Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Mob Wives Season 6 Reunion Ep 611 The Final Sit Down

After six crazy seasons the Mob Wives sat down for one final reunion and boy was it good. In the beginning the OGs were placed in a hotel to watch never before seen footage from over the past six seasons. The cast had never seen some of the clips that they were showing them and neither had the viewers. They were very raw and un-edited scenes too. Later on the producers sent Renee and Karen to meet up in the warehouse where they shot a sit down scene earlier this season again. Renee and Karen reminisce about how they first began filming the show in 2011. Then they showed us the sizzle reel that the OGs did from back then. Karen says that at the time they didn't know that the show was going to be called Mob Wives so they started flipping out when they found out. Karen's dad called her and Renee's family didn't want her to do the show once they found out that the word Mob was gonna be in the show title. This was probably the reason why Renee acted like she wasn't happy to see Karen when she came back to town in season 1. Karen thinks Renee was afraid of what her dad was going to think of her hanging out with her because Karen's considered a rat's daughter.
Next, Big Ang shows up and its the last time we get to see her before she passes away a few weeks after this was filmed. They showed Ang's first scenes that she ever shot for the show from season 2 and they were pretty good. Ang says that a bunch of people in the lifestyle weren't too happy with her when she signed up for the show, but she told them she was doing it anyways. Carla comes to the sit down next to talk to Ang. Meanwhile Drita is still at the hotel watching the scenes. She wants to go to the sit down but the producers won't let her. Now we're told that Ang filmed for about two hours at the reunion, but they really only showed her for about ten minutes. The producers tell Ang that she can go home because she didn't look like she felt well. Ang leaves. Drita gets there and is ready to fight Karen. Security jumps in as usual and they're separated. The producers make Karen wait in the back to calm down so that Drita and talk it out with Renee and Carla. Carla tells Drita that they all saw what she said about them on the tapes that they watched in the hotel. Karen walks out and tries to talk to Drita. They both agree that they will never be friends. Brittany and Marissa show up. They try to resolve their issues. Then they leave and we're left with just the OGs. In conclusion the OGs agree to put their differences aside for Ang.

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