Thursday, February 18, 2016

Mob Wives Ep 607 "Exes and Whys" (R.I.P Big Ang)

Last night's episode of Mob Wives was titled "Exes and Whys". It started with all of the girls at a baseball game. Rene tries to tell Karen that its the national anthem that's playing but Karen thinks its the "Star Spangled banner". Renee tries to tell Karen its the same thing. When Brittany shows up she tells them that shes getting ready to walk in a fashion show for New York's fashion week. When Renee tries to find out if Brittany has cooled down since her fight with Marissa, Brittany thinks everyone is against her. Renee tries to tell Brittany that perhaps the fight was a lesson for her to control her anger. Brittany doesn't think she should've handled the situation any different. 
When Ang goes to see a specialist doctor to find out more about the possible cancer she has on her lung she ends up getting more bad news. The doctor thinks that Ang is in the early stages of lung cancer and should have surgery again to have it removed. 
When Carla, Karen, and Marissa go out to eat Karen tells them that she met with Brittany. Karen thinks that Drita is using Brittany to tell them how she feels. Marissa says that Drita has been saying that OZ reached out to Lee about her hanging out with Drita. Marissa says that's not true because OZ is on parole and isn't allowed to be around any felons. 

When Ang goes to Drita's house, she tells her that she has lung cancer. Drita is upset and feels bad for what Ang is going through. Ang doesn't want to be a burden to Drita or anyone with this news so she just wants to keep it to herself. Ang then tells Drita that she was upset that Neil didn't go with her to the specialist when she found out about lung cancer. 
Carla and Renee meet up for drinks. Carla thinks that Drita doesn't like Marissa. So instead of telling her Carla thinks Drita is using Brittany to do the dirty work. 
Drita meets up with Marissa for drinks. Drita insists that she likes Marissa and her boyfriend OZ. Marissa tells Drita about the rumor she heard about Lee and OZ and Drita says it didn't happen. Drita thinks Karen's the one who started this rumor.
When Brittany goes to Drita's house, Drita tells her about the rumor that Marissa told her about OZ and Lee. Drita thinks that Karen is obsessed with her and her marriage to Lee which is why she thinks she started this rumor.
After last night's episode aired it was revealed that Ang was in the hospital and not doing too well.
It was later announced from a rep on Ang's twitter (seen above) that Ang lost her battle with cancer in the middle of the night. We had heard that her family and friends as well as some of the cast (along with Jenn Graziano) were by her side earlier in the night. We dedicate this blog post to her. R.I.P BIG ANG
The last scene of the episode was about Brittany walking in her fashion show. Karen and Drita showed up to support her and they kept their distance with each other. Drita noted that when Ang showed up she didn't look like she felt too well. Tune in next Wednesday for an all new episode of Mob Wives only on Vh1.

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