Sunday, November 20, 2016

Mob Wives Renee Graziano's Son AJ is Gonna Be a DAD

Its been nearly eight months since Mob Wives called it a wrap after 6 successful seasons. While there were many ups and downs on and off the show with all of the cast, there's definitely one major up that Renee Graziano is thankful for this holiday season. Her baby boy AJ and his long time girlfriend Andrea have just announced that they are expecting a boy.
Renee along with the rest of the family and friends took to instagram today to reveal the announcement.

We're told the gender reveal party was held today and that AJ is so excited to be a dad. Baby Graziano is due May 2017. We want to wish a huge congrats to the new expecting mother and father as well as the new glamma. We know AJ will be a great dad.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Celebrity Big Brother UK Ep 1833 Live Final Renee Graziano Finishes 3rd

Tonight was the Celebrity Big Brother finale. After 30 days in the house it all came down to six finalists, Bear, Ricky, Marnie, Aubrey, Renee and Frankie. It was the first time in Celebrity Big Brother history that the Americans were in the final let alone three of them. So who would win? An American or someone from the UK. Lets me break it down for you. For starters everyone who was evicted before the final six were in the audience. Also in the audience were family and friends. 
Viewers were able to make last minute votes on who they thought should win. The first person who was evicted in sixth place was surprisingly Frankie. If there's anything to take away from him and his time in the house its to shine bright like Frankie and to make nice with everyone. 
Finishing in fifth place was Aubrey O'day who was greeted by her boyfriend DJ Pauly D who flew out just to see her finish. I loved that she was there for Renee in the house. 
Finishing in fourth place was Marnie. She said she wasn't expecting to make it this far in the game. She also said every week she found it harder to nominate someone to leave because she got along with everyone in the house. 
Now we're down to two guys and one girl. Our girl Renee Graziano finished in third. Renee became the first American female to be in the final and finish in the third place. We couldn't be more proud of her. We really got to see her be just Renee in the house (which Aubrey helped her with) and not just the mob wife that we all know and love. 
As much as we all knew and didn't want Bear to win Ricky's facial reaction to him being the runner up and finishing in second says it all for us. His facial expression is exactly what we are all thinking. 
In the end nothing stopped Bear from winning. No matter how many warning he got from Big Brother about his behavior in the house the producers let him go all the way to the finals and win. Well there you have it, our girl Renee finished in the top 3 and we couldn't be more proud of her. She has come a long way.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Celebrity Big Brother UK Ep 1832 Day 28

Its day 28 in the house and they finalist only have to spend 48 more hours together before they get to leave the house for good. They pretty much just want to get away from Bear. 
For today's task the house guests played a game called At Home with the Housemates. Some of the other house guests who have been evicted already called in to talk to them. James called in for Renee. Lewis called in for Marnie. Saira called in to talk to Aubrey. 
Later at night Big Brother handed out some awards to the finalists. Frankie won about three awards. Renee won the Most Loyal award which was a given because anyone's who's seen her on Mob Wives knows how loyal she is. 
Bear and Renee tried to put their differences aside for one last night in the house just so that they can try to get through these brutal last 48 hours in the house. Tomorrow we'll know if Renee wins. We're all hoping she wins.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Celebrity Big Brother UK Ep 1831 Day 27

After 27 days of being in the big brother house Renee as well as others in the house are starting to want Bear to stay in the house until the end. However that thought process was short lived. 
During their task the ones who didn't get the questions right and broke the rules were punished by getting pied in the face by the other house guests who did get the questions right and win prizes. However, even though Aubrey was supposed to throw the pie into Bear's face, he decided to throw it into hers which wasn't nice at all. Don't worry though because Aubrey got him back when she left pie in his bed and all over his sheets. 
We already saw from yesterday's live eviction episode that Sam and Katie were sent home leaving only six people in the final. 
At the end of the episode Aubrey went off on Bear basically saying everything that we the viewers have been thinking about him the whole season. She just managed to do it in a five minute scene which was amazing.
It got so bad that even our girl Renee had to jump in to hold Aubrey back. Never thought we'd be seeing her break up a fight, but we're glad she did because fight got ugly. There's only three days left in the house. We're hoping our girl Renee wins.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Celebrity Big Brother Ep 1830 Day 26 Live Eviction

Tonight's episode of Celebrity Big Brother was all about a beach club party and double eviction as it was day 26 in the house. The beach club party was thrown by Bear as he was the owner. 
Aubrey and Renee interviewed each guest who came into the club. Sam did a rap song. It was just a fun night where everyone got together to have fun before the finals at the end of the week.
When it was time for eviction everyone including Frankie was nervous. Although Aubrey's prediction about who would be going home was right. It was Katie and Sam, They were both ready to leave the house and they wanted to leave together if they were going to be evicted. There's only four more days left in the house and we're all hoping Renee wins it.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Celebrity Big Brother UK Ep 1829 Day 25 Renee Graziano Is In the Finals

Everyone said she wouldn't last a week or two in the house, but here our favorite mob wife Renee Graziano is on Day 25 where she just found out that she's in the Celebrity Big Brother Finals. Renee's been through many highs and lows, fights and makeups in the house (all mainly with Bear) and through it all she's managed to stand her ground and show the house guests who the real boss is in the house. Renee got zero nominations this week as it was the last nominations and the final week for everyone in the house. Also in the finals is Aubrey ODay as she also got zero nominations.
This means that out of eight people left in the house and with two (Aubrey and Renee) being safe this week, there were six people on the chopping block with two more going home tomorrow as it is yet again another double eviction.The good news is that our girl Renee will be in the final six on Friday. We couldn't be more prouder of her.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Celebrity Big Brother UK Ep 1828 Day 24

Its day 24 on Celebrity Big Brother and it was Christmas in August for the house guests as they woke up to Santa dropping off presents.
For today's task the house guests were split into two teams. The elves and the reindeer team. The elves (Aubrey, Marnie, Frankie and Renee) had to come up with a dance. Every time they heard the jingle sound they had to get to their desks and perform their dance. This might sound fun and easy except they were distracted by one of the reindeers named Bear of course. 
Frankie said it best when he said that Bear was being the Scrooge in the house. Everyone tried to ignore him but he was really getting on Renee's nerves. So much so that Big Brother called her in the confession room to calm down. 
I think I've loss count at how many times Bear has been called to Big Brother and in trouble including this time. He apologized of course and as usual Big Brother let him get away with his behavior again.
At the end of their Christmas task Katie and Frankie who are the team captains get to open two big presents for their teams. It turns out that inside each of the boxes were the number of how many people each teams are supposed to nominate this week. The elves team get to nominate two people this week while the reindeer team only get to nominate one person.
To end the day Big Brother played Mariah Carey christmas music. Towards the end of the episode Bear said that he thinks that all the Americans (Aubery, Frankie and Renee) will probably end up in the final. Be sure to check back here tomorrow to see who is nominated for the final eviction before the final on Friday.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Celebrity Big Brother UK Ep 1827 Day 23

On tonight's episode of Celebrity Big Brother it was day 23 and the house guests had a task called "Anything you can do". Samantha and and Marnie had the task of seeing who can stuff their face with the most marsh mellows. Aubrey and James had to tell the house guests what they really thought of them to see who was the most real. 
Later as we saw yesterday, it was double eviction night. Therefore, it was James and Lewis who were sent home. However, there were only two people in the house who didn't see it coming. Bear and Marnie.
Marnie didn't take the news well at all. Although that might be a nice way of putting it because she basically was mad at everyone inside and outside the house. So was Bear. 
Renee and Aubrey think this might be good for Marnie because she's been stuck in a bubble with Lewis for 20 days and she needs to branch out and be by herself for a few days. Renee also thinks that six days without Lewis isn't that long so she shouldn't be this upset about him being evicted. 
Things got so outta hand with Marnie that she decided to cause some trouble with Bear and wreck the backyard. Big Brother wasn't happy about that one. Be sure to check back here to see if Renee makes it to the final next week.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Celebrity Big Brother UK Ep 1826 Day 22 Live Eviction Part 2

During tonight's part 2 episode of Celebrity Brother we go to find out if Sam, Bear, James or Lewis (two of the four) were going to be sent packing tonight. In the end we found out that Lewis and James were sent home.
Marnie was pretty upset by Lewis going home, but Lewis had a feeling his time was up even though he had been nominated before. He said he wasn't expecting to find love in the house but he really loves Marnie. 
James said he was ready to leave the house but that this time he wasn't expecting to the voted out because the last two time he's been nominated the public saved him. So there you have it. Its now down to eight people in the house and theres another double eviction on Tuesday before the finale on Friday. Lets hope Renee stays until the finale next week.

Celebrity Big Brother UK Ep 1825 Day 22 Live Eviction Part 1 Renee Graziano Receives a Letter from Her Son AJ

Tonight's episode of Celebrity Big Brother was once again in two parts as it was not eviction night but double eviction night. However before we get to the live eviction we got to see what the house guests had been up to yesterday on day 22. Frankie, James and Katie had a task to complete as they were each distracted by pets that came out. 
Lewis had a task all by himself to complete which was to look after the big brother office as the staff was out running errands. This meant he had to answer all of their phone calls and take down their messages. He might've made this look easy but he was distracted by the mail man who delivered a letter to Renee from her son AJ. Lewis was also distracted by a owl who flew over to drop off an VHS tape that had a message for Frankie that was from his sister Ariana Grande. Last Lewis's mom dropped by to see how he's been doing in the house.  
When Lewis completed his task he was able to read the letter he got that was to Renee from her son AJ. Can we just talk about how sweet this letter was to Renee? AJ seems to be really missing his mom and so does her sister Jenn too as well as the rest of the family. However as much as AJ misses his mom that didn't stop him from giving her some advice on how to handle Bear in the house. There wasn't a dry eye in this scene. 
We got to find out that out of Bear, James, Ricky and Samantha who were all on the chopping block this week as two of them would be going home tonight, it was Ricky who got the most votes to be saved.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Celebrity Big Brother UK Ep 1824 Day 21

Tonight's episode of Celebrity Big Brother had so many unexpected emotions rolled into one. There were happy moments and there were sad moments. Then there were "OMG I cant believe that happened" moments. In the beginning of day 21 Bear tried to play a trick on Renee with eggs but she quickly caught on and later got him back by pouring water on him. 
There were multiple shopping tasks that they had to complete today. They were each split up into different groups to complete the tasks. The first task was that Sam, Renee and Bear had to stand with dounts stacked on their heads while big brother tried to distract them. Their first distraction was a window cleaner who was also a stripper. I think Frankie had more fun with him than Renee did and it wasn't even his task. Next was Sam's mom who popped in to say hi.
However there was one distraction that not only distracted Bear but also shocked the whole house and that was when Bear's girlfriend Lillie showed up. She had been watching the show from home and she's seen everything that he's done with Chloe. So she wanted to give him her two sense and tell him how hurt she was when she saw him hook up with Chloe. 
Aubrey and Ricky's tasks was to count sheep on the screen in front of them. As a distraction for Aubrey her boyfriend DJ Pauly D showed up on the screen behind her to give her a sweet message. Meanwhile the house guests were watching it from the living room. 
One of Ricky's friends also showed up on the screen to give him a message too and to wish him good luck during the rest of his time in the house.
Marnie's task was count how many things she saw in the big brother's nieghbor's house while her cousin came out to distract her. Be sure to check back here to see how Renee's doing in the house. I hear she gets a letter from AJ in tomorrow's episode.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Celebrity Big Brother UK Ep 1823 Day 20

On tonight's Celebrity Big Brother it was day 20 that the house guests have been there. It was also the day that Heavy D got evicted, but we got to see what went down during the day before he went home that night. Katie went off on Heavy for being a jerk and always trying to rile everyone up. We haven't heard much from her since she's been in the house but it was good that she went off on Heavy.
By the time eviction came around that night everyone including Katie was pretty glad to see Heavy go. Everyone was also glad and surprised that the public kept Renee safe. Even Bear congratulated her which was a big surprise to all of us including her. 
This week the house guests got to do face to face nominations for who goes home on Friday. What they didn't know was that this week is going to be a double eviction which means two people of the four people who are nominated this week will go home Friday. Some of the nominations weren't that surprising though. We knew Bear was gonna be one. Lewis and James have been nominated before. Ricky and Samantha have never been nominated before so this was their first time on the chopping block.
However, Sam didn't handle her nomination too well if you ask some people in the house such as Bear. Everyone's gotta go on the block sometime I guess. Luckily no one nominated Renee so she will be there at least until next Tuesday (finale is next Friday).
Renee is starting to realize that having Bear in the house isn't such a bad thing after all. She thinks he keeps things interesting. Frankie and Aubrey agree with her, Be sure to check back here to see how Renee's doing. There's only 8 more days left in the house so lets hope she stays to the end (next Friday) and wins.