Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Celebrity Big Brother UK Ep 1806 Day 5

During tonight's episode of Celebrity Big Brother the house guests get woken up by big brother and are told to sit on the couch because there's been some people in the house who have broken some house rules. Big brother tells them that Saira, James, Grants and Biggins were caught talking about how they nominated to be evicted from the house. Bear and Renee were also caught later that night after nominations for talking about it too. As a consequence big brother shut off their hot water and took away their hair essentials. Everyone in the house gets upset and starts yelling at each other. 
Later the house guests have a talent show. Aubrey, Frankie are the judges and Biggins is the host. Samantha sings and James interviews Saira about her past. Things get a little messy when James gets too personal with Saira. Even the judges are getting uncomfortable by the questions James is asking Saira. 
Bear and Renee seem to have become close in the house. Bear lets her in on the real story between Lewis and Marnie's relationship. Bear doesn't think they're relationship is real. Be sure to check back here for how Renee's doing in the house.

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