Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Mob Wives Ep 604 "Flip-Floppers and Party Hoppers"

Tonight's episode of Mob Wives was titled "Flip-Floppers and Party Hoppers". It began with Drita meeting up with Ang for dinner where she told her that she is planning to include her in her book. Drita says that "if you gonna write a book about growing up in Staten Island then you gotta have Big Ang in it". She does have a point. Ang then tells Drita that she's having a birthday party and she's inviting her and all the girls (even though she says they aren't happy with her when she had dinner with them the other night) Ang told Drita that when she told Carla that she (Drita) told her about Carla's boyfriend abusing her (Carla got upset). Drita says that she only told Ang about Carla's boyfriend because she was worried about her. 
Over at Ang's house Neil comes home from working from his second job (he works with her brother) to eat. She tells him that she's stressed out because he hasn't been bringing home money from his two jobs to pay their bills. Ang feels that she needs to be by herself until Neil can bring her money to pay their bills. 
When Brittany goes to see Karen at her house, Karen fills her in on how she's trying to get her dad out of prison early. Karen also tells her that Victoria Gotti spoke negatively to the local paper about Sammy "The Bull" and she's over it already. 
Over at Ang's birthday party all of the girls come face to face with one another. Marissa and Drita hash out their issues between each other. Drita tells Marissa that she thought that she was another guy's (who she doesn't like so much) girlfriend not OZ's girlfriend which is why she snubbed her the first time they met. They apologize and they're fine. Then Karen over hears a guy call her dad a rat behind her back. Turns out the guy is a friend of Ang's and so everyone tries to break up the fight between him and Karen. In the end the guy gets asked to leave the party. 
Ang meets with Marissa and Carla the day after her birthday party to find out what happened the night before because she drank so much that she doesn't remember what went on there. They asked her why Neil wasn't at the party and Ang tells them that she's over him not stepping up to pay the bills. Marissa says that she's glad she made up with Drita, but she doesn't understand why Brittany likes her when she was team Karen when they were in the Hamptons. Ang says that she's gonna be the one who gets everyone together to hash their issues out because she's tired of hearing about it.
Ang organizes a sit down at what looks like a scary basement between all of the OGs. Did you guys see how this scene was set up? Ang said that this place is a warehouse that belongs to one of her friends but let me tell you, this place looked like it was down a dark alley in a basement. Drita is the last one to arrive and the show gets cut off and will be continued next week. Be sure to watch how this sit down goes on an all new episode next Wednesday at 8:00 PM only on vh1.

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