Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mob Wives Ep 510 "Deck the Brawls"

Tonight's episode of Mob Wives titled "Deck the Brawls" began with Drita talking with her daughters about their family vacation to Disney. Their favorite part of the trip was the parade. Drita suggests that her girls make a scrapbook for their dad Lee to show that they're proud of how good he's been doing since he's been home from jail. The girls draw pictures, write poems and pick out old pictures of them when they were younger to put in the scrapbook. These pictures are some that Lee never got to see because he was in jail. Drita says that these scrapbooks are going to be great when Lee sees them because he didn't know what love was until he had their daughters. 
Nat D. goes to Renee's where she invites her to her toys for tots charity party. She wants all of the girls from New York to come. Its for a good cause and she does it every year to raise money and give back to kids. When Nat D. asks Renee how her Thanksgiving was she tells her about how she had Thanksgiving with Ang & Drita and how Guercio was there too. Renee tells Nat D. that Guercio apologized to her but that Guercio still has Karen & Nat D. to deal with. Renee says that the only way she will ever be cool with Guercio is if she apologizes to Karen. Nat D. wants to know if Guercio is still friends with Drita and she says yes. Drita & Ang still hang out with her and take her side. Nat D. feels like Guercio is using Drita as a puppet and she wants to talk to her at her charity party.
Renee goes to Carla's to give her some Mob Candy stuff. She was happy that Carla showed up at her Mob Candy party. Renee invites Carla to Nat D.'s charity party. Carla asks if Drita & Ang are going too and Renee says yes. Renee says that it was weird when Drita dismissed Carla at her Mob Candy party. They used to be tighter than a clam's a$$. Carla says that she stuck by Drita's side all through season 2 when she was fighting Karen. Then they did a flashback to where Carla was defending Drita during that season, Classic moments right there. Renee wants Carla to talk to Drita at the charity party. Carla agrees.
Karen is cooking dinner for her daughter Karina & Storm. Karen wants Karina to have a good relationship with Storm because its important that her daughter like the guy she's dating. Storm says that he didn't realize how much Karina was so much like her mom Karen. Storm asks Karina which she likes better Arizona or New York. Karina says she likes New York but that she's always a West Coast girl. Karen's dad "Sammy the Bull" calls her. He calls them once a week. Karen lets her dad know that she got the mail that he sent her about how there is a sentence reduction law that was recently passed November 1st, 2014. It basically means that non violent drug offenders (meaning him) are eligible get out of jail earlier than they thought. Karina asks where does Sammy go when he gets out of jail. Karen tells Karina that Sammy has no problem coming back to New York because he has some loose ends that he needs to handle. This is such a cool scene. 
When Guercio & London go to couple's therapy London there's a few issues that still worry him. Guercio says that London doesn't want to talk to him when they have a issue. Guercio says he always shuts him down. I'd like to shut down that outfit of London's. I mean seriously what is this guy wearing? London says that when Guercio comes home she's always going off about the girls. The therapist has them doing some exercise about looking into each other's eyes and hearts. The only thing entertaining in this scene was London's outfit. Ripped up jeans, blinged out shirt with a sweater over it. Not a good look dude. 
Ang & Drita go shopping at a place that used be Ang's old bar. Ang asks Drita if she's going to Nat D.'s party. Drita says she's not gonna go. Drita says that Guercio actually showed her soft side (when she fake cried in last episode). Drita says that Guercio could have left their group but she stayed hanging out with them even when everyone was ripping her apart. Drita doesn't understand why the other girls don't want her to be friends with Guercio. Drita says that Renee made up with Carla. Carla called Renee a junkie for 3 yrs and she thinks that was way worse than what Guercio did to her and they made up.
At Nat D's toys for tots charity party, she's excited that the girls from New York are coming. Carla, Renee, and Karen show up. Carla wants to know where Drita and Ang are. Karen jokes and says maybe they knew Carla was coming so they decided not to come.
You might recall when we posted pictures above back in December. All of them look great. 
The girls get to talking and Renee wants to talk to Drita because she wants to know why she left her Mob Candy party when Carla showed up, but Drita's not at this charity party. When Nat D. asks where Drita is Ang says that she's not coming. Carla wants to know why Drita isn't there too. Renee realizes that there's gonna be issues because Drita's not there so she excuses herself because she doesn't want to be a part of the drama. Nat D. is insulted that Dria isn't coming when she went out of her way to go to New York to support her at her calendar party. Nat D. can't understand why Ang is defending someone like Guercio who calls her and Drita "Sea Hags". Ang says that its annoying. Karen says what's really annoying is that Ang is defending Guercio who keeps calling her and her family a rat. When Renee comes back, Ang says she wants to leave because she's over Nat D. talking about Guercio and Drita. Nat D. says the next time she sees Drita she's gonna expose the truth about Guercio. Tune in next Wednesday for an all new episode of Mob Wives at 8 PM only on vh1.

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