Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mob Wives Ep 411 "Renee's Had Enough"

Tonight's episode picked up right where last week's left off. It was titled "Renee's Had Enough" and it began at Drita's house where she was cooking for everyone and they were waiting for Renee to show up. When Renee finally shows up, everyone is pretty quiet just eating and enjoying the food that Drita made. Eventually they finally decide to confront Renee with their issues. Alicia starts the conversation off explaining that if Renee is going around town talking about her case then that's putting her sentencing in jeopardy. Renee says that whatever Alicia thinks she's doing she isn't. Even though Alicia still doesn't know who leaked her info to the press, she now knows that it wasn't Renee or anyone else at the table. Renee says that her issues with Alicia came from her being friends with Carla. Drita steps in and says that Renee is Carla and Eddie's friend first not Alicia's but Eddie's. Therefore, Renee's loyalty lies with them first not Alicia's. Natalie says that she was only defending Alicia because she's her friend which Renee totally understands. Drita did really good mediating everyone and helping them clear the air. 

Drita is opening her second store called "Lady Boss" and she's throwing a grand opening for all the girls to come. When everyone gets there they all love it. Alicia pulls London aside because she doesn't think he's on the same page as Natalie is about their future. 

Alicia writes letters with her boys to Eddie who just got sentenced. The boys miss him but they get to talk to him on the phone when he calls. Eddie calls and talks the boys and they tell him about the letters they're writing to him. 
Renee rents a hotel suite in the city and is having a "Ho-Ho-Ho" party where she invites everyone but Natalie. They all show up in their PJs. Renee goes upstairs suddenly when Drita asks Alicia what she did earlier that day and she says she saw Natalie. Renee says that she doesn't want to hear about Natalie so thats why she's leaving the room. Later on Drita and Ang go upstairs to find out what's wrong with Renee and she fills them in on what Natalie did to her on twitter. Alicia feels that Natalie was out of line by telling people on twitter that Renee gives men blow jobs. Drita feels that Renee should just dead the issue, but Renee says that it can't dead. Renee's had enough. Stay tuned next week for the season finale at 9 PM only on vh1.

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