Thursday, December 5, 2013

Mob Wives Season 4 Premiere Ep 401 "New Blood"

Mob Wives season 4 premiered tonight and it was definitely an episode not to be missed. The show opened with a headline that came across the screen saying "Mob Wives Has Given You 3 Epic Seasons" followed by "This Season Has New Blood". Only Jenn Graziano could give us this kind of intro going into season 4 of Mob Wives. I love it! The season begins with Renee talking about how she's been busy expanding her Mob Candy shoe line by adding clothes to it. She is also working on her Mob Candy fashion show that's coming up. The BO$$ B**ch is back!!! Her baby boy AJ's job fell through in Florida so she's glad that he's home with her. Renee, calls Big Ang where they talk about going to 1920's costume party in Philadelphia that is thrown by Renee's friend Alicia DiMichele. Drita is also going too. Renee explains that she's known Alicia's husband Eddie Garofalo since she was a kid. He is allegedly associated with the Colombo crime family in New York and is currently in jail awaiting to be sentenced from everything to murder conspiracy to racketeering. Big Ang says she's known Eddie and his family for years and that they have bad blood with Karen's family. Therefore it's probably a good idea that Karen's in Arizona. Alicia was also arrested with her husband for embezzlement and plead guilty. Renee explains that her dad and Eddie were actually in the same jail together. According to the papers she's known as the wise gal. Renee thinks that the only reason that the feds are trying to take Alicia down with Eddie is so that he can become a rat which isn't going to happen.
Big Ang has Drita and Renee over to her house where she tells them that she and her husband Neil want to have a baby together. Drita and and Renee are just as shocked as we are about this. Their facial expressions to hearing this was priceless. Ang thinks that she should get a surrogate to carry the baby. Renee and Drita don't know how they feel about that. 
Renee has a model call for her Mob Candy launch party and she invites Alicia to help her.When Renee can't find the right girl to be the face of Mob Candy, Alicia suggests her friend Natalie who is also from Philly who she thinks is a mini version of Renee.
Drita tells her husband Lee who is officially home from jail living with her and their kids, that their oldest daughter Aleeyah is being bullied by some girls in school. Lee's suggestion is to break bones and ask questions later. 
Big Ang has Drita and Alicia over to her house. Alicia explains that her husband Eddie lived two different lives and that she only knew the one life that he was a family man. Alicia explains to them just what exactly that bad blood is between her husband's family and Karen's family. It turns out that Karen's dad Sammy the Bull killed Alicia's father in-law. It was known as "Gotti's Last Hit" that he ordered Sammy to do before he cooperated with the feds. Alicia says that she doesn't like that Karen wrote a book (Mob Daughter) about her dad killing 19 men (including Alicia's father in-law), without thinking about how the family members felt about it. Drita says that it's a good thing Karen's not in town because she doesn't think it would be a good idea if she and Alicia ever crossed paths with each other. 
Natalie kills it at Renee's Mob Candy photo shoot. In this scene we learn that Natalie runs her own funeral home in Philly. Renee calls Natalie a "mini Renee". Renee says that working with her Mob Candy has made her stay focused and want her to stay on the right track with her recovery. 
When Alicia shows up at Renee's Mob Candy photo shoot, she lets Renee know that she told Drita and Ang that she's not okay with the fact that Karen brags about her father without caring that its affecting the family members who he killed (including her family). Renee explains to Alicia that the men who do the crime don't ever have to look at the victims or their family members because they're doing time in jail for what they did to them. Renee goes on to say that the reality is that the women and family members always come into contact with each other outside the jail and it's a tough thing to do deal with. Alicia says that she didn't realize that being around the New York girls was gonna make her have to deal with things that her husband did. Renee feels that she's put in a very awkward position when it comes to this situation. Renee explains to Alicia that Karen has always been her friend and that she even helped her get through her drug addiction last year. Renee says that she's not gonna stop being friends with Karen. Renee also says that Alicia trying to come into their group knowing that she has issues with Karen isn't going to work well.
Big Ang and Drita go to meet Natalie for lunch. In the beginning, it started to go good. That is, until Natalie has one too many drinks and started not making sense. As if that wasn't bad enough, Natalie eats off of Ang's plate. I love Drita's remark to when Natalie eats off of Ang's plate "we don't know each other like that". Drita says that if this is how Natalie's gonna be with drinking all the time, then this may not be the best idea for her to be the face of Renee's Mob Candy line. 
At Renee's Mob Candy launch Renee and AJ look on as they watch Natalie make her debut on the runway as the face of Mob Candy. Even though Natalie tripped when she walked off the runway, Renee was still very happy with the how her Mob Candy launch turned out. I'm so proud of Renee she really has come a long way these past 3 seasons (going into season 4). 
Ang tells Alicia that she and Drita had lunch with Natalie and that they were so confused by her. Ang explains that Renee is still in recovery and she needs to be around people who are stable unlike Natalie who is still on probation with her from their lunch meeting. I'm not sure how I would feel if I was on probation with any of the New York girls, but if I had to choose I think I would probably want to be on probation with Big Ang because she doesn't care what you do really (unless you eat off her plate). Natalie over hears the girls having this whole conversation. Looks like the New York veterans aren't feeling these rookies from Philly. This is sure to be a very interesting season not to be missed. Be sure to watch next week's episode of Mob Wives titled "Caught On Tape" Thursday at 10 pm on vh1. 

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