Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mob Wives Season 4 Reunion Ep 413

Tonight was the Mob Wives season 4 reunion hosted by Sherri Shepherd. The reunion began with Sherri asking Alicia what ended up happening with her sentencing since we never got to find out from the season finale. Alicia says that her sentencing was postponed until the restitution was settled. Next they discuss the delicious topic between Renee and Natalie. Sherri asks Renee why she thought Natalie was a mini me and Renee explains that Natalie is outspoken but that they just have their differences with each other. Renee says that she's done talking about the word delicious because it is ridiculous.
Next they talk about what happened in Vegas. Renee says that she relapsed. Renee says that after 45 minutes of fighting with Natalie she just kind of snapped. Natalie says that Renee is lying and that she didn't relapse in Vegas because she was drinking at the Mob Candy party. Renee says that Natalie shouldn't talk about her recovery because she knows nothing about it. If she did, then Natalie shouldn't have gotten high with her. Renee says that she felt hurt that Drita and Ang never took up for her in Vegas. Drita says that it hurt them to see Renee relapsing. Ang says that they're over it and that Renee has been fine ever since Vegas.
Finally they talk about Renee's book "Playing with Fire" which will be in stores to buy on April 8th. She says its she's excited about the book because it's mixed with mob, thriller. She had fun writing it. Overall it was a good season. Look for season 5 coming soon.

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