Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mob Wives Ep 511 "Baptisms and Betrayals"

Tonight's episode of Mob Wives was titled "Baptisms and Betrayals". Drita, Ang and Nat Guercio meet up at the Stone House restaurant. Drita asks Ang how Nat D. party was. Ang tells Drita that Carla was there. Drita looks surprised to hear that. Ang says that she wasn't happy to be there because Nat D wouldn't stop talking about Guercio. Guercio thinks Didonato is obsessed with her because she won't stop talking about her. Ang also says that Nat D. had a problem that Drita didn't come to her party. Drita says that exactly what happened to Ang at the party is why she didn't want to go. Ang tells Drita that Nat D wants to talk to her because she thinks Drita has a problem with her. Drita says she's ready to sit and talk to Nat D. 
When Karen & Renee go to visit Nat D. in Philly Nat D. tells her that she still doesn't understand why Drita didn't come to her party. Nat D. tells Karen & Renee that she wants to sit with Drita and let her know who the real Guercio is. Renee says that they need to handle it themselves. She's staying out of it. Renee asks Nat D how things are with her family and her boyfriend. Nat D. says that she's been on and off with Ronnie for 4 yrs and right now she's not with him. Suddenly Ronnie comes and interrupts the girls' lunch and starts a fight. Nat D. tells him that he needs to leave because he's not allowed at her family's home.
Karen goes to visit Renee. Renee is a lot calmer and she understands that the things in her past need to stay in the past. Renee says that seeing Nat D's boyfriend treat her the way he did when they were at her house brought back bad memories from how Junior treated her. Renee tells Karen that she wants to get baptized and cleanse herself from the all the negativity and get close to god. Karen thinks its a great thing. Renee wants Karen to be her god sister. Renee's going to invite Karen, Ang, her friend Jiton and Drita.
Karen meets with her cousin Rena to talk to her about what's going on with her dad's case about him possibly getting out of prison early because of the new non violent drug law that was just passed. Rena wants Karen to be cautious with this because she feels like once the name Gravano is out there it will be a battle. Karen says she's going to do whatever she has to get her Dad to be able to come home from prison. 
Over at Ang's new house Drita tells her that she called Nat D. to set up a time to meet with her to talk things out about Guercio. Both Ang and Drita's loyalty lies with Guercio. 
Karen & her boyfriend Storm are hanging out at her house where he tells her that he brought in the mail for her. Karen finds a letter from her Dad. Inside the letter Sammy tells Karen that he's proud that he has her in his life and that she's his special Christmas gift. Karen says that she wants him to come home because he's missed Karina's entire childhood. Karen's done with prison calls and visits.
At Renee's baptism she's ready to cleanse herself. Renee's realizes that she's hurt people and that people have hurt her, but she's ready to let the hurt go away. She's ready to start over. 
Nat D. & Drita finally meet up for their sit down to settle their issues between each other. Drita says that she didn't go to Nat D's party because she just didn't want to hear about Guercio anymore. Drita says that before Nat D. came around everyone hated Guercio. Drita then tells Nat D. that she asked Guercio about the PO incident. Drita said she believed Guercio's story about it. Drita asks Nat D. who would make something like being abused up? Nat D says a sick person like Guercio would. Nat D. then shows Drita a recording. Didonato feels like Drita is going to be the next victim who Guercio attacks. The scene gets split into two. As Drita is listening to the recording, we see Renee getting baptized. Its like a scene from "The God Father". Back to Drita listening to the recording. Drita is shocked at what she's hearing on the recording. Drita says that Guercio has been lying to her and Ang the whole time. Nat D. thinks they need to sit Guercio down and show her the recording. Drita thinks maybe "the old Drita" should come back and knock Guercio out. Nat D. thinks they should have an ambulance on standby. Don't miss the season finale next Wednesday at 8 PM only on vh1.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mob Wives Ep 510 "Deck the Brawls"

Tonight's episode of Mob Wives titled "Deck the Brawls" began with Drita talking with her daughters about their family vacation to Disney. Their favorite part of the trip was the parade. Drita suggests that her girls make a scrapbook for their dad Lee to show that they're proud of how good he's been doing since he's been home from jail. The girls draw pictures, write poems and pick out old pictures of them when they were younger to put in the scrapbook. These pictures are some that Lee never got to see because he was in jail. Drita says that these scrapbooks are going to be great when Lee sees them because he didn't know what love was until he had their daughters. 
Nat D. goes to Renee's where she invites her to her toys for tots charity party. She wants all of the girls from New York to come. Its for a good cause and she does it every year to raise money and give back to kids. When Nat D. asks Renee how her Thanksgiving was she tells her about how she had Thanksgiving with Ang & Drita and how Guercio was there too. Renee tells Nat D. that Guercio apologized to her but that Guercio still has Karen & Nat D. to deal with. Renee says that the only way she will ever be cool with Guercio is if she apologizes to Karen. Nat D. wants to know if Guercio is still friends with Drita and she says yes. Drita & Ang still hang out with her and take her side. Nat D. feels like Guercio is using Drita as a puppet and she wants to talk to her at her charity party.
Renee goes to Carla's to give her some Mob Candy stuff. She was happy that Carla showed up at her Mob Candy party. Renee invites Carla to Nat D.'s charity party. Carla asks if Drita & Ang are going too and Renee says yes. Renee says that it was weird when Drita dismissed Carla at her Mob Candy party. They used to be tighter than a clam's a$$. Carla says that she stuck by Drita's side all through season 2 when she was fighting Karen. Then they did a flashback to where Carla was defending Drita during that season, Classic moments right there. Renee wants Carla to talk to Drita at the charity party. Carla agrees.
Karen is cooking dinner for her daughter Karina & Storm. Karen wants Karina to have a good relationship with Storm because its important that her daughter like the guy she's dating. Storm says that he didn't realize how much Karina was so much like her mom Karen. Storm asks Karina which she likes better Arizona or New York. Karina says she likes New York but that she's always a West Coast girl. Karen's dad "Sammy the Bull" calls her. He calls them once a week. Karen lets her dad know that she got the mail that he sent her about how there is a sentence reduction law that was recently passed November 1st, 2014. It basically means that non violent drug offenders (meaning him) are eligible get out of jail earlier than they thought. Karina asks where does Sammy go when he gets out of jail. Karen tells Karina that Sammy has no problem coming back to New York because he has some loose ends that he needs to handle. This is such a cool scene. 
When Guercio & London go to couple's therapy London there's a few issues that still worry him. Guercio says that London doesn't want to talk to him when they have a issue. Guercio says he always shuts him down. I'd like to shut down that outfit of London's. I mean seriously what is this guy wearing? London says that when Guercio comes home she's always going off about the girls. The therapist has them doing some exercise about looking into each other's eyes and hearts. The only thing entertaining in this scene was London's outfit. Ripped up jeans, blinged out shirt with a sweater over it. Not a good look dude. 
Ang & Drita go shopping at a place that used be Ang's old bar. Ang asks Drita if she's going to Nat D.'s party. Drita says she's not gonna go. Drita says that Guercio actually showed her soft side (when she fake cried in last episode). Drita says that Guercio could have left their group but she stayed hanging out with them even when everyone was ripping her apart. Drita doesn't understand why the other girls don't want her to be friends with Guercio. Drita says that Renee made up with Carla. Carla called Renee a junkie for 3 yrs and she thinks that was way worse than what Guercio did to her and they made up.
At Nat D's toys for tots charity party, she's excited that the girls from New York are coming. Carla, Renee, and Karen show up. Carla wants to know where Drita and Ang are. Karen jokes and says maybe they knew Carla was coming so they decided not to come.
You might recall when we posted pictures above back in December. All of them look great. 
The girls get to talking and Renee wants to talk to Drita because she wants to know why she left her Mob Candy party when Carla showed up, but Drita's not at this charity party. When Nat D. asks where Drita is Ang says that she's not coming. Carla wants to know why Drita isn't there too. Renee realizes that there's gonna be issues because Drita's not there so she excuses herself because she doesn't want to be a part of the drama. Nat D. is insulted that Dria isn't coming when she went out of her way to go to New York to support her at her calendar party. Nat D. can't understand why Ang is defending someone like Guercio who calls her and Drita "Sea Hags". Ang says that its annoying. Karen says what's really annoying is that Ang is defending Guercio who keeps calling her and her family a rat. When Renee comes back, Ang says she wants to leave because she's over Nat D. talking about Guercio and Drita. Nat D. says the next time she sees Drita she's gonna expose the truth about Guercio. Tune in next Wednesday for an all new episode of Mob Wives at 8 PM only on vh1.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mob Wives Ep 509 "Forgive and Fuggedaboutit"

Tonight's episode of Mob Wives titled "Forgive and Fuggedaboutit" began with Renee doing a photo shoot for her Penthouse magazine to show off her Mob Candy jewelry line. I'm sure you'll recall back in June we did a blog about it. She looks amazing. Renee says that she's throwing a party to celebrate her one year anniversary of her Mob Candy business and how far she's come. She's inviting everyone but Guercio. 
Drita calls Lee where they talk about how Gizelle scored a soccer goal. Drita suggest that they go on a family vacation to Disney World since they haven't been on one in years. Lee is officially off parole so he can finally cross state lines. 
Ang goes to Guercio's to find out what the deal is with her calling her and Drita "Sea Hags". Ang doesn't believe that Guercio called them that. Guercio swears on her son that she wouldn't call them that. Ang thinks that Guercio would never say that because she's always been good to her. Guercio says that there's only one Natalie and its her. 
Ang goes shopping with her son AJ for her friends thanksgiving dinner. Ang is thankful that AJ is done with the halfway house and that he's back on the straight and narrow. She tells him she's inviting all the girls in hopes that Renee & Guercio will be able to hash things out and make up.
Drita invites Guercio over to talk to her to find out why she called all of them "Sea Hags". Guercio says she never called them that. Guercio wants to know why Drita is listening to Nat D. who to her is a complete stranger. Drita says that she trusts no one. The theme of this season. Guercio then says that it hurts her that she has to keep proving herself to her and Ang. Guercio then fake cries. Drita somehow thinks Guercio is sincere with her fake cries. Guercio tells Drita that Karen & Renee hate her. Drita tells her to just agree to disagree with them because she went through the same thing with them in season 2. Guercio says she's trying with Renee. That's why she sent her the text. Guercio agrees to go Ang's thanksgiving dinner to make amends with Renee. 
Back in Arizona Karen meets up with her brother Gerard at his resturaunt to tell him that she's upset at Karina's dad Dave for not wanting to spend time with their daughter. Karen understands that Dave has a new family with a new addition, but she thinks that he would want to spend time with Karina considering he's missed ten years of her life when he was away in jail. Karen feels responsible for Dave not wanting to be in his daughter's life because she took Karina to visit him for ten years while he was in jail hoping they'd form a bond. Karen feels that if her brother (who went to jail for ten years and missed out on his son's life) was able to rebuild his relationship with his son then Dave should be able to do the same with Karina. Gerard assures Karen that no matter what, their side of the family will always be there for Karina. He just hopes that Dave changes his ways before their dad gets home from jail because to Sammy, Karina is his baby girl. 
Drita is helping her kids pack for their family vacation in Disney. They're so excited to go. They have passes to go see everything. 
At Renee's Mob Candy anniversary party everyone is there. Drita, Karen and Ang. She's celebrating the people who made it through her journey with her. Drita thinks that since Renee's in a good mood that this is the perfect time to get her to reconcile with Guercio. Drita tells Renee that she met with Guercio and since she's in a good mood she wants to know if Renee will agree to meet up with her at Ang's Thanksgiving dinner to resolve. Renee says that she will only do it if Guercio its okay with Karen too. Renee tells Karen that while she was in Arizona she got a text from Guercio. Karen tells Renee that there's no reason for her to go to Ang's thanksgiving party because she refuses to be in the same room with Guercio. Karen tells Renee that its up to her whether or not she wants to resolve things with Guercio. 
Out of nowhere Carla Facciolo shows up. We told you she would appear this season and here she is. Looks like she will be in next week's episode too. Renee says that she recently ran into Carla and she invited her to the party but that she wasn't expecting her to show up. Everyone but Drita seems to happy to see Carla. Drita says that Carla never told her that she made up with Karen & Renee. Next thing you know, Drita immediately exits the stage left. Karen thinks its odd that Drita's leaving all of a sudden and wants to address the issue. Drita says that her kids have school the next day and that she has to finish packing for her family vacation. Drita says that her and Carla aren't "enemies" but that they don't hang out anymore. Drita also says that she remembers every time she would hang out with Carla she was a "moth ball". Tell us how you really feel Drita. Last time I checked going back to seasons 1-3 (since Carla wasn't on last season) Drita & Carla were besties. What happened with that?Carla even says that she was out shopping one day and she saw Drita and that she pretended not to see her and ducked the other way. Ang says that she told Carla a few years ago she knew their friendship wasn't sincere. Something tells me we're gonna find out what the real beef is between these two if not by the end of this season then the beginning of next (if there is one oh please Jenn Graziano let there be a season 6 with these OGs). Renee doesn't care who is mad at who. The night is about her. 
At Ang's Thanksgiving dinner, Drita tells Guercio that she thinks that things will go well with her and Renee because she saw that she made up with Carla at her Mob Candy party the night before. When Renee shows up she's expecting to get an apology from Guercio. Renee thinks that her & Guercio might be able to talk things out if  its just them talking without Drita & Ang in the room. Drita & Ang go outside to let them talk. Renee says that before they sit and break bread together she needs for Guercio to understand that she doesn't like what she did to her on twitter where she made fun of her addiction and that AJ had to read it. Guercio says she still feels close to Renee. Renee says that if there is a drug where you can like your enemy she wants it. Guercio realizes that she crossed the line on twitter and finally apologizes to Renee for that. Renee wants Guercio to apologize to Karen because she's Renee's family. When you disrespect Karen, you're disrespecting Renee. Guercio says that she's not going to apologize to Karen to make Renee happy because she says that's a different issue. Renee & Guercio establish a line of respect towards each other and agree to be civil, but they know that they're never going to be friends. Tune in next week for an all new episode of Mob Wives at 8 PM on vh1.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Mob Wives Ep 508 "Staten Island Sea Hags"

Tonight's episode of Mob Wives titled "Staten Island Sea Hags" began with round two with the fight between Karen & Natalie Guercio. Karen says next time she see's Nat G. she's gonna kill her. Drita says that this fight has started a new war. Ang says this is exactly why you never talk about families because look at the outcome.
Over at Guercio & London's apartment, she explains to London what happened between her & Karen & the rest of the girls. The first thing he asks is what happened to her face. Guercio says her scratch on her face is a "warrior wound". Guercio says that Karen couldn't admit to what she did to her. Guercio says all of a sudden the table flipped and Karen started to fight. Guercio says that she came to talk and Karen came to fight. London says that he's surprised that Renee didn't jump in. Guercio says she feels that there's still a bond there between her & Renee. Guercio says that Karen is ratchet. 
When Renee goes to clean the basement she finds a letter from Junior that's addressed to AJ in his room. The letter basically says that Junior misses AJ and that he has three prior federal convictions, armed robbery, and one murder charge but that all in all he's facing life on parole. Junior is about to get sentenced any day now and there's a good chance he could walk free. Renee just wants him to go away. 
Drita has her daughters help her pick out the pictures from her calendar photo shoot to put in her calendar. Drita says that she's having a party to release the calendar and she's inviting everyone. She's hoping this time there won't be a fight at her party. 
Karen meets up with Nat D. to tell her that she met up with everyone including Natalie G. to talk about their issues. Karen tells her that Nat G. denied that she posted those pictures on twitter. Karen says that neither Drita or Ang mediated the fight. Nat D. says that what Drita & Ang don't know is that Guercio is trashing their names around. Nat D. explains that Guercio called her boyfriend again (this time she was there and he put it on speaker) saying that she doesn't understand why (Nat D.) is hanging out with the girls because they're "washed up Sea Hags".
Karen is out with Storm and she tells him that she's thinking about opening up a medical marijuana business in Arizona. Even though she lives in New York its legal in Arizona so she wants to start it out there. She ran a illegal drug ring when she was younger, but now she wants to do things legally. Luckily she's dating the "east coast Snoop Dog" so Storm knows a lot about medical marijuana. She's hoping when she goes to visit her brother and the rest of her family in Arizona that they will be supportive of her new business adventure.
Drita meets up with Nat D. at the boxing ring to find out what exactly she heard Nat G. say about her and Ang. Nat D. tells Drita that she thinks Guercio heard that she was at her magazine party and that's why she called her boyfriend. Nat D. tells Drita that she heard Guercio tell her boyfriend on the speaker that her, Renee and Ang are "Sea Hags". Drita says that she can understand Guercio talking bad about Renee, but for her to be talking about Drita & Ang is totally different when they've been sticking up for her. Nat D. says that Guercio doesn't have a heart.
Renee goes shopping for a girls night out with her friend Tiffany. Karen shows up and tells Renee that she just got a phone call from someone from prison and they said that Junior got sentenced to 11 years. Renee says that she needs to talk to AJ to see how he feels about all of this.
Karen goes back to Arizona to visit her family and to also celebrate her brother's new resturaunt. Karen fills her family in on wanting to start the medical marijuana business. Karen's mom doesn't think its a good idea because of who her last name is. Karen tries to reassure her that its legal in Arizona.
Renee sits down with AJ to find out what he thinks about his dad being sentenced. AJ says that he thought that his dad was gonna get out of it. AJ also says that his dad's been gone half of his life so its like he's not real. Renee apologizes to AJ for what his dad did, but he says he's used to it. Renee says that this lifestyle isn't worth it because all it does is ruins people's lives.
At Drita's calendar party she says that she invited Guercio before she found out that she was talking bad about her and Ang. No one knows if she's gonna show up, but if she does she won't be allowed to sit with Renee. Ang thinks that Renee should just forgive Guercio. Drita says that people should forgive someone who they have history or family with, but since Renee doesn't have that with Guercio she has no reason to forgive her. In fact, Drita feels the same way about Guercio that Renee does so she's doesn't want to stick up for her anymore knowing everyone has the same issue with her. Ang says that she's tired of everyone ganging up on Guercio. Meanwhile, Guercio texts Renee during the party saying " you said to ring your bell I'm ringing...dinner and drinks for old time sake". Renee says that when she said "ring her bell" she meant that all Guercio had to do was apologize to her face. Ang says that Guercio is trying. Nat D. thinks that Guercio is scared that's why she's texting Renee.
When Nat D. shows up Renee fills her in on the text that she just got from Guercio. Nat D. thinks the text is a joke. Then Nat D. fills Renee & Ang in on what she told Drita about how Guercio called them "Sea Hags". Ang thinks that Guercio did say it, but that she didn't mean her and Drita were "Sea Hags". Drita says that something's definitely not right with Guercio saying that about her and Ang. Ang thinks that Nat D. is just there to stir the pot. Tune in next Wednesday for an all new episode of Mob Wives as things get even more interesting when a surprise guest shows up at Renee's Mob Candy anniversary party. Could the surprise guest be Carla Facciolo? For those of you who have been keeping up with our blog, you might remember back in November or December when we reported about Carla possibly returning this season. Well it looks like (by looking at the previews of next week's episode) we were right and that we can now confirm that indeed Carla will be making her return to Mob Wives on next week's episode. Don't miss an all new episode of Mob Wives next Wednesday at 8 PM only on vh1.