Sunday, July 31, 2016

Celebrity Big Brother UK Ep 1804 Day 3

Tonight's episode of Celebrity Big Brother was day 3 of being in the house. We got to see a more funnier side of Renee again. Actually, we've been seeing a lot of this side of her since she's been in the house. Its different than when she was on Mob Wives. I love it. She even got to sit out a fight and watch the other house guests go at it instead later in the show. But don't get it twisted just because she sat out the fight doesn't mean she doesn't have her thoughts about the situation, 
As the house guests are watching Biggins on TV from the couch, Big Brother tells him that they all were in on who was being nominated and are watching him right now from the living room. They also told him that the person who he thought he was nominating was actually safe from being evicted and since he completed his task as secret boss that he was also safe from being evicted. So now we have 4 people safe from being evicted from the house. Biggins, Saira, Bear, and Heavy D. 
Everyone but Renee (who was napping) played a phone game. They were asked a series of random questions about each of the house guests who were standing outside the phone booth. Whoever the question was about is the phone booth that they would have to jump in. If they got the question wrong then they would get sprayed with what looked like slime stuff. 
Later on Saira gets into a big fight with Heavy D, Bear and Marnie. Heavy tries to tell Saira that sometimes the way she says things by asking them questions when getting to know them it comes across wrong. This was the one fight that Renee was sitting out of. If you saw her body language when she was sitting on the other end of the table you could tell she was thinking that this was probably better than the girls who argue on Mob Wives. Later on Renee told Big Brother that she can see that Saira is gonna be a problem because she argued with Bear who to her is like a kid for no reason. Be sure to check back here for the rest of Renee's journey on the show.

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