Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Mob Wives Season 6 Premiere Ep 601 "Mobbed Up Mermaids"

Tonight's final season of Mob Wives simply titled "The Last Stand", premiered and it was really good. It was so good that VH1 gave us two brand new episodes back to back. In the first episode it was all about Mermaids. It actually started with a fight between Karen and Drita and then it rewinded back to three months earlier to where Karen is having a BBQ. Karen invites Renee over. Renee tells Karen that she's glad the philly girls are no longer around. Renee then invites Karen and her daughter Karina to be at the Mermaid parade on a Mob Candy float with her. 
Ang meets with her doctor to get an update on how she's doing since having surgery in the spring to remove cancer in her throat. The doctor tells her that she can't smoke anymore and her facial expression in this scene is priceless. 
Renee invites Drita, Karen and Ang to the park where its the first time that they've all gotten together since Ang has been recovering from having cancer. Drita tells the girls that she's writing a book about her life. Renee invites Drita and Ang to the mermaid parade. Ang says that she has a doctors appointment that day and that she can't make it. Karen asks if she can bring her friend Brittany Fogarty. Renee says yes but once Karen starts telling them who her family is, Renee is skeptical. Renee wants to meet Brittany beforehand. 
We get to meet Brittany Fogarty and her mom Andrea Giovino. Brittany's dad was "Big John" Fogarty who cooperated and was friends with Karen's dad Sammy "The Bull", Brittany's mom Andrea also cooperated. Her family moved to Pa. when she was a few months old, but now she wants to move back to Staten Island and her mom's not so happy about it. Brittany tells her mom that she's proud of her name and she's not worried about what people think of her based off of her dad.
Karen gets offended by what Renee's comments about Brittany. Karen asks Renee if she has an issue with Brittany because of her dad being a rat and she says yes. 
Drita meets Ang and Neil at the Drunken Monkey to help her pack it up since she was forced to shut it down by the state. Neil explains to Drita that someone ratted Ang out and told the liquor board that she was running a liquor store while she was a felon. Ang isn't allowed to have a liquor license or run any business because she's considered a felon. 
Renee goes over to Karen's house to hangout and Karen lets her know that how she felt offended by Renee's comments about Brittany. Karen says that 20 years ago she was Brittany. Karen tells Renee to think before she speaks. Renee says that she doesn't want people to think she only hangs out with people who cooperated. Karen says that she doesn't care about labels. Renee realizes that she messed up and didn't mean to offend Karen. Renee agrees that she will give Brittany a chance for Karen.
All the girls meet up at Renee's house to get ready for the mermaid parade. Everyone's excited to go and looks great. 
Out of nowhere Love shows up and pulls Karen aside. Then they pull Carla aside so that she can talk to Love. Carla is surprised to see Love there. The last time these were in the same place was in season 3 season finale at Drita's party where Love went after Carla. Love shockingly apologizes to Carla for that incident and says that she should have talked to her directly that night instead of listening to Drita. Love also says that Drita came to her before the party and told her that she wasn't friends with Carla and that she should fight her at the party. Carla is surprised but she's now realizing that this could explain why Drita walked away when her and Love met at the party that night. They both agree that they should talk about it more at a later time. 
Drita calls Lee and tells him she's writing a book about her life and he's not happy about it. Drita says she's gonna write it anyway whether he wants her to or  not. Lee gets mad and hangs up on her. 
Back at the mermaid parade on the Mob Candy float Brittany thanks Renee for inviting her to Coney Island and she lets her know that she'll be seeing more of her once she gets moved in on Staten Island. Brittany tells the girls that her mom's not too happy about it though. When Carla asks Brittany why her mom wouldn't be happy about it she go into more detail about who her parents are in the lifestyle. Brittany says that when the feds gave her mom the option of giving her dad up or going to jail with him and putting her (meaning Brittany and her brothers) in foster care she chose to give him up and keep her kids. Renee says that she isn't too pleased with Brittany's mom's decision to give  her dad up because when you're in the lifestyle you just don't do that. Brittany then asks Renee if she would rather put AJ in foster care or give his dad up and Renee says she would go with AJ's dad and do the time with him. Renee feels that you just don't give up someone to the feds. Brittany then disrespects Renee by telling her that "if you're my mom or my aunt then I will charge at you".

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