Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Celebrity Big Brother UK Ep 1814 Day 12 Live Eviction

It was day 12 of being in the Big brother house for these celebrities so why not start the day off right with some pancakes and eggs and well pranks by Bear. 
Bear and Chloe get in some alone time (well at least they think they're alone). What they don't know is everyone is watching them from outside in the yard. James said it best though. Maybe Bear thinks if he's leaving the house the next day that he wants to go out with a bang, 
Meanwhile, theres trouble in paradise between Lewis and Marnie. Its taken them 10 or 11 days to fall in love with each other and now the honeymoon might be over. Lewis made the mistake of showing Marnie a picture of his ex girlfriend on Marnie's eye lash box.
Finally we got to find out which one of the house guests Saira, Heavy D, Lewis or Bear were going home tonight. UK ended up saving everyone but Saira, I think she was ready to leave though. To be honest I think after a week of being in the house everyone's ready to leave and get space from everyone. Check back here to see what big brother has in store for the next elimination this week.

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