Thursday, December 19, 2013

Mob Wives Ep 403 "You Smell Delicious"

Tonight's Mob Wive's began with Big Ang going over to Drita's where she and Lee are doing renovations on their house. Drita tells Big Ang that since Lee's doing so good since he's been home from jail, it was time for them to renovate their house. Drita also tells Ang that Lee has opened up his own sports memorabilia store. She says she's still getting use to him going to work like a normal guy would. Drita tells Ang that Aleeya's being bullied in school. Drita also tells Ang that she needs a night out. Ang says that Alicia wants to go out too for a girls night. 
Alicia has a family Sunday dinner with her kids and her brother (both named Anthony). While she's still learning that her husband Eddie was living a double life, Alicia is also dealing with her oldest son Anthony getting ready to go away to college. Alicia says that her kids don't know about what she heard on the wire taps with Eddie and that they don't know need to know about it. Alicia leans on her brother for support and tells him how Eddie's double life has hurt her. Alicia says that she's sending Eddie an email to tell him what she found out on the wire taps. 
Renee goes to dinner with her friend Nikole. Nikole used to hangout with Renee, Eddie and Carla. Renee tells Nikole that Alicia thinks that Renee knew about Eddie's relationship with Carla. Renee says that its not her place to tell Alicia anything about Eddie because she's not a rat and nothing was going on anyways between him and Carla. 
When Renee goes out on a date with Micheal she admits she's a little rusty and she's a little nervous to tell him about her family's lifestyle. She says that he's the first guy that she's dated that hasn't been in jail. You could tell that Renee really likes this guy and he seems to really like her too. When Renee tells Micheal about her dad and the lifestyle that she grew up he seems to take it pretty well. Renee tells him about Junior and what he did to her and her family by cooperating with the feds. Even though Michael looked surprised when she tells him what he did to her family, he takes it pretty well and says that he doesn't care about her past and that he's there for her. 
Alicia has Renee, Drita and Big Ang over for dinner. When Alicia tells Drita and Ang that she heard Eddie mention Renee's name on the wire taps and that they were hanging out with their friend (who is also Eddie's ex girlfriend) Carla, Drita agrees with Alicia and Renee sees her give her the look. Drita says that she doesn't think Eddie should have been hanging out with his ex girlfriend while he was married. Alicia asks Renee if she's ever slept with Eddie and she says no. Alicia says that her issues aren't with Renee and that they're with her husband. Alicia says that she feels that Eddie sold her a bunch of lies. Renee says that they weren't sold lies, but instead they were sold a dream that turned into lies.  
When Alicia gets a letter back from Eddie he admits that he hasn't always been the man that she thought he was. Eddie also admits that he's been a failure as a husband. As much as the Eddie owning up to his betrayal means to Alicia, she still feels guarded because she can't help but wonder if she's making a mistake by staying with him through all of this while he's in jail. 
When all the girls get together for a girls night out Natalie messes up one too many times. First, Natalie messes up by drinking too much (again) and starts getting loud while calling Drita a whore (in a good way....I think). I love Drita's reaction to when Natalie calls her a whore in this scene. As if Natalie isn't already acting crazy drunk enough at the club; when Renee's date Micheal shows up Natalie says that he "smells delicious". Drita says that to Renee when Natalie said "you smelled delicious" what Renee heard was "you smell good, do you wanna f**k later?" (best line by Drita this season yet) which is really bad. Drita says "you don't like how he smells". Drita says that if someone said that to Lee, they would've gotten b**ch slapped. 
After Renee hears this, she decides to leave with Micheal because she really likes him and she doesn't want him to see her go off on Natalie. Natalie goes after Renee and says that she didn't mean anything bad by what she said to Micheal. Micheal handled the situation pretty well and tried to defuse the situation. Renee realizes that the way Natalie disrespected her by saying that Micheal smelled delicious means that she's not her mini me and that she's nothing like her at all. 
When Natalie goes out to eat with a friend she explains what happened between her and Renee at the club the night before. Natalie still doesn't understand what she did wrong. Natalie says that in her eyes she thought she was paying Renee's date a compliment by saying he was "delicious". Drita meets with Renee and Alicia for lunch and she warns Renee that Natalie's bad news for her mob candy. Drita thinks that the way Natalie talks and jokes about things, she doesn't get it. Drita tells Renee "I'm gonna break her face and say that I was joking about it and then you're gonna find a new model". Renee thinks that maybe they should correct Natalie for the "delicious" comment. Renee says that she needs to show Natalie that she's crossed the line with her therefore she can't step back over it pretending like she didn't say anything wrong. Natalie thinks that because of everything Renee went through in her past, she's the one who gets blamed for making one little comment about Renee's date. Natalie says that right now, Renee's dead to her. Next week the girls go to Las Vegas and you don't want to miss what happens there. Be sure to catch an all new episode of Mob Wives "Vegas Part 1" next Thursday at 10 pm only on vh1. 

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