Saturday, August 13, 2016

Celebrity Big Brother UK Ep 1819 Day 16

On tonight's episode of Celebrity Big Brother everyone was hoping that either Chloe, Marnie or Bear would be the one going home that night. To pass time until it was time for the live eviction they played games to win a shopping budget and they painted their faces. 
In the end it came down to Chloe being the one who the house guests had chosen to be evicted. However, Bear wasn't too happy about it. 
Bear thought the game that the house guests had to  play was rigged. Renee joked and said that the game wasn't rigged because if it was she would have been out of the house a long time ago. Bear even went as far as to blame Frankie for voting Chloe to leave. Frankie said he was close to Chloe in the beginning but once she got with Bear she alienated herself from him and other people in the house. Frankie felt like he wasn't as close to Chloe as he once was. Be sure to check back here for who's nominated to leave the house next week.

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