Friday, August 12, 2016

Celebrity Big Brother UK Ep 1818 Day 15 Live Eviction Part 2

In the second part of tonight's episode we found out that James and Bear were safe in the house. We also found out that in order to decide who goes home the house guests would have to make the decision. They had to each pick who (out of Marnie and Chloe) they wanted to go home and put it on the wheel. Then James who had the most saves from viewers calling in got to spin the wheel and whomever it landed on that's who would go home. Pretty much everyone picked Chloe except for two people. So the whole wheel was filled with Chloe. 
So of course when James spun the wheel it was no surprise that it landed on Chloe and she was sent home packing. Be sure to check back here for the rest of Renee's journey in the house.

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