Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mob Wives Ep 409 "Purgatory"

Tonight's episode of Mob Wives was titled "Purgatory". It started off with Renee going to Ang's house to fill her in on what happened with her meeting with Alicia. Renee says that Alicia is nothing like she claims to be. Next, Natalie invites everyone to pick pumpkins with her. Everyone but Renee shows up. They go through the haunted house and corn maze. Natalie tells Ang, Alicia and Drita that she's having a Halloween party at her family's funeral home and wants them all to come. Sounds a little creepy to have a party in a funeral home but it is Halloween a time when all scary things come out. So where better to have it than a funeral home right? Yea ok. I wouldn't have gone to that party. Sounds too creepy to me. Natalie asks the girls what they think about if she invited Renee to come to the party too. Alicia thinks she's should always be the bigger person and invite her. Natalie calls Renee and leaves a message to invite her. When Renee listens to Natalie's message she feels like her inviting her to the Halloween party was a way out to make it look like she wasn't mad her from their fight in Vegas. Renee says that she's not going to the party. 
Drita is back in the studio with her producer Anthony and she's ready to kill it with her verse on the track "Money Bags". Method Man pops up and surprises her as she's going over her verse. She's trying to act cool and calm meanwhile she's so exited to see him. He even helps her out and rewrites some of her verses for the track. 
At the Halloween party, Alicia is dressed as Wonder Woman, Natalie is dressed as Purgatory, and Drita is dressed as one of her daughters dolls. Natalie shows Drita the text that she got from Renee. Natalie didn't read all of Renee's text because she says it was too long and she wasn't gonna waste her time with it so she just gives it Drita to read instead. Personally I think Natalie should have had the courtesy to read the text because after all she's the one who wanted to pretend to be nice and invite her. Drita reads the text from Renee that simply says that she didn't want to come because she felt like she was going to be set up like she was in Vegas. The text goes on to say that Renee wants to meet with Natalie to talk things out. Drita thinks that Renee's referring to her and Ang when she talks about being set up in Vegas. Drita says that she and Ang didn't set Renee up in Vegas at all. Drita says that Renee did that on her own. Why Drita and Ang aren't on Renee's side I have no idea. This just seems odd to me. Drita and Ang should be on Renee's side because they've known her the longest. Drita and Ang decide that they need to talk to Renee about this text to Natalie. 
When Drita and Ang go to Renee's to talk to her about the text she sent to Natalie Renee tells them that she wasn't talking about them when she said she felt like she was set up in Vegas. Renee says that she didn't go to the party because she was uncomfortable being there. Renee says that maybe Drita's better at pretending to be nice to someone who did her wrong but she's not. Drita flips out on Renee when she says that. Renee says that she needs to meet with Natalie and settle this once and for all. Tune in next week for an all new episode of Mob Wives at 9 PM on vh1.

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