Monday, August 8, 2016

Celebrity Big Brother UK Ep 1813 Day 11

Tonight's Celebrity Big Brother consisted of a lot popping. From popping off balloons to popping off the mouths. Renee tries to tell Chloe that she shouldn't be playing with Bear because he's being a little boy and he doesn't really care about her feelings outside the house. 
Siara and Marnie were given a task to pop the house guests balloons (without them knowing) that they were given to wear. Everyone was annoyed when their balloons were mysteriously popping. 
Frankie Aubrey and Renee hid in another room so that their balloons wouldn't get popped by Bear (who wasn't supposed to be popping anyone's balloons). Renee even told Bear off. If you remember the crumbs episode on season 2 of Mob Wives it was kinda like that which is actually why we love her. She says that Bear reminds her of how her ex husband would act. At this point everyone's over Bear's antics. What the house guests didn't know was that if their balloon was popped then that wasn't a bad thing.
Instead it meant that they were invited to a party that night. They could only pick six house guests to invite to the party though. Bear was disqualified because he started popping other people's balloons on purpose.
Later Renee tries to tell Lewis that he needs to be more of a man. She also told him that he needs to stop playing both sides Bear, Chloe and Marnie's. This gets Lewis upset. Be sure to check back here tomorrow to see who gets evicted.

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