Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mob Wives Ep 409 "Purgatory"

Tonight's episode of Mob Wives was titled "Purgatory". It started off with Renee going to Ang's house to fill her in on what happened with her meeting with Alicia. Renee says that Alicia is nothing like she claims to be. Next, Natalie invites everyone to pick pumpkins with her. Everyone but Renee shows up. They go through the haunted house and corn maze. Natalie tells Ang, Alicia and Drita that she's having a Halloween party at her family's funeral home and wants them all to come. Sounds a little creepy to have a party in a funeral home but it is Halloween a time when all scary things come out. So where better to have it than a funeral home right? Yea ok. I wouldn't have gone to that party. Sounds too creepy to me. Natalie asks the girls what they think about if she invited Renee to come to the party too. Alicia thinks she's should always be the bigger person and invite her. Natalie calls Renee and leaves a message to invite her. When Renee listens to Natalie's message she feels like her inviting her to the Halloween party was a way out to make it look like she wasn't mad her from their fight in Vegas. Renee says that she's not going to the party. 
Drita is back in the studio with her producer Anthony and she's ready to kill it with her verse on the track "Money Bags". Method Man pops up and surprises her as she's going over her verse. She's trying to act cool and calm meanwhile she's so exited to see him. He even helps her out and rewrites some of her verses for the track. 
At the Halloween party, Alicia is dressed as Wonder Woman, Natalie is dressed as Purgatory, and Drita is dressed as one of her daughters dolls. Natalie shows Drita the text that she got from Renee. Natalie didn't read all of Renee's text because she says it was too long and she wasn't gonna waste her time with it so she just gives it Drita to read instead. Personally I think Natalie should have had the courtesy to read the text because after all she's the one who wanted to pretend to be nice and invite her. Drita reads the text from Renee that simply says that she didn't want to come because she felt like she was going to be set up like she was in Vegas. The text goes on to say that Renee wants to meet with Natalie to talk things out. Drita thinks that Renee's referring to her and Ang when she talks about being set up in Vegas. Drita says that she and Ang didn't set Renee up in Vegas at all. Drita says that Renee did that on her own. Why Drita and Ang aren't on Renee's side I have no idea. This just seems odd to me. Drita and Ang should be on Renee's side because they've known her the longest. Drita and Ang decide that they need to talk to Renee about this text to Natalie. 
When Drita and Ang go to Renee's to talk to her about the text she sent to Natalie Renee tells them that she wasn't talking about them when she said she felt like she was set up in Vegas. Renee says that she didn't go to the party because she was uncomfortable being there. Renee says that maybe Drita's better at pretending to be nice to someone who did her wrong but she's not. Drita flips out on Renee when she says that. Renee says that she needs to meet with Natalie and settle this once and for all. Tune in next week for an all new episode of Mob Wives at 9 PM on vh1.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Mob Wives Ep 408 "Eat Worms B*tch"

Tonight's episode of Mob Wives titled "Eat Worms B*tch" started off with Drita meeting up with her music producer Anthony who tells her that he has another song for her to try out called "Money Bags". Anthony tells her that he had Method Man in the studio and that he wants to be on the track too with her. Drita is excited because she's a huge fan of his music. 
Drita meets up with Alicia to apologize to her for what happened at her house the other night when she said that Renee heard her wire taps. Drita feels like she came over and stressed her out. Alicia says that she's all good. Drita tells Alicia that she thought Alicia told Renee that she heard them says she was on wire taps. Alicia says no it isn't true and she even checked with Eddie and he said it didn't happen like that either. Alicia thinks Renee's the one who's leaking her business about her case to the press and she thinks its gonna hurt her case. Alicia tells Drita that she wants to sit down with Renee and have her explain herself. 
Drita is trying to write her verse for "Money Bags". Her producer didn't give her much time to write, so she's doing the best she can with the short time she has. She even insists on her daughter Aleeya to help her out.
Natalie goes out with London and they get to talking about their relationship and where things stand with each other. Natalie wants London to move to Philly and London doesn't seem that thrilled about it. He's good with the way they're living now. He's in New York and she's in Philly. 
As Renee is still mad with Alicia for accusing her of being the one who leaked her pictures of her in Vegas to the newspaper, she receives a letter from Junior. She calls her friend Nikole to read it to her. The letter basically says that Junior has a year to go in jail and that he loves Renee. The letter also says that he can forgive her if she can forgive him and he wants another chance with her. Renee isn't going to forgive him and wants nothing to do with him. When AJ comes home he notices she's agitated and wants to know why. When she shows him the letter from his dad he tells her he doesn't want to hear about it. AJ tells his mom that he's moved on from the past and what his dad did to them and that's why he doesn't want to hear about the letter. Renee tells him she wants his dad to leave her alone. AJ tells his mom she should just throw it out and not read it.
Renee meets up with her friend Carla Murino whom she's known for 35 years. Renee, Carla, and Alicia's husband Eddie all grew up together. Renee tells Carla that Alicia first came to her house to accuse her of being on her wire taps. Carla says she knows about it because she herself got a letter from the federal government about being on it too. Apparently they have to let everyone who's not being investigated that they're on the tapes too. Renee then tells Carla that Alicia doesn't want her being friends with Eddie. Renee then tells Carla that Alicia is implying that she's telling her about Alicia's case and then Carla is spreading it around Staten Island which isn't true. Carla tells Renee that not everyone can be wrong. Carla tells Renee that Eddie's family doesn't even like Alicia and that he's even asked her to buy gifts for Alicia. Renee laughs and says that although Carla's no longer with Eddie, his family is still married to her. Carla says that if Alicia has an issue she should take it up with her not Renee. Her doors open and her phone is on...ring it.
Over at the Old Homestead, Renee & Alicia meet up for a sit down. Renee's head is screwed on so tight she's got this. Renee starts off and says that they can both agree that there are issues that need to be cleared up. Renee says that everyone is talking about the Alicia's tapes. Its in the newspapers, its everywhere. Alicia gets defensive for nothing. All Renee did was have a simple conversation. Someone who she was in her company was talking about Alicia that's all it was. Renee didn't go to the newspapers. Renee tells Alicia she doesn't know what her issue with her is. First, Alicia had a problem with Karen. Next, Alicia had a problem with Renee's friend Carla. Alicia says that she has every right to be mad with Carla because she thinks Renee's going back to her to tell her whatever it is she tells her about her case. Renee thinks Alicia is implying that she's a rat. Not true at all. Renee's not a rat. Alicia swears that she didn't call Renee a rat. Alicia then accuses Renee of tweeting about her. "The damsel and distress act is getting old ladies need to woman up and take the bull by the horn", Renee says that tweet wasn't about Alicia, but if she thinks it is about her then she might have something in her closet that she's worried about. Alicia says she's not worried about anything. Next, Alicia accuses Renee of telling people that she had a boyfriend. Renee says that someone had a conversation with her about it. Alicia says she doesn't have a boyfriend, but if she wanted to have one she can and Eddie knows this . Renee tells Alicia that she thinks she's a goddess when in reality no one likes her because she's not that interesting. What kind of friend would Renee be if she told Alicia "hey no one likes you everybody hates you. Guess you should go eat worms b*tch", Best line of the night by the way. Renee says that ever since Alicia heard her name mentioned on the tapes she's had it out for her and her friend Carla. Tune in next week for an all new episode of Mob Wives at 9 PM on vh1.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mob Wives Ep 407 "Loose Lips"

Tonight's episode of Mob Wives was called "Loose Lips". It was mainly about how Alicia's trip with the girls to Vegas got leaked to the news. So lets start with how Natalie went to Ang's house to talk about how their Vegas trip went. Natalie goes over to Ang's house to get advice on what to do with Renee. Natalie apologizes to them for ruining their trips with her fight with Renee. Natalie says that Renee apologized to her because she looked at her like she was a kid. Drita and Ang feel sorry for Natalie. Why? I have no idea. They should be sticking up for Renee, but whatever. Natalie doesn't think Renee's apology was sincere. Drita knows Renee for a long time (therefore you would think she would be sticking up for her right?) but she says she won't let go of the past and what Natalie said to her. Meanwhile, Renee plays darts with AJ and she tells him that she apologized to Natalie but that she too doesn't feel that she was over it. AJ thinks that his mom needs to let it go already. Renee is mad because Natalie insulted her mob candy clothing line too. Therefore, she realizes that she needs to let her go from her company. 
When Ang meets up with Drita she shows her the paper that has pictures of them in Vegas. According to the article, Alicia lied and told the judge that she was visiting her son in college while all along she was really in Vegas with them. 
This article has way too many details of what they did in Vegas. They even have pictures that Alicia posted on her instagram of her and the girls in Vegas. My guess is instagram is to blame for being the leak. Another week goes by and Ang finds Alicia in the newspaper again. This time the judge thinks she's hiding money and wants to see her in court asap. Renee defends Alicia and doesn't thinks she's hiding money under the mattress. She's a single mom of three kids that's just not possible. 
Over at Alicia's house Drita, Ang, & Renee go over to see if she's okay with everything's that's being said about her in the newspaper about her case. Renee's going to show support for her friend Eddie because that's his wife. All of them agree someone is out to get her and that Alicia doesn't deserve it. Alicia tells them that she was in a good place until all of this got leaked into the newspaper. Now, her lawyer told her that because of her going to Vegas the judge might sentence her to 5 years on the spot. Alicia feels that someone in their circle (meaning Ang, Drita or Renee) is leaking things to the press. She swears its one of them because no one in her world out of her friends in Philly would do it. Drita tells Alicia that Renee heard that someone said that Alicia was on wire taps saying she knew everything Eddie did. Right away things go left and Alicia starts attacking Renee and accusing her of being the one who leaked things to the press. Tune in next week for an all  new episode of Mob Wives at 9 PM on vh1.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mob Wives Ep 406 Vegas Part Three

Tonight's episode of Mob Wives was the conclusion to the girls' Vegas trip. It starts off with the girls deciding to go race cars at the Vegas Motor Speedway. Renee is still pissed at Natalie from their fight that happened the day before in last week's episode, but she's determined to try and be good and enjoy the day with everyone. When Renee sees all the girls laughing and joking with Natalie she realizes that she can't handle them being friends with Natalie knowing that she started the fight. Ang and Alicia blame Renee for starting the fight. Renee disagrees and decides to leave the track because she can't stand being around them while they're taking Natalie's side. When Renee gets back to the hotel she decides to call AJ to get some advice on what she should with Natalie and how she should make things right with her. AJ tells his mom that she should let it go. Drita, Ang and Alicia decide to go out to eat dinner leaving Renee and Natalie back at the hotel hoping that they resolve their issues from their fight. Renee decides to talk to Natalie explaining that she doesn't remember what happened during their fight but that she's sorry. 
When Drita, Ang and Alicia get back from dinner, Natalie tells them that her and Renee made up. They decide that since its their last night in Vegas and that Natalie and Renee made that they can all go out together and have fun. They decide to go to a strip club called Crazy Horse. They all have fun and Party Renee is on the scene. They all go home the next day. 
Over at Alicia's as she's helping her son Anthony pack up more things for college. As her son is packing, he finds a letter that Eddie wrote to him back in 2010. The letter says that Eddie wants Anthony to know that he considers him like another son. Anthony asks his mom what's gonna happen to his brothers if she has to go away when she gets sentenced. Alicia says that she tries not to think about it.
Renee meets up with Alicia for lunch to see how Eddie's sentencing went. Right away Renee knows that by the look on Alicia's face she knows it didn't go too well. Alicia tells Renee that Eddie's sentencing got postponed. Alicia says that she's tired of waiting for Eddie to get sentenced because this isn't the first time his sentencing has gotten postponed before. Renee tells Alicia that she needs to focus on herself. Be sure to watch an all new episode of Mob Wives next Thursday at 9 PM only on vh1.