Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Mob Wives Season 6 Series Finale Ep 610 "What's Done is Done"

The final episode of Mob Wives aired tonight and it was really good. There were some happy moments and then there were some sad moments. In the first scene Renee performed her ballroom dance for Karen, Carla, Nicole, AJ and Andrea. Renee has really come a long way since season 1. 
Drita calls Marissa and says that she wants to have a sit down with her, Brittany and Karen to get everything out on the table. In this scene Drita goes off on Marissa. 
In this scene they kind of broke down the fourth wall and showed a lot of the camera crew in Drita's house when she hangs up on Marissa. Marissa says that she's confused about the whole situation too. When they get off the phone, Marissa tells the producers that phone call wasn't even a conversation. 
Over at the sit down between Drita, Brittany, Karen and Marissa things get heated fast. Karen and Marissa don't even get a chance to walk in the room and sit down before Drita goes off on them. Things go left really quickly. They pretty much get into one of the biggest fights ever. It almost reminded me of Karen and Drita's fight on the rooftop in season 1. Remember that one? That was pretty epic. I guess things don't change between these two. 

As the girls talk about what they've been through these last six years, they each tell us what their crime is. Karen's crime was giving respect to the wrong people. Renee's crime was falling in love with the lifestyle that was made for men. Carla's crime was being loyal to a fault. Drita's crime was falling and staying in love with a professional bank burglar.
Towards the end of the show Ang revealed that her cancer came back and (as we all know now) it spread from her lungs to her head. I gotta hand it to Jenn Graziano because anyone who could make one of the greatest series of all time that's not scripted is one of the best producers ever. Props to her for creating this final scene with Ang. Thank you Jenn Graziano for bringing Ang to our TVs for the last 5 seasons. In the end all of the girls issues came in full circle from season 1. Just like Ang is heard saying (in her final scene), "what's done is done".

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