Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mob Wives Ep 402 "Caught on Tape"

Tonight's episode of Mob Wives "Caught on Tape" began with Renee making a trip to Philly to visit Alicia at her boutique where she dropped off some of her shoes from her Mob Candy line. After the two show off each other's tattoos (Alicia got her husbands name on tatted on her wrist and Renee got "Faith Hope Freedom" on her arm), Alicia goes into more detail about why the feds are targeting her for Eddie's arrest. Alicia explains that Eddie had his own trucking company and she felt that if she was doing all of his book work then it would be done correctly (or so she thought). Although Alicia loves her husband, she's not happy that he put her in this situation. 
When Drita and Big Ang go to the spa together they start talking about Renee's Mob Candy launch and how wacko Natalie was. Both Drita and Big Ang's agree that their main concern (as is all of our's) is Renee's recovery. They think that Natalie's partying ways could put Renee's recovery at risk. Drita thinks that Renee should just focus on Mob Candy and not her friendship with Natalie. Drita says that it's not easy running your own business, especially if you have a stalker stalking you and your employees. Renee texts Drita inviting her and Ang to go to lunch with her and Natalie. Ang says she doesn't want to go and be around Natalie again. 
When Natalie goes out to dinner with her boyfriend London she tells him how she overheard Drita and Ang talking about her at the Mob Candy launch. Natalie says that she wishes that they would give her a chance and get to know her because she doesn't like being talked about.  
When Drita meets Alicia on the boardwalk they start talking about how they were both blinded by their husbands leading a double life. Drita says that she still thinks about Lee cheating on her in the past and it makes her question things that he does or says. 
When Drita goes to her store her employees tell her that the stalker came in and went behind the desk looking for stuff. Drita calls Lee to tell him about it. He lets her know that if he's there again to have her employees call him and he will be there in two minutes to take care of him.
When Natalie meets with Renee and Drita she lets Renee know that she's not happy that Big Ang and Drita were talking about her behind her back at the Mob Candy launch. Renee can tell that Natalie's already heated before Drita shows up so she decides to be the mediator and sit between them. When Natalie confronts Drita she says that she did say that she was drunk. Drita says its better to be drunk than to be a "dickhead". The lady boss has a point there. When Natalie tells Drita that she doesn't want her or anyone to talk about her when she's 3 ft away from her, Drita says that Renee must not have told Natalie that she has a tendency to leap like a leopard and f**k her a$$ up. Maybe Natalie hasn't watched the rooftop brawl (season 1) or the fight at Renee's party (season 2) because if she did I don't think she would be talking like that to Drita. Drita says that she doesn't want to hurt the face of Renee's Mob Candy. Natalie and Drita both agree that if they don't like someone, they don't have a problem saying it to their face. 
Back in Philly Alicia's husband's lawyer suggests that she listen to some of the wiretapped phone conversations that the feds secretly recorded between him and her throughout his five year investigation to see if she can find anything that can clear her name from the investigation. The more phone calls that Alicia listens to on the wire taps, the more she realizes that he was keeping personal things from her such as, who he was hanging out with, women he was talking to and going to strip clubs with her brother. 
When Big Ang has Renee and Drita over, she and Drita try to explain to Renee why they don't like Natalie. Ang and Drita tell Renee that they think Natalie's trouble. Renee tries to tell them that Natalie is just like her, and if they could put up with her bullsh*t and everything she went through the last three years then they should be able to give Natalie a chance and put up with her too. Renee says that she will talk to Natalie about it and let her know about their concerns about her. 
When Renee goes to Philly to visit Natalie at her house (did anyone else notice the lady on her stoop in the background), she lets her know what Drita and Big Ang think of her. When Renee Graziano makes personal trip to see you no matter where you live, you know it's big deal. Natalie says she's gonna keep doing what she's always been doing which is to not give a f**k about what they think. Renee points out that Natalie's representing her Mob Candy company and as long as she's the boss there will be no bull sh*t. Renee says that Natalie's under "Renee's wing" therefore she needs to make sure that she flies right and never does what she's done. 
When Drita has a guy install security cameras in her store the stalker shows up. Between Natalie sitting down with Drita and the stalker at her store, sometimes I think these people have not watched a single episode of Mob Wives before. If they did, they wouldn't be trying to go up against Drita like this. She's not the girl that you want to mess with. I'd rather have her on my side than against me. The stalker was smart enough to walk away from her when Drita went to confront him outside her store. 
When Alicia goes to Renee's house, she lets her know that she overheard on the wire taps Eddie and their friend Carla Marino mention having dinner with her. Alicia says that Eddie dated Carla before he married her and when she asked him to end their friendship she thought he did. If there is anything that we learned from tonight's episode its to never listen to the wire taps (wise words of wisdom by Renee to live by) because you're gonna find sh*t that you weren't looking for and its gonna make you more mad than you already were in to begin with. Renee admits that she did have dinner with Eddie and Carla Marino and that it's not unusual for them to hangout together. Alicia asks Renee how many times Eddie's hung out with Carla. Renee says that Alicia has the tape so whatever he says on the tape is what it is. Renee's starting to feel like Alicia thinks she's keeping something about her husband from her and that she did something wrong when she did nothing wrong. Renee says that none of this is her business and that Alicia needs to be confronting her husband not her husband's friends. Don't forget to catch an all new episode of Mob Wives "You Smell Delicious" next Thursday at 10 pm on vh1. 

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