Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Mob Wives Season 5 Finale Ep 512 "The Final Face-off"

It has been one of the most epic seasons in Mob Wives history. So many twists and turns. Surprise guest spots by OG's and legendary families. From the return of Karen Gravano where the entire group was fractured, to the legendary guest spot of Victoria Gotti. Gotti & Gravano will go hand in hand. Thanks to the Donnette herself Victoria Gotti along with the mafia heavens above she could relate and help mediate sit downs between two friends (Ang & Renee) who know everything about the lifestyle. Especially when it comes to family being off limits. There were people being called rats while others were being accused of calling the cops on people's boyfriend. There were also social media fights. Both of those fights were between Natalie Guercio and Karen Gravano. Then there was the surprise appearance of Carla Facciolo to which everyone except Drita was happy to see. If you missed one episode this season you were loss on the next episode the following week. We also had Fraudlies (Didonato) and Ratalies (Guercio) who both hailed from South Philly. The only thing that they had in common with each other was that they both hated each other.
Which brings us to tonight's season finale titled "The Final Face-off". Renee goes over to Ang's. They had an ugly vicious fight earlier this season, but when you're family like these two are they were able to move pass it. Renee lets Ang know that she wants to have a party to celebrate her being baptized. She's ready for God to give her another chance at life and starting over fresh. Renee wants everyone to come to come to her party. Renee even wants Ang to invite Natalie Guercio to the party. Ang doesn't think that's a good idea to have both Natalies in the same room knowing that they hate each other, but Renee's doesn't want to get in the middle of those two. She hopes the two Natalies won't start anything at her party.
One of London's friend's asks Natalie Guercio to pose for a prison catalog that will be sent to men in prison all across the country.
Drita is boxing trying to take her agression of Nat Guercio out on the boxing bag. After hearing the recording that Nat D. showed her of Guercio, Drita can't believe how Guercio played her all season. All season Drita defended Guercio against all the girls and all along she lied to her. She's in a violent Drita mode.
AJ goes jewelry shopping with his mom Renee. He wants to get his girlfriend Andrea a gift to let her know that he wants to keep her happy in hopes to see what happens in the future. Renee suggests that AJ get Andrea a promise ring. Even though AJ isn't ready to get married, Renee is happy that her son is ready to be committed to just one person like Andrea. Renee sees how well they fit together like a hand in a glove and she's so happy for him.
Over in Philly at the gun range, Nat Didonato is shooting guns with her friend Sarah. Nat D. fills her friend in that she broke up with Ronnie and then they got back together to try to work things out. Nat D. tells her that she got invited to Renee's party and that everyone including Guercio is going to be there. Nat D. says that at the party Guercio has two options, get on your knees or get your a$$ beat. 
Karen goes to see Ang at the Drunken Monkey. Ang fills Karen in on her son AJ about how he finally completed his drug program. He's sober and doing great. Ang tells Karen that Renee's baptism was nice, but she doesn't know why Drita didn't come. Ang tells Karen that Renee wants her to invite Guercio to her baptism party. Karen thinks Ang should really be worried about Nat D, popping off on Guercio instead of being worried that she will start something. Karen thinks this spiritual cleansing party will turn into a funeral.
At Renee's party, Drita tells Renee, Karen and Ang that she met with Nat D. and that she showed her the recording of Natalie Guercio. Renee & Karen aren't surprised at all. Ang still doesn't believe the tape is true. Ang says that its Nat D's problem so she should handle it on  her own. The other girls agree. Everyone's guard is up once they see Natalie Guercio walk into the party. Right away Nat D. pulls her phone out to get ready to play the recording of Guercio, but she puts it away when she notices Renee is getting nervous. Renee knows once the recording is played sh!t will pop off. 
Over at Natalie Guercio's table where she's sitting with Drita and Ang, Drita is stone cold quiet. At the next table over behind them, Drita notices people talking to Guercio. Drita doesn't recognizes any of the people, but they seem to know Guercio really well. Drita gets up and asks Renee if she invited those people. Renee says she doesn't know who those people are and that they were not invited. Immediately they all realize that these people are Natalie Guercio's backup. Renee asks security to make Guercio's backup leave.  
When Guercio's backup leaves, her and London leave too. Nat D. goes after Guercio as she drives away. Guercio can't believe that her and her backup got kicked out because they're her family. Drita said it best, when you come with a group you're a pu$$y and when you leave you're a pu$$y. Pu$$y all over the place. The OG girls finally realize that Guercio is not a part of their circle. Be sure to watch the reunion part 1 next Wednesday at 8 PM only vh1.

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