Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mob Wives Ep 511 "Baptisms and Betrayals"

Tonight's episode of Mob Wives was titled "Baptisms and Betrayals". Drita, Ang and Nat Guercio meet up at the Stone House restaurant. Drita asks Ang how Nat D. party was. Ang tells Drita that Carla was there. Drita looks surprised to hear that. Ang says that she wasn't happy to be there because Nat D wouldn't stop talking about Guercio. Guercio thinks Didonato is obsessed with her because she won't stop talking about her. Ang also says that Nat D. had a problem that Drita didn't come to her party. Drita says that exactly what happened to Ang at the party is why she didn't want to go. Ang tells Drita that Nat D wants to talk to her because she thinks Drita has a problem with her. Drita says she's ready to sit and talk to Nat D. 
When Karen & Renee go to visit Nat D. in Philly Nat D. tells her that she still doesn't understand why Drita didn't come to her party. Nat D. tells Karen & Renee that she wants to sit with Drita and let her know who the real Guercio is. Renee says that they need to handle it themselves. She's staying out of it. Renee asks Nat D how things are with her family and her boyfriend. Nat D. says that she's been on and off with Ronnie for 4 yrs and right now she's not with him. Suddenly Ronnie comes and interrupts the girls' lunch and starts a fight. Nat D. tells him that he needs to leave because he's not allowed at her family's home.
Karen goes to visit Renee. Renee is a lot calmer and she understands that the things in her past need to stay in the past. Renee says that seeing Nat D's boyfriend treat her the way he did when they were at her house brought back bad memories from how Junior treated her. Renee tells Karen that she wants to get baptized and cleanse herself from the all the negativity and get close to god. Karen thinks its a great thing. Renee wants Karen to be her god sister. Renee's going to invite Karen, Ang, her friend Jiton and Drita.
Karen meets with her cousin Rena to talk to her about what's going on with her dad's case about him possibly getting out of prison early because of the new non violent drug law that was just passed. Rena wants Karen to be cautious with this because she feels like once the name Gravano is out there it will be a battle. Karen says she's going to do whatever she has to get her Dad to be able to come home from prison. 
Over at Ang's new house Drita tells her that she called Nat D. to set up a time to meet with her to talk things out about Guercio. Both Ang and Drita's loyalty lies with Guercio. 
Karen & her boyfriend Storm are hanging out at her house where he tells her that he brought in the mail for her. Karen finds a letter from her Dad. Inside the letter Sammy tells Karen that he's proud that he has her in his life and that she's his special Christmas gift. Karen says that she wants him to come home because he's missed Karina's entire childhood. Karen's done with prison calls and visits.
At Renee's baptism she's ready to cleanse herself. Renee's realizes that she's hurt people and that people have hurt her, but she's ready to let the hurt go away. She's ready to start over. 
Nat D. & Drita finally meet up for their sit down to settle their issues between each other. Drita says that she didn't go to Nat D's party because she just didn't want to hear about Guercio anymore. Drita says that before Nat D. came around everyone hated Guercio. Drita then tells Nat D. that she asked Guercio about the PO incident. Drita said she believed Guercio's story about it. Drita asks Nat D. who would make something like being abused up? Nat D says a sick person like Guercio would. Nat D. then shows Drita a recording. Didonato feels like Drita is going to be the next victim who Guercio attacks. The scene gets split into two. As Drita is listening to the recording, we see Renee getting baptized. Its like a scene from "The God Father". Back to Drita listening to the recording. Drita is shocked at what she's hearing on the recording. Drita says that Guercio has been lying to her and Ang the whole time. Nat D. thinks they need to sit Guercio down and show her the recording. Drita thinks maybe "the old Drita" should come back and knock Guercio out. Nat D. thinks they should have an ambulance on standby. Don't miss the season finale next Wednesday at 8 PM only on vh1.

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