Thursday, August 11, 2016

Celebrity Big Brother UK Ep 1816 Day 14 Renee Graziano SAVES Herself From Elimination

Tonight's episode of Celebrity Big Brother started off a little rocky as everyone in the house was furious with Bear, Lewis, Marnie and Chloe's partying the night before. Its very clear that the house is divided into two groups. The Foxy army (Sam, Ricky, Renee, Aubrey, Katie, Frankie and James) vs The Rat Pack (Bear, Chloe, Lewis and Marnie). Bear nominated Renee last night, but what he doesn't know is that she has a chance to save herself by playing a game. She has two wheels to choose from to spin. If she chooses to spin the ME wheel she will be able to save herself and replacement herself with someone else in the house. If she chooses to spin the House wheel then she would have to clean the house. Renee chooses to spin the ME wheel to try to save herself. She ends up spinning it correctly and saving herself from elimination this week. Renee chooses to replace herself with Chloe.
Frankie and Aubrey are given the task to throw a party. They had to play a few games to find out what they were allowed to have as far as food and drinks at the party. 
While at the party Bear tries to talk to Renee and tell her thank you for nominating Chloe for eviction, but Renee's not having it. Renee turns into a fall on mob wife in this scene and we're loving every minute of it. If none of the house guests have watched her on Mob Wives then I feel bad for them because they're about to get it live in person in this scene. 
Be sure to check back here to see the rest of Renee's journey in the house. 15 days to go in house and we have a feeling its gonna be brutal for these house guests especially if you're not on team Renee.

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