Sunday, August 14, 2016

Celebrity Big Brother UK Ep 1820 Day 17

Tonight's episode of Celebrity Big Brother was another day of nominations, but before that went down there was some other things that occurred throughout the day. Since the house guests won the shopping task they were each able to order more food and items for the house. Bear however took advantage of the amount of money that they had that was supposed to only be used for things that they needed not things that they want. 
Heavy D blames Renee for not cleaning up after herself as well as everyone else in the house and this sets her off. Renee says that she's done the most in the house. She cleans and cooks. In the end Big Brother gave Heavy D and Bear a warning again for starting problems with Renee. I don't know how many warnings Heavy D or Bear is going to get until Big Brother kicks them out for good. They will give warnings to people like Bear but will kick people like Biggins out after giving him one warning. 
Renee and Bear decide to call a truce between them arguing back and forth for the past week or two. Renee doesn't want her son AJ to always have to worry about her when she's away so this is why she feels like she needs to make things right with Bear in the house.
This week for nominations big brother decided to let everyone see who they all nominated on the big screen and the results weren't as surprising as their reasons behind them were. Aubrey was very surprised and then became angry that James nominated her. She also thinks he needs Jesus but that Jesus would need an hour just for James to say Hi how are you. I really hope Aubrey and Renee are in the end as the top two because they're great together. Aubrey nominated Heavy D and Lewis. Heavy D nominated Renee which wasn't surprising but his reason was very ignorant. Renee nominated Heavy D as well and also Lewis.  Lewis nominated Renee and Heavy D. In the end Bear, Heavy D, Lewis and Renee had the most nominations so they will be on the chopping block to leave Tuesday. Lets hope Renee is safe this week.

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