Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Mob Wives Ep 609 "Drittany"

Tonight's episode of Mob Wives was another one dedicated to Big Ang as it began with Carla, Renee and Karen going over to her house with food that they made for her as she's recovering from having part of her lung removed from where the doctors thought she had early stages of lung cancer. As you could tell from this scene, this recovery process was really tough on Ang (noticeably so).
This episode was mainly about the feud between Karen vs. Drita and Brittany which is why it was titled "Drittany". When Brittany meets up with Karen she tells Karen that she wasn't looking to instigate the issues between Karen and Drita and she doesn't want to get in the middle of it. Brittany feels like Renee is an antagonizer and that Carla is a joke.
Drita meets up with Brittany at her cousin's bakery where she works. Drita says that Karen used to get a lot of attention when she was younger because of who her dad was. Brittany tells Drita what she talked to Karen about. Drita assures Brittany that she doesn't have to worry about her talking about Karen to her. Brittany tells Drita that she wants to talk it out with Carla and Renee but Drita doesn't think it will go too well. 
Renee continues to dance with her dancing partner Alex as he's getting her ready to perform in front of people. Renee's actually doing really with this new hobby. 
Over at Karen's art event Ang, Carla, and Marissa show up to support her. Ang tells the girls that she went for her checkup at her doctors and that he told her that she's officially cancer free. They're all excited for her that she beat cancer. Carla is glad that Brittany didn't get invited because she doesn't think she knows what's going on between Drita and her, but she does want to hear what she has to say about her. Therefore she does want to meet with Brittany. 
When Brittany sits down Renee, Karen and Carla for dinner things don't exactly go so well. Carla says that she and Renee want to know why they weren't invited to her fashion event. Brittany says that it wasn't anything personal. Brittany said that they wanted her not to like Drita and that Carla is the one who told her that Marissa was a flip-flopper. Carla says that Ang was the one who said it not her. Ang shows up and agrees with Carla. Bottom line is that Brittany feels like Renee and Carla instigated her fight between her and Marissa. Brittany says that they can't handle that she likes Drita. Renee tries to tell Brittany that they don't care if she's friends with Drita but just try to get to know her before she pledges her loyalty to her. Brittany gets up to leave but not before she tells them all off. Well everyone but Ang that is. Ang was just kind of trying to stay out of it. Next week is the series finale and you don't want to miss this. Also, there will be a tribute to Ang that will air right after the series finale.

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