Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Celebrity Big Brother UK Ep 1815 Day 13

Tonight's episode of Celebrity Big Brother was very interesting. Its day 13 and things are only about to get more interesting as the week goes on. We already knew from yesterday's live eviction episode that Saira was sent home, but what we didn't was what happened earlier that day. Chloe is in bed and is pretending to be asleep as she over hears Renee Saira and Ricky talking about how they saw her and Bear getting cozy in the bathroom from outside the day before. Chloe runs to Bear and tells him that she's upset that they're talking about seeing them getting cozy the day before. 
After Saira goes home Big brother throws Heavy D Bear and Lewis (the ones who were nominated and didn't go  home) a curve ball. Big Brother tells them that they have to each nominate one person right now who will be evicted on Friday. Bear nominates Renee because he doesn't think she's nice and he thinks she's too negative. Lewis nominates James because he thinks he actually might win and he doesn't want that to happen. Fair enough. Heavy D nominates Marnie. 
In the end Renee's not handling the news too well. She basically says that everyone better watch themselves this week. They're about to see her turn into a mob wife. Its all about loyalty and who really has her back. If anyone talks to Bear and doesn't defend her then she knows they don't have her back. Things take a turn for the better for Renee on tomorrow's episode as she along with Marnie and James play a game to save themselves from elimination this week. Bear is not eligible to play the game because he is the eternal nomination so he's nominated automatically.

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