Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mob Wives Ep 407 "Loose Lips"

Tonight's episode of Mob Wives was called "Loose Lips". It was mainly about how Alicia's trip with the girls to Vegas got leaked to the news. So lets start with how Natalie went to Ang's house to talk about how their Vegas trip went. Natalie goes over to Ang's house to get advice on what to do with Renee. Natalie apologizes to them for ruining their trips with her fight with Renee. Natalie says that Renee apologized to her because she looked at her like she was a kid. Drita and Ang feel sorry for Natalie. Why? I have no idea. They should be sticking up for Renee, but whatever. Natalie doesn't think Renee's apology was sincere. Drita knows Renee for a long time (therefore you would think she would be sticking up for her right?) but she says she won't let go of the past and what Natalie said to her. Meanwhile, Renee plays darts with AJ and she tells him that she apologized to Natalie but that she too doesn't feel that she was over it. AJ thinks that his mom needs to let it go already. Renee is mad because Natalie insulted her mob candy clothing line too. Therefore, she realizes that she needs to let her go from her company. 
When Ang meets up with Drita she shows her the paper that has pictures of them in Vegas. According to the article, Alicia lied and told the judge that she was visiting her son in college while all along she was really in Vegas with them. 
This article has way too many details of what they did in Vegas. They even have pictures that Alicia posted on her instagram of her and the girls in Vegas. My guess is instagram is to blame for being the leak. Another week goes by and Ang finds Alicia in the newspaper again. This time the judge thinks she's hiding money and wants to see her in court asap. Renee defends Alicia and doesn't thinks she's hiding money under the mattress. She's a single mom of three kids that's just not possible. 
Over at Alicia's house Drita, Ang, & Renee go over to see if she's okay with everything's that's being said about her in the newspaper about her case. Renee's going to show support for her friend Eddie because that's his wife. All of them agree someone is out to get her and that Alicia doesn't deserve it. Alicia tells them that she was in a good place until all of this got leaked into the newspaper. Now, her lawyer told her that because of her going to Vegas the judge might sentence her to 5 years on the spot. Alicia feels that someone in their circle (meaning Ang, Drita or Renee) is leaking things to the press. She swears its one of them because no one in her world out of her friends in Philly would do it. Drita tells Alicia that Renee heard that someone said that Alicia was on wire taps saying she knew everything Eddie did. Right away things go left and Alicia starts attacking Renee and accusing her of being the one who leaked things to the press. Tune in next week for an all  new episode of Mob Wives at 9 PM on vh1.

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