Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mob Wives Ep 312 "Crazy Love"

Tonight's episode of Mob Wives titled "Crazy Love" began with Love meeting for breakfast with Karen at a Diner. Karen tells Love that she's having a pre-nup party. I didn't know what this party was going to be about, so I'm really glad that Karen explained it to us a little more about what it was really about (how to get un f**ked). Karen says that Ramona is going to think that she's throwing this party for her, but she says that she's not. Karen thinks that Ramona has reservations about getting married and that why she's not telling anyone about it. Love tells Karen that she never knew about Ramona's engagement either and she thought that would have been something that she would have told her because they have been friends for 20 yrs. Karen agrees with Love and thinks that if Ramona was happy about her engagement then she would have told everyone about it. Karen suggests to Love that she should talk to Ramona at the party and find out why she never told her that she was getting married.
Drita interviews people for her new cosmetic store. Drita makes it clear that anyone who works for her better be in tip top shape. Be honest and don't be shady.One of the people who she interviewed had a very...we'll go with interesting, portfolio resume. Rule number one when going on an interview for a cosmetic job, unless it says "looking for a cowboy with a rope" never put on your portfolio a picture of your d**k because chances are you're probably not gonna get that job. Rule number two when going on an interview for a cosmetic job, make sure you read what the job entitles.
Ramona bakes brownies with her daughters where she wants to talk to them about what they think about her marrying someone who's in jail. Anissa makes it known that its weird that she's getting married to someone who is still in jail. When Joe calls Ramona from jail, she fills him in on the details on their shot gun wedding that she's been planning on her own without him. Ramona says that she's trying to stay positive.
Big Ang and her dog Louie go to Carla for lunch. Big Ang tells Carla about Drita Carla fills Ang in on why she doesn't like Love. Carla says that Love made friends with Carla's boyfriend Derrick's ex wife and went to her house and told her that Derrick had a new girlfriend. Carla also says that Love failed to mention to Derrick's ex wife that she dated him. In the middle of this conversation Carla gets a knock at the door, but who is it? Divorce papers.
Renee goes to look at shoes with Ramona since she's in the process of starting her own shoe line. Ramona tells Renee about Karen's pre-nup party and that she feels that Karen is doing it because she's not that thrilled that Ramona is getting married. Renee says that she does not believe that it was jab at Ramona that Karen was throwing this party because she's the only one in the group getting married.
As Drita is working in her store Karen stops by to see it and she jokes and asks her if she had Big Ang help her decorate it. Karen then invites Drita to her pre-nup party. Drita says that even though she's married she still thinks that it would be good for her to learn about what a pre-nup is.
Renee goes to Big Ang to compare each other's injections that they got. Renee had lip injections and Ang had a liquid face lift. Renee says that having a liquid face lift is better than having your face pulled back with staples looking like cat woman. The two talk about what their sons are up to (both who's names are AJ). Renee says that her AJ got another tattoo on his arm and that she doesn't want him to grow up so fast. Meanwhile, Big Ang's son AJ is doing really good in rehab and that she can't wait for him to come home.
At Karen's pre-nup party, Ramona invites two of her friends to come along so to distract her from thinking that this party is for her. When Love shows up she tells Ramona that she wasn't happy that Ramona never told her about her engagement. When Renee shows up, she could tell that there was tension going on between Love, Ramona and Karen. Love's mad at Ramona, Ramona's mad at Karen. When Karen tries to get the party started to learn about what a pre-nup is for, Renee says that in this lifestyle no one gets divorced and they don't deal with anything that has the word "nups" in it when they get married. Big Ang jokes that the only "up" that they deal with is "knocked up". Big Ang says that her pre-nup is that if you came with nothing then you leave with nothing. Meanwhile, Drita shows up late and misses out on the presentation of what a pre-nup is. Love confronts Ramona again about why she never told her that she was getting married. Ramona says that not everyone is happy with her getting married including Karen and she wants to duct tape her mouth shut because she's tired of hearing about it. Karen says that Ramona is taking her frustration out on the wrong person and that she should be talking to Love about what her problem is. Karen also says that Love should tell Ramona what her problem is instead of them both talking to her about their issues. Love says that Ramona also never told her that she moved and got a new address.When Ramona's friend steps in to defend Ramona on why she didn't tell Love about her engagement and new address, Love lets loose and goes crazy (as Big Ang says) on her and tells her to walk the f**k away.
When Drita, Karen, and Renee meet for drinks, Drita wants to know what she missed at the party and why did Love go crazy. Seeing the way that Love was at Karen's pre-nup party makes Drita wonder how she's gonna be at her late 80's early 90's theme bday party. They all agree that Carla will go off on Love if they bring up the issues that they both have with each other. Renee says she's so over Carla that she doesn't mind being in the same room with her.
AJ tells us that he's decided to make some changes with his life and he hopes that his Mom Renee is going to be okay with what he's decided to do. However, before AJ tells his Mom what he's decided to do with his life, he lets her know how proud he is of her with getting clean and sober and starting her new shoe line. AJ then tells his Mom that he's decided that its time for him to move out on his own. Renee doesn't believe that her son is ready to move out and be on his own, but that doesn't stop AJ from telling his Mom more about where he plans on moving and why he plans on moving. AJ goes on to tell his Mom that he's not only moving out of the house, but out of the state and down to Florida. Like all Moms out there, Renee isn't ready to see her baby boy grow up and be on his own let alone in another state without her, but AJ won't take no for an answer. In fact, AJ tells his mom that his friend is playing hockey in Florida and he's looking for another roommate and that AJ's gonna stay with him. AJ also says that he has a job lined up for him down there. As Renee tries to tell him that he's leaving without her, AJ tries to reassure his mom that he needs to become a man and be on his own and he wants her to be happy for him. Renee says that she is happy for him. AJ lets his mom know that she can come see him whenever she wants. Knowing how close this mother and son duo are, it's definitely going to be hard for Renee to let her baby boy leave the nest and be on his own. AJ says that he's not leaving his mom out to dry and that he'll always be there for her. Renee should be proud of herself for raising such a great kid like AJ who's ready to be on his own. With next week's episode being the season finale it makes us wonder if there is a season 4, will AJ still be part of it? Speaking of the season finale titled "Love Hurts" being next week, it looks like another great episode not to be missed at 10 pm on vh1.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mob Wives Ep 311 "Winging It"

Tonight's episode of Mob Wives titled "Winging It" began with Love going to see her neurologist who treated her from when she had a car accident a few years ago and suffered a head injury. When her doctor asks her if she's sensed any short fuse or bad temper and she says yes. She then explains to him an incident that happened where she flipped out on someone and blacked out. The reaction on the doctor's face as she's explaining the incident to him was priceless. The doctor tells her that the head injury that she had in her accident could have caused her to have PTSD and Post concussion syndrome that makes her black out and have a bad temper.
When Drita goes to Carla's to talk to her about the Love situation, Drita tells her that Love hung out with Carla's boyfriend. Carla says that her boyfriend was with Love for a month, but that was way before he got with Carla. Carla thinks that Love is jealous of her and that's why she's talking about her. Carla says that she doesn't care if Love is talking about her because she doesn't know who she is and has never met her  before.
Renee goes to see her friend Jiton who owns a shoe store in Brooklyn. Renee tells Jiton that she wants to develop a shoe line called Mob Candy. Renee says that she wants it to be a shoe design that'look like the shoes that she wore in the lifestyle growing up (glamorous and over the top like her personality is).
When Big Ang goes to visit Drita at her cosmetic store Drita tells her about the Love and Carla situation. They're both tired of the situation and feel like they're in the middle of it because Carla and Love are both of their good friends. Drita then calls Lee to see if he can get one of his friends to install a security camera in her store so that she can see what's going on there when she's not there. Big Ang jokes and says that Neil is good at drinking beer and taking out the trash, but nothing else.
Ramona goes with her daughters to see a wedding planner. She explains that when her boyfriend Joe gets out on bail to for a week to get married, he would have to have two armed guards with him at the wedding and be on house arrest. She also explains that she would have 48 hrs notice of when he would be released so basically its a shot gun wedding at their home.
When Karen goes to visit her cousin Rena at her pizza place she tells her about her dad's plea and that she wants to reopen the case. Rena's dad and Peter Gotti supposedly came after Karen's dad while he was in Arizona to kill him. Karen says that her biggest fear about reopening her dad's case is that they put him back behind bars to do more time.
Carla goes to get a facial by her-wait for it- ex father in law Dr. Ferragamo. As if this scene isn't awkward enough to have your ex father in law do a facial on you, things get even more awkward when the ex father in law's son Joe stops in to see how she's doing during the procedure. Carla says that she takes care of herself and doesn't need to worry about talking about the other girls and that maybe Love has no life and that's why she feels the need to talk about her around town.
Drita meets with Love to get her nails done. Drita tells Love that she met with Carla to tell her what Love said about her. Love says that Carla took her business logo of angle wings that she has tattooed on her wrist and used it for Dr. Ferragamo's business. Drita asks Love if she would meet with Carla to talk and she said she would, but that she better be prepared to own up to the stuff that she's said about her.
Renee and AJ go rock climbing to spend quality mom and son time together. When Renee explains to AJ about her new shoe line business adventure with Jiton, she tells him that she's hoping that she will be able to provide for the both of them better now with this new business adventure. AJ tells her that although his mom won't have to worry about being financially stable for them anymore with having the new Mob Candy shoe line business, he tells her that he wants to go off and make his own money without having to rely on her so much. Renee says that AJ's picked up the pieces when things got bad for them, supported her when she went to rehab and now he wants  to become more responsible and make money on his own. Renee says that she's so proud of him. I think we can all agree that with everything Renee's been through, she really did a great job raising her son. Renee also talks about how she's been doing with her recovery and AJ says that she's doing really good and that he can see the difference in her.
When Renee goes to check out the progress of her Mob Candy shoe line, she's so excited to see some of the shoe designs. She even suggests more ideas for Mob Candy shoes that they show her such as, having the option of picking out your own heel color for the shoe by screwing it on and off by yourself. These shoes looked so cool. They even had a Renee shoe that was totally her, black with feathers. There was one shoe that Renee wanted to name "The Ramona shoe" because it was firey like Ramona's personality is. 
My personal favorite shoe was the black one that had sparkles coming down on it. Renee feels that she's more focused than ever (being that she's clean and sober in her recovery) to get this shoe line started. Be sure to go to to buy shoes, clothes, jewelry, accessories by your favorite HBIC Renee and get mobbed up. Way to go Renee!
Carla has a wine party where she invites Drita and Big Ang. When Drita tells Carla what Love said about her stealing her logo for Dr. Ferragamo's business, Carla says that she never knew Love had a business and doesn't know what she's talking about. Carla says that Dr. Ferragamo went on the internet and drew the logo himself and didn't steal it from Love. Carla then says that every time Drita comes back to her with another crazy story from them it's crazy. Drita asks if Carla would want to talk to Love about it and she says yes. Drita says that she's afraid that Carla's gonna get into the same kind of fight with Love that she got into with Renee. Drita warns Carla that Love has a bad temper. Be sure to watch an all new episode of Mob Wives next Sunday at 10 pm on vh1.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mob Wives Ep 310 "Desert Storm"

Tonight's episode of Mob Wives titled "Desert Storm" began with Karen and Ramona going to a storage where Karen's brother Gerard had some of their dad's tapes that had hours of recorded phone conversations from jail stored at. As she goes through many boxes, Karen realizes that she needs to dig deeper and find out what's on all of the tapes of recorded phone calls that were between her family and her dad while he was in jail. The purpose of Karen going through all of these tapes is so that she can try to prove to the government that her dad was supposed to only get fifteen years in jail instead of twenty years. Karen feels guilty that her dad is spending more time in jail than he should be because he took the rap for her, Dave and her brother when they got caught in an Ecstasy ring. Ramona tries to tell her that her family forgave her for it and moved on from it therefore, she should too.
When Renee goes into AJ's room to tell him that she wants to get an attack dog, he wants to know how much it costs. When she tells him how much, he jokes that he's gonna slap her. Renee also tells AJ that she going to Krav Maga which is a self defense class and she asks if he wants to go with her. AJ says that he doesn't want to go with her. Renee says that they're suppose to be rebuilding their relationship after rehab and start doing mom and son stuff. AJ says that doing "Jackie Chan stuff" such as Krav Maga isn't really considered doing mom and son stuff. AJ says that he'll go eat with his mom, but she says that's what he wants to do. Renee wants to do something that they both want to do together. Renee says that she wants to take Krav Maga class so that she can learn how to protect herself if anything was to happen to her while she's alone in their new home. When Renee says that she ever gets attacked, AJ jokes with her saying "by what a bear". You gotta love this kid with his one liners, he's hilarious. Renee thinks that AJ makes light of things that are very serious to her. She tries to tell him that she needs feel protected. AJ says that nothing has happened to her since they've moved into their new house and that she needs to loosen up a little bit. Renee says that usually she would take XANAX to loosen up, but now she has to find a new way feel relaxed and safe. When AJ jokingly kicks his mom, she fights back and the two wrestle with each other. These two are so funny together.
Since AJ wouldn't go with his mom to Krav Maga, Renee decides to take Drita with her. When the instructor starts to explain about how to beat someone up by using their claws on their opponent's face, Drita starts to like this class. In the beginning, Renee doesn't look like she's into it that much (because every time they tell her to throw a punch she apologizes and feels bad for hitting them), but then she starts to get the hang of it by kneeing her opponent in the cup and she starts to enjoy it. Renee says that she learned how to put people asleep without Ambien, Lunesta, or XANAX so people should be careful.  
When Karen finally meets Dave's girlfriend Rebecca things get quiet. Did anyone else notice how much these two look a like? They're both moms, they both have dark hair, and they're both Italian. The only difference between the two is that Rebecca ran track in school while Karen shop lifted and robbed cars. When Karen starts to get to know Rebecca, we learn that she's a mom of two kids (one of which goes to school with Karina) and that she took Karina to the doctor without telling Karen first. Karen was upset about the doctor issue and makes it clear that she's still the mom in Karina's life and wants to know about everything that's going on with her. Karen seems to have respect for Rebecca after she starts to get to know her a little more. Karen even invites the two to a party that she's having with her Arizona friends. 
When Big Ang goes with Love shopping to buy lingerie  for Love's ex boyfriend Fate who's coming to town they both have to measure to see how big their boobs are. For the record, Ang is a J (for jumbo) and Love is a G (for gangster). When Love tells Big Ang that she's still hearing on the island that Carla is talking trash about her, Big Ang doesn't know what she's talking about because she hasn't heard anything. Love says that she needs to nip this in the butt and talk to Carla.
When Love has dinner with Fate, she's excited to see him because she hasn't seen him in years. Out of all the guys that Love has introduced us to on the show, this one seems pretty cool and has a very unique style to himself. I didn't even know bow ties were back in style but he pulls it off pretty well. When the two talk about the past and how she ran away from him and he had a child on the way from a previous relationship that he was in before he met Love. Love regrets not giving Fate a chance and he says that hurt him when she left. Love says that Fate was the one guy that got away from her so this time she wants to try and make it work with him. Love says that Fate needs some Love in his life.
At Karen's party, everyone's surprised that Dave and Rebecca showed up. It's not everyday that you invite your child's dad and his girlfriend to a party that you're having (unless its your kid's birthday party and they're having it at chuckie cheese). Karen was very brave to do that and I think she handled it well. Ramona grills Dave about his relationship with Rebecca and wants to know whats really going on between them. Ramona still believes that Dave's in love with Karen and she even tries to get Dave to admit it too which he does. 
After Ramona is finished with scolding Dave about his relationship with Rebecca, she doesn't stop there. Instead, she moves onto to Rebecca and wants to get her side of the story about her relationship with Dave and his daughter Karina. Forget about being afraid to meet the baby's mama. I would be afraid to meet the baby's mama's cousin. I mean Ramona's tough on these two, and she should be. When Ramona confronts Rebecca about what happened when she took Karina to the doctors without Karen's permission, Rebecca says that she was told that Dave already told Karen about it and that she was fine with it. Rebecca said that she found out later that Karen never knew about it and that didn't well with her because she wouldn't want someone to do that to her kids. In the end, Ramona seems to be ok with Rebecca and tells her if there's ever a problem with Karina to just call Karen first. 
Drita decides to go to boot camp to get back into shape. Little does Drita know, her drill Sargent is tough and makes her work hard. Drita jokes that she went from beating up people to lifting logs in boot camp. If I was Drita I would have stuck with Krav Maga with Renee because this boot camp thing looks way harder than that. 
When Big Ang stops by the boot camp to pick up Drita to go shopping, the conversation turns into Love vs Carla. Both Drita and Ang are tired of hearing Love talk about how much she hates Carla and feel like they need to tell Carla what's going on. They both agree that Love and Carla need to talk one on one because it's getting worse. Drita says that Carla doesn't understand that she needs to prepare herself for meeting with Love because she's going to rip her to pieces. Don't forget to watch next week's all new episode of Mob Wives titled "Winging It" at 10 pm on vh1.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mob Wives Ep 309 "Mama Drama"

Tonight's episode of Mob Wives titled "Mama Drama" was definitely about that. The show began at Big Ang's Christmas party with Drita, Ramona, Karen and Carla (who showed up a little late). I don't know what it is with these dinner parties/sit downs that Ang has, but every time I watch them all I do is look at how good her food is. I mean, we all know that this girl can cook some good food, but tonight's episode with the lobster....omg love I it. I had to re watch that scene to know what they were all talking about. In the beginning Big Ang tells them that Love isn't coming because she's sick and Renee isn't coming because she doesn't feel comfortable being around Carla after the last brunch that Ang had where she called her a junkie. When Carla arrives, she says that she was happy that she didn't see Renee there. Everyone could feel the tension at the Christmas dinner. Ang decides to take the knives away from the table to be on the safe side in case any fight breaks out between the girls and Carla. Karen decides to break the ice by telling Carla that she didn't like the way that she attacked Renee with her drug problem and started swinging the knife around. Carla says that she didn't pick up the knife and wave it in Renee's face at the brunch. When  Ramona tries to explain to Carla that she should be compassionate towards Renee about her drug problem. Carla says that she doesn't care about Renee anymore. Ramona asks Drita for her opinion about what she would do if someone put a knife in her face, Drita says that she would have put it down their throat. Ramona is surprised by Drita's response and is actually starting to take a liking to her. When Karen asks Carla if she would be willing to sit down and apologize to Renee for calling her a junkie she said only if Renee would apologize for what she said to her. Carla then says that Renee should be thanking her because if she didn't call her a junkie then she wouldn't have had a reason to go rehab. Karen doesn't believe Carla and thinks if she cared then she would have been there and given Renee a second chance. Karen leaves conversation early with Ramona because they have an early flight to Arizona the next day so she can see Dave. 
Karen and Ramona arrive in Arizona to find out what's been going on with Dave and his "Becky Butana". I love Ramona's names for people. Ramona tells Karen that she should prepare herself for walking in on Dave and Becky at her house. Karen says she's sick of guess what, guess who, guess when about Dave's girlfriend.
Renee invites Drita, Love, and Big Ang over to go on a road trip with her, but doesn't tell them where they're going until they get to her house. When Renee tells them that they're going to get her an attack dog to keep her and AJ safe in their new home, Drita jokes that the dog is going to go crazy with her because of how much she yells when she talks. Love says that she's the attack dog in her house and anyone who tries to attack her in her house they're leaving with no body parts attached to them.
When Karen's daughter Karina comes home from school, Karen asks her about when Dave's coming home. Karina then tells Karen that she doesn't like her substitute teacher and that she told Dave's girlfriend about it instead of Karen. When Karen asks Karina why she didn't tell her about her problems with the teacher, Karina tells her to stop over reacting to it.  
After a long drive to "hillbilly land" Renee, Big Ang and Drita finally arrive at their destination where Renee is hoping to find the right attack dog that will keep her and AJ safe in her new home. Renee explains to the owner that she wants a dog that will kill. When the owner lets the dog loose to show them how aggressive he is, Drita stays far away from it and says that Mr. Cujo is in a bad mood today (funniest line from Drita in this episode) and that German Shepherds can sense when you're afraid of them. Then she says that her red headed self is sh*tting her pants at how scared she is of the dog (another funny line in the show that Drita said). Trust me I would be doing the same thing too if I was Drita. 
None of the girls seemed to get along too well with the dogs except for Love. When the owner tells Renee that it would cost $15,000 to get one of those dogs, she has to think about it for a while to see if she can afford it. 
When Dave comes home he's surprised to see Karen there. Dave says that he came over to check on their dog Ozzy. Karen wants to know why her house looks like he hasn't been living there. Dave says that he hasn't been living there and that he only comes over to take care of her dog. Karen asks Dave why he didn't tell her that he wasn't living there anymore and he says that he didn't feel like he had to tell her. Karen then tells Dave that she should rent the house out if he's not going to be living there. Dave tries to keep his cool with Karen and starts blaming him being in jail and not getting phone calls and jail visits for why he's so laid back all the time. Karen then tells Dave that she wants to meet his girlfriend. Dave agrees with Karen and sets it up for the two to meet. 
Drita takes Carla to see her new make up store that's across the street from the Drunken Monkey. On the way to the store Carla tells Drita that she's having a small getting her friends together for her birthday and is inviting Drita and Big Ang. When they get to the store, Drita explains that Ang's brother has been helping her redo the building by painting it. 
Karen takes Ramona to show her where her dad had his pool business. Karen explains that when the feds were plotting to kill her dad, they had planted a bomb at the stop sign at the end of the building of his business. Karen explains that while her dad was trying to turn his life around; she, her brother Gerard, her dad, and Dave all got arrested in an Ecstasy ring. Karen says that Dave and Gerard's prison time got cut in half and her dad took the rap for all of them. 
Karen meets with her brother Gerard about some news that he's found out about their dad. Gerard tells Karen that he's found out that they can get their dad out. Gerard explains their dad signed a contact that says that he was only supposed to do 15 yrs in prison with an upward departure that gives him 20 yrs, but somehow he was never notified that he was getting the upward departure. Gerard says that he has all the information for Karen to research. Karen says that if they can prove that they never got the upward departure for the extra five years that their dad is serving, then he could be out as early as tomorrow. Karen says that they want to challenge the upward departure and file an appeal on it. Karen feels that they gave her dad more time for being Sammy "The Bull". Don't forget to watch an all new episode of Mob Wives titled "Desert Storm" next Sunday at 10 pm on vh1.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mob Wives Ep 308 "Time and Punishment"

Tonight's Mob Wives titled "Time and Punishment" consisted of a diamond ring, furs, cars and Lady Boss rims all wrapped into one. I gotta hand it to Jenn Graziano and the girls doing their thing in this episode. It was another one of those really good episodes not to be missed.
The show starts off with Renee and Drita meeting up for lunch. Drita fills Renee in on some news. She tells Renee about that she has a new boyfriend (her husband Lee) and his last wife was psychopath. Renee jokes that she's heard about Drita's boyfriend's wife, but she's happy for them. Drita says that she and Lee have made amends and that she got back with Lee because she doesn't want to have regret for not trying to make it work. Renee tells Drita that she told her dad about her addiction and that she couldn't keep it a secret from him anymore. Renee says that her dad was a little worried about it, but that he just wants her to stay on track with staying clean and sober. Renee tells Drita that she has felt that she's wanted to use again and that scares her. Renee says that the best thing for her to do is to remind herself that she is a recovering addict and no one will take her out of that.
Carla goes to visit Ang at her bar. Ang tells Carla that she's having a Christmas party and she's inviting everyone including her, Renee, and Love. Carla says that as long as Renee doesn't try to start a fight with her and sits in a corner somewhere, then she won't have an issue with her.
Love and Karen go food shopping and she tells her that Karen tells her that she's going to Arizona to talk to Dave about him dating his new girlfriend and tell him how she feels about them. Love jokes that if she was Karen she would buy a shovel for Dave. Karen gets a call from her business partner Storm where he asks her out to dinner. Love tries to tell her that its a date. but Karen thinks it's just a business dinner.
Big Ang and Drita go to get Drita new rims on her new car. Drita didn't get just any kind of rims. She got Lady Boss rims. Drita tells Ang that she wants to help Lee get back on his feet again and buy him a car now that he's out of jail. Drita also tells Ang that she's replacing one of her breast implants. She jokes that getting new breasts implants is like rotating tires on a car. Ang thinks that Drita's gonna get pregnant soon now that Lee's out of jail. Drita says that there is no sex life between her and Lee right now because he's in a halfway house and he has to go to work and go there. Drita says that one of Lee's friends got him a job at a funeral home. Drita says she's happy that he works there because at least she knows that he won't beat up anyone there because everyone there is dead. Best one liner of Drita by far. Ang jokes that Drita should have sex with him at his job. Ang says she thinks Drita should have sex with Lee everywhere. Ang even says that she's had sex in airplane bathrooms (small, tight and cozy). Leave it to Ang to keep us laughing.  
 Karen goes on a her dinner date with her business partner Storm. Karen asks Storm if the dinner is considered business or pleasure and he says both. Karen says that a person that grinds together shine together. These two seem to really like each other and have a lot in common. 
Ramona goes to pick up her engagement ring that Joe bought for her before he got arrested. On her way home from the bank, Ramona calls and invites Karen over so that she can tell her that she's engaged. Ramona explains that Joe's trying to get bail for a week so that they can get married. Karen isn't that happy about it. Karen feels that Ramona hasn't come to terms with Joe going to jail for a long time. Karen says that Ramona's fiery tale became a nightmare when the feds came and took her prince charming. Karen wants Ramona to realize what she's signing up for when she's marrying Joe. Karen says that she knows what her mom went through with her dad when he went away and she doesn't want Ramona to have to go through the same thing because it's going to be hard for her.
Love gets a call from her ex boyfriend Fate who lives in Vegas. I know Love's said she's been engaged six times, but I think Fate would be the third guy she's introduced us to this season. Love says that its always hard to be with Fate because its not in the cards for her to move to Vegas to be with him. Love says that Fate knows about her being engaged a few times. Loves jokes that guys would have to an archaeological dig to get to her vayjay. Love and her one liners always keeps me laughing. All I gotta say about this guy is Fate + Love = Hope and possibilities.
Ramona's friend has a fur party and invites her, Karen, Renee and Big Ang to come. Ramona says that she wants to announce her engagement to them at the party. When Ramona over hears Renee talking about men and loyalty, Renee says that she believes that women does more for the men and she brings up when she was with someone who was incarcerated she chose to stay. Karen tries to ask Renee why she decided to stay in the relationship and Ramona cuts her off. Renee says that Ramona has to stay loyal to herself and do what's best for her and her kids. Ramona feels that Karen told Renee about her engagement to Joe and that's why Renee's bringing up the conversation about men and loyalty at the party. Renee and Big Ang are both caught off guard and don't understand why Karen and Ramona are arguing about it. Ramona tells them that she's engaged and Renee's happy for her.
Renee feels that if Ramona's happy with Joe under these circumstances then she should get marred. Big Ang says that Karen has a point ans thinks that Ramona shouldn't get married to Joe right now until his case is over and they know how much time he's doing. Big Ang thinks that Ramona should just say engaged to him. Karen feels that if Ramona really wants to go through with the wedding then she will support her with it. Renee's advice for Ramona is to hold on tight to the ring cause she can hock it when he's gone.  
The day of Big Ang's Christmas party arrives and Renee calls to tell her that she's decided that she's not going to come because Carla's going to be there. Renee feels that since she's in recovery she has to take her out of other things that bring her negativity. Renee still feels that Carla really hurt her when she called her a junkie and she's trying to get rid of the drama in her life. Love calls Big Ang to tell her that she's not coming to the party because she has the flu. Ang tells Love to get over it and that she thought she was having a heart attack the other day and went to get a EKG and she was fine. Ang says to take a shot of whisky and make it happen. Don't forget to watch an all new episode of Mob Wives titled "Mama Drama" next Sunday at 10 pm on vh1.