Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Mob Wives Ep 503 "Storm A-Brewin"

Tonight's episode of Mob Wives picked up right where Karen and Natalie Guercio's fight left off from episode 2 last week. When Guercio brings up Karen's family and starts calling her an informant, things get ugly to a point where security jumps in between them. London grabs Guercio aside and they drive off. Meanwhile, Storm comes outside and walks back into the bar with Karen telling her that Guercio is drunk and  that everything she's trying to argue with Karen about her man just admitted to so she's just trying to cause problems for no reason
London stops by Guercio's house to talk about what happened between them at Ang's party. Guercio feels like London should have had her back when it came to him and Storm. Guercio tells London that she wants him to man up and be on her side.
Karen meets up with Renee to fill her in on what happened between her and Guercio at Ang's party at the Drunken Monkey. Karen says that London is extremely nice & admitted that Guercio is a cop caller basically. Renee says that Drita & Ang made a mistake for letting Guercio in their circle. Renee says that she needs to meet up with Ang to solve their issues. Renee wants to know where Ang's loyalty lies. Renee doesn't want Ang to bring up Guercio's name to her or try to defend her because if she does then their friendship is over.
With all the drama with all of the girls, Ang decides to seek outside advice from the bosses of all bosses, Victoria Gotti (John Gotti's daughter). After Ang explains her family history with the Gotti family and how long she's known them, she asks for Victoria's input on how she should handle her issues with everyone. Victoria explains that usually there's one personality in the circle that drums it up. That's when Ang explains how she thinks it's Guercio who's causing all the problems amongst the women. Victoria thinks Guercio has a strong personality & she thinks Ang should diffuse it.Then Ang explains how Guercio isn't the only one who is causing problems. She then explains how Renee's been causing problems too. Victoria says that family is off limits. Victoria explains that in her circle, people act the way she lets them act. Ang and Victoria believe that they should be building each other up instead of tearing each other down. Victoria advises Ang to set boundaries between the women. Keep families out of it. If they get on the "do me wrong" list, then they should watch their back.
When Drita and Ang meet up with Guercio they let her know that she was in the wrong for starting the fight at Ang's party. Guercio explains to them that London got into a fight with her about what happened at the party. Drita feels that London is a good guy for her. When they talk about Karen, Guercio tells them that she just told Karen what everyone's been wanting to say to her but are too scared to. Drita and Ang both agree that Guercio was in the wrong and that she has a vicious mouth. They both feel like her mouth is going to get her in trouble one day.
When Renee goes over to see Karen's new place, she explains to Renee why she didn't get a chance to shop for furniture yet. Karen tells her that she had a fight with Storm the day before and that he brought a girl home and she found her in his living room. When Karen asks the girl who she is she runs out of the house. Storm tries to tell her that the girl isn't with him & that she's with his friend. Karen gets upset and doesn't know what she should do about their relationship now. Karen wonders what he was doing all this time while she was in Arizona. Renee tells her she should sit in silence and see what comes to her.
Ang fills Drita in on what happened with her son AJ getting arrested because he violated his parole and missed out on the birth of his daughter who they named after Ang (Angelina). Ang explains how AJ failed his drug test and how they took him to Riker's island. Ang says that this is AJ's second strike and if he messes up again then they will put him away for a few years. Drita thinks maybe this is a wake up call for AJ and this is what he needed to turn his life around for his new born daughter. Ang agrees with Drita. Ang then tells Drita how she got a call from Renee saying that she wants to meet up to talk things out.
Renee has a family dinner out with AJ and his girlfriend Andrea. They've been dating for over a year and Renee loves her. When your boyfriend's mom likes your girl that usually means she's a keeper. Renee asks AJ if they plan on living together anytime soon and AJ says that they're not ready to settle down and get married anytime soon. Renee asks AJ when he would like to get married and he says 25 or 26. AJ jokes around with his Mom and asks the boss if that sounds ok with her. Renee tells AJ that he has to ask for her permission on whoever he decides to marry because if she doesn't like the girl then that's a problem. Renee tells AJ how she got engaged when she was 20 and was married a month and 19 days later. She's glad that AJ's not in a rush to get married. Renee says that she would like to move away from New York because she says that there's nothing but drama there..
When Storm comes over to Karen's house unannounced, he tries to explain to her that the girl is her main girl and she was just there to use the bathroom. Karen feels like Storm's not even saying sorry to her for what happened and that he's just talking down to her. Karen feels like Storm is flipping it like its her fault instead of the other way around. Storm feels like Karen's causing drama for no reason. When she tries to go back inside Storm follows her. Karen tells Storm that its already hard enough trying to move her daughter out here and dealing with the relationship problems isn't helping. Karen feels like she needs space from Storm. When Karen tells Storm to leave refuses to. Instead, Karen leaves and wants him gone when she gets back.
When Renee sits down with Ang she explains that this isn't a sit down and that this is two people sitting down talking because they are family. Renee says that she's never had problems with Ang before Guercio. Ang says that she's heard from four people that Renee was bad mouthing her family and she wants to know why. Out of no where there is a lady in a black suit who comes in, but we don't know who it is because as always in true Mob Wives fashion the show gets cut off to the end. The kicker is we have to wait until January 7th to find out who the lady is and what happens next. Be sure to check back here for the latest on the Mob Wives.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Mob Wives Ep 502 "Drunken Monkey Business"

Tonight's episode of Mob Wives was so crazy. Renee meets up with Karen at the studio where they talk about the rooftop party from the last episode. Renee  tells Karen that she never would have thought that her friends of over 25 yrs would walk right past her at the rooftop. Karen explains that Natalie is a cop caller because she threatened her boyfriend Storm when  he saw her and London in a night club.
Natalie explains to London that she doesn't hang out with rats like Karen. Natalie feels like Karen's boyfriend Storm threatened her and London in a nightclub. London says that he and Storm worked things out and that they're good. London tells Natalie that he just wants her to be peaceful with Karen. Natalie says that London should have her back because Storm was the one who came up to them at the nightclub and threatened them.
When Drita and Renee meet up at lunch, they get right down to business. Drita tells Renee if she called Drita a rat then she's gonna crack her head open. Renee tells Drita that never happened. Renee says that nothing Natalie says is true. Renee explains  to Drita that she only told Natalie what Lee got in trouble for nothing else. Drita says that's totally different than what Natalie told her and that she believes Renee. Renee admits she was wrong for putting Lee in her mouth. Renee tells Drita that Natalie threatened Karen's boyfriend at a club and that she's a cop caller. YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH. Can Natalie be this crazy? Um...moment of silence please.....YES she can be this crazy Drita. Renee explains that Natalie needs Drita on her side because she doesn't have her on her side. Natalie needed Renee on her side when she was having a problem with Drita last year. Now she needs Drita and Ang on her side because she's having problems with Renee. Renee also explains that Natalie is trying to turn Drita and Ang against her. They decide to work things out and Drita suggests that Renee and Natalie should try to work it too. Renee says that's never happening.
Ang & Karen go to visit Drita at her Lady Boss store. Ang tells Karen & Drita that shes having a 7 years anniversary party at the Drunken Monkey and that she wants everyone and their significant others to come. Everyone but Renee that is. Drita asks Karen if she's going to be okay with Natalie's boyfriend London being there if she goes. Karen explains that she and Natalie have been having a twitter war lately and explains that Natalie attacked her family on twitter to her. After Karen shows Ang & Drita the twitter conversation between Natalie and herself, she explains how her boyfriend Storm ran into London one night while they were out at a night club. Karen says that Storm gives London a warning and says that he will back Karen up just like London will back up Natalie. Karen says that after that exchange she finds out that Natalie wants to get an order of protection against her. Karen also explains that Natalie's a cop caller. Drita says that she can't be around a cop caller because she's usually the one who punches people in the face. Karen says that Drita and Ang don't know where this girl comes from whereas they've known Karen for years and everything about her. If you stay with trash then you become trash.
Drita meets up with Natalie to tell her that she met up with Renee and that Renee told her that Natalie has a motive to get Drita to turn against her. Natalie says that she doesn't have a motive. Drita says she doesn't know who to believe and that everyone sounds like they're ratting themselves out. Drita also tells Natalie that Karen told her that she's a cop caller. Drita explains that Karen told her the story that happened between Storm and London. Natalie tells Drita that's not true and that it was Storm who approached her and London and that he threatened them. Drita suggests that they talk it out at Ang's party at the Drunken Monkey. Drita tells Natalie that she and Karen should leave families out of it.
When Renee goes to pick up AJ from his girlfriend's she tells him what she found out at the DMV. AJ apologizes to his mom for keeping the tickets and his license being suspended from her. Renee tells him that his situation living with her isn't working out anymore and that he needs to live with his grand father (her dad) so that he can have a man guide him on the straight and narrow path.
When Karen meets up with her boyfriend Storm she fills him in on what she's heard about Natalie threatening him and how she's a cop caller. Storm says that if he had a problem with London that night at the club then they wouldn't have exchanged numbers that night. Karen tells Storm that they've been invited to Ang's anniversary party at the Drunken Monkey. Storm assures her that everything will be fine between them and Natalie & London. Storm also tells her that if things get outta hand he has bail money for her.
At the Drunken Monkey anniversary party Ang tries to tell Natalie not to listen to what other people say and that she should just talk it out with Karen. Natalie tells Ang that Karen's a rat, but Ang tries to tell her not to bring up Karen's family when she talks to her. Natalie doesn't listen and calls Karen a rat again. Ang tries to explain to Natalie that Karen has nothing to do with what her dad is. Ang says that you can't blame the child for what their parents did. When Drita gets to the party Ang explains to her that she's trying to tell Natalie not to bring up Karen's family but she does it again. Drita tells her to leave families out of it. When Karen gets there with Storm, Storm and London talk it out and agree that there's no beef between them. Drita is confused by this because Natalie told her that Storm threatened her. Natalie gets upset with London when she sees him talking with Storm and shaking hands. When Natalie tries to go up to Storm, Drita pulls her back and tells her not to go up to him. Drita explains that you should never go up to a man like a man or else you're gonna get treated like one. Drita suggests that Natalie should go talk to Karen and find out why Storm and London are on good terms. Karen decides to go outside and see what's going on between Drita and Natalie and Ang. The fight between Karen and Natalie begins and gets cut off until next week's episode. Be sure to check back on our blog for the latest news on the Mob Wives. Tune in next week for part 2 of Karen & Natalie's fight at 9 PM only on vh1. Also don't miss Victoria Gotti's guest spot appearance on the show next week.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Mob Wives Season 5 Premiere Ep 501 "The Realest B*!ch is Back"

Mob Wives season 5 premiere was one crazy episode and to think we're only just getting started with the first episode. I can't imagine how crazy the rest of the season is gonna be. This season's theme of Mob Wives is called "Trust No One". Tonight's episode was called "The Realest B*!ch is Back. The show starts off with Drita helping her husband Lee in his sports store. When Ang meets Drita at Lee's store, Drita invites Ang to a Albanian party. They decide that they should invite Natalie to the party too. Ang says that she likes hanging out with Natalie more than she likes hanging out with Renee. Ang fills Drita in on the stuff that's been going on with Renee. Ang says that Renee has turned on her. Ang says she's been hearing that Renee's been calling her a clown and talking about her family. Drita says that she's had her customers tell her that Renee's been talking about her and her store.
Meanwhile, as Renee packs up to leave town, she explains that ever since Drita found out that she's been talking to Karen, things between them haven't been the same. Renee also explains that Ang has been giving her the cold shoulder and hanging out with her enemy Natalie. Renee says that's betrayal. Renee also says that Natalie has turned all of her friends against her. Renee decides to walk away from everyone because she doesn't know who is her friend and who is her enemy.
At Drita's Albanian party Ang explains how she's over Renee.  Ang says that she's heard that Renee's spreading rumors about her family. Natalie tells both Drita and Ang that Renee supposedly called Drita a rat. Drita gets angry & says that she wants to f**k Renee up. Ang tells Natalie that she shouldn't be spreading rumors like that because that's not how their rules go.
Later in the show, we find out that Renee has decided to walk away from Ang, Drita & Natalie and to go visit OG Karen Gravano in Arizona. Renee tells Karen that all the girls turned on her. Renee explains that she feels that Ang has to pick a side between her and Natalie. Renee explains to Karen that Drita wants to crack her head open because she's talking to Karen. Karen explains to Renee that Natalie has been on social media saying that she wants an order of protection against Karen. Karen says that Natalie called Karen's dad a rat on social media. Renee says that she's glad she has Karen on her side and she doesn't need anyone else.
As Drita tries to juggle being a working mom taking care of three businesses (her two stores plus Lee's sports memorabilia store), two kids and a husband at home, its stressful. They all called her while she was at work wondering when she was coming home with dinner.
When Drita, Ang & Natalie go to this roof top summer party, they're surprised when Renee shows up and sits doesn't acknowledge them and sits with her other friends. Renee says that she never thought people who she's known for 20 years would be giving her the cold shoulder & hanging out with her enemy Natalie. Renee says that if Ang & Drita want to talk to her, then they should come up to her. When Ang decides to go up to Renee at the party, Natalie tells Ang not to and to wait for Renee to come up to them. When Renee doesn't come up to them Natalie decides to go up to Renee instead. Renee walks out then comes back and realizes that a boss never has to leave. Renee says that no one will tell her where to go or what to say. When Karen shows up at the party, no one is more surprised & happy to see her than Renee is. When Karen goes up to Drita, Ang, and Natalie at the party, the tables turn as Natalie storms off and asks her boyfriend London to take her home. Here's a little fun fact for you, the last time Karen came back to the Island (which was back in season 1) that episode was called "The B*!ch is Back". Looks like its gonna be a crazy season now that Karen's back on the island. Be sure to check back with our blog for the latest news about Mob Wives & be sure to watch Mob Wives next Wednesday at 9 PM on vh1.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mob Wives Season 4 Reunion Ep 413

Tonight was the Mob Wives season 4 reunion hosted by Sherri Shepherd. The reunion began with Sherri asking Alicia what ended up happening with her sentencing since we never got to find out from the season finale. Alicia says that her sentencing was postponed until the restitution was settled. Next they discuss the delicious topic between Renee and Natalie. Sherri asks Renee why she thought Natalie was a mini me and Renee explains that Natalie is outspoken but that they just have their differences with each other. Renee says that she's done talking about the word delicious because it is ridiculous.
Next they talk about what happened in Vegas. Renee says that she relapsed. Renee says that after 45 minutes of fighting with Natalie she just kind of snapped. Natalie says that Renee is lying and that she didn't relapse in Vegas because she was drinking at the Mob Candy party. Renee says that Natalie shouldn't talk about her recovery because she knows nothing about it. If she did, then Natalie shouldn't have gotten high with her. Renee says that she felt hurt that Drita and Ang never took up for her in Vegas. Drita says that it hurt them to see Renee relapsing. Ang says that they're over it and that Renee has been fine ever since Vegas.
Finally they talk about Renee's book "Playing with Fire" which will be in stores to buy on April 8th. She says its she's excited about the book because it's mixed with mob, thriller. She had fun writing it. Overall it was a good season. Look for season 5 coming soon.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mob Wives Season 4 Finale Ep 412

Tonight was Mob Wives Season 4 finale where it began with Renee going over to Ang's house where she showed her and Drita what she had been working on for a few months. Renee tells Drita and Ang that she has been writing a book that's fiction and that its kind of dirty. The book is titled "Playing with Fire" and Renee is planning to have a release thrown by her publicist and she wants all of the girls to come.

When Ang and Drita meet up with Natalie at Ang's house they want to let her know that Renee was pissed about what she did to her on twitter. They both agree that they want her to stop causing issues with Renee on twitter. Natalie says when Renee stops then she will stop.

Its the night of Renee's book release party and everyone is attendance. Renee reads a few lines from her book. I gotta say AJ's facial expression during this scene was the best. 
Out of nowhere Natalie decides to make the night about her instead of about Renee and decides to tell the DJ to play her song called "Delicious". Everyone including Drita is shocked that Natalie is singing and with a British accent. At this point Drita says that Renee just has to give her the look to take Natalie out. Surprisingly Renee didn't seemed phased by Natalie's antics. 
Its the day of Alicia's sentencing and everyone is waiting to see how it went. Meanwhile Renee gets a call from her friend Nikole where she tells her that one of her friends who is in jail found out that Junior got word that Renee went to see a lawyer. Renee is shocked that Junior knows this because no one knows that she went to see a lawyer but Nikole. Nikole also tells her that Junior is being released the next day. Renee is pretty shaken up by the news. When she goes to Drita's to tell her, Drita tells her that she needs to protect herself. Natalie goes to the courthouse to find out how Alicia's sentencing went. Natalie leaves the courthouse and calls Drita to fill her in. Suddenly the show gets cut off and that's the end of the season.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mob Wives Ep 411 "Renee's Had Enough"

Tonight's episode picked up right where last week's left off. It was titled "Renee's Had Enough" and it began at Drita's house where she was cooking for everyone and they were waiting for Renee to show up. When Renee finally shows up, everyone is pretty quiet just eating and enjoying the food that Drita made. Eventually they finally decide to confront Renee with their issues. Alicia starts the conversation off explaining that if Renee is going around town talking about her case then that's putting her sentencing in jeopardy. Renee says that whatever Alicia thinks she's doing she isn't. Even though Alicia still doesn't know who leaked her info to the press, she now knows that it wasn't Renee or anyone else at the table. Renee says that her issues with Alicia came from her being friends with Carla. Drita steps in and says that Renee is Carla and Eddie's friend first not Alicia's but Eddie's. Therefore, Renee's loyalty lies with them first not Alicia's. Natalie says that she was only defending Alicia because she's her friend which Renee totally understands. Drita did really good mediating everyone and helping them clear the air. 

Drita is opening her second store called "Lady Boss" and she's throwing a grand opening for all the girls to come. When everyone gets there they all love it. Alicia pulls London aside because she doesn't think he's on the same page as Natalie is about their future. 

Alicia writes letters with her boys to Eddie who just got sentenced. The boys miss him but they get to talk to him on the phone when he calls. Eddie calls and talks the boys and they tell him about the letters they're writing to him. 
Renee rents a hotel suite in the city and is having a "Ho-Ho-Ho" party where she invites everyone but Natalie. They all show up in their PJs. Renee goes upstairs suddenly when Drita asks Alicia what she did earlier that day and she says she saw Natalie. Renee says that she doesn't want to hear about Natalie so thats why she's leaving the room. Later on Drita and Ang go upstairs to find out what's wrong with Renee and she fills them in on what Natalie did to her on twitter. Alicia feels that Natalie was out of line by telling people on twitter that Renee gives men blow jobs. Drita feels that Renee should just dead the issue, but Renee says that it can't dead. Renee's had enough. Stay tuned next week for the season finale at 9 PM only on vh1.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mob Wives Ep 410 "Life Sentences"

Tonight's episode began with Alicia getting ready to go to Eddie's sentencing. She's been waiting forever for him to be sentenced and the day has finally arrived find out how much time he will get. Next Renee and Natalie finally meet up to talk about the things that went on in Vegas and why Renee didn't go to her Halloween party last week. When they first sit down, Renee tells Natalie that with everything that happened between them in Vegas that its probably not a good idea for her to be a part of her Mob Candy line anymore. Natalie agrees. When Natalie asks Renee why she didn't show up to her Halloween party, she says that she didn't want to walk into the lion's den feeling like she was being set up. Renee agrees that she didn't feel like their apologies towards each other in Vegas were sincere. Renee tells her that she would like to try to be friends with Natalie. Natalie still feels hurt by what happened in Vegas and that she was disloyal to Alicia. Renee says that she only owes her loyalty to the people who she wants to be loyal to and that's it. Renee takes off because Natalie still isn't accepting her apology.
Over at Ang's house, she gets a call from Alicia about how Eddie's sentencing went. Alicia tells her that the judge accepted his plea deal and he will be home in a year and a half. Ang says that's great news and now all Alicia has to do is wait for her to be sentenced. 
Drita is on the phone with Lee and she fills him in on how her rap song is going. She feels like she's a Brady Bunch because she's a softy now ever since Lee came home and she has nothing to rap about. She then tells him that she's organizing a lunch for all the girls so that they can all get their issues out.
When the girls meet up for lunch that Drita set up Ang and Alicia tell Drita that Renee is not coming. Renee called Ang and told her that she couldn't make. They are all upset that Renee didn't show up. Alicia wants to talk to Renee not about Renee.

Later Drita meets up with Renee to find out why she didn't show up at the lunch with everyone. Renee tells her that since the meet up with Natalie didn't go well she didn't want to sit across from her and Alicia. Drita thinks Renee hates them both. Renee says that she doesn't care enough about them to hate them. Drita says that she wants to do dinner at her house with everyone and insists that Renee come. Renee says she will.
As Drita is making dinner for the girls, she's really hoping that this time Renee shows up. When everyone gets to Drita's, no one has heard from Renee so they're not sure if she's gonna show up or not. Meanwhile, Renee's on her way to Drita's and even though she's not looking forward to seeing everyone she's gonna show up anyways. The dinner gets cut off to next week's episode. Don't miss next week's all new episode of Mob Wives Thursday at 9 PM.only on VH1.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mob Wives Ep 409 "Purgatory"

Tonight's episode of Mob Wives was titled "Purgatory". It started off with Renee going to Ang's house to fill her in on what happened with her meeting with Alicia. Renee says that Alicia is nothing like she claims to be. Next, Natalie invites everyone to pick pumpkins with her. Everyone but Renee shows up. They go through the haunted house and corn maze. Natalie tells Ang, Alicia and Drita that she's having a Halloween party at her family's funeral home and wants them all to come. Sounds a little creepy to have a party in a funeral home but it is Halloween a time when all scary things come out. So where better to have it than a funeral home right? Yea ok. I wouldn't have gone to that party. Sounds too creepy to me. Natalie asks the girls what they think about if she invited Renee to come to the party too. Alicia thinks she's should always be the bigger person and invite her. Natalie calls Renee and leaves a message to invite her. When Renee listens to Natalie's message she feels like her inviting her to the Halloween party was a way out to make it look like she wasn't mad her from their fight in Vegas. Renee says that she's not going to the party. 
Drita is back in the studio with her producer Anthony and she's ready to kill it with her verse on the track "Money Bags". Method Man pops up and surprises her as she's going over her verse. She's trying to act cool and calm meanwhile she's so exited to see him. He even helps her out and rewrites some of her verses for the track. 
At the Halloween party, Alicia is dressed as Wonder Woman, Natalie is dressed as Purgatory, and Drita is dressed as one of her daughters dolls. Natalie shows Drita the text that she got from Renee. Natalie didn't read all of Renee's text because she says it was too long and she wasn't gonna waste her time with it so she just gives it Drita to read instead. Personally I think Natalie should have had the courtesy to read the text because after all she's the one who wanted to pretend to be nice and invite her. Drita reads the text from Renee that simply says that she didn't want to come because she felt like she was going to be set up like she was in Vegas. The text goes on to say that Renee wants to meet with Natalie to talk things out. Drita thinks that Renee's referring to her and Ang when she talks about being set up in Vegas. Drita says that she and Ang didn't set Renee up in Vegas at all. Drita says that Renee did that on her own. Why Drita and Ang aren't on Renee's side I have no idea. This just seems odd to me. Drita and Ang should be on Renee's side because they've known her the longest. Drita and Ang decide that they need to talk to Renee about this text to Natalie. 
When Drita and Ang go to Renee's to talk to her about the text she sent to Natalie Renee tells them that she wasn't talking about them when she said she felt like she was set up in Vegas. Renee says that she didn't go to the party because she was uncomfortable being there. Renee says that maybe Drita's better at pretending to be nice to someone who did her wrong but she's not. Drita flips out on Renee when she says that. Renee says that she needs to meet with Natalie and settle this once and for all. Tune in next week for an all new episode of Mob Wives at 9 PM on vh1.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Mob Wives Ep 408 "Eat Worms B*tch"

Tonight's episode of Mob Wives titled "Eat Worms B*tch" started off with Drita meeting up with her music producer Anthony who tells her that he has another song for her to try out called "Money Bags". Anthony tells her that he had Method Man in the studio and that he wants to be on the track too with her. Drita is excited because she's a huge fan of his music. 
Drita meets up with Alicia to apologize to her for what happened at her house the other night when she said that Renee heard her wire taps. Drita feels like she came over and stressed her out. Alicia says that she's all good. Drita tells Alicia that she thought Alicia told Renee that she heard them says she was on wire taps. Alicia says no it isn't true and she even checked with Eddie and he said it didn't happen like that either. Alicia thinks Renee's the one who's leaking her business about her case to the press and she thinks its gonna hurt her case. Alicia tells Drita that she wants to sit down with Renee and have her explain herself. 
Drita is trying to write her verse for "Money Bags". Her producer didn't give her much time to write, so she's doing the best she can with the short time she has. She even insists on her daughter Aleeya to help her out.
Natalie goes out with London and they get to talking about their relationship and where things stand with each other. Natalie wants London to move to Philly and London doesn't seem that thrilled about it. He's good with the way they're living now. He's in New York and she's in Philly. 
As Renee is still mad with Alicia for accusing her of being the one who leaked her pictures of her in Vegas to the newspaper, she receives a letter from Junior. She calls her friend Nikole to read it to her. The letter basically says that Junior has a year to go in jail and that he loves Renee. The letter also says that he can forgive her if she can forgive him and he wants another chance with her. Renee isn't going to forgive him and wants nothing to do with him. When AJ comes home he notices she's agitated and wants to know why. When she shows him the letter from his dad he tells her he doesn't want to hear about it. AJ tells his mom that he's moved on from the past and what his dad did to them and that's why he doesn't want to hear about the letter. Renee tells him she wants his dad to leave her alone. AJ tells his mom she should just throw it out and not read it.
Renee meets up with her friend Carla Murino whom she's known for 35 years. Renee, Carla, and Alicia's husband Eddie all grew up together. Renee tells Carla that Alicia first came to her house to accuse her of being on her wire taps. Carla says she knows about it because she herself got a letter from the federal government about being on it too. Apparently they have to let everyone who's not being investigated that they're on the tapes too. Renee then tells Carla that Alicia doesn't want her being friends with Eddie. Renee then tells Carla that Alicia is implying that she's telling her about Alicia's case and then Carla is spreading it around Staten Island which isn't true. Carla tells Renee that not everyone can be wrong. Carla tells Renee that Eddie's family doesn't even like Alicia and that he's even asked her to buy gifts for Alicia. Renee laughs and says that although Carla's no longer with Eddie, his family is still married to her. Carla says that if Alicia has an issue she should take it up with her not Renee. Her doors open and her phone is on...ring it.
Over at the Old Homestead, Renee & Alicia meet up for a sit down. Renee's head is screwed on so tight she's got this. Renee starts off and says that they can both agree that there are issues that need to be cleared up. Renee says that everyone is talking about the Alicia's tapes. Its in the newspapers, its everywhere. Alicia gets defensive for nothing. All Renee did was have a simple conversation. Someone who she was in her company was talking about Alicia that's all it was. Renee didn't go to the newspapers. Renee tells Alicia she doesn't know what her issue with her is. First, Alicia had a problem with Karen. Next, Alicia had a problem with Renee's friend Carla. Alicia says that she has every right to be mad with Carla because she thinks Renee's going back to her to tell her whatever it is she tells her about her case. Renee thinks Alicia is implying that she's a rat. Not true at all. Renee's not a rat. Alicia swears that she didn't call Renee a rat. Alicia then accuses Renee of tweeting about her. "The damsel and distress act is getting old ladies need to woman up and take the bull by the horn", Renee says that tweet wasn't about Alicia, but if she thinks it is about her then she might have something in her closet that she's worried about. Alicia says she's not worried about anything. Next, Alicia accuses Renee of telling people that she had a boyfriend. Renee says that someone had a conversation with her about it. Alicia says she doesn't have a boyfriend, but if she wanted to have one she can and Eddie knows this . Renee tells Alicia that she thinks she's a goddess when in reality no one likes her because she's not that interesting. What kind of friend would Renee be if she told Alicia "hey no one likes you everybody hates you. Guess you should go eat worms b*tch", Best line of the night by the way. Renee says that ever since Alicia heard her name mentioned on the tapes she's had it out for her and her friend Carla. Tune in next week for an all new episode of Mob Wives at 9 PM on vh1.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mob Wives Ep 407 "Loose Lips"

Tonight's episode of Mob Wives was called "Loose Lips". It was mainly about how Alicia's trip with the girls to Vegas got leaked to the news. So lets start with how Natalie went to Ang's house to talk about how their Vegas trip went. Natalie goes over to Ang's house to get advice on what to do with Renee. Natalie apologizes to them for ruining their trips with her fight with Renee. Natalie says that Renee apologized to her because she looked at her like she was a kid. Drita and Ang feel sorry for Natalie. Why? I have no idea. They should be sticking up for Renee, but whatever. Natalie doesn't think Renee's apology was sincere. Drita knows Renee for a long time (therefore you would think she would be sticking up for her right?) but she says she won't let go of the past and what Natalie said to her. Meanwhile, Renee plays darts with AJ and she tells him that she apologized to Natalie but that she too doesn't feel that she was over it. AJ thinks that his mom needs to let it go already. Renee is mad because Natalie insulted her mob candy clothing line too. Therefore, she realizes that she needs to let her go from her company. 
When Ang meets up with Drita she shows her the paper that has pictures of them in Vegas. According to the article, Alicia lied and told the judge that she was visiting her son in college while all along she was really in Vegas with them. 
This article has way too many details of what they did in Vegas. They even have pictures that Alicia posted on her instagram of her and the girls in Vegas. My guess is instagram is to blame for being the leak. Another week goes by and Ang finds Alicia in the newspaper again. This time the judge thinks she's hiding money and wants to see her in court asap. Renee defends Alicia and doesn't thinks she's hiding money under the mattress. She's a single mom of three kids that's just not possible. 
Over at Alicia's house Drita, Ang, & Renee go over to see if she's okay with everything's that's being said about her in the newspaper about her case. Renee's going to show support for her friend Eddie because that's his wife. All of them agree someone is out to get her and that Alicia doesn't deserve it. Alicia tells them that she was in a good place until all of this got leaked into the newspaper. Now, her lawyer told her that because of her going to Vegas the judge might sentence her to 5 years on the spot. Alicia feels that someone in their circle (meaning Ang, Drita or Renee) is leaking things to the press. She swears its one of them because no one in her world out of her friends in Philly would do it. Drita tells Alicia that Renee heard that someone said that Alicia was on wire taps saying she knew everything Eddie did. Right away things go left and Alicia starts attacking Renee and accusing her of being the one who leaked things to the press. Tune in next week for an all  new episode of Mob Wives at 9 PM on vh1.