Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Celebrity Big Brother Ep 1830 Day 26 Live Eviction

Tonight's episode of Celebrity Big Brother was all about a beach club party and double eviction as it was day 26 in the house. The beach club party was thrown by Bear as he was the owner. 
Aubrey and Renee interviewed each guest who came into the club. Sam did a rap song. It was just a fun night where everyone got together to have fun before the finals at the end of the week.
When it was time for eviction everyone including Frankie was nervous. Although Aubrey's prediction about who would be going home was right. It was Katie and Sam, They were both ready to leave the house and they wanted to leave together if they were going to be evicted. There's only four more days left in the house and we're all hoping Renee wins it.

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