Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mob Wives Ep 606 "Younger Version of the Same Old BS"

Tonight's episode of Mob Wives was titled "Younger Version of the Same Old BS". Now before we get into this recap I gotta be honest, when I first read that this was the title for the episode I honestly didn't know why they named it this. Turns out later on in the first opening scene of the episode I quickly figured it out. The episode picked up from last week where the OGs organized for Brittany and Marissa to meet up to squash their beef. Needless to say it didn't go too well. Bottom line is Brittany came to fight Marissa and she made it known too. Security and the rest of the cast jump in to break it up. Sides were taken amongst these two. Drita backed up Brittany which pissed Karen off because Brittany would have never calmed down if it wasn't for Drita telling her to. 
In the next scene Drita and Ang go back in time to a familiar hangout spot that used to be a strip club but is now a resturaunt. Drita needed to go back to this place because in order to write her book that's about her life, she needs to go back to some old spots and talk about what happened and explain why those spots were so significant in her life.
AJ and Andrea move back in with his mom Renee for a few nights. Renee shows them their new bedroom that she redecorated with Ang's help. Renee tells them the house rules, no alcohol, no parties, do the laundry. AJ says he will do his laundry, but Andrea says no he will their (meaning Renee and hers) laundry.
Ang meets up with Marissa to talk to her about the fight between her and Brittany. Ang tries to explain to her that she doesn't take sides and that she really doesn't like it when anyone fights. Ang is the peacemaker and that's it. However Marissa wants her to be on her side. 
Ang goes with Neil to her doctors for a checkup on how she's recovering from having cancer. Although Ang is cancer free, she still has to for monthly tests to make sure she still good. Unfortunately, the doctor tells her that her latest CAT scan shows that she has spots on her lung and she needs to go for a biopsy to make sure its not a tumor. Ang isn't happy. She doesn't want to have surgery again. *Side note* this is the scene where we now know (from reading in the news lately) that Ang's cancer has returned and has spread to her lungs and head. This is probably one of the saddest scenes ever to watch along with the last scene where she tells Renee and Karen the news. I feel like tonight's episode was mainly focused around Ang being sick which is understandable because that's a serious situation. I mean this is reality tv and you can't script real life situations like Ang being sick. The fight with Marissa and Brittany were all little extra scenes that (as Karen stated) aren't that important. This is probably why the episode was called "Younger version of the same Old BS" because that's just what it was. Marissa and Brittany are both young girls fighting over nothing. It was nothing that the OG girls haven't fought about in their past either. There's way more important things to focus on than these two fighting, such as Ang's health. 
When Ang tells Renee and Karen about what the doctor told her they're shocked. Karen tells her that they will be there for her and she'll get through it. To find out how you can help Big Ang with her cancer, Renee and her sister Jenn created a shirt for Ang that you can buy over at where the proceeds will go to Ang's battle and cancer research.
When Karen meets up with Brittany (does anyone notice that they film at this resturaunt a lot in the last 6 seasons) to talk about what happened with the fight between her and Marissa. Brittany doesn't feel that Karen had her back during the fight. Karen tries to tell her that Drita doesn't have her back. They both leave the resturaunt knowing where each of their loyalties lies. Brittany's lies with Drita and Karen's can be civil with Brittany but she's gonna keep an eye out for her. Be sure to tune in next for an all new episode at 8 only on VH1.

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