Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Mob Wives Ep 605 "The Sitdown"

Tonight's episode of Mob Wives picked up where it ended last week, where all of the OGs were having a sitdown that Ang organized in a warehouse so that they could hash out their issues between Drita and Carla. Drita is the last one to arrive. Carla starts the conversation off by explaining that they were all friends at one point. Drita brings up someone who is not present at the sitdown aka LOVE. Carla points out that it has nothing to do with Love but that its more about their friendships amongst everyone at the table. Carla wants to know why Drita told Ang about her problems with her ex boyfriend. Drita tells her that she was only telling her because she was concerned about her. The all argue for a minute until they all agree that they've all fought with each other. Renee wants them to both admit that they were hurt and move on. Drita doesn't think that Renee should be the one who resolves anything between her and Carla. Drita asks Renee what she thinks a friendship is. Drita admits that she was wrong for blaming Renee for being the cause of all the problems. In the end they all apologize to each other for hurting one another. When they leave the sitdown we see a few flashbacks from the past seasons (those were some good moments by the way from season 1 and 2 that they showed).

Renee takes AJ and Andrea out to an ice bar where she tries to persuade them with gifts so that they will stay at her house. These were some really cool gifts actually. They each got a rolex. AJ agrees that he will stay at her house for three nights. 
All of the OGs have lunch with Brittany. Ang tells Brittany that Marissa called her flip-flopper. Carla wants to know why Brittany was against Drita in the Hamptons but was cool with her at Ang's party. Renee tries to tell Brittany that Marissa thinks that because she's friends with Karen then her loyalty should lie there not with Drita. Brittany flips out about Marissa but Renee doesn't think its that serious and they should just talk it out. 

When Drita has drinks with Karen, Carla and Marissa everything seems fine. When Marissa brings up the lush word, Drita wants to know why she has a problem with Brittany and why she called her a fip-flopper. Drita thinks Marissa doesn't care what Brittany is doing, but that she does care enough to talk about her. Drita then tells Marissa that Brittany had told her that she back peddles on what she said. 
When the girls finally get together so that Brittany and Marissa can talk over their issues. As they're waiting for Marissa to get there Brittany is already ready to fight with her and she hasn't even showed up yet. Karen feels like shes in a awkward position because she's close with both of them. Karen feels that Brittany and Marissa should be at a table by themselves without all of the OGs there so that they can talk it just the two of them. Finally when Marissa shows up (she doesn't look like she's dressed to fight someone) Brittany automatically asks her what her problem is. Marissa says that she doesn't have a problem. Brittany runs to Renee for help and asks her why Marissa called her a cheerleader and flip-flopper, but Renee says that Marissa never called her a cheerleader. Nothing gets resolved. In fact Brittany offers to fight Marissa instead and things go left right away and the show cuts off. We'll have to see how the fight goes on next week's episode of Mob Wives.

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