making a deal together her ex had tried to put her hands on her and Junior stepped in and told him not to ever put his hands on a woman.Love says all Junior was trying to do was to defend her from her ex who was trying to put his hands on her that was it. Renee says that because she knows how much of a liar Junior is, she chooses not believe that Love slept with him.
As D-day (Dumb b**ch day) arrives (my favorite one liners from Renee by far, next to crusty crotch that is), Renee and Carla head to Big Ang's to meet up with her and Drita for brunch so that they can sort out their issues between one another. Drita gets there first and tells Ang she's got a lot of confidence for using glass plates and glasses for the brunch. Drita thinks that she and Ang should stay during the whole conversation between Carla and Renee. Renee shows up before Carla and she seems to be in a good mood ready to tackle her issues with Carla head on. When Carla shows up (as a viewer you could cut the tension between her and Renee with a....butter knife) she doesn't seem that agitated with Renee, but that doesn't last long as Renee starts in on her. Renee begins with her first issue with Carla about her moving in on one of her friends' man while they were at a club over the summer with Renee's cousin. Carla said that she didn't do anything to Renee's friends' man and that he followed her all around the club. Renee says she should have walked back over to the girls if her friend's man was following her. Renee then calls Carla out for being a go-to-girl. Renee brings up the next issue she has with Carla about calling her a junkie. Carla admits to calling Renee a junkie. Renee then turns to Big Ang and says that if she's a junkie then that means Ang's son AJ (who is in a drug program) is also a junkie. Carla tells Renee that Ang's son isn't a junkie because he's getting help. Ang steps in to intervene and says that she doesn't like the word junkie because its childish and her son AJ has a problem with drugs. Renee tells Carla that she's not a junkie and that she is an addict. Next Renee brings up the third issue about Carla sleeping with married men. Carla brings out the butter knife says that she never slept with married men and that its not Renee's business what she does. 
Finally Renee brings up her last issue with Carla about her verbally attacking her son AJ on twitter. Carla says that she never said anything to AJ on twitter and that he doesn't need to be attacking her on twitter because he's not a child. Renee says that AJ's her child therefore Carla shouldn't be attacking him on twitter. Carla says that if he is a child then he shouldn't be allowed on twitter. Personally I think AJ's old enough to have twitter. Its not like he's a 4 yr old who plays with crayons. He's 18 therefore he's old enough to do what he wants. As long as he's not rude to anyone on there then he should be able to be on twitter. Since Renee brings up twitter, Carla accuses Renee of talking to her ex husband Joe and inviting him and his gf out to eat on twitter. Renee says that Carla can't admit to anything she's done wrong and that she has a mentality of a f**king gnat. Carla tells Renee that she has the mentality of a junkie. In the end these two didn't solve anything at the brunch except that they will be civil to each other if they see each other on the street. At least Big Ang and Drita tried to fix this issue between Carla and Renee. Only time will tell what happens next between these two. Next week's episode is called Bad Boys. After reading the summary of what its about it looks like its going to be another good episode.