Thursday, August 25, 2016

Celebrity Big Brother UK Ep 1832 Day 28

Its day 28 in the house and they finalist only have to spend 48 more hours together before they get to leave the house for good. They pretty much just want to get away from Bear. 
For today's task the house guests played a game called At Home with the Housemates. Some of the other house guests who have been evicted already called in to talk to them. James called in for Renee. Lewis called in for Marnie. Saira called in to talk to Aubrey. 
Later at night Big Brother handed out some awards to the finalists. Frankie won about three awards. Renee won the Most Loyal award which was a given because anyone's who's seen her on Mob Wives knows how loyal she is. 
Bear and Renee tried to put their differences aside for one last night in the house just so that they can try to get through these brutal last 48 hours in the house. Tomorrow we'll know if Renee wins. We're all hoping she wins.

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