Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mob Wives Ep 507 "The Anti-Social Network"

Tonight's episode of Mob Wives "The Anti-Social Network" was one crazy episode. It began with Drita getting props together in her Lady Boss store to use for a calendar photo shoot to show off her cosmetic line. Drita decides that the theme for the calendar is going to be "Old Hollywood Meets the Mob". When Karen stops by to look at everything, Karen invites her to her poker party at her new house. Karen tells Drita she's going to invite her cousin Rena, Renee, & Nat D. Drita is glad Nat D. is invited because it will give them a chance to get to know her better and see what she's all about.
Ang meets up with Natalie Guercio in the park with her dogs to find out why Nat is calling Karen a deadbeat mom on twitter. Before they get to talking about the twitter war, Ang tells Guercio that she made up with Renee and that they're in a good place. Ang warns Guercio again not to talk about people's family.
Nat G, claims that Karen started it when she claims that Karen supposedly hacked into her mom's facebook and posted a picture of her from when she was a kid. Above are the snap shots of the twitter war between Nat G. & Karen. I remember when this all went down on twitter back in the fall and its obvious Nat G. started it. She's always posting pictures making fun of Karen. It never stops. Ang tells Guercio that Karen wants meet with her and settle this twitter war once and for all. Guercio says that she would rather send Karen a car then meet with her, but she'll do it for Ang.
When Guercio goes shopping with London she fills him in on the twitter war between her & Karen. Guercio swears she never talked about Karen's daughter, but then she says Karen's scum. Guercio then tells London that Ang & Drita want her to meet with Karen. London thinks its a good idea to meet with Karen, but his Guercio doesn't seem to agree with him. Guercio says there's no reasoning with Karen because she says she's a rat. Guercio says she's only going to meet with Karen out of respect for Drita & Ang.
At Karen's poker party, Drita asks Ang to be her model for her calendar for Lady Boss. Ang agrees to do it and to be Miss June since that's when her birthday is. Then Renee, Karen & Nat D. talk about Nat G. and what she did on twitter to Karen.
Karen tells them that her daughter Karina even jumped in to tell Nat G. to stop talking about her mom and to leave her out of it. Renee asks Ang & Drita to come join in the conversation so they know what their girl Nat G. has been doing on twitter. Ang tells them that she met with Nat G. to talk about why she called Karen a deadbeat mom on twitter. When Ang tells them that Nat G. thinks Karen hacked her mom's facebook and that's where she got that picture of her everyone tries not laugh at that explanation. Yup she said it. A mother hacker. I'm telling you I tried not to laugh too when Guercio said that. Nat D. jumps in and tells Ang that she got the picture of Nat. G. from the yearbook and gave it to Karen.
At Drita's Lady Boss calendar photo shoot Ang rocks it out being her model with the gun. Drita says that there's nothing that Guercio doesn't rip on twitter. Drita says that she's gonna do what everyone did when her and Karen were fighting in season 2. Nothing. She's gonna sit back with the popcorn and let them go at it. Ang thinks if Guercio can just stop with twitter everything would be calm.
As everyone is getting ready to arrive at this sit down between Karen & Natalie Guercio, Karen says that Guercio is either respect her or fear her. Renee says that Guercio has done everything to cause drama between everyone. Drita hates fights on the computer. Renee thinks this sit down is pointless. Renee says that nothing good is going to come out of this. Ang arrives first. Then Renee, Drita & Karen. Drita says that violence is the answer. Drita assures Renee & Karen that she and Ang don't agree with what Guercio's doing on social media.
When Guercio finally arrives she doesn't look like she dressed for a "sit down". Renee said it best, she should have brought dollar bills because everyone except Drita is dressed in black, and this Guercio girl comes in dressed as a hooker from 42nd street. Karen jumps right in and asks Guercio why she's calling her a deadbeat mom. When Ang tells Guercio that the social media has to stop she accuses Karen of starting it first. When Drita tries to tell Guercio that Nat D. gave Karen her school picture and that Karen didn't hack her mom's facebook she doesn't listen. Instead, Guercio talks over Karen and says that she shouldn't have posted it on twitter. Drita tries to tell her that Karen & Renee don't like what she's been saying on social media, but she doesn't seem to want to hear it. Things get crazy when Karen tries to get Guercio to admit that tweeting that she's a deadbeat mom was wrong because her daughter sees it but Guercio still doesn't own up to it. Renee even tries to get her to admit that she's wrong, but she still doesn't listen. As Guercio & Renee go at it, Karen sits back quietly. When Renee tells Guercio that the way she handles things is out of control, Guercio tells them to come at her if they can't handle it. Karen sure did just that as she and Guercio fight it out until security breaks it up. Both Karen & Guercio are bleeding. Guercio tries to grab a glass and security tells her to put it down. As they're both escorted to their cars by security, Karen tries to go after Guercio again. Tune in next Wednesday at 8 PM for what looks like round two of this brawl between Karen & Guercio on vh1.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mob Wives Ep 506 "Philly vs. Philly"

Tonight's episode of Mob Wives titled "Philly vs. Philly" began with Ang & Renee fighting at Drita's magazine party. When Ang calls Renee a rat all hell breaks lose. Ang goes after Renee like Godzilla. Nat D. & Karen try to hold Renee back while Drita and the film crew try to hold Ang back. Karen tries to tell Renee that Ang didn't call her a rat, but that she said Junior was a rat. Either way, it wasn't right what Ang said. Renee had every right to go after Ang. I'm on Renee's side with this one. Can we just talk about how Nat D. immediately went to Renee's side to calm her down? Remember, this is her first time meeting everyone. So she doesn't know them well enough to pick a side. However, in this scene it shows that she has Renee's back in this scene which is good because we love Renee too. Drita gets in a car with Ang and drives off. Meanwhile, Karen & Nat D. try to calm Renee down as they try to get her in another car. Karen feels that its sad that an outsider such as Guercio comes in between their circle. This group has never been divided like this before.
Over in Philly, Guercio is training London how to work at her family's funeral home. London shows her that he knows what he's doing when it comes to setting up everything for a funeral that is later in the day. There's not much to talk about here except for that this is just a really creepy scene working with dead people. So lets move on.
Next, Karen goes over to Renee's to see how she's doing since the fight between her & Ang. Renee is still pissed that Ang called her a rat for what Junior did. Renee gets what Junior did to her & her dad, but that doesn't excuse Ang for calling her a rat. Renee thinks that Ang is mad that Junior put her cousin away. Karen feels that Ang was out of line and she wants to hear her side of the story. Renee feels that Ang already picked a side (which is Guercio's) therefore, she should stay there.
Meanwhile, Drita goes to visit Ang at the Drunken Monkey to check on her to see if she's calmed down from the fight between her and Renee. She hasn't. Ang feels bad that the fight ruined Drita's party. Ang feels that Renee went too far and she can't stand hearing about her. Drita suggests that they all get together to talk it out. Ang agrees, but tells Drita that she doesn't want Karen to get involved between her & Renee. Drita tells Ang that she's going to be on  her side & Karen is going to be on Renee's side.
When London goes over to Guercio's apartment to help her pack she tells him that Drita & Ang came over to see their new apartment. Guercio also tells London how they told her about Didonato. Guercio says that Didonato is a dirty lowlife bum. Guercio tells London that she's already been digging up dirt on her. Guercio says that she's heard ten years of Didonato's life and no one likes her in South Philly.
Karen meets up with Nat D. to get to know her. Didonato tells Karen that Drita asked her opinion about Guercio and she told her that she's a cop caller. Karen asks Didonato what her motive was for telling Drita about Guercio. Didonato tells Karen that she doesn't have any motive. Didonato says that Guercio is known in South Philly as a bonafied rat scumbag, she starts rumors, turns allies into enemies. Didonato tells Karen that Guercio is calling her boyfriend  Ronnie and everyone around South Philly to dig up dirt on her. Didonato tells Karen that no one gave Guercio info on her. Karen starts to realize that Didonato doesn't play around. If she doesn't like someone she'll tell you. Karen respects that about Didonato. Karen tells Didonato that Guercio comes with friends (Drita & Ang). Didonato says that she's not afraid of anyone let alone Guercio.
When Drita calls Lee, she fills him in on what happened with Ang's cousin being sentenced. Drita tells him that Junior shot someone and that he testified against Ang's cousin. As a result of Junior's testimony, Drita tells Lee that Ang's cousin got sentenced to 38 years. Lee says that's what the government does.
Renee is at home taking care of AJ as he's recovering from surgery. Renee tells him that he had her worried when she got the call about his accident. AJ tells his mom that he was playing basketball and got hurt. Renee says that it's gonna take him a few months for him to fully recover from his surgery. Renee says that Andrea's been a big help with taking care of him. This is such a cute scene between these two.
Karen meets up with Ang & Drita to talk about her meeting up with Nat D. Drita isn't surprised that they met up because they both hate Guercio. Karen tells them that Didonato said that no one likes Guercio. Karen also tells Drita & Ang that Didonato told her that Guercio is digging up dirt her. Drita says if the two Natalie's want to kill each other let them. Its Philly against Philly. May the best Natalie win. Karen then invites Drita & Ang on her friend's boat in hopes that Ang & Renee can work things out from their fight. Ang agrees.
Karen organizes everyone to meet up on her friend's boat to talk about what happened at Drita's magazine party. Karen is hoping that Renee & Ang can settle their differences from their fight. Drita has Ang's back and Karen has Renee's back. Karen tries to mediate the situation. Renee says that Ang calling her a rat is unforgivable. Karen explains to both Renee & Ang that what happened at her house with her and Ang offended Ang. Then, it escalated and went to blows at Drita's party when Ang told Renee that she married a rat. Renee is tired of everyone blaming her for what Junior did. Renee doesn't have control of what Junior did. Renee's point is that Guercio outed her out because her DNA was on the same dollar bill hers was. Guercio's guilty of using drugs too. Ang says she understands where Renee was coming from. Karen says that they've established that Renee shouldn't have mentioned the DNA topic to Ang at Karen house. They agree to forgive each other. Ang pulls out her bible that she brought with her. Ang & Renee both put their hands on the bible and swear that they're over it.
Karen then tells the girls that Guercio went on twitter and told everyone that she's a deadbeat mother for leaving her daughter Karina in Arizona. Ang says that's not right what Guercio did and she's going to confront her about it. Karen says that Guercio goes on social media to bash people with no regards for their families. Karen is disgusted that anyone of them in their circle would stick up for Guercio. Renee wants to know what kind of person (meaning Guercio) are they allowing in their circle to cause problems amongst them. Karen says that she's ready to meet up with Guercio again. Tune in next week for an all new episode of Mob Wives at 9 PM on vh1.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Mob Wives Ep 505 "Digging Up Dirt"

Tonight's episode of Mob Wives "Digging Up Dirt" starts off with Karen going over to Renee's house to show her the hard copy of the local newspaper that has news about her ex-husband Junior adding someone else on the list of people who he ratted on. This time, Junior is ratting on Ang's cousin Ronnie. Renee is over hearing about Junior being a rat. Renee feels that Junior shouldn't cry because he got caught. Instead, she feels that Junior should cry for the families whom he hurt. Renee says that she has empathy under the son for the family members because they're the victims in this situation just like her son AJ is. Renee feels that its not fair that AJ & her have to pay for Junior's sins. Loyalty is not bringing up the person that ruined her life. Renee says that if the girls call Junior a rat (regardless if he is) he's still AJ's dad. Karen agrees with her & says that the last thing Renee needs is people throwing dirt on her name because of what Junior did to her.
Drita & Ang go to visit Guercio at her new apartment. They want to confront her to see if the rumor is true from what Natalie Didonato told Drita at the photo shoot about Guercio being a cop caller on her boyfriend. They both tell Guercio that they don't associate with rats. Guercio admits to Drita & Ang that she did call the cops on her boyfriend. She explains to them that he was trying to hurt her & she felt the need to protect herself. Guercio then explains to Drita & Ang that the reason why she didn't tell them was because she felt that it was something that was too personal for her to talk about. Drita says that if Guercio is telling the truth about why she called the cops on her boyfriend, then this is the only reason that you should ever call the cops. Guercio says that since Didonato wants to spread rumors about her, she's ready to do some investigation on her own to find out who she is.
Karen has dinner with Storm. Storm admits to Karen that he's sorry for the way he reacted to her during their fight at her house. Karen tells Storm that she accepts his apology. Karen also tells Storm that she doesn't condone cheating & that she'll never know what really happened.
We finally get to know a little more about the new Natalie from Philly. Natalie Didonato. Didonato explains that her cousin is Frankie "Flowers" who is associated with the philly mob with "Little Nicky" Scarfo. Frankie was taken down in a mob hit during a five year war. Didonato explains that people have speculated that she ran drug sales, racketeering and prostitution ring. Didonato's boyfriend Ronnie shows up at the gym to tell her that Guercio called him to see if he would come over and spackle her new place. Didonato says that Guercio is known as the scumbag whore in South Philly. Didonato also says that Guercio will sleep with your boyfriend, your boyfriends' friends, brothers etc. Didonato says that Guercio is a "friend f**ker". Ronnie then tells her that Guercio also asked him to find dirt on Didonato because she's supposedly spreading rumors about her calling her boyfriend's Parole Officer. Ronnie says that he & Guercio's boyfriend have the same parole officer. Therefore, he knows she called his Parole Officer on her boyfriend. Didonato says that Guercio is a bonafied rat.
When Renee goes to the doctors to see what she can take to help her sleep. Renee wants to stay away from taking things that she doesn't want to self medicate to calm her down. Her doctor suggests that she take some IV nutrition therapy. When she gets ready to take the nutrition she gets a text from a friend saying that AJ has been in a bad accident. Renee runs out of the doctors office and goes to find AJ to see if he's okay. AJ's friend calls her as she's driving to find him and they tell her that he's in the park. He's in a lot of pain and can't walk. The ambulance is on their way. When Renee gets to AJ, she sees that he's on a stretcher.
Over at Karen's new house, she invites Ang & Renee over to see how Renee's doing since AJ's surgery. Renee explains that AJ tore his Achilles tendon and had to have surgery. Renee tells Ang that she's stressed out over not being able to sleep, AJ being in the hospital, Junior ratting on Ang's cousin. Renee tells Ang that she's hurt that Ang taking sides with someone (Guercio) who hurt her. Ang gets annoyed with Renee when she brings up Guercio and says that its not her argument and she's not taking sides. Ang tells Renee to just focus on AJ and him getting better and not Guercio. Karen says that Renee's capable of relapsing. Renee warns Ang that Guercio is gonna tell her business. Karen tells Ang that it bothers her that everyone (including Ang) are defending Guercio knowing everything she's done to Renee. Renee tells them that the only reason Guercio told everyone that she was doing drugs was because Guercio was doing it with her. Ang tells Renee that she's not hiding anything so there's nothing to worry about with Guercio.
Guercio has a party at her & London's new apartment in New York. One of her friends shows Guercio "legal documents" that have Didonato's name on it. The papers basically say that Didonato allegedly had her boyfriend locked up three times. Guercio & her friends laugh and they say that Didonato is the one who's the cop caller not Guercio. When Guercio said she was going to do some investigating on Didonato, it looks like she gets other people to do her dirty work for her instead of doing it herself. Sounds kind of fishy to me on why Guercio would do that. Then again a lot of things sound crazy coming from Guercio.
Renee goes to see her therapist to talk about what's been bothering her lately with her friendship with all of the girls & with what Junior's been putting her through. She explains that Junior's put her dad, uncle and her friend's husband away, & now Ang's cousin is next. Renee is afraid that Ang is going to stop talking to her if her cousin gets sentenced to life in jail because of what Junior did to him. Renee says that she doesn't trust anyone.
When Ang leaves her cousin's court sentencing, she calls Drita to tell her how much time he got. Ang tells Drita that the judge sentenced her cousin to 38 years. Drita tells Ang that the one person not to feel sorry for is the person who walks. Ang wants to know how Renee will feel once she finds out the news that its because of Junior ratting that her cousin Ronnie will spend the rest of his life in jail (he's 46 yrs old + 38 years in prison). Apparently Ang blames Renee (not Junior) for ratting him out and committing the crime. Something doesn't sit well with me with this situation. It's not Renee's fault nor AJ's fault for what Junior did. If Ang is supposed to be like family to Renee, then she shouldn't be blaming Renee for what Junior did.
At Drita's magazine party in Philly, Karen, Renee & Ang are introduced to Nat D. Drita tells Didonato that Karen & Renee don't like Guercio. Karen tells Didonato about how Guercio tried to call the cops on her & Storm. Didonato says that's what she's known for. Right away, Renee takes a liking to the new Natalie because she speaks her mind. Renee tells Didonato that her & Guercio used to get high together, but when she decided to get clean Guercio decided to tell people about her drug problem.
Ang gets annoyed when Renee brings up Guercio. Renee explains that Guercio's DNA was on the same dollar bill hers was on, but she never admitted to getting high with her. Out of nowhere, Ang starts calling Renee a rat. Things get heated between Ang & Renee as they start to fight and it gets cut off until next week. Don't miss all new episodes of Mob Wives next Wednesday at 9 PM on vh1. Be sure to check back here for the latest news about the Mob Wives.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Mob Wives Ep 504 "RATalie"

Before we get into tonight's episode of Mob Wives, all I have to say is Jenn Graziano sure outdid herself this season. We're not even five episodes into this season and already so much has happened. A GOTTI & two Natalie's (one of them being a cop caller). In case you haven't been watching this season, did we mention Karens back? Tonight's episode of Mob Wives was titled "RATalie". So lets jump in. The episode picked up from where last week's left off where Ang and Renee were having a sit down to hash things out. The woman in the black suit who we saw last week ends up being the "Donette" Victoria Gotti. Ang wanted Victoria to be there as the mediator. Renee says that she doesn't have a problem with Victoria, but she feels weird sitting with her knowing the family history that the Gotti's have with the Gravano's being that Ang knows that Karen is her friend. When Victoria starts to take Renee's side with the whole Guercio situation Renee is happy. Victoria agrees with Renee when it comes to not letting outsiders in. They don't do it. Renee tells Victoria that she feels that Ang's loyalty should have been with her when it comes to what happened at the rooftop club where they sat with Guercio. Renee feels that Ang should have defended her at the rooftop club. Victoria agrees with Renee. Ang thinks that might be why Renee called her a clown. Renee felt that when she called Ang a clown that she was acting like one by hanging out with Guercio. Ang wants to know why Renee was bad mouthing her family members. Victoria jumps in & says that family is off limits. Renee says that one of Ang's family members snubbed her son AJ when he was out in public with them. When AJ went to shake Ang's family member's hand they pulled it away. Ang says that never would have happened to AJ if she was there. Renee tells Ang that she was under the impression that she was there. Victoria agrees with Renee when it comes to AJ being the innocent victim in what his Dad did. Victoria tells Renee & Ang that they need to stand together. When Victoria & Ang leave the sit down, Renee calls Karen to tell her that she needs to see her ASAP to tell her what happened because she felt uncomfortable sitting down with someone like a Gotti knowing that they have the family history with the Gravano's because she's good friends with Karen.
Lee calls Drita and she tells him that she went to visit Ang and AJ's baby. Drita tells Lee that AJ wasn't there for the birth of his daughter because he violated his parole and got sent to Riker's Island jail. Lee tells Drita that he wants them to start working on having another baby of their own.
When Renee meets up with Karen at the park, tells her how her sit down with her and Ang went and that Victoria Gotti showed up to be the mediator. Renee tells Karen that she's her friend. Therefore she's loyal to her first. Karen says that she doesn't have any issues with Victoria. Karen doesn't feel that Renee betrayed her by sitting with Victoria & Ang. Renee tells Karen that Victoria understood her side and that her & Ang made up which makes Karen happy. Thank the mafia heavens from above.
Ang, Renee, Drita & Karen to this acrobats show. Renee tells them that as long as Guercio isn't there they'll have fun. Ang and Drita tell Renee that they don't want to hear about her at the show. Renee tells Drita & Karen that Guercio has an ulterior motive to infiltrate the circle Karen points out that she didn't like that Guercio tried to call the cops on and her Storm. Renee doesn't want Ang or Drita to defend Guercio to her. Renee says that Ang & Drita don't want to hear the truth about Guercio. Renee predicts that there's gonna come a time where Drita & Ang see Guercio for who she really is and when it happens she'll be gloating.
Karen has lunch with Ang & Renee to get advice about what she should do with her boyfriend Storm and the fight that they had. Both Renee & Ang feel that something isn't right about Storm's story bringing the girl inside her house to use the bathroom. Ang feels that Storm is trying to put the blame on Karen. Renee explains that women in their lifestyle would never find a girl in their house. The men in the lifestyle cheat in a hotel or in a diner's bathroom. Karen tells Ang & Renee that Storm called her and he wants to meet up for dinner to talk it out. Both Ang & Renee feel that Storm needs to give Karen a sincere apology. Then re-evaluate the situation and see what happens.
An Italian magazine in Philly reaches out to Drita to have her do the models makeup for their photo shoot. When Lee was away Drita says that she wasn't able to take jobs that were out of town because she didn't have anyone to watch her kids. It just so happens that one of the models that Drita gets to do make up on is Natalie Didonato. As they get to talking, Drita tells her that she has a friend who's name is also Natalie (Guercio) and that she too lives in South Philly (but recently moved to NY). Didonato tells Drita that she knows Guercio and warns her to be careful with her. South Philly is a place where everyone knows everyone. Didonato doesn't know Guercio personally but, it turns out that Guercio dated one of Didonato's friends awhile back. Didonato then tells Drita that when her friend went to jail Guercio waited for him to get out and then when they had a fight Guercio called his Parole Officer. Imagine that folks, Guercio's a cop caller can you believe that? That's so out of left field who could predict that (insert sarcasm)? I think Karen & Renee could have told you that one...oh wait they've been telling you that since episode two. As Drita tries to keep her cool over this news that she just heard about Guercio, all she wants to do is drive over to her house, pull her out and ask her if this is true. In due time you find out who people are.
Drita calls the OGs Renee, Karen & Ang together to meet up because she has something she needs to tell them. Drita tells them about the modeling job that she had in Philly. Drita explains to the OGs that one of the models who she did make up on was Didonato. Drita then tells the OGs how Didonato knows Guercio. Renee says that there's no more confirmation needed. Guercio's no good. Renee says that her new name is "RATalie". Karen & Renee aren't surprised that Guercio's a cop caller. They're more insulted that it took an outsider like Didonato who doesn't know them to tell Drita & Ang what they've been telling them about Guercio being a cop caller is true. They feel like Drita & Ang should have believed them from the beginning because of how long they've known each other compared to how long they've known Guercio. Drita knows how much Renee & Karen don't like Guercio so she & Ang agree that they need to talk Guercio about this to find out if its true. Karen doesn't want to tell Drita & Ang she told them so, but Renee does.
As if the "Donette" Victoria Gotti didn't already help resolve one issue between Ang and Renee, Ang meets with her for a second time to tell her about another issue that she might have with Renee. This time its about Renee's ex husband Junior and Ang's cousin Ronnie. Ang tells Victoria that Junior & her cousin Ronnie got arrested in 2010 for killing someone during a robbery that went wrong. As a result of Junior cooperating and becoming an informant, (even though Junior shot the guy who they robbed) Ang's cousin is facing heavy jail time for taking part in the robbery. He is waiting to be sentenced for the murder. When Victoria asks Ang how Renee feels about this, Ang says that she feels that she doesn't want to bring it up to Renee because she knows that Junior cooperating is a sensitive subject to talk about with her and that it causes her to self medicate. Victoria says that women shouldn't fight. The bigger woman should get past these issues. Be sure to check back to our blog for the latest on the mob wives. Tune in next week for an all new Mob Wives at 9 PM on vh1.