Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mob Wives Season 4 Finale Ep 412

Tonight was Mob Wives Season 4 finale where it began with Renee going over to Ang's house where she showed her and Drita what she had been working on for a few months. Renee tells Drita and Ang that she has been writing a book that's fiction and that its kind of dirty. The book is titled "Playing with Fire" and Renee is planning to have a release thrown by her publicist and she wants all of the girls to come.

When Ang and Drita meet up with Natalie at Ang's house they want to let her know that Renee was pissed about what she did to her on twitter. They both agree that they want her to stop causing issues with Renee on twitter. Natalie says when Renee stops then she will stop.

Its the night of Renee's book release party and everyone is attendance. Renee reads a few lines from her book. I gotta say AJ's facial expression during this scene was the best. 
Out of nowhere Natalie decides to make the night about her instead of about Renee and decides to tell the DJ to play her song called "Delicious". Everyone including Drita is shocked that Natalie is singing and with a British accent. At this point Drita says that Renee just has to give her the look to take Natalie out. Surprisingly Renee didn't seemed phased by Natalie's antics. 
Its the day of Alicia's sentencing and everyone is waiting to see how it went. Meanwhile Renee gets a call from her friend Nikole where she tells her that one of her friends who is in jail found out that Junior got word that Renee went to see a lawyer. Renee is shocked that Junior knows this because no one knows that she went to see a lawyer but Nikole. Nikole also tells her that Junior is being released the next day. Renee is pretty shaken up by the news. When she goes to Drita's to tell her, Drita tells her that she needs to protect herself. Natalie goes to the courthouse to find out how Alicia's sentencing went. Natalie leaves the courthouse and calls Drita to fill her in. Suddenly the show gets cut off and that's the end of the season.

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