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Mob Wives Ep 302 "Bad Boys"

Last night's episode of Mob Wives picked up right where it left off from last week. When Renee gets home from Big Ang's D-Day (Dumb B**ch Day) brunch fight with Carla, Karen and Ramona stop by so that she can fill them in on what happened (I love Karen's new hair style by the way). As Renee tells Karen and Ramona about the fight with Carla, she says that Carla turned everything around that she's called her and said that Renee was the w**re, slept with married men, junkie etc. Renee then points out that Carla has an addiction to and that's sleeping with married men. Renee says she would respect Carla if she said shes embarrassed by to being with married men. When Renee tells Karen and Ramona that Carla started picking up the butter knife, they're shocked. "What did she want to do, get some butter and whip it all over you?" jokes Ramona. "I would be whipped and she would be spread" jokes Renee. I love these three when they're together. Karen says back in the day she would have jumped Carla, beat the sh*t scared the sh*t out of her, put her in the trunk of the car, threatened her mother, threatened the father. Ramona jokes that she feels bad because now Ang is missing a butter knife from the fight, you gotta love Ramona. Then Ramona and Renee have a silly pillow fight over it.
Big Ang and Drita take their dogs Lucky, Louie and Ang's new puppy Chanel to the dog store where they talk about the brunch. Big Ang says Carla was a maniac and Drita says that she went f**king bonkers. Drita says that Renee was Carla that day and Carla was Renee that day. They both agree that it ended as well as they could hope and that Renee handled herself well. Big Ang tells Drita that she wants to have botox party with all of the girls. Drita says "first there's a butter knife fight now what are we gonna have needle fights?" Then Drita impersonates what all the girls would look like talking after the botox and being in a fight which is hilarious. When Ang tells Drita that all of the girls are invited to the botox party including Love, she says that Love is like Renee minus the crying.
Carla, Big Ang and Drita go to Brighton beach where they talk about Joe (Carla's ex husband) and him still being with his girlfriend Raquel. Big Ang asks Drita whats been going on with Lee and she tells her he's suppose to be coming home in six months. Big Ang thinks she should give Lee another chance since he admitted to cheating on her. She thinks it will be good for their daughters if Drita gave them another chance. Speaking of Lee, he calls Drita during their lunch and wants her to come visit him with their daughters.
AJ comes home from Renee's dad's sentencing hearing and tells his mom how it went. Renee explains that the reason why she didn't go to her dad's sentencing hearing was because she had heard that Junior was going to try and be there and she said it scared her. AJ tells Renee that the trial went pretty good and that his grandfather got sentenced to 26 months; but since he's been in jail for 6 months, that's going to count as time that he's served already so he only has 19 months left to serve. AJ also told Renee that his grandfather wrote a letter to Renee and AJ saying that he's sorry for what he did and that its not their fault. AJ said his grandfather also wrote a letter to Renee's sisters and a third letter to his grand kids apologizing for what he did and that he doesn't blame Renee or the family for what he did. Renee tells AJ that now that her dad's been sentenced she feels that its time to make move and start over and AJ agrees with her.
Drita takes her daughters to play soccer. Who knew this chick played soccer before? We learned something new about her which I thought was pretty cool. When her girls ask her why she never went pro in playing soccer she tells them that she made some bad choices by hanging out with the wrong crowd once she started dating their dad Lee. Drita explains to them that once he gets out of jail he'll have to stay in a halfway house for a while. Drita then tells her girls that Lee wants them to come visit him. Aleeya says she is all for going to see him but Gizzelle isn't so sure about it. I kinda feel bad for Gizzelle because she's never met her dad before so to her she probably thinks he's a stranger. It was cute that Aleah was trying to help Drita convince Gizzelle to go with them to visit Lee. When Drita convinces Gizzelle to go see her dad Lee, they pinky swear kiss on it.
Finally the men of Mob Wives get to have their own interviews.This is what we have been waiting for. Joe and his girlfriend Raquel go play basketball where they talk about Carla. Raquel asks if Joe's talked to Carla about them moving in together and he said he's waiting for a good time to do it because he doesn't know how she's gonna react to it. Joe says that when Carla's good shes extremely good but when shes bad shes extremely bad. Joe says that Carla is the type of person who swings first then ask questions about the issue after. Raquel says that she doesn't think Carla is jealous of her, but that she sees how happy Joe is when he's with her than when he was with Carla. Raquel says that she can understand why Carla might be annoyed by her and Joe moving in together because when they're with his kids it feels like they're a family. Joe explains that the difference between Raquel and Carla is that Raquel likes to have conversations and Carla just likes to argue. This girl Raquel seems pretty nice. I think it would be good if they moved in together. I think after a year of dating it's time to move in or share a sock drawer at least. As long as he still makes time for his kids then I'm all for it. 
Karen helps Renee look for a house to move into. Renee says that Karen knows exactly what shes going through because her mom went through it when her dad cooperated. Renee says that she wants to know what door, what window she should have that shot gun waiting for them at. Karen says Renee's scared of everything now that her house has been broken into (windows, basements, backyards, back doors, detached garages, attics etc.). Renee says she wants a house with all walls and not many windows. Renee explains to Karen that she now counts how many windows are in a house and that she never used to be that way. Renee says she wants to feel secure where she lives. Renee tells Karen that the only way someone's getting in her house is through her front door or if they climb in and by the time they climb in she's gonna shoot them.
I gotta say during this scene when Renee said she wanted to know what door, window that she should have that shotgun waiting for Junior (or someone else) waiting for them at, the first thing I thought of was this song by Miranda Lambert infamously called "Gun Powder and Lead". Her songs are always about some guy always pissing her off and her having to kick some a$$. 
Drita visits Big Ang at the Drunken Monkey. Big Ang tells Drita that she's missing her son AJ who's in a drug program and that the judge ordered all visits from his friends and family to be put on hold for at least 45 days. Ang says that shes going to write a letter to the judge to see if AJ can see her. Drita says that she's been trying to look for a place to open her cosmetic store but cant find a place small enough. Then Ang tells her about an empty space that's across the street from the Drunken Monkey Drita said its like Drunken Monkey real estate, I love her sense of humor. Drita checks it out and likes it and wants to take it.
When Carla drops off her kids at Joe's for the weekend he tells her that he's gonna ask Raquel to move in with him. Carla says she doesn't want her kids to feel uncomfortable being at Joe's house because Raquel's moving in. Carla then tells Joe that the house isn't Raquel's house that its her kids house. Carla thinks Raquel is only with Joe because of his money, which is kind of hard to believe because Raquel really does seem like a genuine nice person. Then she goes in on him with the 20 questions. Where did he meet her? At work? Joe tries to tell Carla that he was single for the first six months that he was out of jail but she wasn't happy on hearing anything he had to say. I think Carla should give this girl a chance as long as the kids like her.
At Big Ang's botox party everyone shows up except for Drita and Carla. In my opinion this scene was tough for me to watch because I hate needles so you can imagine that I was cringing every time they show the girls getting poked. Drita calls Ang and tells her that she has a bad tooth ache and can't come. Drita also tells Ang that when she called and told Carla she wasn't gonna be able to make it because of her tooth, Carla said she wasn't going without her.Then Renee realizes that the real reason Carla didn't want to come to the party was because she has a problem with Love. I gotta say Drita might be onto something about Love being like Renee (which is OK with me because I like both of them anyways) because right after Renee tells her that Carla decided not to come because she has a problem with her, Love says who the f**k is Carla, she doesn't warrant anything under her breasts. Love says that if Carla's gonna walk into a place where she's at, its gonna be like walking into a steel cage with tigers. I gotta say that's a little scary to imagine. The thing that got me laughing about Love was her impersonation of Carla. Karen points out that Carla's boyfriend is one of Love's ex boyfriends and that could be why she doesn't like Love. Karen's advice to Carla when it comes to Love is to run.
When Renee gets her mail she finds a sketchy threatening letter from Junior in it. Immediately Renee panics and starts calling Ramona, Karen, and Big Ang, but when no one answers their phone she picks up her keys and flees from her house. All she keeps thinking is shes dead. Renee says that people wonder why she self medicates herself and its because she's very afraid that he's gonna kill her. She says she'd rather be sleeping if Junior's gonna kill her. Renee was smart to be thinking about moving out of that house. I'd probably be scared for my life too if someone was sending me threatening letters.When she finally gets a hold of Ramona in her car she says she needs to see her right away...TO BE CONTINUED NEXT WEEK. I gotta give kudos to Jenn Graziano (Renee's sister and the creator of the show). She sure knows how to leave us in suspense and wanting to know more about what's in that letter. Guess we will have to wait to find out what happens next week. Be sure to watch next week's episode titled "Threats and Thongs" to find out what is in the letter that Junior wrote to Renee.

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