Thursday, August 4, 2016

Celebrity Big Brother UK Ep 1808 Day 7

On tonight's episode of Celebrity Big Brother the artificials were still in charge of taking care of the humans as part of yesterday's task. Aubrey who is one of the artificials was annoyed with taking care of Bear. She even said that some of the humans including Bear and Heavy D take things too far when it comes to the task. 
The artificials final task was to see if they could control the humans emotions by doing something to make them laugh. The humans had to do the same thing to the artificials too. In the end the artificials won the task.
Chloe and Bear played truth or dare after everyone went to bed. Things turned tricky when they started hooking up and everyone saw them from the kitchen. Chloe felt bad because she knew Renee liked Bear. Renee told her that she didn't do anything wrong because she has a man at home. She also told Chloe that Bear isn't on her team. Later on, Bear wakes up everyone in the bedroom by coming in making noise. Heavy D gets annoyed with Bear because he woke him up and it isn't the first time he's done this in the house. Bear gets called into the dining room by big brother and is given is final warning to calm down or else he will be asked to leave the house for good. Check back here tomorrow to see who got evicted from the house and how Renee's journey in the house is going.

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