Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mob Wives Ep 406 Vegas Part Three

Tonight's episode of Mob Wives was the conclusion to the girls' Vegas trip. It starts off with the girls deciding to go race cars at the Vegas Motor Speedway. Renee is still pissed at Natalie from their fight that happened the day before in last week's episode, but she's determined to try and be good and enjoy the day with everyone. When Renee sees all the girls laughing and joking with Natalie she realizes that she can't handle them being friends with Natalie knowing that she started the fight. Ang and Alicia blame Renee for starting the fight. Renee disagrees and decides to leave the track because she can't stand being around them while they're taking Natalie's side. When Renee gets back to the hotel she decides to call AJ to get some advice on what she should with Natalie and how she should make things right with her. AJ tells his mom that she should let it go. Drita, Ang and Alicia decide to go out to eat dinner leaving Renee and Natalie back at the hotel hoping that they resolve their issues from their fight. Renee decides to talk to Natalie explaining that she doesn't remember what happened during their fight but that she's sorry. 
When Drita, Ang and Alicia get back from dinner, Natalie tells them that her and Renee made up. They decide that since its their last night in Vegas and that Natalie and Renee made that they can all go out together and have fun. They decide to go to a strip club called Crazy Horse. They all have fun and Party Renee is on the scene. They all go home the next day. 
Over at Alicia's as she's helping her son Anthony pack up more things for college. As her son is packing, he finds a letter that Eddie wrote to him back in 2010. The letter says that Eddie wants Anthony to know that he considers him like another son. Anthony asks his mom what's gonna happen to his brothers if she has to go away when she gets sentenced. Alicia says that she tries not to think about it.
Renee meets up with Alicia for lunch to see how Eddie's sentencing went. Right away Renee knows that by the look on Alicia's face she knows it didn't go too well. Alicia tells Renee that Eddie's sentencing got postponed. Alicia says that she's tired of waiting for Eddie to get sentenced because this isn't the first time his sentencing has gotten postponed before. Renee tells Alicia that she needs to focus on herself. Be sure to watch an all new episode of Mob Wives next Thursday at 9 PM only on vh1.

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