Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mob Wives Ep 312 "Crazy Love"

Tonight's episode of Mob Wives titled "Crazy Love" began with Love meeting for breakfast with Karen at a Diner. Karen tells Love that she's having a pre-nup party. I didn't know what this party was going to be about, so I'm really glad that Karen explained it to us a little more about what it was really about (how to get un f**ked). Karen says that Ramona is going to think that she's throwing this party for her, but she says that she's not. Karen thinks that Ramona has reservations about getting married and that why she's not telling anyone about it. Love tells Karen that she never knew about Ramona's engagement either and she thought that would have been something that she would have told her because they have been friends for 20 yrs. Karen agrees with Love and thinks that if Ramona was happy about her engagement then she would have told everyone about it. Karen suggests to Love that she should talk to Ramona at the party and find out why she never told her that she was getting married.
Drita interviews people for her new cosmetic store. Drita makes it clear that anyone who works for her better be in tip top shape. Be honest and don't be shady.One of the people who she interviewed had a very...we'll go with interesting, portfolio resume. Rule number one when going on an interview for a cosmetic job, unless it says "looking for a cowboy with a rope" never put on your portfolio a picture of your d**k because chances are you're probably not gonna get that job. Rule number two when going on an interview for a cosmetic job, make sure you read what the job entitles.
Ramona bakes brownies with her daughters where she wants to talk to them about what they think about her marrying someone who's in jail. Anissa makes it known that its weird that she's getting married to someone who is still in jail. When Joe calls Ramona from jail, she fills him in on the details on their shot gun wedding that she's been planning on her own without him. Ramona says that she's trying to stay positive.
Big Ang and her dog Louie go to Carla for lunch. Big Ang tells Carla about Drita Carla fills Ang in on why she doesn't like Love. Carla says that Love made friends with Carla's boyfriend Derrick's ex wife and went to her house and told her that Derrick had a new girlfriend. Carla also says that Love failed to mention to Derrick's ex wife that she dated him. In the middle of this conversation Carla gets a knock at the door, but who is it? Divorce papers.
Renee goes to look at shoes with Ramona since she's in the process of starting her own shoe line. Ramona tells Renee about Karen's pre-nup party and that she feels that Karen is doing it because she's not that thrilled that Ramona is getting married. Renee says that she does not believe that it was jab at Ramona that Karen was throwing this party because she's the only one in the group getting married.
As Drita is working in her store Karen stops by to see it and she jokes and asks her if she had Big Ang help her decorate it. Karen then invites Drita to her pre-nup party. Drita says that even though she's married she still thinks that it would be good for her to learn about what a pre-nup is.
Renee goes to Big Ang to compare each other's injections that they got. Renee had lip injections and Ang had a liquid face lift. Renee says that having a liquid face lift is better than having your face pulled back with staples looking like cat woman. The two talk about what their sons are up to (both who's names are AJ). Renee says that her AJ got another tattoo on his arm and that she doesn't want him to grow up so fast. Meanwhile, Big Ang's son AJ is doing really good in rehab and that she can't wait for him to come home.
At Karen's pre-nup party, Ramona invites two of her friends to come along so to distract her from thinking that this party is for her. When Love shows up she tells Ramona that she wasn't happy that Ramona never told her about her engagement. When Renee shows up, she could tell that there was tension going on between Love, Ramona and Karen. Love's mad at Ramona, Ramona's mad at Karen. When Karen tries to get the party started to learn about what a pre-nup is for, Renee says that in this lifestyle no one gets divorced and they don't deal with anything that has the word "nups" in it when they get married. Big Ang jokes that the only "up" that they deal with is "knocked up". Big Ang says that her pre-nup is that if you came with nothing then you leave with nothing. Meanwhile, Drita shows up late and misses out on the presentation of what a pre-nup is. Love confronts Ramona again about why she never told her that she was getting married. Ramona says that not everyone is happy with her getting married including Karen and she wants to duct tape her mouth shut because she's tired of hearing about it. Karen says that Ramona is taking her frustration out on the wrong person and that she should be talking to Love about what her problem is. Karen also says that Love should tell Ramona what her problem is instead of them both talking to her about their issues. Love says that Ramona also never told her that she moved and got a new address.When Ramona's friend steps in to defend Ramona on why she didn't tell Love about her engagement and new address, Love lets loose and goes crazy (as Big Ang says) on her and tells her to walk the f**k away.
When Drita, Karen, and Renee meet for drinks, Drita wants to know what she missed at the party and why did Love go crazy. Seeing the way that Love was at Karen's pre-nup party makes Drita wonder how she's gonna be at her late 80's early 90's theme bday party. They all agree that Carla will go off on Love if they bring up the issues that they both have with each other. Renee says she's so over Carla that she doesn't mind being in the same room with her.
AJ tells us that he's decided to make some changes with his life and he hopes that his Mom Renee is going to be okay with what he's decided to do. However, before AJ tells his Mom what he's decided to do with his life, he lets her know how proud he is of her with getting clean and sober and starting her new shoe line. AJ then tells his Mom that he's decided that its time for him to move out on his own. Renee doesn't believe that her son is ready to move out and be on his own, but that doesn't stop AJ from telling his Mom more about where he plans on moving and why he plans on moving. AJ goes on to tell his Mom that he's not only moving out of the house, but out of the state and down to Florida. Like all Moms out there, Renee isn't ready to see her baby boy grow up and be on his own let alone in another state without her, but AJ won't take no for an answer. In fact, AJ tells his mom that his friend is playing hockey in Florida and he's looking for another roommate and that AJ's gonna stay with him. AJ also says that he has a job lined up for him down there. As Renee tries to tell him that he's leaving without her, AJ tries to reassure his mom that he needs to become a man and be on his own and he wants her to be happy for him. Renee says that she is happy for him. AJ lets his mom know that she can come see him whenever she wants. Knowing how close this mother and son duo are, it's definitely going to be hard for Renee to let her baby boy leave the nest and be on his own. AJ says that he's not leaving his mom out to dry and that he'll always be there for her. Renee should be proud of herself for raising such a great kid like AJ who's ready to be on his own. With next week's episode being the season finale it makes us wonder if there is a season 4, will AJ still be part of it? Speaking of the season finale titled "Love Hurts" being next week, it looks like another great episode not to be missed at 10 pm on vh1.

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