Monday, August 15, 2016

Celebrity Big Brother UK Ep 1821 Day 18

Tonight's episode of Celebrity Big Brother was actually pretty fun to watch in my opinion. School was in session for these house guests as they woke up to Baby One More Time playing, a classic late 90s early 2000 song by Britney Spears. Even Frankie was dancing to it. 
Big Brother gave Ricky and Aubrey the task of being the teachers in charge for the day. Together they had a list of rules that the house guests had to abide by. Some of them were fun while others needed to be put in place as a way to respect each other in the house. Cleaning up after yourself when you make a mess was a big one that everyone needed to do. No saying BOOM was another one that Bear and Heavy broke which resulted them to stand facing the wall as punishment. 
Bear broke the rules so many times that Big Brother made him write "I will not disrupt the class" on the board until they told him to stop. 
By the end of the day Ricky and Aubrey gave out a yearbook (to which Bear later destroyed) that had a bunch of awards in it. Be sure to check back here to see if Renee's safe this week from tomorrow's eviction.

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