Friday, August 12, 2016

Celebrity Big Brother UK Ep 1817 Day 15 Live Eviction Part 1

Tonight's episode of Celebrity Big Brother was split into two parts as it was another live eviction where we would find if James, Bear, Chloe or Marnie was going home. Howvever before we would find out who was going home we got to see what they had been up to since yesterday. 
For starters, Big Brother decided to punish Aubrey for talking with Renee, James, Sam, Frankie, Heavy D and Katie about what their plan of attack should be for how to get the public to vote to get the rat pack out of the house. If its the younger audience who's watching and voting for who stays then they need to keep putting Marnie Chloe and Lewis up on the block with Bear to make them choose automatically one of them to stay or go. Even though Aubrey's strategy is good, Big Brother still didn't think so therefore she was escorted to jail by Renee. 
While Aubrey is doing her time in the slammer Marnie and Chloe want to know why Aubrey wants to nominate all of them to go home. All of a sudden Chloe starts blaming Renee for how Aubrey feels about them. It just becomes a huge fight between these two. At this point I think we're all wanting Chloe to go home. 
Aubrey tries to get Renee and Bear to make up because there's been a lot of tension in the house between the two of them. Renee wants no part of it. She doesn't want to make up with Bear at all. Instead she wants to make everyone in the house pasta. 
The house guests had another shopping task and were split into two groups. The selfish and the selfless. The first group played for the house and if they won they would get rewards. The second group played for themselves and they got to have a party.

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