Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Celebrity Big Brother UK Ep 1822 Day 19 Live Eviction Renee Graziano is SAFE

Tonight's episode of Celebrity Brother was really good for us Mob Wives and Renee fans. She was on the chopping block and tonight she along with us the viewers would learn her fate in the house. She asked Aubrey and Frankie if they would miss her if she left and they both said yes. 
But before we get into who went home we had to see what everyone had been up to since yesterday. Can you believe they've been in the house for almost 20 days? Their last days in the house is next Friday. When Lewis and Marnie were trying to talk Heavy D kept interrupting them. He was actually being annoying because he thought it was funny. Finally Lewis had enough of Heavy and poured a drink on him. Big Brother gave him a final warning for his behavior. Truthfully they only did this because Lewis was on the chopping block. If he wasn't on the chopping block I don't think Big Brother would've done or said anything to him.
Even Marnie was starting to realize that Heavy is a problem in the house. She even vented about to Aubrey and Frankie. Aubrey's been trying to point it out to her from the beginning but she's glad she's seen the light. 
In the end we found out that the public decided to SAVE our girl Renee and send Heavy packing. It was time for him to go anyways because he was getting on everyone's nerves. We are especially excited that Renee is safe and will be in the house at least until Friday this week. Be sure to check back here to see how Renee's journey in the house is going. The finale airs next Friday.

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