Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mob Wives Season 4 Without The Original Fab Four

Each season of Mob Wives' producer Jenn Graziano seems to up the stakes of the show by introducing us to new cast mates. Season 2 brought Ramona and Big Ang, & season 3 last year brought Love Majewski (who was later let go by vh1 at the end of the season after she hit Carla on the season 3 finale). Whether you love or hate the new comers each season; one thing that has always stayed the same is that the original fab four cast (Renee, Karen, Drita, & Carla) from season 1 have always been there for all the fights and arguments. However with season 4 (which is in the process of filming as we speak), rumors have been going around on twitter and other social media outlets that Carla Facciolo (who was one of the original fab four cast members since season one) would not be on it anymore. A few days ago Mob Wives Sit Down announced in a blog post that Drita Davanzo had confirmed to one of her fans on twitter that indeed it was true that Carla would not be back  for another season. 
Although it is not yet known as to why Carla wont be appearing on season four, Carla reassured everyone on twitter that she will be able to tell us what happened soon. So now that Carla is off the show, will there be a new cast member coming into the mix? Whatever the reason may be as for why Carla left, we wish her the best and we'll have to wait until season 4 airs to see what happens. Be sure to check back to the blog for any more updates on the cast of Mob Wives. Don't forget to tune into Big Ang's new show "Miami Monkey" September 8th on VH1.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mob Wives Season 4 Coming Soon This December Who's In? Who's Out?

Ever since it was announced a few months ago that the cast of Mob Wives were filming season 4, fans have been anxiously awaiting to hear when it will air. Although it hasn't been officially announced yet, there's been rumors that season 4 will air in December of this year. All I can say is, hats off to Jenn Graziano for having both of her shows air right after one another. As soon as one show series ends, another one begins. With Big Ang's new show "Miami Monkey" scheduled to air September 8th, it is likely that Mob Wives new season might start to air not too long after "Miami Monkey's" season ends.
That's not the only rumor that's been going around about Mob Wives season 4. There's been rumors going around that not everyone from the cast will be back for season 4. When one fan asked Drita Davanzo on twitter if Carla would be back for another season, Drita replied to them no.
It's not known as to why Carla wouldn't be returning for season 4, but some said that it had to do with money. Whatever the reason may be for Carla's possible departure from the show, we wish her all the best. With Carla gone from the show, will anyone else from the cast be let go? Guess we will have to wait and see what happens. For now though, fans will have something to look forward too this fall and over the holidays on their T.V's. Stay tuned for the latest updates and news about the Mob Wives. Don't forget to tune in for Big Ang's new show "Miami Monkey" September 8th only on VH1.