Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Mob Wives Ep 602 "Cabin in the Woods"

This episode of Mob Wives was titled "Cabin in the Woods" and it was all about vacationing in the Hamptons. Drita meets Renee for lunch to get filled in on how the Mermaid parade went. Renee tells Drita that Love showed up and apologized to Carla. Renee tells Drita that Love told Carla that Drita told Love to show up at the party to hit Carla. Drita gets upset and says that's not true. Drita calls them all fake and storms out.
Over in PA. Brittany fills her mom in on what happened at the Mermaid parade and how Renee attacked her for who her dad is. Brittany thinks that its hypocritical for Renee to judge her when her, Karen and AJ are all in the same boat. They all cooperated. 
Renee meets up with Marissa Jade. She lives in Staten Island. Her mom is Chinese and her dad is Italian. Marissa's boyfriend OZ did 5 years in prison for narcotics. Renee fills Marissa in on Brittany and her family. Renee invites her to go to the Hamptons with all the girls and lets her know Brittany is gonna be there.
Ang goes to a health food store with Drita because her doctor wants her to eat healthier after having cancer. Drita tells her how she met up with Renee and how pissed she was to hear about what happened at the mermaid parade with Love. Ang tells Drita that she doesn't believe a word Love says. Drita tells Ang that the three amigos (Karen, Renee and Carla) are all fake and phony. 
Karen meets up with her boyfriend Storm to find out where they're at in their relationship, but Storm doesn't have time for it. Instead he gets up and leaves. 
Drita is writing her book about her life and shows what she has written so far to her daughter Gizzelle. Drita explains there's happy parts then there's sad parts, but that it ends happy. 
Back in the Hamptons Carla fills in Renee about what Ang told her the night before while she was asleep about what Drita said about her.
Later in the day the girls go to a winery. Brittany and Marissa get into it about calling each other lushes and the show ends. Be sure to check back here for the latest on all things Mob Wives and dont forget to tune in next Wednesday for an all new episode at 8 P.M only on vh1.

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