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Mob Wives Ep 303 "Threats and Thongs"

Tonight's episode was titled "Threats and Thongs", but in my opinion I think Vh1 should have titled this episode car washing, threats, thongs, fires, and a whole lot of busting caps because that's exactly what happened in tonight's all new episode of Mob Wives. Let me explain.When last week's episode ended we were left wondering what was in the letter that Junior wrote to Renee and tonight's episode began with Renee meeting Ramona at the salon to read her the letter. After Renee reads the letter from Junior to Ramona she says that she fears for her life because in the letter, Junior warns her that if she tries to turn AJ against him and keep him away from him shes gonna be in trouble with him. Ramona is wondering if Junior is still behind bars because she says that usually the feds read the letters before they get sent in the mail to their families to make sure that the letters aren't threatening anyone. Ramona tells Renee that she needs to tell someone about the letter, but Renee says that she doesn't want to tell the police because that would make her look like a rat and she doesn't want to be that.
Love meets with her mom and Karen at her house where they talk about all the crazy things that Love and Karen used to do when they were kids growing up. I can't believe they tried to light Ramona's dad's car on fire once. Karen says she's thankful that her daughter Karina didn't grow up in Staten Island because she's nothing like the way she grew up. Love says that her mother use to call her Satan's spawn for how bad she was growing up at 14 yrs old with Karen and Ramona. Love starts to talk about wanting to find the right guy to have a baby with. This scene was so funny because Love was saying that she wouldn't know how to tell a guy that she shot her ex fiance, shot at her other ex fiance, stabbed another ex boyfriend in front of his mother, poisoned her other ex fiance. If I was Love I would break it down with one incident at a time per date. Date 1: I stabbed my and if they don't care then move on to date 2: I stabbed my other boy friend in front of his mother...etc. (I'm kidding I love Love but she's right, its gonna be hard to tell them all the things she's been through in her previous relationship and then tell them she wants to have a baby with them). 
Carla goes to meet Big Ang while at the car wash. This is just one of two scenes that was taken place at a car wash during this episode. When Big Ang asks Carla why she didn't show up at her botox party, she tells Ang that since Drita wasn't going, she felt like the other girls were more Renee's friends than hers. Ang brings up the fact that everyone thought that the real reason why Carla didn't show up at the party was because they thought she has a problem with Love, but Carla says she's never met her before and that she doesn't know her. Then Carla starts to talk more about Renee and her issues with drug use. Carla says that Renee's problem with drugs makes her have problems with her friends. Ang says that even though she knows Renee has a problem with drugs she says that Carla doesn't understand how much Renee's been through. Ang thinks that everyone should be there supporting Renee instead of causing more issues by talking bad about her and her drug use, which I agree with.
Renee decides to go to a support group where she talks about how Junior tried to over medicate her after she had her surgery so that she wouldn't have any idea of him cooperating with the feds and putting her dad back to jail. Renee says that she became addicted to XANAX and that she didn't take it to get high but so that she couldn't feel and so that she could sleep and not think about everything that Junior was doing to her. Renee says that she's afraid that if she doesn't get help now that AJ might go through the same stuff.
Drita meets up with Love where they talk about Carla having a problem Love. Drita says that Carla doesn't say anything bad to her about Love. Love tells Drita that she's heard that Carla trash talks her. Drita says that Staten Island is a f**king a schoolyard of sh*t talkers. Love tells Drita that the only reason that Carla might have a problem with her is because Carla's ex boyfriend dated both of them at the same time. Drita said she had no idea about that. Love says that she doesn't have a problem meeting with Carla but if she tries to make it seem like the guys fault then Loves gonna put her in the ICU (no ambulances just straight to the ICU she goes). Love says as long as Carla doesn't start lippy with her then there won't be a problem, but she says she's not Karen and Ramona its a whole other level of crazy when it comes to Love. Drita jokes that Love is like she was at 18 she doesn't give a f**k.
Karen and her daughter Karina spend the day at the beach where Karina tries to teach her mom how to play volleyball. When Karen tells Karina that she hasn't heard from her dad Dave in awhile Karina says that she might know why that is. However, before Karina tells her why she hasn't heard from her dad, she warns her mom not to bust a cap (kids say the darnedest things). Karina tells her mom that her dad has a girlfriend. Karina must know her mom so well because Karen tries not to bust a capulary after she told her about her dad, but she's definitely not having it. Karina tells Karen that her dad's girlfriend is nice and that she once dropped her off somewhere. When Karen asks if Dave's girlfriend lives at her house with him and Karina, Karina says that she's not sure but that she found a thong in her bedroom on her dresser. Karen tells Karina that she should tell her if she thinks anything is going on in her house because its Karen's house and if she needs to bust a cap on someone she will.
Ramona goes to Renee's to help her destroy (did I say destroy oops I mean burn) some pictures of Junior. Renee just wants everything to go up in f**king flames. When Ramona helps Renee cut up some pictures of Junior Renee tells her don't cut AJ in them. Renee shows Ramona the watch that Junior had the wire in when he was taping conversations with her Dad last year. Ramona looked surprised that she had that watch still, and so was I. Then Renee and Ramona take all of the cut up pictures of Junior and throw them in a trash can and set it on fire.
As Renee starts to pack up her house and move to her new home Karen comes by to help. Renee says that she's ready to move on to a new chapter in her life without Junior. New house, new chapter Junior free. 
As Drita gets ready to go visit Lee in a few days with their daughters Aleeyah and Gizzelle in a few days she first has to tell Aleeyah about the dress code for visitors at a prison. Drita says that prisons change their dress code for visitors like they change underwear, everyday. Aleeyah tells Drita that she's excited to see her dad and asks her if she still loves him. Drita says yes, but that she's not ready to get back together with him even though Aleeyah really wants them to.
When Karen and Ramona go to the car wash (this is the second scene at the car wash in this episode). We finally get to hear Ramona's one liners and boy did she have some in this episode. When Karen tells Ramona about Karina telling her that her dad Dave has a girlfriend Ramona doesn't hold back with how she feels. When Ramona says that Karen's house isn't a hotel motel 6 I started laughing so hard, but wait her one liners doesn't just stop there. Ramona says that instead of Karen's house being a hotel motel 6, she says that its more like Ritz Carlton of Arizona. Ramona got right down to how much Karen should be charging Dave to be having girls bumping and grinding in the Ritz Carlton of Arizona.
Ritz Carlton of Arizona Bill
  1. $250 a night
  2. $175 a discount if the girl is staying over more than 5 nights a week
  3. Cash only no credit card
I'm not sure I've seen a hotel like this around before but I don't think I'd want to if all they'll be doing is bumping and grinding and leaving thongs in teenagers bedrooms. I love Ramona with her one liners and this was probably one of her best yet with prices and all. Ramona tells Karen she needs to go to Arizona and see him and find out what's really going on.
When Renee tells AJ that she's going to rehab, at first he's not so happy about it. They go back and forth debating between whether or not Renee becoming addicted to pills was a choice or a disease but eventually AJ realizes that she's gotta do what's best for her and he says that he supports her. Renee says that she's doing this for not just for herself but for AJ too so that he can be proud of his mom. AJ says that he has full confidence in his mom. He knows that Renee's going to come out of it as a winner.

I think AJ stole the show tonight. You can tell how much this kid really loves his mom. These two have the best mother and son relationship I've ever seen. Renee did a good job raising him. When the show ended. AJ tweeted how much he loves his mom and how great she's doing. Renee responded by telling him that she loves him. Be sure to watch next week's episode titled "Of Vice and Men".

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