Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Mob Wives Ep 603 "Hamptons Hangover"

Tonight's episode of Mob Wives began with everyone going a party in the Hampton's that was thrown by Carla's friends. The next morning (at 8 am) the girls get woken up by a yoga instructor who was hired to do yoga with everyone. This was probably the most funniest scenes ever. Not everyone participated in the yoga exercise but Ang certainly tried. 
Over at breakfast Ang tells Carla that this was the first time that she's gotten to relax since she had her surgery from having cancer. Ang also tells the girls that she wants to get her constitutional rights restored so that she can be able to run her bar again. Karen gives her some advice on how to go about it. Renee then suggests Carla that when they get back to Staten Island, she should try to talk to Drita to find out why she thinks she's fake and phony. Ang agrees with her.
When Renee has lunch with AJ at the resturaunt where his girlfriend Andrea works she wants to ask Andrea about when she wants to get a ring from AJ. Renee thinks that AJ should get engaged and then eventually down the line get married. Andrea agrees with Renee which surprises AJ. AJ says that Andrea told her a while back that she wasn't ready to get engaged. Andrea said she's not opposed to getting a ring. 
Then Renee asks why they don't ever stay at her house. Andrea says that they think that Renee's house is haunted. Renee suggests to have her friend who's a medium to check the house out to see if there's any spirits there. AJ and Andrea agree that if the medium checks out the house then they'll consider stay at her house. 
Karen meets up with Drita to find out whats being said about her. Drita says that everyone including Karen is a phony. Drita says that she doesn't set people up. Things get heated between them. They both come to an agreement that they can be civil with each but that they're definitely not friends. 
Brittany meets Drita for the first time at Ang's house while Marissa has Karen over. Drita grew up with Marissa's boyfriend Jamie (OZ)'s sister, but when she first met Marissa she didn't like the way she was acting. Karen says she has loyalty to both Brittany and Marissa because of who Brittany's dad is. Marissa says that when she first met Drita, she kinda looked the other way. 
When Brittany tells Drita what happened in the Hampton's between her and Renee and her and Marissa, Drita starts to realize that maybe Renee is the one with the problem. 
When Ang meets up with Brittany, Renee, Carla and Karen for dinner she tells them that she met up with a lawyer and he told her the chances of her restoring her constitutional rights are slim to none. Renee tells Carla that Brittany came over and told her that Drita thinks she (Renee) is the one who causes all of these fights is the reason why her and Carla are at odds right now. 
Ang says that she remembers when Carla, Karen and Renee had their issues a few seasons back and she says that Drita always defended Carla to Karen and Renee. Carla says that Drita never defended her, but that she always defended Drita. Ang then says that Drita told her (and apparently Renee and Karen) that Carla's boyfriend abused her. Renee doesn't feel good about talking about this so she excuses herself. Be sure to check back here for the latest on the Mob Wives and tune in next Wednesday for an all new episode at 8 PM only on vh1.

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